Deaths in Theatrical Circles

from 1844 - 1889

    Taken from the book

"The Life and Reminiscences of E.L Blanchard

*With notes from the Diary of W.M Blanchard"

compiled by Clement Scott and Cecil Howard

Published 1891

Throughout the book, Blanchard wrote the obituaries for many people involved in theatrical circles - actors, writers, singers, entertainers, scene painters, stage managers, critics, journalists, theatre owners and lessees plus many more.

 I have listed the people mentioned and if there is more information in the book there is an asterisk at the end of the line. I am gradually transcribing the obituaries but  if  you require information about someone not yet transcribed and there is an asterisk at the end of the line then e-mail me for details [email protected]
In some cases it might only be a few lines but in many cases it is quite extensive.
The deaths are listed by year but are all on the same page so you can use your "Find in Page" routine (usually under edit) to search on the surname. I have tried to include all the names they have been known by.

Please note that the date of death may not be exact as it may be the date on which Blanchard wrote the obituary but it is close enough to use as a guide.

   Death Index             Pre 1850        1850-1859       1860-1869     1870-1879  1880-1889

Snippets of News

Pre 1850

Miss 'Sally' Forde
died July 1844. Ballad Singer*
Benjamin Robert Haydon died 22nd June 1846 (suicide)*
Mr Alsager died 15th Nov 1846 (suicide). Uncle of John Oxenford. Writer*
Charles Fisher born Yorkshire, died 15th Feb 1847. Actor*
Leman Rede born Hamburg 1802,  married to Miss Sarah Cooke, died 2nd Apr 1847. Author/Journalist*
William Cole Smith died 15th May aged 46. Comic singer*

1850 - 1859

D.W Osbaldiston born 1794, married Miss Dawson,. Eloped with Miss Vincent. Died 29th Dec 1850. Actor* 

Tom Spring born 22nd Feb 1795 Witch-end, Herefordshire. Died 19th Aug 1851. Renowned Boxer*
Richard Jones died 30th Aug 1851 aged 72.  Comedian.
Alexander Lee died 8th October 1851.  Married to Mrs Waylett (ballad singer). Composer and singer*
Mr Alexander born in Edinburgh, died about16th Dec 1851. Theatre manager /Comedian*
George Maynard died about 14th Dec 1851 in Newcastle. Comedian*

George Herbert Rodwell died 22nd Jan 1852
Frank Hartland died 16th Aug 1852 aged 70. pantomimist*
George Forman died about 25th Aug 1852 aged about 40. Comedian*
Saville Morton murdered about 5th Oct 1852. Journalist/ Correspondent*
George Anderson died (suicide) about 1st Nov 1852 aged 34. Clown*
Robert William Honner born 1809. Married Miss Macarthy (actress) died 31st Dec 1852. Stage manager*

Charles Boyce died about 1st April 1853 aged 33*
John Wilkins died about 31st Aug 1853 aged about 27. Writer*
John Blewitt died 28th Aug 1853 aged 73.  Musical composer*

Mary Amelia Warner (Miss Huddart) born Manchester 1804, died 24 Sep 1854. Manager/Actress*
Thomas Egerton Wilks died about 29th Sep 1854. Dramatic Author*
John Esdale Widdicomb died about 7th Nov 1854 aged about 67. Ring master*
Charles Kemble born Brecknock, Wales 1775. married Teresa Decamp, died about 12th Nov 1854. Actor*

 O. Smith (Richard John Smith) born York 1786 died about 2nd Feb 1855. Actor*
W Dunn died about 5th Apr 1855 aged 72. Treasurer of Drury Lane*
Sir Henry Bishop born London 1780, died about 30th Apr 1855. Musical Director*
Samuel Rogers born 30th Jul 1763, died18th Dec 1855. Writer*

J.W Sharp, died about 17th Jan 1856. Comic singer*
Braham born 20th Mar 1777, married Miss Bolton died 17th Feb 1856. Singer /Composer*
George Wild died 28th Mar 1856. Theatre Lessee*
Morris Barnett born 1800. Died 10th Apr 1856 at Montrreal. Musical conductor/critic/writer*
Charles Mayne Young (Green) born 10th Jan 1777. Married Miss Grimani (actress). Died about 30th June 1856. Actor*
Eliza Lucy Bartolozzi (Madame Vestris) born 3rd Jan 1797, married Armand Vestris (dancer) died about 8th Aug 1856.  Singer*
Lee (Irish Comedian) born Dublin 1810, died about 11 Aug 1856*
Gilbert Abbott a Beckett died about 1st Sep 1856 at Boulogne. Lawyer and dramatic author*

