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It is reported that Samuel was from Virginia. We know that Kinkead was born in Augusta County, Virginia.

Mickey Spindler has tracked Samuel from Virginia to Kentucky. We do not yet have a birthdate but with his oldest sons being born around 1760, he was probably born in the early 1740s.

Samuel's name appears in Greenbrier County as early as 1771. See C-56.htm which shows him on a list of Matthew's Trading Post and again in 1777 as a signer on a petition about land rights.

Samuel did not fight in the Revolutionary War, but is recognized as a "Patriot": by the DAR because he contributed to the welfare of the troops furnishing supplies and grain. His son, James, substituted for his father even though James was only about 15 years old. This was common at the time.

In 1787 James and William Caldwell were on the 1787 Tax list in Mountjoy's Dist in Bourbon Co. but not Samuel. This would suggest that Samuel's sons James and William came to KY first from Greenbrier Co, (W.) VA to establish a new home for the family. James was married 1786 in Lincoln Co., KY. Kinkead was md 1788 in Greenbrier Co., VA.

Samuel first appears on the 1790 tax list for Bourbon Co. Samuel, Kinkead, and James appear on the 1792 tax list for Bourbon Co, KY in Edmund Mountjoy's Dist.and William settled on Hingston Creek Watercourse by 1794. Montgomery Co, KY was created from Clark Co (originally part of Bourbon Co) on 1 Mar 1797.

Deeds for Samuel Caldwell at the Montgomery Co, KY Courthouse, are not available because, unfortunately, the records were burned in a Courthouse fire. Samuel's son, John married Mary "Polly" Kincaid in Montgomery Co on 13 March 1800.

Several of the sons moved to Missouri about 1800. We find Kinkead, Matthew and William's sons, Andrew H. and James in the St. Louis area very early. John and his wife, Meeke, migrated to Dist of St. Louis, MO about 1806 and settled in the Ste. Genevieve area (later formed St. Francois Co.).

The grave for Samuel's brother, John Caldwell is at the Springfield Church Cemetery in Montgomery Co, KY. It is possible that Samuel is also buried here, but many of the graves are no longer marked with only a pile of broken tombstones lying under a couple of trees. (Mickey Spindler, researcher)



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The name of the head of this clan, Samuel, was obtained from a copy of the marriage record of Kinkead Caldwell supplied by Mickey Spindler who went to Greenbrier County. She has held the originals and witnesses the veracity of this connection.

From the St. Francois probate we can see that Samuel Caldwell was married twice. The first family was:

James who died in St. Francois Co.
Mary who md Andrew Kinkead

From the Second Family:
Kinkead (pioneer of Franklin Co.)
Sally who md a King
Annis who md George King
Elizabeth who md Joseph Conway
Ann who md a Byrnside

James may be the eldest in this family as the date furnished to us is 1763. The earliest birthdate in the second family is for Kinkead Caldwell who was born 1767. It appears that all these children except maybe the last four or five were born in Virginia.

Samuel was married twice. The two wives were Ann Kincaid, #1. Their children were William, Mary, and James. Wife #2 was Ann (Richardson?); their children were Kinkead, John, Elizabeth, Walter, Ann, Mathew, Sarah "Sally", Annis (Agnes), Samuel. Chalkley's Vol. I, pg 107 states Samuel Caldwell married Ann Richardson at White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier Co, VA, but Mickey says she could not find any record of this marriage when she went to Greenbrier Co, WV.

A numbering system will be assigned arbitrarily to facilitate the indexing of this work as it progresses. Each person will be assigned a number.

Descendants of Samuel Caldwell


Possibly the first child of Samuel Caldwell and his second wife was born 4 July 1763 in Virginia. He died in 1840 and left in his will in St. Francois Co., MO, a listing of all his half-brothers and sisters and his full sister and full brother. He married to Meeke Perrin 30 Nov 1786 in Lincoln Co. KY. She inherited half his estate. They did not have any children living by 1840.


