SS Anglia Apr13,1891 ITA-NY
SS Anglia
April 13, 1891 Italy to New York

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SS Anglia
New York aboard the
Anchor Line steamship

April 13, 1891.

The list contains 507 passengers from
Italy to NY

From - Volume 5 of Glazier & Filby's
"Italians to America"

Surname - First Name - Age - Sex - Profession

Alfieri Salvatore 25 m farmer unk
Alfonso Pasquale 23 m laborer NY
Algieri Rinello-Michel 29 m ch NY
Ali F 26 m farmer NY
Almelo Leopoldo 29 m driver NY
Ambroso F 29 m farmer Buffalo
Ambroso B 25 f none Buffalo
Amoroso C 35 m farmer NY
Andrea A 04 m child Buffalo
Antenucci Antonio 38 m laborer unk
Antonini Luigi 19 m farmer NY
Arello L 18 m laborer NY
Baglio Giuseppe 40 m laborer Buffalo
Baldi Calogero 38 m laborer Buffalo
Barbieri Pasquale 18 m farmer Philadelphia
Barone Antonino 29 m laborer Buffalo
Barratucci V 32 m farmer NY
Bartolo Domenico 46 m farmer Philadelphia
Bartolomucci G 58 m shoemaker NY
Bartolomuccio M 37 m laborer NY
Bartolomuccio M 31 m farmer NY
Basso T 36 f none NY
Battaglia Antonino 22 m laborer Buffalo
Battista GD 20 m laborer Brooklyn
Bellini Giuseppe 36 m farmer NY
Bombino F 24 m farmer NY
Bombino S 20 f farmer NY
Bordonaro Salvatore 47 m laborer NY
Bordonaro Michele 22 m laborer Chicago
Bordonaro Giuseppe 15 m laborer Chicago
Borrelli R 17 m laborer NY
Briganti Giovanni 42 m laborer NY
Brunetti B 18 m laborer unk
Bruno U. 44 m tinsmith Buffalo
Bruno D 43 m farmer NY
Bruno Giuseppe 28 m laborer NY
Bruno Antonino 01 m child Philadelphia
Bufalo Calogero 47 m farmer NY
Buono D 27 m farmer NY
Bussomania A 52 m farmer NY
Cacciacarro A 12 m none VA
Cacicia Giuseppe 07 m child NY
Cacicia Michele 04 m child NY
Caciola M 13 f none NY
Cafiero Fortunata 16 f none NY
Calalico P 35 m farmer NY
Calanda P 10 m ch NY
Calanda C 07 m child NY
Calanda F 05 m child NY
Calando G 03 f child NY
Caldarone Giovanni 54 m laborer NY
Calderone Palmantonio 49 m laborer Chicago
Calderone Valerio 15 m laborer Chicago
Calderoni Vincenzo 30 m ch NY
Calenda R 47 m laborer NY
Calenda M 18 m laborer NY
Calenda G 16 f none NY
Calenda S 13 f none NY
Calerico G 36 m laborer NY
Calerico T 26 m laborer NY
Cali Matteo 36 m laborer NY
Camarda Francesco 44 m laborer NY
Camarda Giuseppa 36 f none NY
Cammarata Salvatore 31 m laborer Buffalo
Cammusco P 20 m farmer NY
Caneo Cesare 34 m laborer NY
Cannora Maria 32 f none NY
Caparelli A 41 m laborer NY
Capasso Antonio 40 m farmer NY
Capitello Antonio 26 m farmer NJ
Capobianco D 16 m laborer NY
Capobianco F 13 m laborer NY
Capodilupo G 15 m laborer NY
Capone L 45 m farmer NY
Capuano R 45 f laborer NY
Carangelo Luigi 27 m waiter NY
Caraturo Ferdinando 32 m laborer unk
Carlinga Pasquale 16 m mason Syracuse
Carnutro G 37 m mason NY
Carpita Gioacchino 26 m farmer NY
Carriera T 26 m laborer NY
Caruso Giuseppa 37 f none NY
Caruso Giovanni 21 m laborer NY
Carvino G 37 m farmer NY
Cassale N 37 m farmer Philadelphia
Cassano A 22 m farmer NY
Castellana Vincenzo 50 m laborer Buffalo
Castello G 26 m laborer NY
