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Place Names of Co. Down: Ban...- By....

Ban Be... Bi.... Bl..... Bo.... Br..... Bu- By


Place Names Parish Map Ref Information
Banagh Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Benagh townland in 1659 census SP
Banaghan Saul . a house cluster at eastern end of Saul townland; residence of McKeattian family on 1789 & Crangle family in 1863 & Blaneys in 1868 PE; MIs; PR
Banbridge Seapatrick 20: 12/46 large town between Newry & Dromore in Ballyvally townland; click here for a photo and more information .
Banemedne Drumgath . alternate name for Barnmeen townland on Rent Roll of 1692
PNNI V1 p 120
Banford Green Tullylish 20: 7/49 across the river Bann from Tullylish town; bleach works from 1795
UF p11,12,13; PNNI V6 p 348
Banford House Tullylish  . 1km NE of Gilford; a fine Georgian mansion built around 1780 by Thomas Nicholson who owned the bleachworks at Banford; residence of Thomas Haughton in 1886 & F.A. Sinton in 1910 BIH p R; PNNI V6 p 348; old b/w map F4; POD
Bangor Bangor
a town & a parish; bounded by Belfast Lough & the Irish Sea; click here to see its location on a townland map; Abbey here founded 559 AD; click here for a photo and more information .
Bangor Arms Hotel Inishargy . in Kircubbin; the manageress in 1910 was Miss McKee
Bangor Bay Bangor
between Wilson's Pt & Lukes Pt; Bangor town surrounds it
PNNI V2 p 168
Bangor Bog Bangor 31 acres; in the lower part of Ballykillare townland
V7 p19  OSM; PNNI V2 p 161
Bangor Castle Bangor . house & farm of 225 acres overlooking Bangor town; there have been 3 castles on the site with the latest built 1852 by Hon R.E. Ward; resident of Rt. Hon. Robert Ward in 1824; address to R.E. Ward from the tenantry 5 Dec 1857; owned by James Kennedy in 1876 with 1819 ; owned by Robert e. Ward with 5735 acres in 1876; marriage of Miss Matilda C. Ward 29 Jun 1878; funeral of Mrs Harriet Ward 12 Mar 1881 (DR); Grand Ball 22 Sep 1893 (NC) ; email me for a photo ; residence of Lord Clanmorris in 1901
POD; DR; NC; GV; LOI; Bangor p46
Bangor Hotel Holywood . proprietor in 1852 was William Anderson
Bangrove Drumballyroney . near Rathfriland; residence of Miss Lindsay 22 Feb 1828
Bankheads Folly Dromore 20: 20/52 farm; 1 km S of Dromore
Bank House Kilcoo . a house in Newcastle ; residence of William Gilmore in 1910
Bankmore Ballytrustan . means ' large hill'; in Tullyboard townland; recognised by Mr. Nugent (owner of this area ) as a townland in 1836; farm rent was 22 shillings; leases for 3 lives for 31 years; owned by Rev. George Samuel Greer of Ballyhalbert in 1902
V7 p 8 OSM; PRONI wills
Bankmore Hill
Bank Hill
Ballytrustan 21: 60/49 hill of 188 ft;overlooking the entrance to Strangford Lough; site of a ancient rath and ruined house; now site of a folly & Coats Guard station
PNNI V2 p 62 ; LM 2002 p 7; Inv 2003 p14
Banks Cottage Bangor  . residence overlooking Ballyholme Bay in Ballymacormick OS map 1901 2.06
Bankside Newry 29: 13/32 farm; in Finnard townland
Bannanstown Drumgooland . 3km N of Castlewellan; house cluster old b/w map I11
Bannfield Drumballyroney old farmhouse; 1km E of Rathfriland; in Lisnisk townland V3 p10,14,16 OSM; old b/w map E11; PNNI V6 p179
Bannfield Bog Drumballyroney 29: 23/35 near Muddock River, 4km NE of Rathfriland, in Lisnisk townland; nearby ford in Moneygore townland
PNNI V6 p 172
Bannfield Bridge Drumballyroney 29: 22/35 over the River Bann ;3km NE of Rathfriland
Bannford House Tullylish . see under Bannford House
Bannfort Drumballyroney . ancient rath; 2km NW of Ballyroney; also residence of Hugh Morrow in 1819
old b/w map G9; POD
Bann Hill House Dromore 20: 20/53 farm; just N of Dromore; residence of John Watson in 1910
Bann-hill Drumballyorney . near Rathfriland; residence of Rev. John White in 1819 POD
Bannside Seapatrick a part of Banbridge;Presbyterian church here; poem by Fitz-Stewart 15 Aug 1840 DR; GIPR
Bannvale Annaclone 20: 20/42 farm; near Aughnacloy townland
Bannvale Clonduff . house & farm; 2km E of Hilltown; residence of John & Felix O'Neill who estalished linen bleaching, corn milling & flax scutching then owned by John Martin then his son Mr. Hugh Hall Martin until 1920 then George & Sarah Mussen bought the property as Hugh H. Martin had no heirs TC p13; MOF p5; old b/w map E12; TC p15
Bann View Seapatrick . farm; 1km S of Banbridge; residence of John Blizard Esq, in 1819 & John McClelland, linen manufacturer in 1843 & S. Crothers in 1910 old b/w map G5; POD
Bannville Tullylish . situated on the River Bann; residence of James Fowler in 1819 & J. Foot Esq, Justice of the Peace who attended the Petty Sessions in Banbridge & Gilford in 1836 V12 p141 OSM; POD
Bannville House Tullylish  . in Lenaderg; residence of Mr Bradshaw in 1910 POD


Donaghcloney 20: 11/54 a townland 2km NW of Donaghcloney; 572 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' the green patch of ground'; owned by Mr. Waring in 1691; flour & corn mills belonging to Mr G Langtry of Belfast here in 1836 ; proprietor Earl Clanwilliam but let in perpetuity to Mr Stotherd in 1836 who relet it at £2.2.0 an acre V12 p 58, 59 OSM; PNNI V6 p 88
Banoge Bridge Donaghcloney . over River Bann; site of Nicholson's bleach green & beetling mil lin 1834 ODHD p3
Banogue House Donaghcloney . family seat of Liddell family c. 1864-1920; rifle range in the grounds for Ulster Volunteer Force in 1914 ODHD p 48
Ban Point Ballyhalbert  . Loss of yacht & 3 lives 31 Jul 1858 DR
Banview Dromore . residence of Rev John McKee in 1852 POD
Bantry Villas Knockbreda 3 houses in Hawthornden Rd, East Belfast ; residences of Sarah Matier & John J Evans in 1902 with the middle house vacant
Barban Heights Dromore 20: 20/51 part of Dromore town  .
Barbican Farm Kilcoo 29: 35/33 farm, on the edge of Tollymore Forest 1km SE of Bryansford  .
Bar Chapel hill Donaghmore  . in Carrickrovaddy townland; hill 357 ft; Catholic chapel here V3 p 7OSM; GIC
Barford House Tullylish . near Gilford; residence of Frederick Buckley Sinton in 1901
Barge Rocks Donaghadee 15:62/74 off shore between Ganaway & Drumfad Bays; 2km SE of Millisle village .
Bar (r) Hall Ballytrustan & Witter 21: 62/47 two-storey farmhouse in Tullycarnan townland; noted on a map of 1755; residence of Thomas Savage in 1759; mentioned in 1836; residence of John & Mary Dorian in 1802 & 1848
V7 p126 OSM; MIs; Inv 2003 p14; PNNI V2 p 135 ; MIs
Bar Hall Bay Ballytrustan & Witter 21: 61/46 at the northern entrance to Strangford Lough; it has a rocky bottom and doesn't give shelter to boats; the bar is not passable at low tide;
V7 p125 OSM ; PNNI V2 p 135
Barkley Rock Donaghadee 15:61/75 in Drumfad Bay; 2km S of Millisle village .
Barkston Newry . a house & farm of 9 acres ; held in fee by Armor Marshall in 1863 ; owned by Hutchinson Boyd in 1876
Barmyne Drumgath . alternate spelling for Barnmeen townland in Subsidy Roll of 1663 PNNI v1 p 120
Barnagh Bay Bangor 15:59/84 NW coast of Copeland Island .
Barnagh Hill Bangor 15:60/84 hill; on north coast of Copeland Island .
Barnamaghery Barnemaghery Barneymaghery Killinchy-part 21: 45/57 a townland 4km SE of Saintfield; 646 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; in 1659 there were 6 English/Scots & 14 Catholic families here ;school exams 14 Aug 1841: incendiary fires 7 Mar 1846: National School here in 1847; Homicide- William Moffatt 17 May 1856; annual school meeting, list of pupils,teachers etc. 15 Jul 1865; Funeral of Mr Andrew Woods 14 Apr 1883 SP: SHM '94 p 55 & '86 p 32 & '90 p 30; V 7 p86 OSM; DR; GIC;
Barnamaghery Kilmore-part .
a townland of 775 acres;3km N of Crossgar; click here to see its location on a townland map ; old Catholic chapel called Killyman with general graveyard here
KCB p25; GIC; O'L V1 p 329
Barn Bay Ballywalter 21: 62/73 rocky shore near Ganaway townland
Barnboy Kilclief
a very small island off the coast
Barnett Demesne Drumbo 20: 32/69 on the banks of the Lagan river south of Belfast
TMUOP p98 
Barn Hill Comber 21: 44/71 house & farm estate; 2km NW of Comber in Ballyloughan townland ; house built in 1791 by Samuel Stone; the site of a school here in 1837; estate expanded from 44 to 73 acres; leased of Guy Stone Esq. 6 May 1845 ( & 1863, leased from Marquis of Londonderry) ) & Samuel Stone J.P. & Mrs McConnell in 1899;b/w photo available
V7 p34,43 OSM; AG; POD ; GV; NDM p22,41
Barn House Saintfield 20: 36/63 farm; 3km S of Carryduff on the Ballynahinch road .
Barnleigh Holywood . farm; 1km E of Holywood town old b/w map T5
Drumgath 29: 17/34 a townland 3km WSW of Rathfriland; 823 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' smooth or level gap'; originally belonged to Magennis clan; site of ancient standing stone on Longstone Hill & an ancient rath; the proprietor was the Marquis of Downshire in 1836; farms were from 4-20 acres; rents were 16- 30 shillings an acre; Bridle Hill Fort 323 ft; Catholic chapel here; standing stones ;a school here in 1836 V3 p19, 20, 21 OSM; GIC ; PNNI V1 p 119; IPP p 106
Barn Row Kilmegan . a row of mill workers cottages built by the Murlands at Annsborough c. 1870 MO 16/3/2005 p19
Barr Donaghmore . in Knockanarney townland; a Catholic Church & school here
Barrack Hill Tullylish 20: 9/48 hill; just S of Lawrencetown  .
Barradashrugh Kilkeel 29: 25/18 on the slopes of The Mournes, 6km NW of Kilkeel; means ' summit of the two rivers'
PNNI V3 p 126.
Barreston Kilclief . ancient name for Ballynarry townland
O'L V1 p 204
Barr Hall Ballytrustan . see under Bar Hall .
Barron's Lodge Clonduff . see under Kinghill House .
Barrons Town Dromore . Barronstown House & Barronstown Hall here; 2km S of Dromore town in Drumaghadone/ Balleny townlands
old b/w map I 6; PNNI V6 p 120, 145; ODHD pi
Barrs Lane End Dromara 20: 32/52 crossroads & farm 4km NE of Dromara near Burren townland  .
Barrys Hotel Comber . in The Square, Comber in 1852
Bartleys Hill Ballywalter 21: 61/69 farm & hill 1km NW of Ballywalter
Basin Hill Blaris . site of a Quakers' school in 1836 V12 p32,33 OSM
Batemans Steps Magheralin . in Feney townland; stepping stones across the river PNNI V6 p 254
Batesons Quay Moira . on the river near Moira town; residence of John Harvey in 1828 NCT
Bath Cottage Holywood . house & small garden in Bath Terrace, Holywood; leased by William B. Caughey in 1863 from Henry T.Higginson ; residence of James Boyd in 1898 & Joseph Jeffrey in 1905 GV; CR; PR
Bath Lodge Kilcoo . house & garden in Shore Rd, Newcastle; leased of William Fletcher in 1863 from rep.John McIlwaine NWAG p22 ;GV
Battersea Bangor . villas in Kinnegar ; residence of W.J. McCormick in 1910
Battier Moira . alternate spelling for Bottier townland PNNI V6 p 284
Batt's Wall Clonduff . a mountain named after Narcissus Batt of Purdysburn who owned townlands in this area in 1834 PNNI V3 p 126
Clonallan a townland 455 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map;means ' the bawn or bailey'; owned by George Sexton & Edward Trevor in 1666; had a corn & scutch mill in 1836 V3 p 1 OSM; PNNI V1 p 64
Bavan Bridge Clonallan 29: 15/28 over a stream , 2km NNW of Mayobridge
Bavan Rock Donaghadee 15:60/76 just off shore at Millisle village .
Bavin (The) or
Bawn Park
Saul . in Loughmoney townland; site of an ancient castle & crannoge; favourite Mass ite for Catholics during Penal times
O'L V1 p 246
Bawn Hill Dromara 20: 32/51 hill; 4km NE of Dromara  
Bawn Isle Killinchy  . 12 inhabitants here in 1821; also see Islandbawn V17 p121 OSM
Baymount Bangor  . between Bangor & Ballyholme Bays; built c. 1870 for Rev. Stewart OS map 1901 2.06