Possibly the second child of Samuel Caldwell of Virginia was born (?) in VA. She married Andrew Kinkead who was deceased by 1840. Their children were Samuel, Walter, Mary Ann who md Thomas Sappington, James, and Meeke who md John Hempstead. It is likely that Andrew Kinkead lived in the Franklin/St. Louis Co. area as the Sappingtons are prominent there.


Possibly the third child of Samuel Caldwell of Virginia was born in VA. He may have married in VA. He had died in 1823 before James in 1840. His children were: John K. (b. ca 1780), Joseph, Ann P., , Ephraim (b. 1790s, 1830c Pike Co. MO), Andrew (b. 1785), Elizabeth, Jane, James (b. 1793 1850c Camden Co. MO) (not necessarily in birth order). See his Will.

This is probably not a complete listing of this family. There could have been some who died before reaching their majority and not named in James's will. We do not yet have the birth date for William, so he might have been the firstborn.



Kinkead was born 9 Aug 1768 in Augusta Co., VA. He may have been the first child of Samuel Caldwell, Sr. He was married 3 March 1788 in Greenbrier Co., VA to Sarah Kincaid, the daughter of Andrew and Mary Kinkead. She was born 29 Dec 1764 in Augusta Co., VA. She died 8 Sept 1821 in Franklin County, Missouri.

Kinkead and Mary moved to Kentucky by 1791 and to Missouri where their eighth child, Lucinda was born in 1800. The last four of their children were born in Missouri. For the biography of this pioneer, click on: Kinkead Caldwell.

Kinkead married Mary Clark in Franklin County 25 Mar 1824 (Mg Bk A:9); md Polly Cantley 10 Aug 1828 Mg BkA:_)


The second child in the second family of Samuel Caldwell was born 7 Aug 1771, probably in Augusta Co., VA. We have his information from his family Bible which we located at the Missouri Historical Society Library in Forest Park, St. Louis, MO in 1965.

John Caldwell and Mary "Polly" Kincaid, were married by Rev. Joseph P. Howe, Pastor of Springfield & Mount Sterling Churches, in Montgomey Co, KY, (Today this is in Bath Co) 13 March 1800. Although the courthouse did burn and left no record of the marriage there, Rev. Howe wrote the marriages he performed in his Church Records. The original manuscript is located in the Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia, PA. This confirms the information found in the Caldwell Bible in St. Louis.

Polly Kinkead was born 16th day of November 1782. The Caldwells and Kinkeads were early residents of Augusta County and the area that became Greenbrier Co., Virginia. (See Greenbrier Historical Society records on the McClung database, this site).

(St. Louis Deed Bk A:344) John and wife Mary of St. Louis District and Richard Caulk sell land in the south part of the Missouri in the District of St. Labbadie, 400 acres for $600 to James Stephens.

John had a claim to 600 arpens (513 acres) in the Grand Glaze area of St. Louis is 1806. The Office of the Secretary of State of Missouri did not find a Spanish land grant but believe that he had one.

John is listed in the 1840 Franklin Co. census in Saint Johns Twp. and in 1850 his birth was given as 1770, VA. John Caldwell died 22 Nov 1854 and Polly died 8 Jan 1855. (Franklin County Will Bk B:163).

See: Descendants of John Caldwell


The third child in the second family of Samuel Caldwell was born 1 Sep 1773 in VA. She married Joseph Conway in 1791 in KY. She had died by 1840 so her children are listed as heirs to her half-brother, James Caldwell: John, Samuel, Joseph, James, Fountain, Ann who md James Pollock, Lucinda who md John Hempstead.

Joseph Conway was born in Greenbrier Co., Virginia, the son of John Sr. b. 1732; d. 4 Dec 1801 in Campbell Co., KY. The Conway family had moved to KY in 1774. After Joseph and Elisabeth married in 1791, they moved to BonHomme Twp in St. Louis county in 1797 being some of the first American settlers in that area. (St. Louis Gen. Quarterly 12:54)

Joseph Conway died in 1820 and Elizabeth died 30 Sep 1821 in Bonhomme Twp, St. Louis Co. Their children died in Mississippi, Gasconade Co., and St. Francois Co., MO. The Conway Cemetery is on the Southwinds Farm on Conway Rd, west of White Road in St. Louis County. The parents are buried there.



