Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos  


Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

1. Mag Gross
2. Lena and Mag Gross


This cabinet card was made by John J. Kirkness at Broadway and Bank Streets. The studio was located there from the end of the nineteenth-century and continued in business through at least the 1940s. The back of this photo is shown below.


There is very little information on the back other than a stamp which reads, "Kirkness Art Gallery, S. E. Corner Broadway & Bank St. Duplicates or Large Photos (any size) can be had by sending No. 19446." The name, "Mag. Gross" has been hand written. See additional photo of Lena and Mag Gross included below.


This really lovely portrait, presumably of sisters Lena and Mag (Magdalena or Margaret) Gross was made by Kirkness Studios probably a little later than the one above. I cannot tell for certain which of the women is Mag, the same subject shown in the first photo.  There is no information on the back other than the pencilled in names.

See photo of Lena Bremer and the interesting coincidence in how I acquired it.

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