Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos  


Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Surnames Starting with F


Surname                    Studio or Submitter                  Comment

Fannie (no last name) Quartley Studio well-dressed woman
Farley, Elizabeth Barton
Sherry Carpenter
young woman
Fell, Sarah
Jennie Bell
young woman
Fell, Sarah
Jennie Bell
old woman
Fellows, Homer NA mid-age man
Fergusson, Dr. Oscar D.
Christi Abercrombie
mid-age physician
Fergusson, Dr. William A.
Christi Abercrombie
elderly physician
Fields Family Louis Diggs young family
Finnan, James B. Rogers mid-age man, 1883
Fischer, Therese Dorbert
Rose Hatten
wedding party, circa 1892
Fitzpatrick, Eliza Kennedy
From collection of Sr. Annella Martin
young woman
Fitzpatrick, John M.
estate document
Flohr, Edith
Flohr, Grandpa
Robinson Studio
eldery man
Flohr, Milton & Family
Plumley of Westminster
family group portrait
Ford, Arthur Carolyn Behrendt policeman
Ford, Charles S. Audrey Ford young man
Ford Furniture Company Audrey Ford store front
Ford, Wilhlemina Hildebrand Audrey Ford young woman
Ford, William H. Audrey Ford young man
Fox, John A. Jr.
Mary Bahr
store front
Fox, John A. Sr.
Mary Bahr
Civil War era portraits
Foy, Joseph F. Tricia Fortney young man
Foy, Winifred W. Tricia Fortney young woman
Frank, Florence Highland Studios teenager
Frank, Florence Greason unknown with Vernon Turner
Frank, Mame Thomas Davis [writeguy47(at)]
young woman
Franklin, Susan L.
Norval Busey Studio
Frazer, John F.
Ruth Frazer
boy on tricycle
Frazier, Alexander Louis Diggs elderly man
Frederick, Frances
London Studio
young woman
Freeland, Catherine Terry Towson-Kowalski two photos of couple
Fry, Anna Louisa T. Louis Diggs mid-age woman


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