Baymount House

Kilbroney . residence of Thomas McCartan with 1187 acres in 1876
Bayview Ballywalter . residence of Violet Skillen 26 Aug 1918
Bayview Bangor . villa in Ballyholme Rd, Bangor; residence of F.H.G. Wilson in 1901
Bayview Bangor
villa in Kinnegar; residence of Mrs . Morrison in 1901
Bay View Bangor
villa in Bangor; residence of James McCullagh in 1901
Bay View Clonallan 29: 15/20 farm, 2km NNE of Warrenpoint  
Bayview House Kilbroney . near Rostrevor; residence of Thomas McCartan J.P. in 1886 POD
Bayview Kilcoo . house, yard & garden in King St, Newcastle,leased by James Teer in 1863 from Earl Annesley; residence of William N. Neill in 1910
Bayview Lodge Kilcoo . in Newcastle; Mrs W. Neill ran a refreshment room here in 1910
Bayview Kilkeel 29: 37/20 1km N of Annalong on Newcastle road; residence of A. Gordon in 1910 & Thomas Oswald Cousins in 1940
Bay View Kilkeel 29: 25/16 farm, 5km W of Kilkeel on the Rostrevor road  
Bayview Kilmegan . in Dundrum; residence of Francis Greene c. 1917 DR 2/3/1918
Bay View Warrenpoint . 2 houses & yards in Seaview , Warrenpoint ,owned by Agnes Clogher & William Gillis in 1863
Bayview Cottage Warrenpoint .
1km NE of Warrenpoint
old b/w map A12
Bayview Lodge Kilcoo .
house in Newcastle; residence of Mrs. Cheyne in 1884
Bay View House Kilkeel 29: 26/13 farm, on Carlingford Lough, 5km W of Kilkeel  
Bay View House Kilkeel 29: 27/10 farm, on the tip of Cranfield Point
Bayview House Warrenpoint . a house & small garden in Great Georges St, Warrenpoint ,leased by Joseph D. Crawford in 1863 from John Best
Beach Field Knockbreda . see under Beech Field
Beach Hill House Knockbreda
in Ballylenaghan townland; residence of James Thompson in 1863
Beacon House Knockbreda
residence of F.A. Hurley in 1895
NDM p10
Beaconsfield Knockbreda . house off Kings Rd, near Kensington Rd, Belfast; residence of Fred T. Hurley in 1902
Beaconsfield Lodge Knockbreda . house off Kings Rd, near Kensington Rd , Belfast; residence of James McGahey in 1902
Beaniborphies Kilbroney .
common pasture of waste ground in the Mourne Mountains granted to Edward Trevor in 1611
PNNI V1 p 153
Bean's Hill Inch .
east of & across the road from Cotter Hill
LM 1998 p6
Beardy Rocks Ballytrustan
at the entrance to Strangford Lough 
Bearnagh Kilcoo area . a mountain ion the Mournes; photo available
CP 1/5/2013
Beattiestown Dromore . a row of houses in Drumskee townland, Beatties lived here for 500 years
PNNI V6 p145
Beaver Hall Knockbreda . house & garden near the Methodist Meeting house; just E of Ballymacarret; residence of Isabella Mills in 1833 & David Robinson in 1835 & John & James MacAdam in 1852; owned by James Major in 1876 with 14 acres
V7 p98 OSM; BN; POD ; LOI
Bedford Villas Knockbreda . 2 houses off Knock Rd, Belfast; residence of Miss Bothwell & Miss Ripley in 1902
Beechbank Killinchy . farm; residence of John Prentice in 1910
Beechcroft Holywood . in Strandtown; residence of Dr. Knox 10 Nov 1877
Beeches (The) Bangor . 3 Downshire Rd, Bangor; residence of Thomas Wilson in 1905, mayor of Bangor ; email me for a photo
Bangor p63
Beeches (The) Drumbo 20: 33/63 farm;on the Carryduff to Crossan road ; 3km SE of Drumbo
Beeches (The) Dundonald . farm; just NW of Dundonald village; residence of William Kirkwood in 1902
OS map 1902; POD
Beeches (The) Hillsborough 20: 25/60 farm; 1 km NE of Hillsborough
Beech Cottage Kilbroney . on Killowen Point; residence of F. Houston in 1910
Beech Cottage Warrenpoint . a house & small garden in Back Rd, Warrenpoint ,leased by Sarah Bowers in 1863 from John Denvir
Beechfield Hillsborough 20:21/59 farm in Lisadian townland ; Rev. James Hume died here in 1753; residence of Thomas Hume in 1850
Beach Field
Knockbreda . farm near Ballymacarret House; just SE of Ballymacarret; residence of Mrs Harpur in 1852; owned by William Harper in 1876 with 9 acres
V7 p98 OSM; POD; LOI
Beechfield Magheradrool 20: 35/51 farm; 2km SW of Ballynahinch
Beech Hall Dromara 20: 25/49 farm; 4km SW of Dromara in Aughnaskeagh; residence of J.H. Jones in 1910
Beech Hill Annahilt 20: 29/54 farm; 2km S of Annahilt
Beech Hill House Donaghmore 29: 9/34 farm, 6km N of Newry town in Maddydrumbrist townland; residence of James Gammell Esq in 1829 & Francis McGrath in 1868
Beech Hill Holywood
farm; in Ballygrainey townland; 4km NE of Holywood .
Beech Hill Knockbreda . opposite the gates of Belvoir Park in 1760; near the railway line in 1904
LR 2003 p35; ACG p9
Beech Hill Newry . residence of Rev. John C. Quinn in 1881
Beech Hill Newtownards . residence of Dr W.B. Martin in 1894 & 1900 & John Bailie in 1914
Irish World ; MIs; PR
Beech Lodge Knockbreda . house & farm of 34 acres; in Lisnaharragh townland, 1km NE of Newtownbreda; leased by Jane Boyd in 1863 from Marquis of Downshire ; residence of William Clements in 1868
old b/w map Q6; GV ; findmypast archives
Beechmount Dundonald 15:41/76 farm; 2km NNW of Dundonald town .
Beechmont Knockbreda 20; 37/68 farm; in Knockbreckan townland near Ballygowan Road
N12/24 CBSA
Beechmount Saintfield 20: 39/64 farm; between Lisdonnan & Lisnasallagh townlands
Beechpark Killyleagh  . farm; 2km W of Killyleagh town; death of Adam Kenning Esq. 12 Dec 1874; residence of James Patterson in 1886 old b/w map Q12; DR; POD
Beech Park Magheralin . farm; 2km SW of Magheralin village
old b/w map I 2
Beech Park Shankill . near Lurgan; owned by Hugh Mercer in 1876 with 71 acres
Beechvale Knockbreda . farm; near Purdysburn
old b/w map P6
Beech View Killyleagh 21: 47/55 farm, 4km NW of Killyleagh
Beechville Knockbreda . house off Kings Rd, Belfast; residence of John Malcolm c. 1890 & the Misses Milliken in 1902
OS map 1902 5.09; POD
Beechwood Drumbo 20: 34/68 farm; near Purdysburn hospital S of Belfast
Beechwood Holywood in Sydenham Park; residence of J. Campbell in 1902
Beech Wood Kilkeel 29: 27/16 forest on the slopes of Knockcree mountain
Beers Bridge Kilcoo . 1km NW of Newcastle; named after William Beers, custom's official
old b/w map I 14; PTTF p10
Beers Bridge Knockbreda . over the Connswater River near Ballymacarrett town L9/17 CBSA
Beer's Bridge Cottage Knockbreda . in Ballymacarrett; residence of Miss Montgomery in 1852
Begney Dromara 20: 30/51 2km NE of Dromara; Begney Hill; click here to see its location on a townland map ; 909 acres; means ' small glebe'; had a lake & 2 mills in 1836 ; Dromara 2nd Presbyterian & Methodist churches here V12 p62, 63, 65, 66 OSM; V 19 MIs; GIC
Behamoughe Kilkeel . alternate name for Benagh Lower townland in 1575 PNNI V3 p 29
Beingan Kilkeel . alternate name of Slieve Bignian .
Bejoni's Corner Kilcoo . junction opposite entrance to Donard Park, Newcastle; names after biagioni family, Italian ice cream sellers PTTF p6
Belfast . . Belfast is the captial of Northern Ireland & is divided by the River Lagan with the northern suburbs in Co. Antrim & the southern suburbs in Co. Down; click here for some old postcards .
Belfast Hotel Holywood . proprietor in 1852 was John Power
Belfield Magherdrool 2km S of Ballynahinch in Spa ; outrage at Ballynahinch, shots fired into bedroom of Mr Anketell of Belfield 2 & 9 Mar 1850; residence of Miss Arnold in 1910 old b/w map M 10; old b/w; DR; POD
Belgrave Villa Knockbreda . house off Kings Rd, near Kensington Rd, Belfast; residence of James Tate in 1902
Belgrave Cotagges Knockbreda . 2 joined houses off Kings Rd, near Kensington Rd, Belfast; residences of Jane Adams & James Buchanan in 1902
Belhaven Knockbreda . house off Kings Rd, Belfast; residence of Alexander Porter in 1902
Bellaghley Kilbroney . alternative spelling for Ballyagholly townland in 1797 will
IIW V4 p 168
Bellanafau Annaclone . alternative spelling of Ballinafoy townland in 1720 will
PNNI V6 p 66
Bella's Tower Ardglass . on a hill overlooking Ardglass town; 19th century circular tower built by William Ogilvie; photo available
LWAG p69
Bellavale Knockbreda 2 houses at 94-96 Castlereagh St, East Belfast; residence of J. Kelly & T. McMordie in 1902
Bella Vista Bangor . in Grays Hill , Bangor; Ladies' Collegiate School here in 1910