Edward Francis Fitzwilliam born Deal 2nd Aug 1824, married Ella Chaplin, died 19th Jan 1857. Composer*
Charles Sala (Wynne) died February 1857 brother of G.A Sala. Buried at Kensal Green.
Douglas Jerrold born 3rd Jan 1803 died 8th Jun 1857*
Therese Cushnie, died 22nd Sep 1857. married to Milano in 1849. Dancer *
John Sinclair, born 1985 in Edinburgh, died Sep 1857*

Louisa Cranstoune Nisbett, nee Macnamara (Lady Boothby) born Islington 1812. Died 16th Jan 1858*
George Bartley born Bath 1772, died 22nd July 1858. Married to Mrs Swendall (1) and Miss Smith (2)*
H. Hall born 4th June 1809. Died about July 1858 in America. Actor/Manager*
John Pritt Harley born Feb 1786, died 22nd July 1858. Comedian/Shakespearean clown*Feb

Charles Farley born 1771, died Jan 1859. Actor/Stage Manager*
Tom Manders born 22nd Dec 1797. Married to Louisa Powell. Died 28th Oct 1859. Actor/Manager*
Edward Wright born 1813 died at Boulogne 21st Dec 1859*

1860 - 1869

Lovell Phillips (William Lovell Phillips) died 19th March 1860 aged 43. Instrumentalist and composer*
Albert Smith born at Chertsey 24th May 1816. Married Mary Keeley, died 23rd May 1860. Writer*
R.B Brough (Robert B Brough), born London 10th Apr 1828. Married Miss E Romer. Died 26th June 1860*
Richard Flexmore born Kennington 15th Sep 1824. Married Mdlle. Auriol. Died c 20th Aug 1860*
Arthur March Nelson born 1811 died Aug 1860 at Burnley.  Actor/Musician/Clown*
Mrs Frederick Yates, (Miss Brunton) born Norwich 21st Jan 1799.  Died Aug 1860*
Louisa Brunton (Countess of Craven) born Norwich Feb 1782 died Aug 1860*
Duelin (Isaac Dowling) died 17th Dec 1860 aged about 48*
Alfred Bunn died 20th Dec 1860 at Boulogne Manager/Author/Correspondent*

Saker died about 4th Apr 1861*
Renton Nicholson (Lord Chief Baron Nicholson) died about 18th May 1861*
William Farren born 15th May 1736 died 24th Sep 1861. Was married to Mrs Saville Faucit*
Arthur Smith died 1st Oct 1861 aged 37. Bother of Albert Smith (see 1860 above)*
John Vandenhoff born Salisbury 1790 died 4th Oct 1861 aged 71. Actor*

 Malone Raymond (Richard Malone) born Dublin 1800, died about 16th Jan 1862. Actor*
Mrs James Bradshaw (Miss Maria Tree) died 17th Feb 1862. Vocalist and actress*
Francis Talfourd died 9th Mar 1862 at Mentone, aged 34. Writer*
Sir William Don died 19th Mar 1862 at Hobart Tasmania. Actor*
John Drew born 3rd Sep 1825 in Dublin died about 5th Jul 1862. Actor*
Freeman Gage Delamotte died about 21st Jul 1862 aged 48.

Mrs William Barrymore (Miss Adams) died about 2nd Jan 1863, aged nearly 80. Linguist/Artist/ Musician*
Charles Selby died 21st Mar 1863 aged 62. Dramatist/Actor*
James Rogers born 1821 died about 16th Apr 1863. Burlesque actor*
John Distin sen. Died 8th July 1863 aged 69. Cornet player*
Robson (aka ‘The Old Playgoer’) died about 25th Nov 1863*

Sam Cowell died 11th Mar 1864. Singer*
George Daniel
born London 16th Sep 1789 died 30th Mar 1864. Author/Writer*
Thomas Potter Cooke born Marylebone 23rd Apr 1786 died 4th Mar 1864. Actor*
William Searle born Jan 1816 died 13th May 1864. Actor/Stage Manager*
Phil Phillips died 29th May 1864 aged 62. Married to Miss Rouse. Scenic Artist*
F. Robson born Margate 1821, died 11th Aug 1864. Actor*
James Howe died 22nd Aug 1864 aged 43. Singer*

