Arrived: March 10, 1882

donated by Marie


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Roberto, Luigi 31 Male MNR Italy


Paille, U 25 Male Unknown Italy


Rosazza,Giorgio 22 Male STCTR Italy


Salina, Lorenzo 30 Male Unknown Italy


Rondoni, Antonio 27 Male STKPR Italy


Giacomelli, Franz. 50 Male CPTR Italy


Martelletti, Ferd. 34 Male Unknown Italy


Giana, Orso 30 Male STCTR Italy


Franchini, Faustino 31 Male STCTR Italy


Bertolotti, Bartolo 47 Male CPTR Italy


Arbini, Giorgio 31 Male STCTR Italy


Giuseppe 23 Male STCTR Italy


Gilardi, Augusto 31 Male STCTR Italy


Peraldo, Peitro 33 Male STCTR Italy


Bostino, Giuseppe 41 Male STCTR Italy


Trotti, Bartolo 49 Male CPTR Italy


Orosazza, Giov. 37 Male STCTR Italy


Bernardo 43 Male STCTR Italy


Merlo 30 Male STCTR Italy


Fione, Silvestro 36 Male Unknown Italy


Bertolino, Andrea 27 Male Unknown Italy


Nicolini, Batt. 24 Male Unknown Italy


Segarini, Giuseppe 28 Male Unknown Italy


Cella, Andrea 41 Male Italy


Girolamo 16 Male Italy


Teresa 10 Female Child Italy


Maria Female Child Italy


Emilia Female Child Italy


Rosa 37 Female Italy


Andrea 8 Male Child Italy


Lorenzo 6 Male Child Italy


Antonio 1 Male Child Italy


Feretto, Gaspare 56 Male STCTR Italy


Emilia 56 Female STCTR Italy


Raffaele 16 Male STCTR Italy


Repetti, Bartolo 31 Male GDSM Italy


Bonturi, Rosa 24 Female Unknown Italy


Casimiro 10 Male Child Italy


Diani, Stefano 28 Male Unknown Italy


Marchi, Anicetto 10 Male Child Italy


Mansueto 10 Male Child Italy


Lorenzetti, Federico 10 Male Child Italy


Bianchini, Pietro 27 Male Child Italy


Delsanti, Paolo 15 Male Child Italy


Pucinelli, Alfredo 16 Male Child Italy


Debenedetti, Luigi 32 Male Child(?) Italy


Badaracco, Luigi 36Male Unknown Italy


Fribilli, Luigi 44 Male STCTR Italy


Parodi, Maria 23 Female STCTR Italy


Valotta, C. 21 Male CTL Italy


Arselite, Ferd. 19 Male Unknown Italy


Ferragiaro, Bart. 19 Male Unknown Italy


Logomartino, Giov. 27 Male Unknown Italy


Badaracco, Caterina 30 Female GDNR Italy