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Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Horn & Brother Grocery, 1881
George E. and Joshua Horn

Horn & Brother grocery 1882

This very interesting architectural photo was bought from e-Bay, having been brought to my
attention by a visitor to Baltimore City 19th-Century Photos webpage.

It was initiatlly unidentified. Here's the process that resolved the mystery ...
it's actually elementary my dear Watson

1. The photo studio is identified as James Hughes at 84 Patterson Avenue. The Hughes
studio was located at the address only between 1881 and 1882.
2. On closer examination, after high resolution scanning, there is a sign on the side
of the building next to the door which can be made out to read:
Horn & Bro...r
Fine Famil... ...S
3. The 1881 Baltimore City Diretory listed Horn and Brother Grocers at
the corner of Aisquith and Orleans Street. Owners were George E. and Joshua Horn
at 92 Aisquith Street.

4. The 1880 US Census identifies George as a 27-year old grocer with wife Emma and
daughters Ella and Maud. There is no Joshua Horn, but perhaps he is
J. V. Horn, retired butcher.

Conclusion: This photo was taken in the spring (the tree is just beginning to bud!)
of 1881 or 1882. It shows the corner grocery store of
George and Joshua Horn located at 92 Aisquith Street.

Take a look below at the details from the above photo:

Horn & Brother Grocers 1881

Shop Sign, Horn & Brother

uploaded to file 19 April 2004 

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