Welcome, to the Genealogy Home Page for the Andreas and Carolina Rumpel Family.  I have tried to keep it accurate, using the sources that were available, but there are bound to be a few mistakes here and there!  I have only included the direct descendants of Andreas and Karolina Rumpel in this endeavour, although I do have information dating back to the 1700’s.  Any one interested can view this information at the other Web Site (www.germanada.freeservers.com), unfortunately there are no sources included (or at least very few).  I will eventually have the rest of this database finished, complete with sources, which contains over 4300 individuals all descended from Johann Heinrich Rumpel and Maria Dorothea Werb, as well as ancestors and family from my Mother’s side of the family (Tiefenbach – Hehn).  If anyone finds mistakes or omissions, please don’t hesitate…drop me an email and let me know.  Without a little help from other people, Genealogy would be a very painstaking undertaking!  Any information that is passed on with be included with who it came from (and hopefully his or her source material).  Now for some words of wisdom: When you start out doing your family tree, remember to copy the sources when you copy the information; double-check your data to eliminate double entries; just do not add an individual because he or she ‘fits’; and finally have fun.  I would like to thank Carol Baird for the bulk of the information from ‘The Book’, Irmgard Hein-Ellingson for getting me addicted, Ralf and Sabine Mack for information on the Rumpel – Zachmann line, and finally Erich Slawski for showing me how to research as well as providing me with tons of information on various members of the Rumpel and related families.  Thanks to you all and enjoy…remember have fun!!

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Rick C. Rumpel
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