The fourth child in the family of Samuel and his second wife was born 12 Dec 1777 in Virginia. This record was furnished to us by George Caldwell of Williamsville, Ill. in 1967.

Walter married Mary Breckenridge in KY in Dec 1799. She was born in VA 23 Sept 1778, the dau. of Robert and Mary Doak Breckenridge of Montgomery Co., Virginia.

Walter and Mary left Bath Co., KY and settled at New London, MO in Ralls County before 1830. He was a Major of the Militia and a county judge. Mary died 28 Sep 1841. (by James Malcolm Breckenridge, 1932:127)


The fifth child in the second family of Samuel Caldwell was probably born about 1780 in VA. Named in her brother, James's will in 1840. Her name was probably Sarah as Sally was the nickname for Sarah. She was married to a King. Some of the Kings were in Franklin County but she was probably married back in Kentucky.


The sixth child in the second family of Samuel Caldwell was born about 1780 in VA. She was mentioned in her half-brother's will--James Caldwell in 1840 in St. Francois Co., MO. She married George King. They probably resided in Franklin Co., MO and this needs to be checked out.


The seventh child of Samuel Caldwell, Sr. and his second wife was born about 1781 probably in Augusta County, Virginia. His marriage was not recorded in Augusta and may be in Greenbrier County.

He was named in his half-brother's will in St. Francois Co., MO. in 1840. It did not name heirs of Matthew. There was a Matthew Caldwell named as Justice of the Peace in Labadie 1817-18 (Mo Historical Bulletin Vol. XIII:307) There was also a Matthew Caldwell who owned land in 1818 with Samuel K. Caldwell in Sec. 34 Twp 44 R1W. Note that Kinkead had a son named Matthew.


The eighth child of Samuel and his second wife was born in the 1780s in VA. She married a Byrnside probably in KY.


The ninth child of the second family of Samuel Caldwell of Virginia may have born in Kentucky. We have found few records about a Samuel. There is a probate record for a Samuel Caldwell in Jefferson County, file #1104 but may be Kinkead's son.

In Pike County, Missouri we find a Samuel K. Caldwell who died there in 1822. His wife's name was Elizabeth and he named children: Frances Ann, Isaac and William Caldwell. This Samuel was admitted to law in Pike County 1821-2. That would indicate that his death was untimely. This record may belong to a son of one of Samuel's sons.

Descendants of this generation are linked to their own pages.

Unconnected Limbs

This search was undertaken by the author in the 1960s in an attempt to connect James Caldwell who married Mary (Polly) Pepper to the families who were early residents of Missouri and living in Franklin County.

Research in the St. Louis library revealed that Kinkead Caldwell, an early St. Louis resident was the first pioneer into the area that became Franklin County. The author visited the Franklin County courthouse in 1965 and was told that another man had just been there earlier that month doing the same research. We subsequently learned that this was Arthur B. Caldwell of Chevy Chase, Md. After much correspondence, a lineage emerged.

This search was begun because we strongly suspected that James who md Polly Pepper is also related to these families. He had a grandson who was named James Patton Caldwell. Arthur B. Caldwell's great grandfather was James Patton Caldwell who married Ann Caldwell, dau. of Andrew King Caldwell. This James Patton was the son of Andrew H. Caldwell who md Nancy Farrar, dau. of Leonard Farrar. We began a friendship with Thurston Cole who was also a descendant of Andrew and Nancy Farrar Caldwell.

Many researchers are working on Caldwell lines and as we work together a more complete record will be presented. We plan to always credit the work to those who submit it. If you are submitting someone else's work, be sure to include that information.


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