Bellavista Kilcoo . a house in Newcastle ; residence of Mrs Jamison in 1910
Bellavista Cottage Kilcoo . a house in Newcastle; residence of Richard Bambrick in 1910
Belle Isle Dromore . farm; 3km E of Dromore town
old b/w map J6
Bellemount Seapatrick . residence of McClelland family, linen merchants in 1843
Belleny Dromore . spelling for Balleny townland in a will of 1765
PNNI V6 p 110
Belle View Warrenpoint . residence of Daniel McArdle J.P. in 1886 POD
Belle Villa Seapatrick . in Newry Rd, Banbridge; residence of Mrs McIlroy in 1910 POD
Bangor . house & farm of 42 acres in Ballykillaire townland; proprietor was William Lowry Esq. in 1840 & 1846; leased by William Lowry in 1863 from Richard R.Cleland
Bellevue Dromara 20: 28/49 farm;1km W of Dromara  .
Hillsborough 20: 21/59 farm; 3km W of ; residence of Christopher Reid Esq. in 1824
Holywood . residence of Mrs Kelsey & Hugh Simms in 1852
Bellevue Hotel Kilcoo . a hotel in Newcastle; proprietor in 1910 was Mr. Samuel Tuft
Bellevue Kilbroney . house & 20 acres in Ballyneddan townland; 3km SE of Rostrevor; residence of Captain McAul in 1836 & Capt William C. Douglas in 1846; decribed as a plain, 2 -storey house surrounded with ash, beech, sycamore, larch & fir trees; leased by Waddel C. Douglas in 1863 from Mrs. Jackson
V3 p28 OSM; old b/w map C14; GV; POD
Belle Vue Newry . owned by James McMahon Esq. in 1876 with 8 acres & residence in 1881
Bellfield Tullylish . mansion in Lenaderg founded on linen industry c. 1830; residence of Thomas Dickson in 1910
BCT p 7; POD
Bellievy Seapatrick. . alternate spelling for Balleevy townland
PNNI V6 p 304
Bellinlar Newry . alternate spelling for Ballinlar townland
IIW V4 p 164
Bellmount Holywood . residence of Alexander Montgomery Esq. in 1834; a small , plain house in Ballycloghan townland with little planting around it
V7 p82 OSM
Bellmount Kilkeel . farm; 2km SW of Kilkeel in Ballyardel townland; residence of James Marmion in 11 Mar 1831 & 1843 & 1853
CM;BN; IIW V4 p 172; newspaper clipping
Bellmount Magheralin 20: 11/60 farm; 2km NW of Magheralin
Bells Bridge Dromara 20: 29/49 over the river Lagan just S of Dromara
Bells Brook Dromara . farm; 4km NW of Dromara village
old b/w map J7
Bell Hill
Belle Hill
Kilkeel 29: 28/14 house & farm of 73 acres , in Ballyardel townland; residence of John Waring Esq. in 1819; leased by John W.Dowdell in 1863 from James Thompson ; owned by John W. Dowdall in 1876 with 114 acres
POD; PNNI V3 p 56; GV ; LOI
Bells Hill Dromore 20: 28/56 farm; in Greenan townland; tree plantation here in 1830s
PNNI V6 p 147
Bells Hill Grey Abbey 21: 56/70 part of Mount Stewart Estate, 3km NW of Grey Abbey
Bellshill Inch 21: 46/50 on Crossgar Road ;4km NW of Downpatrick; residence of Lord Fitt; school here; residence of John Hutton in 1805 & James Hutton in 1904 & 1910 ; Orange Lodge #40 started here in 1840s Inv 2000 p 40; LR2003 p 36 ; MIs; LR 2006 p27; POD; DR24/8/2011 p31
Bells Quarter Ballytrustan 21: 62/48 farm, near the Irish Sea, 4km SE of Portaferry
PNNI V2 p 136 
Belluly Garvaghy . alternate spelling for Ballooly townland
PNNI V6 p 191
Bell View Hillsborough . farm; 2km W of Hillsborough town
old b/w map L5
Bellview House Kilbroney . in Killowen; owned by Waddell C. Douglas in 1876 with 20 acres & residence of Miss Douglas in 1910
Bellville House Knockbreda . house & garden near Methodist meeting house; residence of James Ritchie in 1852
V7 p98 OSM ; POD
Bellvue Holywood . owned by Samuel Patton in 1876 with 76 acres
Bellwood Villa Bangor . in Hamilton Rd, Bangor; residence of William Mann in 1902
Kilkeel . farm; 2km SW of Kilkeel in Ballyardel townland; residence of James Marmion in1831 & 1843 & Capt. Arthur T. Stephenson in 1846
CM; IIW V4 p 172; newspaper clipping
Belmont Holywood 15: 38/75 house & farm of 92 acres ; in Ballycloughan townland, just W of Stormont Castle ; residence of Thomas Stott c. 1834 ; residence of Thomas McClure in 1852; leased by Thomas McClure in 1863 from Viscount Bangor & address of Capt. G.R. Hamilton & Sir Thomas McClure in 1886; became Campbell College; now a suburb of Belfast on A55
TMUOP p111,141; POD ; GV; OS map 1902 5.09 ; ACS p9 painting)
Belmont House Newry . in Downshire Road; residence of Trevor Corry Esq. in 1881
Seapatrick . farm; 1km S of Banbridge; residence of Andrew McClelland in 1852 & Robert McClelland merchant in 1880 & A.W. Smith junior in 1910
old b/w map G5; MIs; POD
Belmont Tullylish 20: 7/52 farm, 1km S of Bleary  .
Belvedere Blaris . in Lisburn; owned by Francis Dwyer in 1876 with 126 acres & Frederick Dwyer in 1886 LOI; POD
Belvedere House Drumbo 20: 31/66 manor house & park; on the Belfast to Lisburn road; the residence of Joseph Durham in 1798 & Andrew Durham J.P. in 1833 & Mrs. Calwell c. 1863 ; a fine house around which there was a good deal of planting
BN; V7 p56 OSM  ; MIs
Belverdere Knockbreda . house off Kings Rd, Belfast; residence of William Kennedy in 1902
Belvedere Lodge Newry . a house & small garden in Arthur St Newry; leased by Henry G. Henderson in 1863 from John Guy ; residence of H.J. Wallace in 1886
Belview Kilcoo . house & garden in Shore Rd, Newcastle; leased by John Bell in 1863 from Earl of Annesley GV
Belvoir Milltown Knockbreda 20: 33/70 2km SW of Newtownbreda
Belvoir Park & House Knockbreda 20: 34/70 large park of 600 acres including some large elm trees and a small lake; created by Arthur Hill in 1722; residence of Sir Robert Bateson Esq. M.P. in 1821, 1832 & 1852 ; it was described as having porter's lodges at the main gate just outside Newtownbreda village; the approach to the house wound through lovely gardens; from the hall door were extensive views of Co. Antrim, Belfast factories; just below was the River Lagan; the house was an old fashioned square building with some Ionic columns; the interior was neat with a good library & a fine collection of paintings in every room; the grounds were laid out with taste & judgement; owned by Lord Deramore in 1886 & c. 1920; considered for the new parliament house; later leased by Walter Wilson then Sir James Johnston & in 1934 J. & W. Stewart; the house was blown up in 1961; grounds today are Belvoir Park Golf Course
V7 p97, 101 OSM; CSO; DR;old map LR 2003 p35; POD; TMUOP p177; LR 2006 p92
Benagh Upper Kilkeel  . a townland of 281 acres; click here to see its location on a map; in 1659 in the whole of Benagh there were 22 Irish families & it was owned by Richard Houston Esq.
Benagh Lower
Kilkeel 29: 26/12 a townland where White Water runs into Carlingford Lough, near Greencastle; 154 acres; click here to see its location on a map; means' place abounding in birch trees' ; owned by Abbey of Newry in 1157; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1575 & owned by Lord Nicholas Bagenal in 1690s
PNNI V3 p 29 ; JMLSG 2010 p15; MO 5/8/2009 p6
Benagh House Kilkeel 29: 25/13 farm, on Carlingford Lough, 5km W of Kilkeel; residence of Stephen Thompson in 1860
CM ; MIs
Benagh Newry 29: 13/27 a townland 4km E of Newry; 680 acres: click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' place of the birch trees'; proprietor Mr Paxton of USA whose agent was Mr Bell of Dromore in 1836; rents from 8-28 shillings an acre; large bog here V3 p109 OSM; CM; PNNI V6 p 10
Benagh Lodge Newry . farm; 2km E of Newry
old b/w map C10
Benavon Lodge Kilkeel . near Annalong; residence of Miss F. Kertland in 1910
Benboy Hill Dunsfort 21: 58/40 overlooking the Irish Sea, km S of Ballyhornan
Ben Crom Kilkeel 29: 31/26 mountain in the Mournes ;7km from the coast; means' curved peak'
NWAG p39; PNNI V3 p 126 
Ben Crum River Kilkeel 29: 30/26 runs from Slieve Loughshannagh to Silent Valley
Ben Dearg
Kilclief beach area near Ballyhornan; clubhouse forGaelic Gootball here in 1920 LWAG p46; Inv 2002 p 16
Benderg Bay Kilclief 21: 60/43 in the Irish Sea, near Killard townland
Benmore Holywood in Sydenham Ave, Sydenham ; residence of Mrs Crawford in 1902
