Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos  


Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Wilhelmina Hildebrand
Louis and Johanna Hildebrand

Wilhelmina Hildebrand FordLouis and Johanna Hildebrand

Wilhelmina Catharina Hildebrand was born in Baltimore on 27 October 1876. She is the daughter of Louis and Johanna Hildebrand and the wife of William H. Ford. This cabinet card was made in the Russell Studio (Mrs William C) at 109 West Lexington Street in 1896-1897. Minnie Ford died in 1941.

On the right is Heinrich Louis Hildebrand, born in Hessen Cassel on 19 March 1841. He married Johanna Augusta Hasper on 13 April 1871. She had been born in Prussia on 13 August 1852. Louis died in Baltimore in 1912 and Johanna in 1901. This carte-de-visite
was made in the Henry Schaefer Studio
number 643 West Baltimore Street.

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