Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos  


Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Hedrick Family Photos
Other Hedrick family members may be viewed here or here.

Edith Hedrick   Ada Hedrick

 More photos from Dorothy Cooper Sartorius' collection: the above photos include (on the left) Edith Hedrick.

On the right, is Ada Hedrick, whose image was made
by H. W. Garrett in the American Gallery of Art
at 123 West Baltimore Street. He was in business at this location only in 1875.

Below are images of Ossie Hedrick. On the left, from the Holyland Studio, is a unique shot with a hula hoop.
On the right, from the Buffham Studio (between 1882 and 1886) she appears to be wearing an almost (but
not quite) identical outfit but without the hula hoop..

Ossie Hedrick   Ossie Hedrick

All of the images from this collection have been scanned from photocopies which
unfortunately degrades the quality of the pictures somewhat.

uploaded to file 28 July 2004

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