Benraw Drumgooland a townland 4km NE of Ballyward village; 860 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; in 1659 Census it was called Benry and there were 4 Catholic families here only; by 1841 there were 95 families with 261 males & 246 females; Mr Kelly took Orange items 22 Dec 1849; opening of Orange Hall 1872; Presbyterian church here ; school here DCPH p 47,131; DR; GIC
Benraw Mountain Drumgooland 20: 29/42 in Dromara Hills, 9km N of Castlewellan  .
Bentley Lodge Kilcoo . a house in Newcastle ; residence of Miss L. Hutchinson in 1910
Bents (The) Kilkeel 29: 25/13 headland in Mill Bay, part of Carlingford Lough, where Water Water river enters  .
Kilbroney .
house & farm of 14 acres in Church Street, Rostrevor ; just NE of Rostrevor town on the Hilltown road; a neat, extensive cottage with a bathing lodge;residence of Captain Bruce R.N. in 1836 & Thomas Bruce Esq. in 1846 ; leased by Jane Bruce in 1863 from David Ross; reisdence of John & P.G. Carvill Esq. in 1881 & William J. Watson in 1910
V3 p27, 35 OSM; old b/w map C12; GV; POD
Ben Vista Newtownards
farm; 3km W of Newtownards
Berecra Donaghmore .
alternate name for Derrycraw townland in 1659 census
PNNI V1 p 98
Bernagh Holywood in Circular Rd, Strandtown; residence of Joseph M. Greeves in 1902
Bernagh Kilcoo . an area near Newcastle; residence of Mrs Phillips & John Stuart & Co. in 1910
Bernish Rock Newry .
in the Clanrye River near Newyry town
PNNI V1 p 40
Berwick Hall Moira .
farm; 2km E of Moira town; residence of Mrs Sarah Wilson in 1910
Old b/w map K2; POD
Bessbrook Newry .
in Co. Armagh part;a village4km W of Newry town; in 1881 there was a spinning & weaving factory, a National school, reading room, dispensary & several churches; population in 1871 was 2215
Bessmount Dundonald .
house & farm of 21 acres in Ballyregan townland on the Belfast to Donaghadee Road; seat of the Crawford family; gentleman's residence in 1834; leased by Rev. Edward T. Martin in 1863 from Mrs Pooler; residence of Mrs Mateer in 1902
TMUOP p 116; V7 p65 OSM; GV ; OS map 1902; POD
Bessmount Holywood . house & farm of 30 acres in Knocknagoney townland; leased by James Anderson in 1863 from John Harrison GV
Bessy’s Island Bangor
Bessy's Point Bangor 15:60/85  northern most point on Copeland Island .
Best's Row Warrenpoint . in the town; now known as Queen Street; residential & holiday accommodation in 1880; photo available
MSWAG p 53
Bets Bridge Clonduff . 1km S of Hilltown old b/w map D12
Beulah House Kilkeel . in Kilkeel; residence of Alexander Gordon J.P. in 1910 POD
Bier's Bridge Knockbreda . near Windmill Farm, Ballymacarrett; ground to let 29 Feb 1792 NS
Big Bog Dromore 20: 19/51 2km S of Dromore  .
Big Bow Meel Ardkeen 21: 67/59 small island in Irish Sea, 2km E of Portavogie; also called Plough Rock or Little Plough Rock or Small Bow-meel; only visible at low tide;
V7 p1 OSM
Big Fort Drumgooland 29: 29/38 ancient rath, in Magheramayo townland
Big Gull Rock Tullynakill  .
in Strangford Lough
Bighams Close Garvaghy . 6km SE of Banbridge
old b/w map H8
Bigham's Close Kilcoo . 1km NW of Kilcoo village
old b/w map H12
Bigharristown Garvaghy . a hosue cluster in Kilkinamurray townland in 1834
PNNI V6 p 199
Big Moat Kilbroney 29: 19/15 rocks in Carlingford Lough;just offshore near Ballyneddan townland
Bignian Kilkeel lake & mountain, waterfall; ancient castle ruins on the top of Slieve Bignian formerly known as Slieve Beingan meaning "pinnacle of difficult ascent" V3 p46, 51, 54 OSM; PNNI V3 p 153
Big Rock Mallaugh Ballyphilip 21: 65/51 group of rocks in the Irish Sea; off Knockinelder Bay
BillyMcKeaghan    . ancient townland in 17th century in East Down V17 p123 OSM
Billeyveybeg Kilkeel . alternate name for Ballyveagh Beg townland in 1775
PNNI V3 p 28
Bingo (The) Saintfield . a farm; Old Grand Jury Road; owned by Mrs. Kennedy c. 1900
SHM '90 p 36
Binnian Lough Kilkeel 29: 32/24 in The Mournes; near Annalong Wood
Birch Grove Tullylish . farm of 175 acres; 1km W of Gilford; granted to John Birch 13 Apr 1692 by Sir John Magill; residence of John & Margaret Birch in 1797 & William Law & Moses Whiteside in 1910
old b/w map F4; PNNI V6 p 344; IIW V4 p 11,30; OFB p124; POD
Birch Hill Hillsborough . farm of Thomas Hume in 1811
Bird Island Ardkeen 21: 56/62 in Strangford Lough, 3km SW of Kircubbin; 1 acre; rocky pastureland
PNNI V2 p 18.
Bird Island Saul
in Strangford Lough
Bird Island Tullynakill 21:66/58 2 acres; 1km offshore from Ringboy townland; click here to see its location on a townland map; Hammy McMillen rescued from rising tide 15 Dec 1855 V7 p124 OSM ; DR
Bishops Brae Down in Ballyvange townland; overlooks Downpatrick, it was the home of Rev. Patrick McMullan before his death in 1824 LCB p 22
Bishops Court or Bishops Palace Dromore 20: 19/54 1km W of Dromore, in Ballynaris townland ;seat of the Bishops of Dromore; click here for a photo and more information
Bishop’s Court Dunsford 21: 56/43 village & townland , 5km N of Ardglass; click here to see its location on a townland map; site of an ancient chapel called Lismoylyn; Norman bawn here; Bishops lands £38 in 1744; death of James Greer, Corbally House 15 Jan 1881; new road 13 Dec 1884 V17 p68, 72, 118 OSM; O'L V1 p 177 & B p 322; DR; LR 2005 p26
Bishops Mill Ardquin 21: 58/56 5km N of Portaferry; an old corn & flax mill of Charles Echlin Esq. for auction 18 May 1793; residence of James Porter in 1810 & Mr. John Kerr in 1842; small village of 12 houses in 1834
NS; MIs; PNNI V2 p 37; JUAHS 1977 p13; BN 27/12/1842
Bishops Mountain Loughinisland 21: 41/46 hill, 1km WNW of Loughinisland village
Bishops Palace/Lodge Holywood . 2km S of Holywood town
old b/w map S5; PR
Bishopstown Loughinisland 21: 41/47 farm, 1km N of Loughinisland village
old b/w map M11
Black Abbey Grey Abbey & Ballyhalbert 21: 60/67 a townland 2km SE of Grey Abbey; 471 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; site of an ancient abbey also called Priory of St. Andrews founded 1200 AD; given by Sir James Hamilton to Hugh Mont gomery in 1618; paid tithes to the Catholic Church in 1615; in 1659 there were 8 English/Scots & 2 Catholic families here; has a bog in the northern part
V7 p45, 67& V17 p123, 124 OSM ; O'L V1 p 430 & B p 327; MIs;SP; PNNI V2 p 99, 103, 197; LR 2005 p16
Blackassy Ballyculter . smallpiece of water in Castleward Bay with causeway across; tidal mill here
LR 2004 p47
Black Bog Dromore 20: 24/51 E of Tullindoney townland
Black Bridge Annahilt 20: 31/56 over the Ballynahinch river; on the Hillsborough road. residence of Rev. J.N. Moorehead of Loughaghery Presbyterian church in 1910
Black Bridge Drumbo 20: 32/67 over a stream near Belfast to Lisburn road
Black Castles Kilkeel 29: 32/24 rocky part of The Mournes; 5km NW of Annalong
Black Castle Tullylish . an old castle used as gate house for Banford House c. 1836
PNNI V6 p 348
Black Causeway Ballyculter 21: 58/49 over a stream which flows into Castleward Bay; 1km SW of Strangford town in Strangford Lower townland ; a mill here; site of Methodist Church 1839
Inv 2002 p 9 ; LM 1987 p45; PE
Blackcauseway House Ballyculter . residence of Moses Barnett in 1830
Black Ditch Ballykinler . an ancient rampart like the Dane's Cast which stretched along the shore inland to Annadorn; intented to secure Lecale against invaders from other parts of Ireland
O'L V1 p 126
Black Head Inishargy 21: 64/66 rock off the coast of Ballyobegan
Black Hill Bangor 15: 44/81 on the Holywood to Bangor road; 5km W of Bangor .
Black Island Ballyculter 21: 59/49 rocks at the entrance to Strangford Lough, 1km SE of Strangford town
LM 2002 p 6 
Black Islands Ballyphilip 21: 61/46 large rock at the northern entrance to Strangford Lough
Inv 2003 p15 
Black Island Comber 21: 50/69 in Strangford lough, 4km E of Comber
Black Island Newtownards 15:54/76 farm; on small stream on Newtoanrds to Donaghadee road .
Black Lane Ends Magherdrool 20: 33/54 cross roads ;4km NW of Ballynahinch  .
Black Lion Magheralin . just SW of Magheralin village
old b/w map J2
Black Lough Magherahamlet . 5km S of Spa
old b/w map L11

