Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos  


Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Harris Family
Samuel & Emmaline
Jane and Margaret

Saumel Harris Emma Inman Harris Emma Harris

Samuel Harris and his wife Emma Inman Harris
Children Jane and Maggie are below.

These photos tell a story of a family on the move.
The image of Samuel was made in the Friedlander & Horwitz Gallery in the Bowery, NY.
The photos of his wife were made in the Purcivall Gallery (top) and Hewitt Gallery.
Purcivall is in New York while George Hewitt  was in Baltimore. The tintype by Hewitt
has a Civil War revenue stamp dating the picture.

Janie Harris, infant Maggie Harris, infant

Janie Harris on the left and Maggie Harris on the right.
These CDVs were made at the John Bainbridge Gallery in Trenton, NY
for Janie. It has a Civil War revenue stamp attached to the back.
Maggie's photo was made in Baltimore at the Whitehurst Gallery between 1860 - 1864

Jane Harris Johnson Maggie Harris Atchison

Lastly we have twos cabinet cards of the daughters as young married women.
Each was made in the Bachrach Studio in Baltimore. Both women are in fact wearing the
same dress!
Most interestingly the back of the photos contain this family history:

Janie Johnson - Janie Harris Johnson daughter of Emaline Inman Harris
 and Samuel Harris, sister of Maggie Harris Atchison and niece of James Cranmer Inman.

Maggie Atchison - Maggie Atchison sister of Janie, daughter of Samuel and
Emaline Inman Harrris, niece of James Cranmer Inman.

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