Please note: the RACHELS surname has changed over the last 200 years from various spellings of ROCHELLE, ROTCHEL, ROCHEL, ROACHEL, RACHEL, RACHELS-all based on how it was pronounced, if the census taker could spell or the record keeper at the court house was in a hurry or couldn't understand the pronunciation of the name.
On this page the name has changed from ROCHELLE to RACHELS, but it is the same family.

A special thanks goes to Mike RACHELS for providing the pictures shown below. If anyone has information on this RACHELS line please contact him at or Sloan Mason at


Valentine ROCHELLE first appears in the Camden District of South Carolina along with probably a brother Edwin (possibly a twin) as both were listed together in the early Land Plat book of S.C. On 9 October 1784, Valentine & Edwin ROCHEL were granted a plat for 200 acres on the Waters of Beaver Creek, in the Camden District. (this area of land was later located in Fairfield County)
The Land Grant itself reads as follows:
January 1785, Valentine and Edwin ROCHELLE
State of S.C.-Know ye, that for and in consideration of 4 pds. 13 shillings and 4 pence sterling money paid by Valentine ROCHELL and Edwin ROCHELL into the Treasury for the use of this State, We have gratnted, and be there presents do grant, unto the said Valentine ROCHELL and Edwin ROCHELL their Heirs and assigns, a plantation or Tract of land, containing 200 acres situated in Camden District on the waters of Beaver Creek, a branch of Browns River bounding north eastward on Lands of Clement MOBLEY, south eastward on lands held by John KENNEMORE, south westward by land held by said KENNEMORE and Peter TOMLEY?, north westward on vacant land, having such shape, form and marks as are represented by a plat hereunto annexed, together with all woods, trees, waters, watercourses, profits, commodities, appertenances and hereditaments whatsoever thereunto belonging, to have and to hold the said tract of two hundred acres of land, and all and singular other the premises hereby granted unto the said Valentine ROCHELL and Edwin ROCHELL their heirs and assigns, forever, in free and common --------.
Given under the Great Seal of the State. W itness his Excellency Benjamin GUERARD, Esquire; Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the State at Charleston this 21st day of January, anno domini, 1785 and in the ninth year of the Independence of the United State of America.
Signed: Benjamin L.M.S. GUERARD
And hath thereunto a plat thereof annexed, representing the same, certified by Ephraim MITCHELL, Surveyor General; 9 October 1794.
Source: Bk. 4, p. 340-S.C. State Archives-(film:# 0022545-1784-1785 {SG2} )

This is the last mention of Edwin ROCHELL; whether he died or went to another state is unknown.

Valentine also had several other deeds recorded in Fairfield County, S.C.
10 December 1788-Robert ELLISON and wife Elizabeth ELLISON, formerly Elizabeth POTTS, deeded 100 acres to Valentine ROCHELLE; which had been granted to Elizabeth POTTS on 4 May, 1775.
Witness: Jamine LINX, Luraney Potts ELLISON
1789-A deed of Conveyance was granted from Valentine ROCHEL to Robert ELLISON and wife.
Bk.C, p.1.-Fairfield Co., S.C.

Valentine ROCHELLE had to be quite young; or either the census taker made a mistake---in the 1790 Census, Camden District, Fairfield County, S.C. shows:
RACHEL, Valentine-1 free white male under 16 years of age.

In 1793 a Valentine RACHELS appears in the Georgia Muster Rolls of the Militia-Captain Thos. NEAL'S Co.-1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment.
From the Book "American Militia in the Frontiers Wars, 1790-1796" by Murtie J. CLARK-
1)From 4 July-18 July 1793-Valentine RACHELS, private is listed on the Payroll of a detachment of Milita in the County of Hancock, State of Georgia int he Service of the U.S., Greene and Hancock Militia-Lt. Col. Thomas LAMAR'S Regiment; Lt. Eli TOWNSEND'S detachment.
2)Valentine RACHEL, a private is listed on the payroll from 18 August-26 September 1794. He is on the payroll of a Company of Mounted Infantry commanded by Captain William HENDERSON of the Knox Regiment of Militia of the United States commanded by Major James ORE. His company is listed as being in the Southwest Territory, which covered the modern state of Tenn. which was created 20 May 1790 and was land originally claimed by N.C. & the State of Franklin.