Catalano Cosimo 24 m ch NY
Catalano Giuseppe 24 m fisherman unk
Cennani Giuseppe 21 m farmer NY
Cerella G Battista 28 m farmer NY
Cerrito Michele 37 m farmer NY
Cerrolino T 46 f farmer Buffalo
Cervo M 27 m farmer NY
Cestone D 11 m none NY
Cestone A 05 m child NY
Chegola Antonio 38 m farmer NY
Chiappetta M 53 m farmer NY
Chiodi G 43 m blacksmith NY
Chivatta F 31 m farmer Philadelphia
Cianci Angelo-Antonio 20 m laborer Philadelphia
Ciccodemarco P. 36 m laborer Buffalo
Cirasuolo S 57 m mason NY
Ciresi Domenico 12 m laborer NY
Cistone M 03 f child unk
Civella M 38 f laborer NY
Coletti Antonio 59 m blacksmith NY
Coletti Gaetana 12 m laborer NY
Coletti Bernardo 08 m child NY
Colneci Pasquale 50 m farmer NY
Comella Saverio 31 m laborer NY
Coppola M 45 f none NY
Coppola M 36 f none NY
Coppola M 11 f none NY
Coppola S 10 m ch NY
Coppola M 09 f child NY
Corona Antonio 16 m farmer NY
Corso Salvatore 54 m laborer Boston
Cortesi G 34 m tailor NY
Cosimano Giuseppe 27 m sailor Milwaukee
Cotaro M 22 m farmer NY
Cottonaro Antonino 27 m laborer NY
Cottura D 49 m farmer NY
Cranchina Michele 22 m laborer Chicago
Crudele Antonio 21 m farmer unk
Cuccari G Antonino 27 m farmer NY
Cuccari Antonino 18 m farmer NY
Cusimano Antonio 35 m laborer NY
Cutello G 22 m barber NY
Cutrona Ciro 37 m laborer NY
Cutrona Andrea 35 m laborer NY
Cutrona Maria 29 f none NY
Dadamio N 38 m farmer NY
Damasco C 24 m farmer NY
Damasco G 01 m child NY
Dambrosio Alessandro 28 m farmer NY
Damico F 34 m farmer NY
Damora A 31 m farmer NY
Dandrea A 34 m farmer Buffalo
Dandrea C 30 f none Buffalo
Dantico Antonio 43 m farmer Rochester
Dattilo Giuseppe 59 m laborer NY
Dattilo Salvatore 34 m laborer NY
Dattilo Giuseppe 12 m laborer NY
Decarlo Emilio 23 m farmer unk
Decarlo Angelo 17 m farmer unk
Defelici D 42 m shoemaker NY
Defranco Domenico 33 m laborer Toronto
Defuria Vincenzo 35 m farmer NY
Deiorio A 41 m laborer NY
Delbeneamo Vincenzo 27 m farmer NY
Delbuono C 31 m shoemaker NY
Delduca D 34 m farmer Philadelphia
Delellis L 39 m ART NY
Delellis L 21 m fisherman NY
Deleone Giuseppe 23 m farmer NY
Delgiorno T 55 f none NY
Delgrosso Pasquale 20 m farmer Philadelphia
Delmauro A 32 m farmer NY
Delpizzo N 27 m laborer NY
Deluca Michele 37 m laborer NY
Deluca Ignazio 28 m ch NY
Delucio Pasquale 17 m sailor NY
Delullo Caledonio 46 m shoemaker NY
Demaso R 34 m laborer NY
Demeo E 23 m farmer NY
Denardi G 29 m farmer Rochester
Denisco T 23 m farmer NY
Denovo Antonino 36 m ch NY
Denuovo G 39 m laborer Philadelphia
Depalma L 36 m laborer NY
Derini Matteo 40 m fisherman Buffalo
Desalvo Francesco 31 m laborer NY
Devito Michele-Angelo 40 m farmer NY
Didonato C 23 m laborer NY
Difisco Salvatore 26 m laborer NY
Difrancesco Cosimo 40 m laborer NY
Difranco C 45 m farmer NY
Difranco G 39 m farmer NY
Difranco S 38 m farmer NY
Digioia Salvatore 47 m laborer NY
Dilauro F 38 m farmer NY
Dipalma R 36 m laborer NY
Dipasquale G 37 m miner NY
Dipasquale R 30 m miner NY
Dipietro T 29 m laborer NY
Diprima Giuseppe 30 m laborer Buffalo
Dispensa Giovanni 30 m mason NY
