Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos  


Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Granville J. Brown 1906-1994
Katherine Elizabeth Gill Brown 1874-1958
Kathryn Irene Brown 1909-1998

Granville Brown & Mother Katie Brown

Patti Brown Jones has submitted these photos of her grandmother, father and aunt from the turn of the century. The studio photo to the left, has been cropped for the web page. There is no gallery logo but the image dates from about 1906 and shows Granville Jerome Brown and his mother Katherine Elizabeth Gill Brown.

Granville and Katie Brown


On the right is an example of an early snapshot from roughly 1912. In this photo we see Granville and his younger sister Kathryn Irene. Granville married Ruth Louise Kurz. He later left Baltimore for Florida where he became the mayor of North Orlando (later Winter Springs).

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