Millhalf Farm

Millhalf Farm, Whitney, Herefordshire.



The photograph of me standing in the farmyard of the Millhalf Farm in Whitney, Herefordshire was taken in June 1995 when I visited Herefordshire for the Hancorn Family Reunion at Norton Canon. The day after the Reunion, Ian Meredith and I visited all the places where we knew the Hancorns had lived. Millhalf Farm was purchased by Richard Hancorn (c1627 - 1704) in 1684. Up a narrow lane in Whitney we found the Knapp Cottage which was mentioned in a lease given to Thomas Hancorn by Sir Robert Whitney in 1614, but the old building was no longer there as a new house had been built on the site but still called the same name. As you can imagine there was a lot of excitement and photos taken. We then visited Burghill where Seana and my line lived and saw the Pepperplock Cottage where our two ancestors were born, and finally Hereford City which is well worth a visit with all its black and white timbered buildings and saw the pub which my 3 x greatgrandfather William Hancon owned in Widemarsh Street. Ros Dunnico
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