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Mary Elizabeth Hancorn<TITLE> </HEAD> <body bgcolor="linen"> <center> <a href=""><b>Home</b> </a> </center><p> <marquee bgcolor="cccccc" font face="stone temple sf">The Hancorns of Herefordshire </font face="stone temple sf"></marquee> <p> <!-- R8.0 --><BODY TEXT="#000000" link="#669999" vlink="669999" alink="#336666"> </body> <CENTER><TABLE BORDER="2" CELLPADDING="2"> <TR><TD ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="255"><B></B><BR></TD> <TD ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="255"><B><A HREF="wc01_097.htm">Samuel Hancorn</A></B><BR>(1837 - 1868)</TD> </TR> <TR><TD ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="255"><B></B><BR></TD> <TD ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="255"><B><A HREF="wc01_097.htm">Mary Jane</A></B><BR></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <BR> <TABLE BORDER="4" CELLPADDING="4"> <TR><TD ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="260"><B></B></TD> <TD ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="260"><B>Mary Elizabeth Hancorn</B></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <TABLE BORDER="2" CELLPADDING="2"> <TR><TD WIDTH="266"></TD> <TD WIDTH="266"><B>bn. </B>Mar 1868, Newport, Mon<BR><B>occ. </B><BR><B>edu. </B><BR><B>rel. </B><BR><B>dd. </B>1869, Brentford, Middx.<BR><B>brd. </B></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <BR> </CENTER><HR NOSHADE SIZE=0><CENTER><A HREF="wc_toc.htm"><B>Contents</B></A> * <A HREF="idx001.htm"><B>Index</B></A> * <A HREF="sur.htm"><B>Surnames</B></A></CENTER></BODY></html><!--Rootsweb footer--> <style> .rwFooter { font-family: Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; text-align: center; clear: both; } </style> <br> <div class="rwLayoutTopBottomAd"> <center><div id='rwsites-ldr-bottom'></div></center> </div> <div id="footer" class="footer"><div class="rwFooter" id="footer_div"> <hr width="90%" size="1" noshade style="text-align:center; margin: 20px auto;"> <p> <font size="-2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> RootsWeb is funded and supported by <a href=""></a> and our loyal RootsWeb community. <a href="">Learn more.</a> <br><br> <a id="Ftr_About_Link" href="">About Us</a> | <a id="Ftr_ContactUs_Link" href="">Contact Us</a> | <a id="Ftr_Legal_Link" href="">Copyright</a> | <a href="">Report Inappropriate Material</a> <br> <a id="Ftr_CorporateInfo_Link" href="">Corporate Information</a> | <a id="Ftr_Privacy_Link" href="">Privacy</a> | <a id="Ftr_TermsAndConditions_Link" href="">Terms and Conditions</a> | <a id="Ftr_ccpaAncestry_Link" href="">CCPA Notice at Collection</a> </font> </p> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> var utag_data = { page_name:'ancestry rootsweb : hostedsites : roseana' }; </script> <!-- <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> --> <!-- Adding in the new ad code --> <!-- AdBridg, GPT, Amazon library inclusion --> <script async type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script async type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script async type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <!-- Google Tag Manager (noscript) --> <noscript><iframe src="" height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden"></iframe></noscript> <!-- End Google Tag Manager (noscript) --> <script type="text/javascript"> (function(a,b,c,d){ var env='prod'; try{ var domain = window.document.location.hostname.split('.'); domain = (domain.length > 2) ? domain[1] : domain[0]; if(/loc/.test(domain) || /dev/.test(domain)){ env = 'dev'; } else if (/stage/.test(domain)){ env = 'qa'; } }catch(e){} a='//'+ env +'/utag.js'; b=document;c='script';d=b.createElement(c);d.src=a;d.type='text/java'+c;d.async=true;a=b.getElementsByTagName(c)[0]; a.parentNode.insertBefore(d,a) })(); </script>