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Hello and welcome to my Genealogy Web Site! My name is Walter Vincent Munza and my wife's name is Annie Lazetta (deVaux) Munza. This site covers the family genealogies of my parents and my wife's parents - four surnames Munza, Ash, deVaux and Arns, with many branches.

Munza Family Genealogy: This is my paternal line with the main focus being the descendants of Tomasz (Thomas) Mierzwa who immigrated from Zaczernie, Poland in 1906 and settled in Marion County, West Virginia where he married Wiktorya (Victoria) Chrzaszcz from Bukowsko, Poland. He worked as a coal miner and raised a family of eight children. The family name was changed to Munza by the school teachers who found it hard to spell or pronounce the name Mierzwa. My family moved to Ohio when my father could no longer find work in West Virginia. Other surnames along this line are, Grubb, Garrity, Clayton, Ellers, Huffman and Spevock.

Ash Family Genealogy: This is my maternal line starting with the descendants of Wilhelm Esch who was born 1640 in Deggendorf, Germany. His descendant Johan Adam Esch married Catharine Jost and immigrated from Germany in 1772. They lived mostly in Pennsylvania and changed the family name to Ash before moving to Harrison County, Virginia/West Virginia in 1798. The Ash families lived mostly in Doddridge, Barbour and Randolph Counties of West Virginia. Additional surnames include Ware, Wilson, Wilcox, Robinson, Weese, Sponaugle, Jones, Daniels, Defibaugh, Cooke, Salamon and Raines.

deVaux Family Genealogy: This is my wife's paternal line with the main focus being the descendants and ancestors of Francis Edmond deVaux. The deVaux line can be traced back to Count Francois Antoine deVaux of Toulouse, France who married Marie Antoinette D'Omegon dePins. The modern deVaux family lived in Mobile, Alabama where Francis deVaux married Annie Lazetta Arns. He worked as a machinist at the Mobile Ship Yard. Other surnames are Francis, Hoffman, Snyder, Lowery, Pocase, Van Deusen, Saucier, Rice and Barfield.

Arns Family Genealogy: This is my wife's maternal line with the main interest in the Arns and Harrison families. The Harrison's have been traced back to Edward Harrison of Preston, Lancashire, England during the 1840's. Other surnames include, Johnson, Llewellyn, Mosey, McCormick and Hutto.

Since its beginning in 1995, many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors. I hope you will benefit from the information I have presented here. The majority of my research has been done with the computer using various computer programs and web sites. Some information and documents were obtained the old fashion way, through the US mail system, but most have come through various web sites. The West Virginia Archives & History web site has been particularly useful as most of my relatives can be found in West Virginia. This site provides access to original birth registers, marriage registers, bonds, license as well as death registers and certificates. Ancestry.com has also been helpful in providing original images of census, WW I & II draft cards and other facts. Other information that is provided in databases and not the original documents, are considered secondary sources.

Here are some of my favorite websites:

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