South Carolina again:
In a court record, dated January 1798-Fairfield County the following appears:
Whereas Valentine RACHAEL has been for some time absent from this state and is supposed to be dead and hath left a child and some property within the limits of this County; therefore ordered that Thomas WILLINGHAM be appointed Guardian of the said Child, and that he give Bond and Security in the sum of one hundred pounds for the faithful discharge of his Trust, said WILLINGHAM proposed Edward WILLINGHAM and Jesse HAVIS as his Securities of whom the court approved.
Source:"Fairfield Co., S.C. Minutes of the County Court 1785-1799" by Brent HOLCOMB, p. 155.
(We have not found out who this child was)
On 11 February 1801, Fairfield Co., S.C.-Valentine ROCHELLE, and no dower... there is a deed to Joseph MCDAINIEL, Jr. for 200 acres, the land on Beaver Creek of Broad River by the lands of John KENNEMORE and Peter LANGLEY and it being an original grant to Valentine ROCHELLE, dated 21 January 1785.
Witnesses: Wm. BLEACHBEY, Thom. WILLINGHAM, Joseph MCDANIEL, Sr.
(Whether Valentine RACHELS was present in court for this land transaction or authorized someone to sell this land is not known at present; because by July 1800 he is found in Christian Co., Kentucky)


By 22 July 1800-Valentine RACHELS is listed in Christian County, Kentucky owning 150 acres of land on Pond River; and owning 2 horses and over the age of 21. In 1803 he has 4 horses and his real estate is listed as 50 acres.
A marriage license was issued to Valentine RACHALS and Margaret CAMPBELL on 18 August 1801 in Christian Co., Kentucky; David CAMPBELL security. They apparently were married on 19 August 1801 by James THOMPSON, J.P.

By 1810, Chistian County, Kentucky-Valentine RACHALS, had the following children:
2 males under 10 (born:1800-1810)
1 male age 16-26 (born:1784-1794) (possibly the child born in S.C.?)
1 female under 10 (born:1800-1810)
Valentine, himself is listed as 1 male 26-45 (born:1765-1784) Margaret is listed as 1 female age 26-45 (born:1765-1784)

Valentine RACHELS appears in various court records in from 1804, 1810, & 1811.

William RACHELS, applied for a marriage license to Mary WILLIS in Christian Co., Ky. on 19 July 1823. On the license a note was issued by James Valentine RACHELS (what this is I don't no) They were married on 22 July 1823 by F.P. PENNINGTON, J.P.; Consent of the brides father James WILLIS was given.


The next known appearance of Valentine RACHELS is the 1830 Census of Weakley County, Tennessee.
ROCHELLE, Valentine
1male age 15-20 (born:1810-1815)
1 male age 40-50 (born: 1780-1790)
1 female age 40-50 (born:1780-1790)

Also in the 1830 Census of Weakley Co., Tenn is William RACHELS:
RACHELS, William
1 male age 20-30 (born:1800-1810)
2 females under age 5 (born:1825-1830)
1 female age 20-30 (born:1800-1810)

In the court records of Weakley County, Valentine RACHELS appears along with William and Robert RACHELS from 1827-1835.
Both William RACHEL and Valentine RACHEL appear as jurors in 1829 and 1830.
A Robert ROCHELLE appears in a covenant case in court.
Valentine ROCHELLE-appears in the 1843 tax record.
James A. ROCHELLE married Nancy A. KING on 11 December 1843 in Weakley Co., Tenn.
10 January 1846 Valentine RACHELL bought 135 acres on the south fork of the Obion River, beginning at the northwest corner of Adam's entry. Witnesses: Alfred BETHEL, Valentine RACHELL Signed: Martin LAWLER.
By the 1850 Census of Weakley Co., Tennesse we know there were 2 ROCHELLE family members living there:
29 August 1850-District 9
RACHEL, Valentine, age 47, born Ky., farmer, real estate:$300.
RACHEL, Mary, wife-age 31, birth:N.C.
RACHEL, William, son, age 17, birth Tn.
RACHEL, Margaret, daughter, age 15, birth Tn.
RACHEL, Silas, son, age 11, birth Tn.
RACHEL, Mary, daughter, age 9, birth Tn.
RACHEL, George, son, age 5, birth Tn.
RACHEL, Caroline, daughter, age 4, birth Tn.
RACHEL, Albert, son, age 3, birth Tn.
RACHEL, Valentine, age 79, birth S.C.