James Wallack born Lambeth 17th Aug 1794 died about Jan 1865 in New York. Actor/Manager*
Richard Cobden died Aug 2nd 1865 aged 61
James Lowe died about 30th Oct 1865 at 10 Lancaster Place, The Strand. Editor of The Critic

G.V Brooke (Gustavus Vaughan Brooke) born 1819 in Dublin. Married Avonia Jones. Drowned 11th Jan 1866*
Miss Cottrell died about 23rd May 1866 aged 25. Married to John Haines (violoncellist). Actress/singer*
Robert Roxby (Robert Beverley) died 25th July 1866 aged about 57.  Stage manager*
Charles Ball died Aug 4th 1866 aged about 70. Editor/Journalist*
Bob Souter died Sep 1866 aged about 70*
Mrs Chatterly (Louisa Simeon) born 16th Oct 1797 died 4th Nov 1866 married to William Chatterly then Mr Place. Actress*

Henry Berry Webb, born London 22nd Nov 1814, died about 16th Jan 1867. Actor*
James Bruton died about 4th Mar 1867 aged about 60. Writer/Hunourist/Punster*
Charles Browne (Artemus Ward) born Waterford, USA 1836 died 6th Mar 1867. Writer/Lecturer*
Alfred Mellon born Birmingham 1822. Married to Miss Woolgar. Died 27th Mar 1867. Musician/composer*
Charles H Bennett died about 2nd Apr 1867 aged about 37 artist*
Robert Bell died 12th Apr 1867 aged 64. Journalist and dramatist*
John Povey born Birmingham 1799, died early May 1867. Actor/Manager/Agent*
Madame Persiani (Fanny Taccinardi) born 4th Oct 1818 in Rome, died May 1867, Operatic star*
William McConnell artist
Clarkson Stanfield born Sunderland 1793, died at Hampstead 18th May 1867. Scene Painter*
W.R Copeland of Liverpool, died end of May 1867 aged 67. Lessee and Manager*
Leicester Buckingham died mid July 1867 at Margate, aged 42. Journalist and Theatre critic*
Ira Aldridge (Keene)  born 1804, died 7th Aug 1867 in Lodz, Poland*
George Cockerell of the Sunday Times, died about 22nd Aug 1867 aged 48.
Oscar Byrne died 4th Sep 1867 aged 71.  Ballet/Dancing*
Frederick Guest Tomlins (Littlejohn) died Sep 1867 aged 63. Journalist/Editor*
Avonia Jones (Mrs G.V Brooke) born in 1836 at Richmond Virginia USA died 4th Oct 1867 in NY USA*
Madam Boleno died mid Oct 1867, celebrated as columbine.
Willoughby Hunter Weiss born 2nd April 1820 died Oct 1867*
Frederick Lawrence died 25th Oct 1867 aged 47. Barrister
Maria Foote (Dowager Countess of Harrington) born Plymouth Jun 1798, died about 27th Dec 1867. Actress*
Sally Booth (Elliston) born Birmingham 1793, died about 31st Dec 1867. Actress*

Charles John Kean born 18th Jan 1811 at Waterford Ireland. Married Ellen Tree. Died 22nd Jan 1868. Actor*
James H. Tully died 28th Jan 1868.  Musical director*
William Batty of Astley’s Theatre died about 7th Feb 1868 aged 67.
Harry Widdicombe born 9th March 1805 in London, died 6th April 1868, actor*
Emma Romer (Mrs George Almond) born 1814 died April 1868 aged 54, operatic*
Sam Lover died July 1868 at Jersey aged 72. playwright*
Joseph Stirling Coyne born Kings County, Ireland 1803, died  July 1868. Author/Drama critic*
J.P Wooler died about 18th Sep 1868 aged 74.
Beatrice Marston (Trissy Marston) died 4th Nov 1868*
Desmond Ryan died 7th Dec 1868 aged 54. Music critic*

Nelly Moore died 22nd Jan 1869 aged 24. Actress*
Robert Keeley born 1793, married Miss Goward, died Feb 1869, Actor*
William Romer died June 1869, artist*
Drinkwater Meadows died 12th June 1869 aged 75. Married to Georgina Caroline Pridham.  Actor*
Giulia Grisi born in Milan, married Marquis de Melcy, then Mario – the tenor. Died Berlin Nov 1869 aged about 57. Actress*