Do- Andrea 37 m laborer NY
Domenico D 30 m barber NY
Donatelli V 23 m farmer NY
Dorlando A 24 m farmer NY
Durso S 30 f none NY
Esposito Mariano 34 m laborer Buffalo
Eufemia G 41 m mason NY
Falcone A 40 m farmer NY
Falcone C 35 m laborer NY
Falcone P 31 m farmer NY
Falcone C 28 m laborer NY
Falcone T 25 m farmer NY
Falcone MA 21 m farmer NY
Farone Silvestro 38 m farmer NY
Fatica P 22 m laborer NY
Fatino G 28 m laborer NY
Fatino N 24 m shoemaker NY
Fava Nicola 24 m miner NY
Ferrandino N 45 m laborer NY
Ferrara Giuseppa 49 f none NY
Ferrari F 21 m farmer Rochester
Ferrazzini F 49 m farmer NY
Flania Pietro 39 m farmer NY
Foglia Gaetano 31 m tailor Boston
Folzina Domenico 41 m farmer NY
Forgioni A 29 m barber NY
Forlano Domenico 32 m farmer NY
Forliano Giuseppe 16 m barber Chicago
Forni G 21 m farmer NY
Forni N 21 m farmer NY
Forrillo G 22 m laborer Philadelphia
Fortino Michele 31 m laborer Syracuse
Franceschino V 20 m laborer Brooklyn
Franz Piero 24 m laborer NY
Frattarelli R 36 m farmer NY
Fratterelli C 29 m laborer NY
Friscia Francesco 50 m laborer Buffalo
Fusco Francesco 30 m farmer NY
Ga- Tobia 34 m laborer NY
Galarino V 45 m farmer NY
Gargotta Salvatore 42 m laborer NY
Gauro S 10 m ch NY
Gello Alessandro 33 m farmer NY
Genco Michele 33 m laborer NY
Gentile Ignazio 40 m fisherman Buffalo
Gentile Maria-Concetta 29 f none Milwaukee
Gentile Gaetano 09 m child NY
Giasullo N 23 m farmer Philadelphia
Giovantonino M 37 m laborer NY
Giuffre A 23 m farmer NY
Giuliano M 25 m laborer NY
Godino T 29 m laborer NY
Greco S 32 m farmer NY
Greco Calogero 25 m laborer Buffalo
Gruosso F 43 m farmer NY
Guarneri Luigi 29 m laborer Buffalo
Guida A 21 m blacksmith NY
Iannello Giuseppe 41 m laborer NY
Iannorina Maria 22 f none unk
Iannuzzo Bincenzo 35 m laborer Buffalo
Incognito M 26 m farmer NY
Indovinia Salvatore 35 m laborer Chicago
Ippolito Cosimo 55 m laborer Buffalo
Ippolito Crocifissa 29 f none Buffalo
Ippolito Rosalia 24 f none Buffalo
Ippolito Francesco 21 m laborer Buffalo
Ippolito Giuseppe 12 m laborer Buffalo
Istriani Ra- 30 m laborer NY
Iuccaro Concetta 37 f none NY
Iuliano A 40 m farmer NY
Iuzzolino Francesco 23 m laborer NY
Jafelici D 42 m laborer NY
Jafelici P 15 m laborer NY
Janos Ko- 35 m laborer NY
Jumaga Giovanni 25 m farmer NY
Lamantia Bartolomeo 19 m fisherman unk
Lamarca Provvidenza 40 f child Brooklyn
Lamarca Michele 35 m laborer Brooklyn
Lantoni A 29 m farmer NY
Lanzito G 44 m farmer NY
Lanzito M 15 m laborer NY
Laranceri G 21 m farmer NY
Lastenta B 25 m laborer NY
Lauria D 29 m mason NY
Lauritano N 20 m laborer NY
Leonardi Dionisio 16 m laborer NY
Leone U 46 m laborer NY
Leone Gennaro 11 m tailor unk
Letteriello C 44 f none NY
Licastri Filippo 35 m farmer NY
Licastri salvatore 13 m laborer NY
Lippi C 17 m laborer NY
Livecchi Rosario 45 m laborer Buffalo
Livecchi Orazio 40 m laborer Buffalo
Lobello Giuseppe 25 m artist Syracuse
Lobianco Antonina 28 f none NY
Lofaso Antonino 30 m laborer NY
Lombardi Nicola 30 m blacksmith NY
Lombardi Innocenzo 28 m farmer unk
