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This site is dedicated to the memory of
William Sam Rosamond (1889 - 1964) and Diane Atkinson (1943 - 1998)

Thanks to Mary Jane Loya for the painting of the Rosamond Family Crest

My name is Jimmy Rosamond. I am solely responsible for the content of these web pages and any errors therein. These pages contain my research as well as that of several cousins. I want to thank Gwen Rosamond Forrester, Betty Hirschman, Tom Rosamond, Ruth Menhel, and many others for their information and help.

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Rosamond Family Tree - US-Ireland-Canada on
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An Early Family Researcher - William Sam Rosamond

Rosamond DNA Project Website

JOIN the Rosamond Y-DNA Project
The Rosamond DNA Project has been established at Family Tree DNA in order to determine if the various lines of individuals whose surname is a variation of Rosamond/Rosemond/Roseman are related, and if so how are they related. The particiapants must be male and bear some variation of the project surname. Women may participate by encouraging their male relatives to join. Decades of genealogical research has gone into attempts to connect these families but no tie has been found. DNA testing offers a simple, quick solution to resolve this issue. While a 12-marker test may be sufficient to determine the connections, I recommend the 25 or 37 marker test. I personally opted for the full 67 marker test. Regardless of which test you select, please click on the chart to the right and join today.

Rosamond Family Reunion - November 7, 2009

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