1870 - 1879

Mrs Honner (Mrs F. Morton) born Ireland 1808 died 4th Jan 1870*
Leigh Murray (Wilson) born Chelsea, Oct 19th 1820, died 17th Jan 1870*
Guerint died 9th March 1870 aged 79
Will Brough born 28th April 1826 married Anne Romer in 1831 died 14th Mar 1870*
Mary Keeley (Mrs Albert Smith) 19th Mar 1870 aged 39*
Charles Green, aeronaut died c 28th Mar 1870 aged 84*
Edmund Phelps died c 3rd April 1870 in Edinburgh (married to Miss Hudspeth)*
J.T Prowse died 17th April 1870 aged 36
Mark Lemon
, writer and editor born 30th Nov 1809 died c 23rd May 1870*
Charles Dickens born 1812 died 9th June 1870*
John Cooper actor, died at Tunbridge Wells 14th July 1870 aged 77*
Michael Balfe, (Balfi) composer, born 15th May 1808 died 20th Oct 1870*
Paul Bedford born Bath 1792 married Miss Greene, died c 12th Jan 1871*
Thomas William Robertson b 9th June 1829 in Notts died c 3rd Feb 1871*
Alfred Miller died 5th June 1871 aged 51
St Albyn died Aug 27th 1871
Miss Raynham, died 23rd Aug 1871 at Homburg aged 27*
Walter Mongomery (Richard Tomlinson) born USA 25th Aug 1827, married Laleah Burpre Bigelow, died 2nd Sep 1871*

Nelson Lee born Kew 8th Jan 1806, died 2nd Jan 1872*
John Poole died 5th Feb 1872 aged 87, playwright and essayist*
Horace Mayhew, died c 30th April 1872 aged about 56, writer and singer*
Alfred Crowquill (Alfred Henry Forrester) died c 31st May 1872 aged 67. Writer, artist, draughtsman*
John Jones, manager of Rosherville Gardens died c 29th June 1872 his wife died the same week.
Felix Whitehurst of the Daily Telegraph died c 21st Dec 1872 at Baden.
Augustus Harris senior born Naples 12th June 1826 died 19th April 1873 aged 47, actor stage manager*
Macready born 3rd March 1793 married C. M Atkins and Cecile Spencer, died 27th April 1873*
Edward Fitzball (Edward Ball), born Burwell Cambridgeshire died 27th Oct 1873 at Chatham aged 80*
David Morier Evans died Dec 1873 aged 54, Journalist/ Newspaper owner*

John Douglass born 17th March 1814 died 31st January 1874. Actor/Manager*
Professor Anderson born 14th July 1814 died 3rd Feb 1874 at Darlington, aged 60.  Conjurer/Actor*
Bob Romer born 23rd Nov 1807 died 5th April 1874 at Bloomsbury aged 56. Comedian*
Frederick Ledger died 15th June 1874 aged 58. Editor and proprietor of the Era*
Miss Taylor (Mrs Walter Lacy) died c 30th July 1874 aged 67. Actress and singer*
William Henry West Betty born Shrewsbury 13th Sep 1791 died Aug 24th 1874 at Ampthill Square. Actor*
Watts Phillips born in London in 1829 died 2nd Dec 1874*
Paddy Green c 17th Dec 1874, Music Hall proprietor*

Fanny Hamilton (Mrs Addie) died 4th July 1875 aged 59*
George Belmore (George Benjamin Garstin ) married Alice Cooke, died 15th November 1875 New York*
George J Vining died  at Reading 17th Dec 1875 aged 51. Actor/Manager*

Sam Joyce died 6th Jan 1876. Barrister and QC*
Julia Mathews (Mrs William Mumford) born in Australia died 19th May 1876 aged 34. Actress*
Edward Peron Hingston died 9th June 1876 aged about 53. writer/stage and business manager*
Nye Chart born 1822 in London, married Nelly Ellen Rollason, died 20th July 1876 in Brighton. Actor/Lessee*
Henry Phillips died 8th Nov 1876 aged 76, singer/composer/writer*
Lizzie Conquest (Mrs Thomas Beard) died Nov 24th 1876 aged 18 yrs. Actress*
Henry Mellon died Nov 25th 1876*
H.T Arden (Henry Lomas Arnold) died 25th Nov 1876 aged 36*

Louise Keeley (Mrs Montague Williams) died 24th Jan 1877 aged 42*
John Oxenford born Camberwell Aug 1812 died 21st Feb 1877*
Pyne (father of Louisa Pyne) died 15th March 1877 aged 88, musician
Augustus Stoner died 15th Mar 1877 aged about 37.
Maria Anne Lovell (Miss Lacy), born 16th Jul 1803, died 2nd Apr 1877. Actress/writer*
Rebecca Isaacs (Mrs Roberts) died 21st Apr 1877 aged about 50*
Edward Tyrell Smith born 26th Aug 1804 died 26th Nov 1877*