Lombardo Andrea 31 m laborer Buffalo
Lombardo Michele 25 m fisherman Milwaukee
Lombardo Vincenzo 16 m laborer Buffalo
Lucchesi Maria 22 f none NY
Luzzo Francesco 35 m barber Philadelphia
Macagno Francesco 32 m laborer NY
Macaluso Vincenzo 26 m laborer NY
Macerato Michele 23 m farmer Chicago
Madda Filippa 34 f none unk
Maida B 31 m farmer NY
Malerva A 40 m farmer NY
Malgieri G 35 m farmer NY
Mancini D 41 m farmer NY
Mancini M 08 m child NY
Mancuso G 42 m farmer Philadelphia
Mandalia Provvidenza 28 f none Philadelphia
Mandile G 28 m farmer NY
Maneri Rosalia 27 f none NY
Manfredi G 35 m farmer NY
Mangiarachina Paola 19 f none NY
Mantia Agostino 38 m laborer NY
Marchiolla Laur- 28 m farmer Chicago
Mariano Fedele 38 m sailor NY
Marini Nicola 31 m laborer NY
Marino Marco 46 m laborer NY
Marino M 42 m farmer NY
Marino Michelangelo 16 m laborer NY
Marmino Antonino 14 m shoemaker BO
Martinelli V 36 m farmer Buffalo
Martino G 22 m laborer NY
Mastrangelo M 43 m farmer unk
Mattia G 22 m farmer NY
Mauro R 36 m farmer NY
Mazzei G 33 f none NY
Mazzei A 10 m ch NY
Mazzino Vincenzo 22 m farmer NY
Mencella Francesco 50 m farmer NY
Mercuri T 36 m laborer NY
Mercurio L 26 m laborer NY
Mercurio Cosimo 15 m fisherman St Louis
Merlino F 21 m farmer NY
Merlino G 17 m farmer NY
Messina Francesco 54 m sailor NY
Messineo Giuseppe 26 m laborer NY
Militello Salvatore 43 m laborer NY
Militello Leonardo 11 m none NY
Militello Pietro 11 m none NY
Militello Giuseppa 04 f child NY
Millario R 29 m laborer NY
Millario F 28 m laborer NY
Millario A 16 m laborer NY
Moliterno G 31 m laborer NY
Monaco F Antonio 16 m farmer Lou
Mondolia Maria 30 f laborer Brooklyn
Mosca GB 38 m farmer NY
Mossa A 27 m farmer Philadelphia
Mucciaroni A 35 f none Boston
Murace Antonio 36 m sailor NY
Muremarone G 08 m child Boston
Murisciano F 24 m laborer NY
Muscaro Francesco 30 m btdr unk
Muscato Carmela 34 m laborer Buffalo
Nardi Bruno 35 m laborer NY
Natali Angelo 30 m farmer NY
Natoli A 24 m farmer NY
Natoli Bernardo 08 m child NY
Nofria Gargano 32 m farmer Brooklyn
Pacciuto G 45 m laborer NY
Padrevita A 32 m farmer NY
Pagani A 29 m laborer NY
Paglioni Felice-Nicola 21 m farmer Lou
Palermo Antonino 40 m laborer Buffalo
Palermo Giovanni 40 m laborer Buffalo
Palladino N 34 f laborer NY
Palonti A 39 m farmer NY
Palumbo Giacomo 24 m fisherman Milwaukee
Palumbo U 18 m laborer unk
Panerese Michele 23 m laborer NY
Pantalone T 23 m farmer NY
Panzone M 39 m farmer NY
Paolini Luigi 24 m sailor NY
Parillo Donato 24 m laborer NY
Paterno C 15 m mason NY
Pecoraro Giorgio 40 m laborer NY
Pellegrino Lorenzo 35 m farmer St Louis
Pellegrino G 27 m farmer NY
Pennino Gaetana 51 f none NY
Perna D 39 m farmer NY
Peronzio Giovanni 40 m farmer NY
Peroruzio Giovanni 20 m farmer NY
Petrarca Giuseppe 21 m farmer unk
Petrecchia G 30 m laborer NY
Petrella F 17 m laborer NY
Petruzzo Antonio 33 m laborer Philadelphia
Petti C 18 m farmer NY
Petto Pietro 42 m laborer NY
Pinto R 36 m farmer NY
Pituocco Lorenzo 20 m laborer NY
Pomilla Antonina 35 f none NY
