Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos  


Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

William E. and Brun/Wm?
Brun? Hoffman
Brun? Hoffman

This photo was made in the Kirkness Studio on Broadway
at Bank. Because the studio was at this location for so long
(from the 1880s through 1950), it's difficult to pin down the
date it was made. The image however is a typical cabinet card
and I would guess it's about 1890s vintage.

The identification on the back, looks like
""Pa    Brun Hoffman""
But, it just might be Wm with a little imagination.
The above photo was found with that of
William E. Hoffman, also from Kirkness but
the style and size of the photo suggest a time frame from
perhaps 1910 to 1920 range.
The young fellow is very well dressed, even including
white gloves. Perhaps it is a confirmation photo.

William E. Hoffman

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