Dennis Leonard c7th Jun1878. Actor/singer*
Paul Herring died 18th Sep 1878 aged 78.  Clown*
Samuel Phelps born Devonport 13th Feb 1804 died 7th Nov 1878*
Fred Gye died c 5th Dec 1878, theatre manager*
Marie Beatrice Binda (Madame Beatrice) born Italy 1839, died 2nd Dec 1878, Actress/manager*

Henry Naylor died 6th Feb 1879 aged 60. pantaloon/prompter*
John Orlando Parry  born 1810, died Feb 1879 stage/concert*
John Clarke, married to Teresa Furtado, died Feb 1879 aged about 50. Comedian*
William Howitt died 3rd Mar 1879 at Rome, aged 87
Edward Norris Hogarth aged 45 and his wife, Matilda Hogarth aged 37, both died Mar 1879*
Richard Willoughby died at Camberwell 26th Mar 1879 aged 79. Publisher
T.L Greenwood (Thomas Longdon Greenwood) died 10th May 1879 aged 73. Writer*
Mrs Howard Paul (Isabelle Feathersone) died 6th June 1879 aged 46. Actress*
G.W.M Reynolds died 19th June 1879*
Thomas Littleton Holt died 14th Sep 1879 age 75. Editor*
George Bennett born 9th March 1800  died 21st Sep 1879. Actor/Writer*
J.B Buckstone (John Baldwin Buckstone) born 1802 died Oct 1879. Writer/Actor/Manager*
Serjeant Cox died 25th Nov 1879 aged 70. Lawyer and editor*
Frank Laurence Toole (son of J.L Toole) died 7th Dec 1879 aged 23*.

1880 - 1889

Wharton Simpson
died January 1880. Editor of the Photographic News.*
James Coward aged 59 – died 22nd January 1880*
George Jones (aka Count Johannes) died January 1880 in New York*
Charles Horsley aged 69 – died 17th February 1880 at Staples Inn. Solicitor
John Taylor Sinnett aged 70 – died February 1880. (of London Journal)
Lily Lonsdale (Miss Holt) aged about 40 – died in Canada Februaury 1880*
John Knowles aged 69 – died 19th February 1880.*
David Bolton Kane Raw aged 70 died 10th March 1880
Joseph William Last aged 71- died March 1880. Printer*
Charles Rice born 1819 in London – died 12th April 1880. Actor/Manager/Scene Painter*
George Grossmith Snr
– died 24th April 1880*
George Honey born 25th May 1822 – died 28th May 1880. Comedian/Singer*
James Robinson Planche born 27th Februaury 1796 – died 30th May 1880. Writer*
John Brougham born 9th May 1814 in Dublin – died June 1880. Actor/writer*
Pierce Egan born 19th December 1814 died 6th July 1880. Writer*
Tom Taylor born 1817 – died 12th July 1880. Dramatist*
Lilian Adelaide Neilson aged 31- died 16th August 1880 in Paris. Actress*
Ellen Tree (Mrs Charles Kean) born1805 – died 20th August 1880. Actress*
William Henry Wills aged 70 – died August 1880. Magistrate/writer/editor*
Jacques Offenbach born 1819 – died 5th October 1880. Composer*
Charles Harcourt died 27th October 1880. Actor*
Miss Martha Oliver (Pattie Oliver) died 20th December 1880* 

Mrs Sidney Francis Bateman (Miss Cowell) aged 57 – died 13th January 1881. Actress/Manageress*
Edward Askew Southern born 1st April 1826 – died 20th January 1881.  Actor*
Thomas Carlyle aged 86 – died 5th February 1881.
Lord William Lennox aged 81 – died 18th Februaury 1881*
Edward Moore Adams aged 78- died 2nd June 1881. Manager of Cremorne Gardens.
William Rowles Belford born December 1824 at Easton, Bristol – died 2nd June 1881. Comedian*
Sam Emery (aka Mr Anderson) born London 1817 – died 19th July 1881. Comedian/Artist*
John Lee born October 25th 1795 – died 5th October 1881 at Jersey. Actor*
Mr Coveney born Faversham Kent 1790 – died 24th October 1881. Actor*
Emma Stanley born Exeter 13th November 1818 died 11th December 1881.  Actress*

