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Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Bare Hills School Class Photo 1912

Sarah Margaret Ditzel
Russell Ditzel
Morris Gill

Bare Hills School Class Photo 1912

What a great photo! Here's information from Bill Gill who submitted this picture:

The Bare Hills School building is still
standing. It is located on the East side of Falls Road about 1 1/2 miles
North of Lake Avenue ... it is a beautiful stone building.

The following are notes provided by Bill's cousin Linda Smith:

"My mother (Sarah Margaret Ditzel) attended a two-room school house known as
the Bare Hills School located between Rockland (where she lived) and Mt.
Washington. The school had two teachers: Miss Susan Wyman taught the younger
children, and the principal, Miss Garrett, taught the older children. Each
morning Miss Garrett would read a Psalm (usually the 23rd Psalm) and the [children]
would sing "America." The school had a pot belly stove and they would burn
coal or wood for heat.  Water [came] from an old pump across the road from
the school. The school furnished pens, a bottle of ink, paper and school
books. The subjects studied included:
History, Geography, Spelling, Penmanship, Literature and Arithmetic. There
was a playground and the children would play games and skip rope."

The images below are cropped from the larger photo above.

Sarah Margaret Ditzel, 1903-1986
John Russell Ditzel, 1905-1985
Morris William Gill, Sr,  1906-1982
Sarah M. Ditzel
Russell Ditzel
Morris Gill

Other names noted on the back of the photo, but not identified are:
Maline? Hite, Costin Martin, and Robert Hite.

uploaded from database 6 January 2002

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