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See a Rose Make a Wish,, Wish for Health,
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 Coat of Arms for Castellammare di Stabia, Naples, Italy


This is just a rough draft of a
request letter to italy that I use it
is not the best but it works for me.
Hope it does for you as well.


A Letter For Requests to Italy for
Certificates From Their Archives -----------

First thing you need to know is You will
get more often then others better results
if you write italian to them..They will answer
in italian as well. But you will find some
that will answer in English. They say that
bad italian is better than not writing italian
at all. I am NOT a pro but this does get
very good results.

I wish you all Buona Fortuna with
your research.

First you need to know a few words to put
in the _______s'
Egregio Signori = Dear Sirs,,
L'Anno = the year,,
Nome = Name,,
Nascita = Birth,,
Matromonio = Marriage
Morte = Death,,
Testamenti = Will,,
Nonno ( i or a ) = Grandfather ( gr parents, gr mother ),,
Parenti = Parents,,
Mama = Mother,,
Papa =Father,,
Certificati = Certificates,,
Copie = Copies,,Ricerca = research
Richiesta = request
nato = born anno = year circa= about

Fill in the blanks as need be for your searches.

Egregio Signori,
Mi nome e ( your name ) e io vivo sull'America.
Io recerca la storia di mi familia ( last name
o you family here ). Io scritto a lei per una
Richiesta ( o if you are male ) delle copie
delle certificati di ________ per mi _______
________ circa l'anno di________. Loro di anto
sulla ( town ) . Questo e giusto per mi recerca
e non piu. Io molto gradivolo per tua assistenza con me.

Mi Scusi ma io non scrittto italian bene ma
questo e motlo importante a mi ricerca.

Mille Grazie. Distinti Saluti,
(your name )

Spedire A::
(your name and address)
(Town, State Zip)
Then USA

Please Remember to Purchase 3-4
International Reply Coupons for Their
Postage at Your Local Post Office and Enclose
Them With Your Letter...They Will Appreciate
this .

Now to address to the town of research::

Archivio di Stato Civille
di (town)

di (state,region)

Here is an example:::

Archivio di Stato Civille
Castellammare di Stabia, Napoli,Italia

If the letter is 1 or 2 pages of regular writting
paper then all you need to mail it is 3 to 4
regular stamps..



Italian Military Request Letter
Please place your info within
the ( ) spaces.
Good Luck with your Researches!

Archivio di Stato di Provincia di (___)
Registri degli Uffici di Leva
70125 BARI

Gentile Signori:

Mi chiama(___), ed abito negli Stati Uniti all’indirizzo
sopraddeto.  Cerco informazioni sul mia nonno,
(name). Vi sarei grato se potreste esaminare I
vostri registri e spedirmi i seguenti estratti:

NATO (day) DI (month), (year)
EN, PROVINCIA DI (province of his birth)

Lo prego di spedirmi le fotocopie di Registro di Leva di 
(ancestor’s name)
Accludo un assegno di  $10.00US.  Se non e sufficiente Vi prego di
indicarmi la somma che Vi devo inviare.

Ringraziando Vi anticipantamente, resto in attesta di una Vostra risposta.

Distinti saluti,

(signature here)


My name is **** and I live in the United States
at the address indicated. I am researching information about
my grandfather, ***.  Please examine your record archives for:

*****, born ******* in******province of ****.

Please send me a photocopy of his military record.

I am enclosing $10.00.  If this is not sufficient,
please let me know and I will send the balance.

Thank you, I am anticipating your response,
(signature here)

Grace Olivo
Italian genealogy, culture and all things Italian....


Castel del'Ovo


A Web of On-line Italian Dictionaries II

Dictionaries online



 Italian Genealogy Help Links

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Directory of Royal Genealogical Data



Nostro Albero - Database

Tripi Family

Italian American Links and Much More

Jeff La Marca's Home Page

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Gary's Web Page

Genealogy Resources on the Internet - WWW/Italy

Welcome to Italy - Embassy of Italy / Ambasciata d'Italia - Washington, DC

Office of Vital Records
and Registry

links.htm at

Pursuing Our Italian Names Together

names from Platania , Catanzaro, Calabria

Links to Some of the Arcives in Italy
Please be Advised these are mostly in Italian!!!

Archivi del Comune di Firenze
(in italian)

Archivio Storico Comunale
(in italian)

Archivio per la storia del movimento sociale cattolico in Italia - I servizi -
(in italian)

Biblioteca Labronica F.D. Guerrazzi
(in italian)

The Archives
(in english)

Historical heritage

Historical Archives of the European Communities (Florence, IT)

Archivio generale di Ateneo - Università di Padova
(in italian)






An Italian in Chicago: Egisto Lencioni

Naturalization Records

Major Settlements, Immigration, and Naturalization, A Chronology, Part 7, 1952-97

Italian Genealogy Links and Resources

Step 10: Naturalization Records

Major Settlements, Immigration, and Naturalization: A Chronology, Part 3, 1802-48

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Italian Research

An Index to Featured Items in The Source: Major Settlements, Immigration, and Naturalization

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Italian Vital Records: Nineteenth Century to the Present

Italian Vital Records

New York Naturalization Petition Index, 1907-24

Italian Passengers to Louisiana, 1905-10

They Became Americans: Finding Naturalization Records & Ethnic Origins

New York Supreme Court Naturalization Petition CD

Italian Genealogical Records

Genealogy Training Website- Italian Research Class- Jenny Tonks

Are Your Ancestors from Ireland, Germany, Italy, or Russia?

Britain, Gaul, Spain, and Italy

Britain, Gaul, Spain, and Italy

Italy, 1815-70

Germany and Italy, 1803

Italy, 1815-70

Italy, 1815-70

Northern Italy, 1796

Germany and Italy, 1806

North Italy and Switzerland, 1796-1805

Italy, 1815-70

Germany & Italy, 1803

Unification of Italy, 1815-70

Germany & Italy, 1803

North Italy and Switzerland, 1796-1805

Northern Italy, 1796

Northern Italy, 1796

Italy, 1815-17

Milan, Italy 1913

Verona, Italy, 1913

Northern Italy, 1796

Britain, Gaul, Spain and Italy, 100 A.D.

North Italy and Switzerland, 1796-1805

Venice, Italy, 1913

Verona, Italy, 1913

Germany and Italy, 1806

Milan, Italy, 1913

Northern, Italy, 1796

Ancient Italy, Northern Part

North Italy & Switzerland, 1796-1805

Britain, Gaul, Spain, and Italy

Italy, 1815-70

Italy About 1050

Germany and Italy, 1803

Britain, Gaul, Spain & Italy

Palermo Italy, Index of Birth Records: 1876-85 Part 1

Italy CultureGram

Map: Southern Italy: 1842

Map: Italy: 1875

Map: Northwest Italy: 1799




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