William Critton ROCHELLE Family

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Margaret Rochelle


Fennel Gurganious is pictured at the left - his 1st wife Laura Bessie Gurganious is pictured in the middle with their children & his 2nd wife Dency Malpass Gurganious is pictured on the right.

Robert William Rochelle & wife Sallie Mildred Gurganus Rochelle-b. April 5, 1915-d. Jan. 20, 2000-mid 1950ís, Penderlea, N.C.

Robert William Rochelle in the 1950's on the left & Robert William Rochelle in later years

Robert Silbastian Rochelle, was the son of William Critton Rochelle, b. 30 Jan. 1852-d. 1930ís in the Cypress Creek area of Duplin Co.
William Critton Rochelle married twice:
1) Nancy Jane Evans, b.12 Jan. 1859-d.12 March 1852
He married Nancy Jane Evans on 15 Oct. 1874 & had the following children:
Jefferson L. Rochelle-b. ab. 1879

Boney Rochelle-b. Feb. 1879-d. Sept. 6, 1954 (above)

Robert Silbastian Rochelle-b. Feb. 2, 1881-d. Feb. 6, 1946 married Laura Jane ENNIS
Margaret Rochelle-----picture is above!
Benjamin T. Rochelle-b. 9 March 1892
2) Nancy C. Wilson
He married Nancy Wilson on 22 June 1892.
Boney Rochelle & his brother Silbastian were the only ones to have children as far as we know.
Boney Rochelle, married Sarah/Sadie English and had the following children:
Benjamin (Bennie) b. July 6, 1905-d. June 20, 1978
Mary Lou-b. 1907-d. 1954 in Pender Co.
Hubert Cooper-b. Feb. 10, 1910-d. March 11, 1978 in Pender Co.
James Boney, Jr.-b. Aug. 12, 1915-d. July 15, 1953
Dewey-b. 1920-d. 1965
Hazel-b. June 8, 1923-lives in Duplin Co.

Robert Silbastian ROCHELLE married Laura Jane ENNIS

Laura Jane ENNIS and husband   Robert Silbastian ROCHELLE

Robert William Rochelle-b. April 7, 1913-d. Jan. 1979
Lucy Rochelle-b. 1915
Curry Rochelle-b. March 3, 1917-d. Feb. 27, 1943

William Critton Rochelle was the son of Benjamin Hawkins Rochelle and Elizabeth Knowles, of Duplin Co., N.C.

Benjamin Hawkins Rochelle, b. 24 Jan. 1814-d. 14 July 1862
Elizabeth A. Knowles, b. 19 May 1819-d. 21 Dec. 1862
They were married 21 October 1840.
1)John Thomas Rochelle, b. 18 Sept. 1841-d. 4 Jan. 1925
2)Ada Ann Rochelle, b. 1 Sept. 1843
3)Zachary Avery Rochelle, b. abt. 19 May 1847-d.15 July 1920
4)William Critton Rochelle
5)Mary Elizabeth Rochelle, b. 4 March 1854
6)Caroline Francis Rochelle, b. 2 April 1856
Benjamin Hawkins Rochelle was the son of Amos Rochelle and Dicey Pierce of New Hanover Co., N.C.
According to the ROCHELLE BIBLE record:
Amos Rochelle, Sr.-died 12 Oct. 1840
Amos Rochelle, Jr.-died 28 Sept. 1838
Dicy Pierce, b. 19 Feb. 1796-d. 15 Nov. 1879

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