 Harrison Ainsworth (William Harrison Ainsworth) born 4th Feb 1805 died 3rd Jan 1882*
Joe (J.H) Nightingale in his 55th year, late of Liverpool, died at Shepherd’s Bush 20th January 1882*

Richard Brinsley Knowles, born 1820, son of Sheridan Knowles. Died 30th Jan 1882*
Madame Celeste born 6th Aug 1811 in Paris. Died of cancer in Paris on February 12th 1882.*
Catherine Stephens (Kitty) – Dowager Princess of Essex born 18th September 1794 died 20th February 1882*
Miss H Everard (Harriette Emily Everard, wife of George William Darley Beswick) born March 12th 1844 died 20th*
Henry Frost (known as Forrester) born 9th April 1827 at Capel nr Dorking Surrey. Died 9th April 1882 on his 55th* birthday.
Sir Henry Cole KCB in his 73rd year Died 21st April 1882*
William Suter actor-dramtist aged 70.  Died 1st June 1882*
Garibaldi  Died 3rd June 1882
Benjamin Nottingham Webster born Bath 3rd September 1797.  Died 3rd July 1882. Actor/Manager/Dramatist*
Hablot Knight Browne (‘Phiz’) died at Hove Brighton July 1882 age sixty-seven. Dicken’s illustrator
Frederick Claude Broughton occurred in Melbourne in May 1882 aged 34. Very clever writer.*
William Kingston Sawyer FSA – born Brighton 26th July 1828 died 2nd November 1882 – Editor/Author*
George Critchett died 1st November 1882 - eminent oculist
George Rose (Arthur Sketchley) died at his residence Gloucester Place, Nov 1882 age 65. Writer/Lecturer/Actor*
R. Kemp Philp died 29th November 1882
Frances Maria Kelly (Fanny Kelly) born 15th October 1790 died 7th December 1882*