Black Neb

Inishargy 21: 59/62 rocky headland in Strangford Lough, 2km S of Kircubbin
PNNI V2 p 95
Black Nib Witter . a headland on the south side of Tarah Bay
V7 p125 OSM
Black Pig's Valley Donaghmore . alternate name for the ancient earthworks called Dane's Cast
PNNI V1 p 110
Black Rock Ardglass 21: 56/36 off the coast; 1km S of Ardglass  .
Black Rock Ballywalter 20: 63/71 rocks just off shore near Whitechurch  .
Black Rock Bright 21: 51/35 in Bridgets Bay , northern part of Dundrum Bay , 2km W of Killough
Inv 2000 p 6.
Black Rock Kilcoo 29: 37/31 just off shore ;1km S of Newcastle  .
Black Rock Kilkeel 29: 35/17 on the beach in Irish Sea, 1km NE of Ballymartin village; residence of W. Annett in 1910
Black Rock Killinchy
Black Rock Tyrella 21: 48/36 on Tyrella Beach in Dundrum Bay  .
Blackscull Donaghcloney 20: 14/52 village on crossroads in Ballygunaghan townland; 3km SE of Donaghcloney village; name after an inn with a negro head sign, story
PNNI V6 p 98.
Blackscull Lodge Donaghcloney . residence of Rev.Michael McMurray in 1852
Registry of Deeds, Dublin Vol 185215 p91
Blackstaff Bridge Down . 1km SE of Clough
old b/w map M13
Blackstaff Bridge Kircubbin 21: 60/60 over Blackstaff river ;4km S of Kircubbin
V7 p 1 OSM 
Blackstaff Bridge Loughinisland 21: 41/40 over Blackstaff river as it enters Inner Dundrum Bay  .
Blackstaff Canal Newtownards . article 25 Jun 1881
Blackstaff River Inishargy 21: 61/60 S of Rubane townland
PNNI V2 p 95 .
Blackstaff River Loughinisland 21: 43/43 runs from Magheralone townland to Inner Dundrum Bay
LR 2007 p6 .
Black Stairs Kilcoo 29: 36/29 rocky section of the Mourne Mountains 2km SSW of Newcastle
PNNI V3 p 126.
Blackwater Bridge Kilmood 21; 45/65 over Blackwater river in Ballykeel townland
Blackwater River Killinchy . separates Killinchy parish from Kilmood & Tullynakilll; its the largest in the area; used for turning machinery in the mills
V7 p86 OSM
Blackwood Fort Loughinisland 20: 39/44 ancient rath; near Ardtanagh townland  
Bladensburg Kilbroney an estate; Mr. Ross and his tenantry 11 Jul 1868; marriage of A. Ross Esq. to Harriet Ross of Bladensburg 17 May 1873 DR
Blaeberry Island Donaghadee 15:55/77 farm near a marsh & stream; 3kmSW of Donaghadee .
Blaeberry Mountain Kilcoo 29: 36/25 part of the Mournes Mountains ;6km S of Newcastle; means ' blueberry'
PNNI V3 p 126.
Blain's Lodge Hillsborough . residence of Col. Hawkshaw in 1824
Molly Blaneys Corner Ballee 21: 52/41 crossroads near Ballee House
Blaneystown Saul in Sheepland Mor near Ballynarry Inv 1997 p29 & 2002 p 55
Blaris Blaris 20: 24/63 the name of a parish & a townland of 543 acres; 2km SW of Lisburn; the large town of Lisburn is in this parish; click here to see its location on a townland map ; Bishops lands £20 in 1744;inhabitants asked to supply food for the troops 20 Jan 1797; school here in 1836; Sunday school; the main proprietors of this parish in 1833 were the Marquises of Downshire & Hertford & Mr Mussenden V17 p118 & V12 p28, 35, 37, 38, 100 OSM: NS; O'L B p 320
Blaris Lodge Blaris . farm; 3km SW of Lisburn; resideence of Mr Laurence in 1852 old b/w map M4; POD
Blayontowne Seapatrick . a house ckuster near Banbridge; residence of Bernard Morgan Jun 1857 PR
Bleachfield Knockbreda . house in Ballymacarrett; residence of Mrs Harper in 1852 POD


