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This is a Genealogy Site




If you would like a free Genealogy Chart
or Census Forms, please
Click on the link you would like.
The Gif is a printable page and the Zip is a download,
you can download to your own hard drive
and open/save for future printing use.
Also included for downloading is a program you can
use to unzip the files.
The Program is downloadable and
useful on both a PC and a MAC.
Please be patient as I change
and fix all the downloadable links.

1790 Census Form(gif)
1790 Census Form(zip)(download)

1800-1810 Census Form(gif)
1800-1810 Census Form(zip)(download)

1820 Census Form (gif)
1820 Census Form(zip)(download)

1830-1840 Census Form(gif)
1830-1840 Census Form(zip)(download)

1840 Census Form (Slaves)(gif)
1840 Census Form (Slaves)(zip)(download)

1850 Census Form(gif)
1850 Census Form(zip)(download)

1860 Census Form(gif)
1860 Census Form(zip)(download)

1850-1860 Census Form (Slaves)(gif)
1850-1860 Census Form (Slaves)(zip)(download)

1870 Census Form(gif)
1870 Census Form(zip)(download)

1880 Census Form(gif)
1880 Census Form(zip)(download)

1900 Census Form (gif)
1900 Census Form(zip)(download)

1910 Census Form(gif)
1910 Census Form(zip)(download)

1920 Census Form(gif)
1920 Census Form(zip)(download)

Click here to Download ALL of the Charts Above 1.21 mb total

UNZIPPING PROGRAM To download and setup to unzip(PC), or unsit(MAC) files. Easy, simple, a child could use it :) Clean and Virus Free.....Enjoy

These Charts below are not done as yet, please be patient!
I will have them done soon.

Ancestor Chart(gif)
Ancestor Chart(zip download)

5 Generation Chart(gif)
5 Generation Chart(zip download)

Children Continuation Chart(gif)
Children Continuation Chart(zip download)

Additional Children Chart(gif)
Additional Children Chart(zip download)

Family Group Sheet (different)(gif)
Family Group Sheet (different)(zip download)

Data Worksheet(gif)
Data Worksheet(zip download)

Individual Data Sheet(gif)
Individual Data Sheet(zip download)

Husband and Wife Form(gif)
Husband and Wife Form(zip download)

Child Form(gif)
Child Form(zip download)

Resource Checklist(gif)
Resource Checklist(zip download)

Relationship Chart(gif)
Relationship Chart(zip download)

Click here to Download ALL of the GENFORMS Above 1.18mb total

UNZIPPING PROGRAM to Download and UNZIP(sit) the Files above. Clean easy and virus FREE. Programs unzips and unsits files. ZIP(PC) SIT(MAC)

These Charts are free to print as you
need them or save them to your hard
drive and print later.
Or send me

and I will be
glad to mail you these as an attachment
for you to print at your leisure.



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