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Oceanside High School Alumni Asociation

Oceanside High School Alumni Association

The Oceanside High School Alumni Association was started as an outgrowth of an OHS Class of 1947 Reunion that was held in Jacksonville, Florida in March of 1998. Over 100 persons attended from all over the US of A. At that time, their attending classmates thought “If we can have a Florida reunion, why not include all the other classes that have members living in Florida?”

As a result, they planned and executed an “all-classes” OHS gathering in Titusville, Florida in March 2000. Over 100 people attended, including OHS graduates from as far away as California. Festivities included a reception, and banquet, as well as optional functions to include a golf outing, tours of the Space Center, a gambling cruise evening a barbecue cookout at a local ranch, and attendance at the Warbirds Air Show, where arrangements had been made for a private OHS tent on the front line, with great seating and a catered lunch.

Everyone had a superb time meeting old friends and enjoying the social aspects of the weekend.

During that weekend, an organizational meeting was held with the idea in mind of forming the Oceanside High School Alumni Association with some sort of official structure. Among other things, the Association has compiled a rather comprehensive mailing list of OHS alums, will act as a clearing house for locating fellow OHS graduates, and will hold reunions on a fairly regular basis as the response dictates.

Keep in mind that of our classmates from 1950, probably quite typical of all classes, over 20% have homes in Florida, and another 17% live south of the Mason-Dixon line. That's about 37%, who live closer to the Florida reunion site than to Oceanside.

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If you are inclined to want to become active in the Association, or would like to know more about its plans, activities, purpose, etc, please feel free to correspond with the current prime movers of the organization by e-mailing your comments or questions to the committee. Click on the button at the right and an e-mail letter will be initiated for you.
Everyone enjoyed the sing-along at the 2000 gathering, particularly when we joined in on God Bless America.
Nora Nilsson Abrams and Evelyn (Sorenson) and John Oldmixon at the Association's 2000 gathering in Florida.
Some of the crowd enjoys their lunch at the OHS Alumni Association tent at the Warbirds Airshow in Titusville, Florida
Some unnamed members of the OHS Class of 1950 act out a skit posing as nursing home residents.

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October 10, 2002