Tullylish 20: 7/54 a townland 6km N of Tullylish town; 911 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'a portion'; held by Sir James & Sir Hugh Montgomery in 1615; proprietor A. R. Stewart; centre of hand loom weaving up until 1900s ; a school here in 1836; Orange Hall built 1896 V12 p 143, 144 OSM: UF p3,9; PNNI V6 p 333;PE
Blenachan Knockbreda . estate of Mr. McIlvin in 1777; near Castlereagh SMH '98 p42
Blessington House Hillsborough . in New/Ballynahinch Street; built by 1st Marquis of Downshire for his agent ODHD p 35
Blind Lough Magherally . there are 2 lakes by this name in this parish; one between Ballymoney & Tullyhinan townlands & the other in Tonaghmore townland PNNI V6 p 209, 266, 269
Block House Island Kilkeel . half acre; means' great island'; a fort built here as a defence for the entrance to Carlingford Lough; leased by Henry McEloy in 1863 from Kilmorey estate PNNI V3 p 57;GV
Bloody Bridge Kilkeel 29: 39/27 4km S of Newcastle on the Kilkeel road, takes its name from the infamous murder of Cromwellians (Protestants) who attempted to cross the pass (there not being a bridge at that time) in the rebellion of 1641 by country people (Catholics); it's 54 feet by 15 feet over a river that has rapids when it floods V3 p49 OSM; PNNI V3 p 57
Bloody Bridge River Kilkeel 29: 37/27 runs from the Mourne Mountains to the sea, 4km S of Newcastle
Bloody Bridge Tullylish . over a stream; 3km SE of Gilford
old b/w map F5
Bloody Burn Bay Inishargy 21: 58/64 near Nuns Quarter townland on Strangford Lough
PNNI V2 p 96 
Bloomfield Holywood
15: 36/74
2km SE of Belfast; railway station built 1879; fatal accident on BCD Railway at Bloomfield station, John Quinliven, stationmaster 13 Jan 1883; a weaving factory & spinning mill here in 1886 DR;TMYOP p126; NWAG p 37 map; POD
Bloomfield House Holywood . house & farm of 232 acres in Ballyhackamore townland; leased by Robert Boyd in 1863 from John Cleland
Bloomvale Donaghcloney . farm; 2km SW of Waringstown
old b/w map G2
Bloomvale Tullylish 20: 7/54 farm, 1km S of Bleary
Blue Hill Ananclone . also known as Skateridge; in Ardbrin townland
PNNI V6 p 61
Blue Lough Kilkeel 29: 32/35 part of the Mournes Mountains ;6km S of Newcastle; at the source of the Annalong River
V3 p46 OSM : N WAG p39; PNNI V3 p 177
Blue Row Kilmegan . a house & garden development in 1836; just N of Castlewellan V3 p56 OSM
Blundell Hill Hillsborough . farm; 1km NE of Hillsborough town; residence of William Magill before 1849 & Rev. Samuel Dill in 1852 old b/w map L5; POD ; NLAT
Boals Corner Saul . near Corbally & Bishopscourt road; Murder Bog here Inv 2001 p 36
Boalstown Newtownards . residence of David Patton in 1928 PR
Boardmills Killaney 20: 35/60 small village in Carrickmaddyroe townland ; half way between Saintfield & Lisburn; click here to see its location on a map; there was a Reading Scoiety here in 1830; school: 2 Presbyterian churches here; Temperance fete 17 Jul 1886 V12 p101 OSM; SHM ;86 p 45; DR; GIPR
Bochill Bregagh Loughinisland also called Cahir-vor; hill at back gate of Seaforde Estate; site of an ancient Catholic chapel & graveyard called Shankill; also see Bohill LCB p17; O'L V1 p 92
Bog (The) Blaris 20: 23/62 farm; 4km SW of Lisburn  .
Boggle Hill Seapatrick 20: 10/51 hill ;3km N of Laurencetown in Ballylough townland
PNNI V6 p 309, 323
Bog of Donard Kilcoo 29: 35/27 in the heart of the Mourne Mountains ;SW of Slieve Donard  .
Bog View Killinchy . residence of Mrs Samuel Davidson in 1910
Bohill Wood Loughinisland 20: 39/47 6km SE of Ballynahinch; nature reserve;  .
Boley Hill Bangor 15:55/79 farms; 3km SE of Bangor BM
Boley Lough Drumgooland . in Dromara Hills; in Legannny townland; near the dolmen MS WAG p87; old b/w map J10
Bolster (The) Down . a large rock at Struell Wells of religiopus significance O'L v1 p 251
Bona-Vista Kilbroney . near Rostrevor; residence of Mrs Wade in 1910
Bonecastle Down 21: 46/42 a townland 3km SW of Downpatrick near Clough road; 336 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; 4th Earl of Ardglass, Vere Essex Cromwell lived here part of the year c. 1700; owned by Lord De Ros in 1836; there were 25 families, 20 employed in agriculture, 2 in trade, 5 servants; school records available 1840-43; National School prize for neatness 16 Jul 1864; National school excursion 3 Sep 1881 WJM,LM 1983 V1 p13; V17 p 52, 56 OSM:OFD p186; DR
Bonfire Hill Dunsford 21: 58/41 hill; just S of Ballyhornan village  .
Booten (The) Comber 21: 47/71 farm; 3km NE of Comber; residence of James Orr in 1870
Booten Cottage Comber . residence of James Colville Esq. in 1870
Bootown Grey Abbey a townland 2km S of Greyabbey town; 75 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; contained a stream which powered a corn mill for 4 months a year in 1834; schedule of charges for the harbour 22 Oct 1887
V7 p67, 85 OSM  ; NC; PNNI V2 p 206
Bootown Newtownards a townland 1km E of Newtownards; 183 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; the proprietor in 1836 & 1863 was Lord Londonderry
V17 p 123 & V7 p111 OSM;PNNI V2 p 226; GV
Bootown Lodge Newtownards house & farm of 67 acres; leased by Robert Ferguson in 1863 from Marquis of Londonderry
GV; old b/w map V8
Borcha House Kilkeel . in Greencastle St, Kilkeel; residence of Dr. F. Floyd in 1910 POD
Boretree Island & Rock West & East
GreyAbbey 21: 53/68 1 acre; in Strangford Lough, 4km W of Grey Abbey town; click here to see its location on a townland map; a bore tree is a type of elder; from Norse 'bortr' far away & 'ey' an island
PNNI V2 p 210 ; Inv 2003 p50
Boskill Donaghmore . alternate spelling for Buskhill townland PNNI V1 p 95


Moira a townland 2km SE of Moira town; click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'poor land'; originally belonged to Sir Art Magennis; school here in 1836; proprietor Sir R. Bateson in 1836 V12 p120, 121 OSM; PNNI V6 p 284
Bottier House Moira 20: 16/60 farm; 2km SE of Moira; residence of Robert Hammond in 1863 & 1890 & Mrs Alfred Green in 1910
Bovenett Aghaderg  . a townland of 128 acres; 3km NW of Loughbrickland; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' Bennett's hut'; V12 p1 OSM; PNNI V6 p 27
Bovenett House Aghaderg  . in Loughbrickland; built as a Market House in 1600s V12 p1 OSM; PNNI V6 p 27; OGSLL p39
Bow Lough Killaney 20: 35/58 beside of Mount Pleasant estate ;not very deep, no boats on it; trout , pike & eels caught ; old Killaney graveyard nearby
V7 p117 OSM 
Bowtown Newtownards
alternate spelling for Bootown townland in 1830
PNNI V2 p 226
Boyd's Hill Dundonald . a drumlin off Ballyrainey Road
Boyles Bridge Moira . over River Lagan; 2km E of Moira town
old b/w map K2
Brackenagh Bridge Kilkeel 29: 33/19 over Mullough River; 2km NW of Ballymartin village
Brackenagh Cross Water Bridge Kilkeel 29: 32/21 on the slopes of The Mournes, over Cross Water 6km W of Annalong
Brackenagh East/ Brackney Kilkeel  . a townland 441 acres; click here to see its location on a map; means 'speckled place'; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1552 & owned by Lord Nicholas Bagenal in 1690s ; in 1659 for the whole of Brackenagh there were 6 English/Scots & 13 Irish people living here & it was owned by Arthur Monipenny Esq.
SP; PNNI V3 p 30; MO 5/8/ 2009 p6
Brackenagh East Upper Kilkeel a townland of 379 acres; click here to see its location on a map ; means 'speckled place; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1552;
PNNI V3 p 30. 
Brackney Farm Kilkeel . 38 acres; property of the late John Moore Esq. auctioned 7 Sep 1852 Newry Telegraph
Brackenagh Hall
Brackney Hall
Kilkeel . house & farm of 27 acres in Brackenagh West townland; residence of James Kennedy Thompson Esq. in 1858; leased by James Thompson in 1863 from Kilmorey Estate ; residence of J. Henry in 1910 MIs; GV; POD
Brackenagh Hill Kilkeel . 3km N of Kilkeel
old b/w map F16
Brackenagh West/ Brackney Kilkeel a townland of 606 acres; click here to see its location on a map; means 'speckled place; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1552 & owned by Lord Nicholas Bagenal in 1690s
PNNI V3 p 30 ; MO 5/8/ 2009 p6
Brackenagh West Upper Kilkeel a townland of 263 acres; means 'speckled place'; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1552
PNNI V3 p 30 

