Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos  


Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

George H. Hess Family

Tricia Fortney has submitted this beautiful example of
an oval-shaped family portrait created by the Russell Studio which
dates to roughly 1882 or 1883.

From left to right:
Dora Hess born 30 July 1875, married Otto Werner
George H. Hess 22 June 1854 - 11 Jan 1933
Anna Katherine Hess 28 July 1880 - 1929, married Walter S. Snyder
Karoline P. Kaufmann Hess 8 September 1855 - 9 June 1950
Anna Katharine E. Hess 18 August 1877 - 17 March 1961.
(Anna K. E. Hess married Howard N. Wareheim)

Both George Hess and his wife Karoline Kaufmann were natives of
Germany. They immigrated in the 1870s.

uploaded to file 15 August 2003

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