George Falkner of Manchester, aged sixty-six  - died Jan 1883. Editor/Printer*
Henry Marston born March 1804 at Highworth, Wiltshire. Died March 1883*
Archibald Hinton aged 68 – died April 1883*
Arthur Matthison aged 57 – died May 1883*
Henry S. Leigh aged 46 – died June 1883
Fanny Wright (Mrs Edward John Williams) aged 43 – died June 1883*
Mr Turle aged 47 -  died 29th June 1883. Editor of  Notes and Queries
Frederick Pratt Barlow
aged 68 – died 18th July 1883*
Dutton Cook aged 52 – died 12th September 1883* Novelist/Engraver
Sidney Laman Blanchard – died 9th November 1883*
Signor Mario (Comte di Candia) born 1808 in Turin – died 11th December 1883 in Rome*
Miss Shireff (Mrs Walcott) aged about 74 – died 2nd Jan 1884*
Mary Marshall aged 42 – died 25th January 1884.  Medium
William Blanchard Jerrold aged 58 – died 10th March 1884
George Buckland age 63 – died 9th March 1884. Lecturer and entertainer
Louis Hermann age 74 – died 12th March 1884
Richard Hengist Horn aged 80 – died 13th March 1884
Marie Litton (Mrs Wybrow Robertson)- died 1st April 1884 at Thurloe Square*
Henry Ramsay Forster born 1815 – died April 1884*
Charles Reade born 8th June 1814 Ipsden House Oxfordshire – died 11th April 1884 Novelist/dramatist*
Henry James Byron born 1834 Manchester – died 12th April 1884. Playwriter/Actor*
Frank W Green aged 48 – died 17th April 1884. Song writer/Pantomime author*
Leonora Pincott (Mrs Alfred Wigan) aged 79 – died 17th April 1884*
Amelia Newton (Mrs Thomas Thorne)– died 18th April 1884*
Madame Taglioni born Stockholm 1804 – died 23th April 1884 at Marseilles*
Sir Michael Costa born 4th February 1810 in Geneva  – died 29th April 1884*
John Byrne aged 84 – died 10th May 1884. Reporter*
Charles Braham aged 62 – died June 1884 at Pimlico*
Dr George Alfred Walker – aged 75 died July 7th 1884*
Jessie Catherine Biddulph Vokes aged 33 – died 4th August 1884*
George Frederick Pardon aged 64 – died Canterbury August 1884. Journalist/ author*
Frederick Frampton aged 68 – died November 26th 1884.  Harlequin/Ballet Master*
Fanny Essler aged 73 – died 27th November 1884 at Vienna
Alfred H Bailey aged 77 – died December 1884 at South Hampstead*
 Madame Sainton-Dolby (Miss Dolby) aged 67 – died 18th February 1885*
Mrs Milner Gibson aged 71 – died 18th February 1885 in Paris*
James Bennett died 9th March 1885. Tragedian*
Herbert Fry died March 1885
J.W Davidson aged 72 – died March 1885.  Theatre Critic*
John Ryder born 5th April 1814 in Kent – died 27th March 1885*
Dr Joseph Pope aged 49 – died April 1885*
Charles Kelly (Charles Wardell) aged 46 – died 17th April 1885. Actor*
J.G Shore (James Gregory McLoughlin) aged 58 – died 21st April 1885 Singer/Actor*
Joseph Edwardes Carpenter aged 71 – died 6th May 1885. Poet/writer*
Tom Talfourd aged 48 – died 9th May 1885*
Thomas Spencer age 82 – died May 1885.  Inventor*
J. Fargus age 37 – died Monte Carlo May 1885*
Evelyn Jerrold age 34 – died 19th May 1885. Journalist/ French correspondent*
Sir Julius Benedict aged 81 – died 5th June 1885*
Alexander Sommerville aged 74 – died in Canada July 1885*
Horace Wigan aged 67 – died 7th August 1885
Robert Harvey aged 71 – died August 1885. Publisher*
Harry Jackson aged 50 – died 13th August 1885. Comedian*
W.J Thoms aged 82 – died 17th August 1885*
Wellington Guernsey aged 68 – 13th November 1885. Composer*
Elizabeth Philp aged 58 – died 26th November 1885. Composer*
Rev. W.H Pinnock, LL.D aged 72 – died November 1885*
William Woolgar aged 85 – died 21st December 1885*
 Joseph Maas born 30th Jan 1847 in Kent, died January 16th 1886 Tenor singer*
James Hurst Stead aged 59 died 24th January 1886*
Alexander Henderson aged 57 – died 1st February 1886 in Caen Normandy, stage manager*
Beaufoy Alfred Moore aged 65 – died 5th February 1886*
Frederick Balsir Chatterton born London 1834 – died 18th February 1886.  Actor/Stage manager*
Walter Speakman (John Robert Speakman) born Liverpool 1846 – died 6th March 1886. Actor*
Charles Withall died 23rd March 1886*
Richard Shepherd born 20th November 1809 – died 14th April 1886. Actor*
Josiah Pittman aged 63 – died 23rd April 1886*
Maria B Hawes (Mrs J.D Merest) – died 28th April 1886. Contralto singer*
Robert Baker Jones died May 1886. Barrister*
D.D Home aged 53 – died 20th June 1886 at Auteuil, nr Paris. Spiritualist Medium*
John Templeton born 1802 at Riccarton Ayreshire – died July 1886. Tenor Vocalist*
William Wilson of 11, Royal Exchange – died 4th July 1886
George W Vickers aged 68 – died 6th July 1886. Publisher*
Charles Horsman born 21st October 1825 in Welshpool – died 5th August 1886. Actor*
C. J Stone aged 49 – died 8th August 1886.  Author*
Donald W King died 7th August 1886
Cornelius William Granby aged 82 died September 1886. Actor*
William Henry Montgomery aged 75 – died 12th September 1886. Musical composer*