29 August 1850-District 12
ROCHELLE, J.A.-age 28, birth S.C., farmer
ROCHELLE, Nancy-wife, age 32, birth S.C.
ROCHELLE, Sarah-age 5
ROCHELLE, John, age 3
ROCHELLE, Bob, age 1

From these census records we can tell that the first Valentine RACHELS, was born in S.C. about 1771. He had on unknown child in S.C.; then moved to Christian Co., Ky, where he married Margaret CAMPBELL. We know that he had 2 sons and probably more children:1)Valentine, Jr. 2)William and probably Robert too.

On 5 February 1855, Valentine RACHELS died leaving no will.


The following RACHEL information was sent by Mike RACHELS a descendant of Valentine RACHELS, Sr.
The children of Valentine RACHELS, Jr. and his wife Mary (Polly) KEMP are listed below:
1)William RACHELS, the first son was born 8 February 1833 in Weakley County, Tn.
William RACHELS moved to Missouri and married Mary Cynthia TONEY on the 31st day of July 1856 in New Madrid County, Missouri. She was born in 1832 and died in 1871.

This is a picture of William RACHELS & his wife Cynthia TONEY
It is a tintype, and was sent by Mark RACHELS Mark thinks this is their wedding picture. Thank you Mark. If you have further info. on them, please contact Mark Rachels.

This is also a picture of William RACHELS, sent by Mark RACHELS. Mark thinks this might be a military uniform he is wearing.

This is a copy of their marriage license:

They had the following children:1)Thomas Jefferson RACHELS (1857-1904)- 2)John Hancock RACHELS (1858-1930)- 3)Benjamin F. RACHELS 4)William Anthony RACHELS (1863-1951)- & 5)Mary RACHELS (1865-1870)
William RACHELS and his children moved to Ellis County, Texas sometime before 1880.
He died January 3, 1888 and is buried in the Kemp City Cemetery in Kaufman County, Texas. His marker is pictured below:

Thomas Jefferson RACHELS, the first son of William RACHELS and Cynthia TONEY; first married Mrs.Coma Ann Pipkins WOOD in Ellis County, Texas in 1886. She was born on 25 May 1860 in Dooley Co., Ga.; and died 25 Oct. 1899 in Kaufman Co., Texas. Their marriage license is pictured below:

This is a picture of Thomas Jefferson RACHELS taken about 1900.

They had the following children:1)Lillie Wood RACHELS-(b.Jan. 1882)-2)Lee Wood RACHELS (b. Jan. 1884)-3)Willie Wood RACHELS (March 1886)-4)Ivy Beatrice RACHELS (1887-1919)-5)Elizabeth RACHELS (1889-1976)- 6)Thomas Jefferson RACHELS, Jr. (b.29 Dec. 1891-9 Nov. 1964)-7)Benny RACHELS (8 Dec. 1893-21 Dec. 1893)-8)Albert RACHELS (1895-1931)-9)Jesse Toney RACHELS (1897-1981). Thomas Jefferson RACHELS died in 1904 and his wife died in 1899. Since the sons were minor children they were raised by their Uncle John H. RACHELS and his wife Jenney Dawson WATKINS in Kemp, Kaufman County, Texas. Below you will find a picture of Jesse Toney RACHEL on the left and his brother Albert RACHEL. This picture was taken at Uncle John's & Aunt Jenny's farm.

The next picture was taken about 1905-1910. It is of John Hancock RACHELS and his wife Jenny Dawson Watkins RACHELS

The next picture is taken of them "feeding the chickens."

The following is a picture of the tombstone of John H. RACHELS who was born in 1858 in Missouri and died in 1930 and his wife Viola Virginia DAWSON, she was born 28 Jan. 1857 in Missouri and died 15 Nov. 1930 in Kemp, Kaufman Co., Texas. They had the following children: 1)William Arch WATKINS (b. 23 Aug. 1879-13 Jan. 1965)-2)Viola Gracie RACHELS (1886-1964)

Below is a picture of Jesse Toney RACHEL at age 15, about 1912.

Benjamin F. RACHELS, the third son of William RACHELS and Cynthia TONEY, was born about 1861. He married Della KNIGHT and they had the following children:1) Charles L. RACHELS, b. 2 Feb. 1888 in Abilene, Texas 2) John Herman RACHELS, b. 28 Oct. 1896 in Abilene, Texas.

