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Hinchey ROCHELL, b. 11 June 1751 to John ROCHELLE and Mary GILLIAM of Surry Co., Va.. John ROCHELLE, left a will in Sussex Co., Va. on 21 Sept. 1759. To his son Hincha ROCHELLE he left 239 acres on Nat's Branch on both sides of Little Swamp. Hinchey ROCHELLE furnished supplies to the Rev. Army for he received a payment for collecting cattle for the service in Sussex Co. in April 1783. He married Jemima ATKINSON, daughter of Amos ATKINSON and Jane JUDKINS of N.C. The marriage of Hinchey ROCHELLE and Jemima ATKINSON took place on 10 Feb. 1778 in Sussex Co., Va.

Know all men by these present that We Hinchea ROCHELL and Nath--NEWSOME are held and firmly bound with -- Commonwealth of Virginiain the sum of ---- -------- money to be paid to the said Commonwealth to which payment with a ------------- be made . We bind ourselves ---------------------- and administrators ----------------------------------- with our seals and ----------------------------------- day of Feb. 1778. Whereas there is -------------------intended to be solemnized between Hinchia RACHEL and Jemima ATKINSON Spinster, daughter of Amos ATKINSON of North Carolina. Now the above obligation is such that if there be no lawful cause to object the said marriage then the above obligation is to be void otherwise to be void ----------- bond free? Sealed and dated in the presence of B. CLAIBORNE? Signed: Hinchia ROCHELL, Nathaniel NEWSOME.

The next document was an application for marriage dated 7th of February 1778. By Application to marry my Daughter Jemima ATKINSON in Sussex County of Virginia, I do hereby grant him the Sd. Hinchia RACHEL leave to apply to any C Ch. of Virginia or in particular to the Clk of Sussex Court & I further direct & Impoiner? the P. Clk. to grant him the said Hinchia RACHEL a License for that Purpose given under my Hand & Seal the dated Year above written.................. Signed: Amos ATKINSON--------Test: Nath'l NEWSOME, Wm. RENN.

Hinchia ROCHELL and Jemima ATKINSON, had the following children:1)Sallie ROCHELLE, b. July 1780-2)Henry ROCHELLE, b. Dec. 1783- 3)Charles ROCHELL, b. 7 March 1786-4)Susannah ROCHELL, b. 12 Jan. 1788-5)James ROCHELLE, b.June 1789-6)Elizabeth ROCHELL, b.15 Sept. 1790-7)Margaret ROCHELLE, b. 20 Oct. 1792-8)Nancy ROCHELL, b.9 March 1795-9)George ROCHELL, b.8 June 1797.

Hincha ROCHELLE wrote the following Will in 1834: In the name of God, Amen-I Hincha ROCHELL of Sussex Co., Va. being in bad health of body, but perfectly sound in mind and memory, do make this my last will and testament as follows:1st: I give unto my daughter Sally BARHAM one bed and furniture to her and her heirs forever. 2nd-I give unto my daughter Elizabeth MCGEE also, one bed and furniture to her and her heirs forever. 3rd-I give unto my daughter Nancy ROCHELL also one bed and furniture to her and her heirs forever. 4th-I wish and desire that my land may be sold and the money arising therefrom should or shall be equally divided between my daughters Sussana DUNN, and Nancy ROCHEL and my son George ROCHELL to them and their heirs forever. 5th-I also will and desire that my crop of every discription, all my stock household and kitchen furniture and plantation tools should be sold and the money therefrom arising to be equally divided between my daughters Sussanna DUNN, and Nancy ROCHELL and my son George ROCHELL to them and their heirs forever. 6th-I also wish and desire that all my negroes (to wit) DANIEL, JERRY, FEGIN, HARTWELL, MANNY, DICK, JIM and CAROLINE-these to be valued, and that my son in law John DUNN to be executor to this my last Will and Testament and in case of his failure that Arthur APPLEWHITE exec. the same, given under my hand and seal this second day of August, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and thirty one. Witness: Malcolm FLOWERS, Joel LEE, Edward LEE, --------------Signed: Hincha ROCHELL, (his mark)-----------------------------

At a court held in Sussex Co., the 2nd day of Jan. 1834, the last Will and Testament of Hincha ROCHELL, deceased was presented into Court and proved by the oaths of Absalom FLOWERS and Joel LEE two of the subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded. Whereupon John DUNN and Arthur APPLEWHITE the executors, therein, named by writing under their hand refused to take upon themselves the burden of the executor, thereof, and on the motion of Joel LEE who made Oath and entered into bond with the Will annexed is granted him in due form. L. LANIER, Clerk -SOURCE-Will Bk.M-p.71-Sussex Co.,Va.-Clerk of Court.

COURT RECORD:1833,Feb.-BARHAM vs.DUNN-Sussex Co.,Va.

