Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos  


Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Frantz & Marie Behrendt
Will and Louis Behrendt
Robert and Louis Hermanni
Theresa Hermanni

Behrendt household 1900

This is an interior view of the living room of a house on Fort Avenue in Locust Point near Fort McHenry. The photo was taken about 1900 and depicts the Behrendt family. The infant seated on his mother Marie Hermanni Behrendt's lap is Louis Behrendt; his brother Will is to the left.  Theresa Hermanni, the grandmother is the older woman on the left and her parents are pictured in the photos on the easels.  In the back row is Frantz Behrendt husband of Marie and his brothers-in-law Robert and Louis Hermanni.

Take time to note the wonderful details of the furnishings in this room from the fireplace insert to the floral wall paper. A very unique photo made by an unidentified photographer.

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