Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos  


Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

Koermer Wedding Party 

 Koermer Wedding Photo, 1914

This photo was made in the Kirkness Studio
on Broadway at Bank Street on 22 September 1914. 
The back is inscribed:

"Granny's wedding, Sept. 22, 1914.  Left-right - Great uncle Henry
Koermer, Grandmother, Grandfather, cousin Henry Hammon." 

Unfortunately, that leaves the handsome couple without names!
[Although I think the groom strongly favors Henry Koermer]

Henry Koermer and Henry Hammon are shown below:

Henry Koermer, 1914
Henry Hammon, 1914

Mary Jo Newman submitted this photo which she bought on e-Bay.
She's eager to re-unite the original picture with its original family.
If you can help ... be in touch!

uploaded to file 5 June 2004

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