Humbly complaining to your worships you orators and oratrices Benjamin BARHAM and Sally his wife, late ROCHELLE, Henry M. MAGEE and Elizabeth his wife, late ROCHELLE, George ROCHELL, and Levi WALLER and Nancy his wife, late ROCHELLE. These your complainants beg leave to represent to your worships that they are the brother and the sisters of Jno. ROCHELLE who was a son of Levi (Hinchy) ROCHELLE,and Jimima, Sarah JUDKINS devized sundry slaves in the words following in her will, a copy wherof is hereto annexed and prayed to be taken as a part hereof:Item the 3rd:I lend to my loving Jimima ROCHELLE the use of thirteen negroes during her natural life namely: HOLIDA,ARTHUR,SCOTTS,DAVY,SILVY,DAFNEY,SAM,ARTHUR,PRINER, FAGGINS,EXEBELL,MATT,and CATY,and after her decease I do give the said thirteen negroes and their increase to be equally divided between her children to them and their heirs forever. Your complainants beg to represent to your worships that the tenant for life retained the slaves until the death of Jimima to whom they were loaned and on her death a division, was had under a decree of Suxxex Co. Court and an idea that Jno. ROCHELLE one of the children of the said Jimima was still alive, he having gone away to the state of Tennessee, one sixth of the said slaves and their increase was allotted to him and left with Hinchy ROCHELLE ever since, that is, from that it was found out afterwards that the said Jno. ROCHELLE had died before his mother Jimima the tenant for life so that the surviving children were entitled to the slaves and their increase; that however the said slaves have remained in the posession of the said Hinchy ROCHELLE except some of them which he has under pretence of sale or otherwise sold or transferred to Jno. DUNN who married Susan one of the children of the said Jimima which said DUNN reside in N.C. and has actually carried FEGGIN one of the said slaves out of the state; that to the said slaves the complainants are entitled with the said DUNN and wife equally,that is , to one-fifth each; that the said DUNN and wife are prayed defendants together with the said Hinchy ROCHELLE and that they be compelled to answer this bill and your worships are also prayed to award and order of publication a_______ to the said Jno. and Susan DUNN, to grant the commonwealth's writ of subpoena directed etc. and moreover on the answer and exhibist to decree a division of the said slaves and their increase and to afford your complainants such other further and general relief as equity dictates and as in duty they will ever....... (end of copy of document)


George ROCHELLE, the youngest son of Hincha ROCHELLE; was born 8 June 1797 in Sussex Co., Va. Little is known about George. He married Sally (Sarah) F. THOMAS on 30 Nov. 1829 in Sussex Co., Va. Their marriage bond is below.

Know all Men by these present that I George ROCHELLE and James THOMAS are held and firmily bound unto William P. GILES, Governor or Chief Magistrate of the Commonwealth of f Virginia and his successor in office in the just and full sum of one hundred and fifty dollars payment whereof well and truly to be made unto the said Governor and his successor in office for the use of the Commonwealth and we bind ourselves our heirs, Executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents & ruled with our seals and dated this 30th day of December 1829. The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound (Henry crossed out) George ROCHELLE ---------is shortly about to intermarry with Sally F. THOMAS. Now if their be no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage then the above obligation to be void or else to remain in full free and virtue.

Signed & acknowledged before: Jno. THOMAS? Signed: George (his mark) ROCHELLE, James THOMAS

December 27, 1829

This is to certify that the following persons were married by me that is Owen MILBONE? to Mary B. HARRALL, Henry WEST to Patsey GRAVES, George ROCHELL to Sarah THOMAS, David G. POTTS to Elizabeth G. POTTS, Littlebury PARTRIGE to Jane A. FREELAND, Given under my hand the date above written. Waddell JOHNSON

Returned and recorded: Testa: L. LANIER, Clk.

We do know 1 of George ROCHELLE'S and Sally F. Thomas ROCHELLE'S children: Ann Eliza ROCHELLE, b. about 1837.

Ann Eliza ROCHELL was born about 1837 in Sussex Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of George ROCHELL and Sally F. THOMAS. The ROCHELLE family lived in the Sussex Co. area for many years.

Ann Eliza ROCHELL 1st married a man named FIELD, nothing is known about him. Her 2nd marriage was to Manassas AUDAS. Manassas AUDAS was born about 1817 in Dinwiddie Co., Va. to John & Amy Ann AUDAS. They married on 22 June 1871 at the City Alms House in Petersburg, Va.

Ann Eliza Rochell Field AUDAS and Manassa AUDAS, had the following children:1)Charles Augustus AUDAS, 2)John AUDAS and 3)James AUDAS. The following picture is their marriage record.

Sometime after one of the Census's, the surname AUDAS, was changed to AUDERS.

The following pictures were sent to me by Frances A. NORRIS. Please contact her at if you have any information on these families.

This is a picture of Charles AUDAS, son of Ann Eliza Rochelle Field AUDAS and Manassas AUDAS. (child is unknown). The picture was taken in nearby Dinwiddie/Chesterfield area at the Ferndale Park near the Appomattox River in Petersburg/Dinwiddie/Chesterfield area where they all meet. This is Frances NORRIS'S grandfather. He apparently was working in the area, as a guard.

This is a picture of the grandson of Ann & Manassas AUDAS-Charles Edward AUDERS, Jr. He was the family historian. Also pictured is his wife Viring Radcliffe AUDERS.

This is a picture of Frances's father William Hubbard AUDERS, grandson of Ann E. & Manassas AUDAS. And next is a picture of Frances as a child.

If anyone can provide further information on these lines please e-mail Frances NORRIS at or Sloan Mason at