Charles L. RACHELS, b. 2 Feb. 1888 married a woman named Florence (last name unknown). She was born 13 Sept. 1894. In the 1920 Census Charles L. RACHELS and family were in Grand Prairie where he was a broom maker. They had 5 children: Eveleyn RACHELS, Louise RACHELS, Eula M. RACHELS, Charles RACHELS, Jr. and Emmitt L. RACHELS. Charles L. RACHELS, Sr. died 11 March 1934 in Grand Prairie, Texas.

John Herman RACHELS, b. 28 Oct. 1896 in Abilene, Texas; married Addie AINSWORTH, b. 22 Feb. 1900. They had 2 children: John Herman RACHELS, Jr., and Lois RACHELS. In 1920 they were living in Hardeman Co., Texas then moved to Grand Prairie and worked for his brother. John Herman RACHELS, Sr. died 26 Sept. 1968.

The information on Benjamin F. RACHELS and his family was sent by Lois RACHELS of Arkansas. If you have any further information please contact her at Lois RACHELS. Below is a picture of John Herman RACHELS, Sr.; his son John H. RACHELS, Jr. and a friend taken in 1928.

William Anthony RACHELS their last son was born on 1 Nov. 1863 in Tomlin, Mo. He died in Oklahoma City, Ok. on 8 Oct. 1951. He married Victoria NEWSOM in Anderson Co., Texas. They had the following children:1)Effie Pearl RACHELS 2)James Leo RACHELS 3)John Thomas RACHELS 4)Edward Roy RACHELS 4)William Fay RACHELS 5) Addie Belle RACHELS.

The following pictures were sent by Mark RACHELS, a descendant of William Anthony RACHELS. His e-mail address is

The first picture is of Willam Anthony RACHELS "Dad RACHELS" and his wife Victoria NEWSOME


This next picture was recently sent by Cynthia Lovely. It is a picture of Victoria Newsome RACHELS holding her nephew Arnold Culpepper NEWSOM and neice Geneva NEWSOM. If you have further info. on this family please contact Cynthia Lovely.

The next picture is Roy RACHELS, son of William Anthony RACHELS. This is Mark RACHEL'S grandfather.


2)Margaret RACHELS was the second child of Valentine RACHELS and Mary KEMP his wife. She was born about 1836 in Weakley Co. Tn. and died about 1886 possibly in N.C. She married Robert A. ORRELL on 27 January 1856 in Weakley Co., Tn. by G. W. CAMPBELL, J.P. Their children were 1)Fannie Bell ORRELL (1863-1930) 2)William Thomas ORRELL 3)George M. ORRELL 4)Elizabeth Ellen ORRELL (b.1865) 5)Rufus E. ORRELL 6)Arminta ORRELL 7)Jeff Davis ORRELL 8)James ORRELL 9)Marion ORRELL (b.1876) 10)Augustus ORRELL (b.1878)

3)Silas L. RACHELS, b. 1839; and married Demaras WALLDEN on 25 August 1859, by Jeptha GARDNER, J.P. in Weakley Co., Tn. 4)Mary RACHELS, b. about 1841. 5)George RACHELS, b. about 1843. 6)Arena Caroline RACHELS, b. 5 October 1845 in Weakley Co., Tn. and married Issac Henry COMPTON on 28 October 1864. They apparently moved to Dade Co., Missouri where she died on 6 April 1915. On her death certificate she is listed as being born in Weakley Co., Tenn. Her father is listed as Vaultines RACHELS, did not know where he was born. Her mother is listed as Pollie Ann KEMP, birth Tennessee. (note:Polly & Mary were used interchangeably) 7)Albert J. RACHELS, was the last known child of Valentine RACHELS, Jr. He was born about 1847 and married Mary LOWERY on 27 April 1866. They had the following children:a)William Valentine RACHELS, b. about 1867-b)John F. RACHELS, b. about 1869-c)Margaret E. RACHELS, b.about 1872-d)Amelia A. RACHELS, b. about 1874-e)James M. RACHELS, b. about 1875-and last Robert E. RACHELS, b. about 1877.

Below is a picture of Albert J. RACHELS, youngest son of Valentine RACHELS, Jr. and wife Mary KEMP of Weakley Co., Tn. He is shown with his wife Mary LOWERY. Albert RACHELS died about 1929 and Mary Lowery RACHELS died about 1935.