Bradick Island Bradock Island

Killinchy 21: 42/62 in Strangford Lough, just off Whiterock; 1 acre; click here to see its location on a townland map; from 'broad axe' which describes its shape; residence of John M Andrews in 1910
V7 p86, 92 OSM  ; Inv 2003 p51; POD
Bradshaw Arms Comber . an inn in Bridge St, Comber; the proprietor in 1846 was William Robinson & in 1852 James Robinson POD
Bradshaw's Brae Newtownards . in Milecross townland; site of old Killysugghan church & graveyard- mainly Catholic; names after Bradshaw family V5 MIs; FSFD p10
Braemoyle Donaghadee . a villa in New Rd, Donaghadee; residence of Mrs John Crosbie l in 1910
Brague Aghaderg or Dromorebreda; a townland of 411 acres; mill; school built 1818 in Dromorebrague townland V12 p 2, 4, 10, 11 OSM
Braidule House
Drumbo 20: 31/66 farm; 1km NW of Drumbo village; residence of John Williamson Fulton in 1872
Brakney Kilkeel . an alternate name for Brackenagh townland in 1826
PNNI V3 p 30
Brandon Towers Holywood . 2 houses & yards at Gelstons Corner, Sydenham Park, Strandtown ;owned by Thomas C.S.Corry in 1863 ; residences of William Boyd & Julius Hanna in 1902 GV ; POD
Brandy Pad Kilcoo 29: 31/29 track over the Mourne Mountains from Clonachullion to the coast walked by pedlars selling their wares including brandy; photo available
PNNI V3 p 127; CP 31 May 2012 
Braniel Knockbreda
a townland 616 acres; on the Belfast to Ballygowan road; 4km SE of Belfast; click here to see its location on a townland map
Braniel Hill Knockbreda 15: 39/72 on the Newtownbreda to Gilnahirk road; 4km SE of Belfast .
Brannystown Ardglass 21: 55/35 2km NE of Ardglass
Brantwood House Moira 20: 17/59 farm;2km SE of Moira
Brayview Lodge Kilcoo . in Newcastle; residence of Miss Catherine Johnston in 1846
Brazeel Knockbreda . at 57 Barnett's Rd, Knock; residence of Mrs. Megahey in 1933; photo available
ACC p108
Breakey's Brae Killyleagh . residence of Miss Maggie Whan 11 Nov 1939
Brecknogh Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Brackenagh townlands in 1659 census
PNNI V3 p 30
Breda Knockbreda  . a townland just N of Newtownbreda; 471 acres;click here to see its location on a map; Church of Ireland here
Breezemount Saintfield 20;38/62 farm ; on the slopes of Ouley Hill; 4km NE of Saintfield
Brena River Ballyculter . near Qoile River; flows into Strangford Lough
Inv 2000 p 3
Brenthanville Knockbreda . 5 joined houses off Kings Rd, Belfast; residences of George Walker, Francis Johnston, Charles Lepper, Misses Morrow & Henry Morrow in 1902
Bresagh Saintfield 20: 34/59 a townland 508 acres; 7km W of Saintfield on minor road; click here to see its location on a townland map ; Lough Henney here; in 1659 there were 8 English/Scots & 4 Catholic families here; there was an Associate Secession Presbyterian meeting house in this townland, built 1813; in 1837 there were 49 houses; 135 males & 137 females; it was best quality land; the proprietor then was Marquis of Downshire whose agent was Mr Reilly of Hillsborough; farms were from 4-20 acres; rents from 2- 30 shillings an acre with one of 40 shillings; there was a corn & a flax mill belonging to J. Simpson; a school established 1827
SP; LM 1990 p5; SHM '94 p55; V7 p114,118, 122, 123 OSM; GIC  
Brickhall Killyleagh  . farm; in Ballywoolen townland;4km NE of Crossgar; Johnston family in 1887 MIDp 119; old b/w map Q12
Brickland Aghaderg 20: 11/40 a townland 3km S of Loughbrickland; 367 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'Brichu's townland'; site of an ancient castle, crannge & rath
PNNI V6 p 27
Bridgets Port Bright 21: 51/34 small bay in the northern part of Dundrum Bay, 2km W of Killough; also called St Bridgets Cove; near the site of an ancient church of Rossglass
O'L V1 p 152; SSM pxi map
Bridle Fort Hill Drumgath . alternate name for Lisnashrean Hill in Barnmeen townland; 323 ft PNNI V1 p 125
Briggs Rocks/Reef Bangor 15:56/84 headland between Cove & Sandeel Bays; 1km W of Groomsport; brig John wrecked 7 Jan 1796 & steamer Corinth 8 Apr 1878; brig Topaz wrecked 3 Mar 1881 NS; BoTWR/MB
Briggstown Moira . farm; 4km SE of Moira town old b/w map J4
Bright 21: 51/38 parish & townland, 2km NW of Killough; click here to see its location on a townland map; from brechtan which means 'speckled place'; remains of 3 storey tower house c. 1500 here; in 1764 there were 100 Church of Ireland, 124 members of Presbyterian church & 404 Catholics; proprietor Major Beauclerk in 1836 ; school here in 1836; Catholic clergy death 24 Apr 1837: lecture at school by Annesley 26 Jan 1839; dinner to AW Beauclerk by tenants of Bright 28 Sep 1844; tenant league meeting 3 Jul 1852; Bright races held 9 Apr 1928 O'L V1 p 184 & B p 20, 141, 153, 319; LR 2005 p 24; V17 p33, 34, 36 OSM: DR; DR*; PNNI V2 p 193
Brimstone Brae Down 21: 51/39 farm; 3km NW of Killough in Grangewalls townland; residence of Charles Henry Smyth in 1871
LR 2005 p4. 
Brizel Cottage Knockbreda . house; off Barnetts Rd, Belfast; unoccupied in 1902
Broad Bog Kilkeel . in Moneydarraghmore townland
Broad Cove Kilcoo 29: 39/27 in the Irish Sea; 3km S of Newcastle
Broaghclogh Broclough Kilmore & Loughinisland  . click here to see my One Place Study; 648 acres; also called Murvaclogher; click here to see its location on a map; email me for a map of the townland in 1833 & 1864 LCB p 19, 81; TCC p 33; GV
Broged Harbour Kilkeel 29: 33/15 in Irish Sea ;3km NE of Kilkeel
PNNI V3 p 61 ; SSM pxi
Broken Bridge Tullylish 20: 11/50 over stream in Lenaderg townland
PNNI V6 p 343 , 348
Brompton Ville Bangor a villa in Bangor ; residence of T.W. Anderson in 1901
Bronte Memorial Drumballyroney 29: 15/38 near Hard Hill; 5km NW of Rathfriland;former home of Hugh Prunty
PNNI V6 p 179 
Brook Bank Kilkeel . house & small garden in Meeting House Lane, Kilkeel ; leased by Jane McIlwaine in 1863 from rep. Samuel Floyd GV
Brook Cottage Kilcoo . house & 18 acres in Ballaghbeg townland, Newcastle; two-storey surrounded by woods; photo available; residence of late John & Mrs. Jane Townsley in 1856; leased by William Beers in 1861 & 1863 from Earl Annesley; death of William Beers Esq. 9 Oct 1880; residence of Mrs. Beers in 1884; residence of Brinsley R. Le Fanu in 1910
NWAG p22, 50; PR; GV; DR; PTTF p10; POD
Brookeborough Hall Knockbreda . on Sandown Rd, Knock near old Knock graveyard ; opened 23 Jun 1955; b/w photo available
ACC p122
Brookfield Moira . an agricultural school in 1910
Brookfield Seapatrick . 2km NW of Banbridge in Scarva Street; residence of Brice Smyth in 1843 & William Smyth (magistrate) in 1886, 1893 & 1910 ; its twin gate lodges are on Ulster Architectural Heritage 'at risk' list in 2005
old b/w map G5; POD ; MIs; BWN ; LR 2005 p 76
Brookhill Blaris . near Lisburn; residence of Mr. Watson 30 Mar 1793; groom wanted ; residence of William T. B. Lyons in 1886
Brook House Knockbreda . villa near Gilnahirk Rd, East Belfast in 1902
OS map 1902 5.09; ACG p9
Brooklands Knockbreda . house & large garden off Barnetts Rd, Belfast; residence of John Frame in 1902
POD;OS map 1902 5.09
Brooklands Newtownards . farm; just W of Newtownards town; Thomas Stean gave £8000 to purchase land here for Strean Presbyterian Church in 1866
old b/w map S7; NAHN p146-148
Brooklyn Holywood . house & 2 acres in Ballykeel townland; leased by Daniel Taffe in 1863 from John Higginson ; residence of John J. Keegan in 1886
Brooklyn Knockbreda . house off Kings Rd, Belfast; residence of Lancelot Shaw in 1902
Brooklyn Lodge Knockbreda . house off Kings Rd, Belfast; residence of John Greer in 1902
Brookmount Bangor 15: 45/82 farm; 2km S of Helen's Bay .
Brookside Knockbreda . house off Cherryvalley Rd, Belfast; residence of James H. Lyttle in 1902
POD; ACC p11
Brookside Magheradrool 20: 32/54 6km NW of Ballynahinch on Annahilt toad  .
Brookvale Donaghadee 15:59/75 farm in Ballyfrenis townlad ; 2km SW of Millisle village .
Brookvale Drumballyroney . name of a Presbyterian church ; in Grallagh Greenan townland, on the Loughbrickland to Rathfriland road
Brookvale House Drumbo 20: 31/61 farm; near the townland of Crossan  .
Brookvale Inch . farm; in Terminane townland; residence of Bassett family in 1926
Brookvale Saintfield 20: 37/59 farm; 3km W of Saintfield near Lisbane Lough  .
Brook Villas Knockbreda . 2 houses off Barnetts Rd, Belfast; residence of George Silley & William Johnston in 1902
Broom Hedge
Blaris . a corn mill near Maze ; sold 23 May 1796; residence of Rev. J. H. Leslie in 1893
Broom Hill Ardkeen 21: 62/56 farm; 2km SE of Cloghy Bay  .
Broomhall Magheradrool .
just S of Spa; residence of William Meharry in 1910
old b/w map M10; POD
Broommount Moira . a house ; residence of E. Best in 1910 POD
Broomquarter Castleboy
a townland 2km SW of Cloghy village; click here to see its location on a townland map 
V17 p125 OSM; PNNI V2 p 78
Broughmore Blaris a townland in Co. Antrim part of this parish; click here to see its location on a townland map ; sandy loam & clay soil in 1836 V12 p28 OSM
Broughnamaddy Kilbroney 29: 22/19 part of The Mournes, 4km NE of Rostrevor; means ' brink of the dogs'
PNNI V3 p 127.
Brow Hill Ballyculter . in Lagnagoppag townland
Inv 2003 p62
Browkishe Tullylish . name of an ancient hamlet in Ballynagarrick townland in 1611
PNNI V6 p 332
Brown Hill Kilkeel 29: 26/19 farm, in Ballinamorna townland, 5km NW of Kilkeel  .
Brown Hill Seapatrick . farm; 5km SE of Banbridge old b/w map G7
Brownlow Arms Comber . in Railway St, Comber; hotel owned by Hugh Patton c. 1925; picture available TOOC p96; ACOC p152
Brownlow House Shankill . near Lurgan; death of Master Magrath at Kennels 30 Dec 1871; owned by Rt. Hon. Lord Lurgan in 1876 with 110 acres NI; LOI
Brown's Island Donaghadee . between Newtownards & Donaghadee; near shore NWAG p38; old b/w map W9
Brownville Kilcoo . boarding house in Newcastle run by Miss Shields in 1914 NWAG p46
Brumbanife Clonduff . alternate name for Drumbonniff townland in 1659 census PNNI V3 p 86
Brunswick House Bangor . in Brunswick Rd, Bangor; residence of Mrs Hunter in 1902
Bryalle (The) Ballyhalbert . alternate name for Burial Island in 1600s PNNI V2 p 110
Bryansburn Bridge Bangor in Bryansburn Rd, Bangor over Bryans Burn which runs into Smelt Mill Bay, Belfast Lough
OS map 1902 2.05
Bryansford Kilcoo 29: 34/33 a townland 3km S of Castlewellan; village & estate; click here for a photo and more information .
Bryansford Cottage Kilcoo . 1km W of Bryansford; residence of William S. Hill Esq. J.P. in 1843
old b/w map I13;DR
Bryansford Gate Kilcoo . built in 1786 in the ornate Gothic style at the entrance to Tollymore Park MO 22/10.2014 p25
Bryndhu Holywood . residence of Mr. G.H. Elliott in 1910 POD
Buckley Rocks Inishargy 21: 58/61 in Strangford Lough, 3km SW of Kircubbin
Buck Lodge Kilbroney . residence of James Boyd 1853 IIW
Bucks Head Loughinisland 21: 43/46 a townland 2km NE of Loughinisland village; click here for a photo of the dolmen; Bucks Head Inn here c. 1800, sketch of inn available LCB p71; FSFD p33,41, 45
Bucks Hill Saul . 2km NE of Saul village near Quoile River in Ballintogher townland
old b/w map P14
Buddlestone Killinchy . farm; 6km SW of Killinchy town
old b/w map R11
Bud's Loney Ballyculter . a laneway near Ballyculter school named after Bud Orr
Inv 2001 p 48
Buggle Hill Seapatrick . see Boggle Hill .
Bullock Hill Clonallan . ancient Mass station here
DDPP p97
Bullock Pladdies Inishargy 21: 56/65 sunken rock in Strangford Lough ;2km W of Herring Bay
PNNI V2 p 96 
Bullock Rock Inishargy 21: 56/64 rock in Strangford Lough; 3km W of Herring Bay  
Bulls Brook Dromore 20: 24/52 boundary stream between Tullindoney & Drummiler townlands, near River Lagan ;4km SE of Dromore ; residence of John S. Davison in 1910
PNNI V6 p 145 ; POD
Bumlig Saintfield . ancient name for Drumalig townland .
Bunch of Grapes Seapatrick  . a high quality hotel which was adjacent to the old Market House in Banbridge but was demolished when The Cut was built to reduce the hill prior to 1834 BIHp14
Bunfort Drumballyroney . also spelt Bannfort; residence of Hugh Morrow in 1819
Bungalow The Bangor
timber refreshment house in Stricklands or Fairy Glen; demolished c. 1948; b/w photo available
NDM p63
Bunkers Hill House Holywood . house & 8 acres in Ballymisert townland; 2km NE of Ballymacarrett; residence of Mrs Miskelly & George Murray in 1852 & Mrs. Eliza Sloan in 1856 ; leased by Dennis Freeman in 1863 from rep. Samuel Boyle old b/w map S5; POD; NLAT; GV ; ACS p11 (map)
Bunkers Hill Kilmegan 29: 34/36 just SE of Castlewellan; behind Church of Ireland
Burcestona Kilclief . name of an ancient Catholic chapel in Ballynarry townland O'L v1 p 204
Burclough Kilmore see Broclough MID p152
Burford Lodge Ardglass . in The Crescent, Ardglass; owned by George Beauclerk in 1863 but unoccupied; residence of W.D. Carroll in 1910
Burial Farm Ballyhalbert . house & farm of 74 acres in Ballyhalbert townland, leased by John Moore in 1863 from James Cleland
Burial Island Ballyhalbert 21: 66/63 group of rocks off Burr Point; 3km SE of Ballyhalbert; 1 acre; its Gaelic name is Bryalle meaning' the cormroants' ; owned by James Cleland in 1863; ship beached 3 Jan 1874; steamer Irishman stranded 14 Sep 1877; brig Success wrecked 27 Jan 1881
V7 p6 OSM; GV; NC; PNNI V2 p 110; BoTWR/MB
Burlington Hotel Bangor Quay St, overlooking Bangor Bay; built in 1900 on site of the Harbours Bars
OS map 1902 2.05
Burn (The) Knockbreda . in Gilnahirk; owned by Hugh Hull in 1876 with 36 acres
Kilcoo . alternate spellings for Burrenbane townland in 1659 census & survey in 1830
PNNI V3 p 106,107
Burns Cross Comber 21: 44/64 farm ;2km SE of Comber
Burn Houses Ballywalter . a village in 1833 near a burn or rivulet PNNI V2 p 73
Kilcoo . alternate spellings for Burrenreagh townland in 1659 census & rent roll of 1692 & survey in 1830 PNNI V3 p 107
Burnleigh Holywood . house & 5 acres in Ballykeel townland; leased by John Simms in 1863 from John Hunter
Burr Point Ballyhalbert 21: 66/63 near Burial Island, 3km SE of Ballyhalbert village; shipping disaster brig 'Success' ashore 29 Jan 1881 DR; PNNI V2 p 111
Burren Clonallan 29: 13/22 a townland 4km N of Warrenpoint, south of Milltown Lough; 743 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map;means ' rocky area'; held by Bryan Maginnis in 1640 then James Hamilton; a Hedge School here c. 1800; Catholic church here V3 p115 OSM; GIC; PNNI V1 p 65; HCDTD p141 ; DDPP p89
Burren Dromara; Magherahamlet 20: 32/53 a townland 5km W of Ballynahinch on Dromore road;1231 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means “rocky place’; in 1659 there were 0 English/Scots & 10 Catholic families here; owned by Arthur Annesley then sold to David Ker family in 1786 ; a lake & a bog here ; property of Mr Ker in 1836; murder of Spence family here 27 Nov 1841 V12 p 62, 65 OSM : BH; DR; JML (PRONI-D1255/3/23; HMP ; HCDTD p38; DR* 3/12/03 ; DR
Burrenbane Kilcoo  . a townland 1km N of Bryansford; 565 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means 'white rocky place'; also in the Catholic pairsh of Maghera since 1785; held by Sir Arthur Magennis in 1609; proposal to cut down the hill between here & Castlewellan as part of famine relief work 17 Oct 1846
Kilcoo map; PNNI V3 p 100, 101, 106; DR*
Burren Bridge Kilmegan 29: 33/36 over the Burren River, 1km SW of Castlewellan on the Kilcoo road; click here for a photo of the village pub and more information

