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Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Henry D. Hammond, Jr


Henry D. Hammond, Jr
Henry D. Hammond, Jr reverse side of cabinet card

It isn't often that the subject of a cabinet card is identified much less
including a date of birth and the date the photo was made!
This is an example of one of those rare instances.

The reverse of this image, which was made by the Holyland Studio reads,
"Henry D. Hammond, Jr born March 3, 1873. Likeness taken
Nov. 20, 1873 aged 8 mos. & 17 days. Boy Harry"

Kelly Decker found this lost photo in an antique shop. She is trying to
locate a relative of Henry's who has an interest in owning this treasure.
She has even located Henry D. Hammond in the Social Security Death Index which
confirms his birth and provides a death date.

If you are interested in owning the original of the photo (which has
been color balanced and sharpened for presentation on the web),
please contact Kelly.

added to database 2 November 2001

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