William Valentine RACHELS, was born 14 Feb. 1867-d.21 April 1945 to Albert J. RACHELS and Mary LOWERY. He married Robina "Bina" MINTER, b. 19 November 1869-d.29 March 1945. They had the following children: 1)Maude RACHELS 2)Wilburn Thomas RACHELS 3)Gerald Taylor RACHELS 4)Lonnie RACHELS 5)Lois RACHELS 6)Dewey Samson RACHELS 7)Lockie RACHELS 8)Mitch RACHELS 9)Mary RACHELS 10)Corinne RACHELS 11)Lyndell RACHELS 12)Royce RACHELS


The following family information and pictures were sent by David D. RACHELS - please contact him if you have any further information on this family at David D. RACHELS
Wilbern Thomas RACHELS was the first son born to William Valentine RACHELS and Binia Minter RACHELS. Wilbern Thomas RACHELS married Bridgie Mary CASEY in 1912 in E. St. Louis, Ilinois where she was born . They had 6 children: 1)Casey Wayne RACHELS 2)Billey Thomas RACHELS 3)Austin Bradley RACHELS 4)John Wilbern RACHELS 5)Mary Irenen RACHELS 6)David Dean RACHELS.
A note of Honor : Casey Wayne RACHELS who is still living; is a Pearl Harbor survivor!!
The following picture of Wilbern Thomas RACHELS and his wife Bridgie Mary CASEY on their Wedding Day in 1912.
The next picture was taken in 1935 in Weakley Co. of the RACHELS Reunion on Valentine's Day.
  Identity of family reunion picture:
Children in front sitting:1-10 (left - right)
1)Nema Collins (Lois's daughter)-2)David D. RACHELS (Wilbern's son)-3)Marjita Sutberry (Lindell's daughter)-4)Dean RACHELS (Correan's daughter)-5) Mondell Sutberry (Lindell's daughter)-6)Peggy Rachels (Dewey's daughter)-7)Mary Irene Rachels (Wilbern's daughter)-8)Kenneth Collins (Lois's son)-9)Betty Rachels (Corren's daughter) 10)Marie Hosp (Lockies' daughter)
Four boys standing on right side next to older couple in the middle: (right to left)
11)Hal B. Rachels (Dewey's son) 12)Brice Rachels (Correans son) 13)Lloyd Rachels (Lonnie's son) 14)Marshall Sutberry (Lindell's son)
Older Couple in middle-sitting)--(15)William Valentine RACHELS and his wife 16)Binia Minter RACHELS
Three boys to the left of older couple (rt. to left)
17)Phillip Rachels (Correans son) 18)Sam Rachels (Deweys son) 19)John Wilbern Rachels (Wilbern's son)
From left to right in back: 20)Lonnie Rachels (holding child) 21)Spurgeon Rachels (Lonnie's child) 22) Aunt Lockie Rachels Hosp 23) Aunt Mabel Rachel's (Lonnie's wife) 24)Edgar Collins (Lois's husband, standing behind Aunt Mabel) 25)Lois Collins (standing behind Edgar) 26)Mabel Rachels (Taylor's daughter-in front of Edgar) 27)Billy Rachels (Wilbern's son-boy beside Mabel) 28)Lavern Collins (Lois's son-behind Billy) 29)Austin Rachels (Wilbern's son-standing right of Lavern) 30)Opal Collins (Lois's daughter-behind Austin) 31)Correan Rachels (rt. of Opan, back row) 32)Lena Rachels (Correan's wife in front of him) 33)Wilbern Rachels (rt. of Correan in back row) 34)Bridgie Rachels (rt. & front of Wilbern) 35)Royce Rachels (rt. behind Bridgie) 36)Maud Rachels Parker (rt. of Royce-back row) 37)Lindell Rachels Sutberry (back row holding baby) 38)Maurice Sutberry (baby) 39)Monville Sutberry (Lindell's husband) 40)Wayne Rachels (Wilbern's son-back row, far right) 41)Essie Rachel's & 42)Dewey Rachels (far right standing in front of Wayne)
Here is another picture of the Children of William Valentine RACHELS & Binia Minter RACHELS.

(Top L-R) Wilbern Thomas RACHELS, Carrean RACHELS, Royce Dent RACHELS, Dewey Samson RACHELS, Zachrey Taylor RACHELS, Lonnie Buford RACHELS, Mitchell RACHELS. (Sitting: L-R) Lyndell Rachels SUTBERRY, Matry Rachels LEWIS, Lockie Rachels HOSP, Lois Rachels COLLINS, Maud Rachels PARKER.


If anyone can provide any more information on this line please let us know.