Roots and Forks

                 Welcome to Roots And Forks.  Here I will attempt to provide accurate information about my genealogy.  The key surnames we will run across are, Reynolds, Tillery, Perkins and Campbell.  Along with vital statistics about my ancestors you will also find information that is more of an entertaining nature.  You might come across short biographies of individuals, interesting events in a persons life, etc. 


                 For those of you that have experience “surfing” the internet, I hope this is enjoyable to you.  For the rest of you “newbie's” I have tried to make this as simple as I can to navigate through.  You will see two “Navigation Bars” on almost every page.  The “Navigation Bar” contains links that take you to various locations within the site.  The first link on the bar is always “HOME” .  The “HOME” link will take you right back to this page every time.  So if you get lost,  just go “HOME”.  The navigation bars are located on the bottom of each page and on the upper left side.  If in the event you find yourself on a page that does NOT have the handy dandy navigation bar look for a “NEXT” or “PREVIOUS” link that will usually rest at the bottom of the page.  You can also use your browsers “BACK”  button to go to the page you were last on. 


                 If you have any information relating to any of the surnames found at Roots And Forks, please shoot me an email and let me know about it.  I’ll see if I can get it added to the site for others to enjoy also. 


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Click the Indiana map to see the work I have done on my wife’s family.