Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos  


Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Johann Heinrich Geumann

Johann Heinrich Guemann

HENRY GEUMANN - 1840-1893
Henry Geumann, half-brother of our submitter's great grandfather, was born in Germany
in 1840, came to Baltimore in 1862,  went back and brought his mother
and 7 half-siblings (the Siemons) to Baltimore in 1865.  The family
 lived at and operated a store on Granby Street, off of Central Avenue until he died in 1893. 
In 1867, Henry married Louise Lamsbach in Trinity German Lutheran Church.  
This photo, which probably dates from the early 1870s, was made in Wagner's Studio,
68 West Baltimore Street (this is a photocopy of the original). 

The identity of Henry's uniform is still in question but was probably
that of a fraternal organization such as Knights of Pythias.

uploaded to file 14 October 2003

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