Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos  


Baltimore City Nineteenth-Century Photos

James and Dorothea Heise Presgraves 


Lena Heise

This group of photos was submitted by Michael Brill.
Dorothea Heise was the daughter of August and Lena Heise.
She married James M. Presgraves who had been born in Virginia.

The photo above on the left was likely taken shortly after the Presgraves
marriage (in close up she has a wedding band on the left hand).
The photo on the right, although undated shows a younger Dorothea Heise
perhaps from the early 1880s.

There are at least two Heise families that settled in 19th-century Baltimore.
The largest, that of Ludwig Heise and his children is from Liebenau an der Weser.
The family of August and Lena Heise have not yet been linked to the Ludwig Heise clan.
Dorothea's father August was born in Ritmershausen in 1820, settled in Baltimore and then
relocated to "McDonough" in Baltimore County where he died in 1890.

For more photos and additional information about the Presgraves
click here.

uploaded to file 6 February 2005

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