John Liphot Hatton born 1809 at Liverpool – died 20th September 1886. Musical composer*
 Edward W. Goodwin, FSA aged 55 – died 6th October 1886. Architect*
Lin Rayne (John Charles Lin Rayne) aged 47, born Calcutta – died December 1886. Actor*
Robert Williams aged 45 – died 8th December 1886. Journalist*
 Nelly Power born 10th April 1854 in London – died 20th January 1887. Singer*
Charles Sullivan (Charles Gaskin) aged 39 – died 27th February 1887 at Liverpool
Mrs Henry Marston (Miss Noel) born 1810 in London – died 27th February 1887.  Actress*
Caroline Parkes (Mrs Charles Fenton) died March 7th 1887.
Lytton Sothern (Edward Lytton Southern) born 27th June 1851 – died 11th March 1887. Actor*
Horace Charles Alexander Green aged 65 – died 8th April 1887.
James Abraham Heraud aged 88 – died 20th April 1887. Dramatic critic*
Joseph Philip Knight born 6th July 1812 died June 1st 1887. Composer*
John Wilson Ross aged 69 – died June 1887.  Writer*
William Clark aged 71 – died 3rd June 1887. Actor/Musician*
Caroline Heath (Mrs Wilson Barrett) – died 27th July 1887*
Henry Mayhew born 1812 – died 27th July 1887.  Writer/Author*
Sir Charles Lawrence Young aged 48 – died 12th September 1887. Dramatist/ Barrister/Actor*
Charles Hengler aged 66 died 28th September 1887. Circus celebrity*
Kate Munroe (daughter of Dr Lyster) born New York 1848 – died 17th October 1887*
Professor Sir George A Macfarren aged 74 – died 31st October 1887 composer/Principal of R.A Music*
Jenny Lind Goldschmidt born 1820 in Stockholm – died 2nd November 1887.  Singer*
Harry Proctor (Rowline Philp) died 21st November 1887. Actor*
Richard Wynne Keen aged 77 – died 28th November 1887. Artist/ mask& prop designer*
Sefton Henry Parry aged 55 – died 18th December 1887. Theatre proprieter/stage manager/ etc*
George Loveday aged 54 – died 21st December 1887. Theatre manager*
William Samuel Woodin aged 62 – died 1st January 1888. Actor*
William Henry Chippendale born 1801 Nth London – died January 1888. Writer/Actor*
James Byrne died 7th January 1888.  Secretary of Newspaper Press Fund for 20 years.
George Godwin aged 73 – died 27th January 1888. Editor of The Builder for 40 years.
William West aged 93 – died February 1888. Actor*
Stephen J Meany died in New York (fraudster?) *
John Clayton (John Alfred Calthrop) born 4th Feb 1845, Gosberton, Lincs – died 27th Feb 1888 in Liverpool*.
Thomas German Reed age 71 – died Upper East Sheen, Surrey.  Musician*
W.J Hill born 14th Jan 1834 – died 13th April 1888. comedian*.
Mrs Emma Knowles born 1807 in London – died 14th May 1888. Actress*
Frank Musgrave age 55 – died 19th May 1888. Composer and musical director at the Strand Theatre.
Mary Jane Seaman (Snowdon) Mrs W.H Chippendale died 26th May 1888. Actress*
Fred Vokes born London 22nd Jan 1846 – died 3rd June 1888. Comedian/Dancer*
John Collett age 77 – died 28th May 1888. Actor/Dancer*
William Creswick born 27th December 1813 – died 17th June 1888. Tragedian*
Clara Conquest (Mrs Charles Dillon) age 63 – died 3rd July 1888*
Lord Alfred Paget born 1816 – died 24th August 1888. Theatrical patron*
William Mark Fladgate aged 83 – died 12th September 1888*
Charles James James (C.J James)age 84 – died 2nd October 1888. Scene painter and manager*
W.H Stephens aged 70 – died 12th October 1888. Actor*
Christopher John Smith aged 78 born Wapping – died 22nd October 1888. Actor*
Mr Lickfold (James Lickfold)  born in Surrey – died November 1888. Actor
Florence Toole aged 22 – died 6th November 1888. Musician*
Dr ‘Joe Lavies’ died November 1888*
Thomas Thorpe Peed aged 63 – died 9th November 1888
Albert Calcott aged 53 – died 10th November 1888. Scene painter/artist*
Desmond Lumley Ryan aged 38 – died 30th November 1888. Critic*
Alfred G. Vance (Alfred Pack Stevens) (aka Alfred Glenville) aged 49 – died 28th December 1888*
 Henry M Dunphie aged 68 – died 3rd January 1889. Journalist*
Henry John Catmur aged 72 – died Jan 1889. Journalist*
James Mould aged 74 – died Jan 1889. Reporter*
Mrs James Swanborough aged 85 – died 8th January 1888. Lessee/Mangeress*
J.W Cherry died 12th January 1889. Musician*
Henry Miles aged 83 died 26th January 1889.
Tom Mead born 22nd August 1819 – died 17th February 1889. Actor*
Mrs J.L Toole died 20th February 1889
Tom Matthews born 17th October 1805 – died 4th March 1889 at Brighton. Clown*
Charles Duval died March 1889*
Samuel Carter Hall (S.C Hall) born 1801 – died 16th March 1889. Editor*
Percy B St John aged 69 – died 16th March 1889.
Thomas James Serle born 28th October 1798 -  died 20th March.  Writer/Actor*
Charles Lauri born 1833 – died 16th May 1889. Actor*
William Beverley aged 78 – died 16th May 1889.  scenic artist*
Augustus Braham aged 69 – died 7th June 1889. Tenor*
John O’Connor died aged 58 – died June 1889. Scenic painter and water colour artist.

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