Burrendale House

Kilcoo . a large house in Newcastle ; ancient cross-slab found here; residence of Rev. J.S. Eagar in 1884 & Major Inglish in 1910; now a hotel & country club
POD ; LR 2015 p61
Burrenreagh Kilcoo 29: 33/34 a townland 2km SW of Castlewellan; 691 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means 'grey rocky place'; also in the Catholic parish of Maghera since 1785; held by Brian Magennis in 1609 then William Hawkins in 1667; school here
Kilcoo map; PNNI V3 p 99, 100, 101, 107
Burrenreagh Cottage Kilcoo . 2km SW of Castlewellan
old b/w map I 12
Burren River Kilcoo 29: 33/35 runs from Lough Island Reavy area to Dundrum Bay at Newcastle; burren means 'rocky place'
Burren Rock Kilcoo . Mass was celebrated here in Penal times;
O'L V1 p 46
Burren Villa Kilcoo . a house in Newcastle; residence of Bernard McNulty in 1910
Burrenwood Cottage/House Kilmegan 29: 34/35 two- storey Georgian cottage & 52 acre estate, 1 km S of Castlewellan; built by Theodosia Hawkins Magill c. 1820 (Countess of Clanwilliam) ; left to her son General Robert Meade who used it as his summer house; residence of John Meade in 1886; for sale 13 Jun 2007; on Buildings at Risk Register 2009
DDPP p110; GV ; MO*;DR 25/2/2009 p33
Bush Island Killinchy . in Strangford Lough
V7 p86,92 OSM
Bushtown Clonduff 29: 23/29 farm area, 3km E of Hilltown on Kilcoo road; re legend of the bush
PNNI V3 p 75old b/w map E12
Busk hill Donaghmore a townland 9km NE of Newry; click here to see its location on a townland map ; 165 acres; 7 acres of bog; means ' round wood'; originally belonged to Magennis clan; hill here V3 p7,8 OSM; PNNI V1 p 95
Bushkill House Donaghmore . farm; 6km S of Loughbrickland; owned by William Kidd in 1876 witth 13 acres
old b/w map D7; LOI
Butown Greyabbey . alternate spelling for Bootown townland in 1717
PNNI V2 p 206
Butteer Moira . alternate spelling for Bottier townland in 1781
IIW V4 p75
Butter Hill Donaghmore . farm; 6km NE of Newry town; residence of Robert Parkes in 1842 & William Reid McClelland in 1882
old b/w map C8; MIs
Butterlough Rock Ballyhalbert . off the coast in Irish Sea
PNNI V2 p 111
Butterlump Stone Newtownards 21: 51/71 rock in Strangford lough, 3km SE of Newtownards; 130 tons of dolomite moved there by the receding Ice Age
ON p2 .
Buttermilk Bridge Donaghcloney . 5km SW of Waringstown ; near Ballydugan House
old b/w map G2
Butter Mountain Clonduff 29: 28/29 part of the Mournes Mountains; 4km S of Kilcoo; 1837 feet above sea level; it's proper name is Slieve Miel More; photo available
V3 p5 OSM; PNNI V3 p 127 ; CP 10/7/2013
Butter Pladdy Ballytrustan .

on Kearney Point ; Spanish Steamer ' Arantzazu Mindi ' aground here 24 Jun 1939

Buttony Ballyculter . near a stream between Tullyratty & Ballintlieve townlands
Inv 1999 p 21
Byrnes Close Clonallan 29: 13/23 farm; near Milltown Lough, 5km SE of Newry
Byrnestown Garvaghy . a house cluster in Tullyorior townland
PNNI V6 p 207
Byscopille Bright . alternate name for Tullynespic c. 1305
O'L B p 179