Pompei Salvatore 16 m farmer NY
Porcelli Raffaele 24 m laborer NY
Prete F 29 f farmer NY
Privetera Carmela 32 f none NY
Putera F 36 m farmer NY
Quinto Agostino 30 m ch NY
Ranallo T 32 m laborer NY
Recchione R 22 m laborer NY
Renzi L 38 m farmer NY
Rinaldi P 24 m tinsmith NY
Rini Alberto 49 m fisherman unk
Rocce R 25 m farmer unk
Rocco Giuseppe 43 m laborer NY
Rolinato Giuseppe 29 m laborer NY
Rosso Azzario 21 m farmer Lou
Rubino C 40 m farmer Philadelphia
Rubino V 16 m farmer Philadelphia
Rubino T 03 m child NY
Rubino A 02 f child NY
Rucca Francesco 27 m farmer NY
Russieri Luciano 14 m none unk
Russo G 57 f none Buffalo
Russo Bartolomeo 10 m ch NY
Sabbatino G 21 m laborer NY
Sagliocco Rocco 20 m farmer NY
Sala Filippa 35 f none NY
Salituri G 62 f farmer NY
Sammito Antonino 40 m laborer Buffalo
Sansone Rosalia 20 f laborer NY
Santangelo R 36 f none NY
Santangelo N 18 f none NY
Santangelo N 11 m none NY
Santangelo G 03 f child NY
Santangelo G 02 m child Buffalo
Santaniello G 38 m laborer NY
Santelli S 23 m farmer NY
Santorelli F 18 m farmer NY
Sarri A 52 m laborer NY
Sarri Domenico 23 m farmer NY
Savarese Francesco 46 m sailor NY
Scarpiero G 40 m miner NY
Schiavone V 31 m farmer NY
Sciacca Giuseppe 24 m laborer NY
Sciacca Gaetano 02 m child NY
Sciantro Giacomo 43 m fisherman St Louis
Sciarra A 47 m farmer NY
Sciarra ND 15 m tailor NY
Sciarra P 12 m none NY
Sciarrio Zammerino 40 m fisherman unk
Sciarrio Antonio 15 m fisherman St Louis
Scira Agostino 33 m farmer Chicago
Scognamiglio R 30 m laborer NY
Secondino A 34 m farmer NY
Semmoni F 20 m farmer NY
Serafino V 25 m farmer Philadelphia
Serio G 42 m farmer NY
Serpico D 27 m farmer NY
Serra Provvidenza 40 f laborer Brooklyn
Serra Matteo 11 m farmer Brooklyn
Serra Antonia 09 f child Brooklyn
Serra Salvatore 06 m child NY
Setti G 16 m laborer NY
Sgarlata Onofrio 34 m ch NY
Simmoni A 50 m farmer NY
Simmoni A 35 m farmer NY
Sivotti Biagio 09 m child Brooklyn
Sorrentino F 49 m shoemaker Buffalo
Spadero Francesco 35 m sailor NY
Spano N 20 m laborer NY
Sparacio Calogero 27 m laborer NY
Sparacio Francesco 24 m artist Syracuse
Sparpulla Ciro 33 m farmer NY
Sparpulla Francesco 27 m farmer NY
Sperando Vincenzo 34 m shoemaker Syracuse
Spina A 38 m farmer NY
Spina C 33 m farmer NY
Spina G 24 m laborer NY
Squillace L 23 m farmer NY
Squillante Carlo 22 m baker NY
Stabile Carmine 17 m farmer NY
Tammieli M 39 m farmer NY
Tancredi R 25 m carpenter NY
Tarascio G 35 m laborer NY
Tiziani C 25 m laborer NY
Tizianno L 52 m laborer NY
Tizianno T 18 m laborer NY
Tizzo P 41 m farmer NY
Tocchi Titolivio 41 m stctr NY
Tropiano G 41 m farmer NY
Tucci S 29 m farmer NY
Tullo Giovanni 38 m laborer NY
U Dco 39 m laborer NY
U U 30 m laborer NY
U U 20 f none NY
Vaccaro D 29 m farmer Buffalo
Vaccaro A 25 f none Buffalo
Vaccaro V 02 m child Buffalo
Valenti Domenico 15 m laborer NY
Valenti M 15 m farmer NY
Valentini Giuseppe 17 m barber NY
Vassoloni P 16 m farmer NY
Veltri G 29 m farmer NY
Veneziano Felicia 20 f none NY
Vernacchia Antonio 16 m farmer NY
Verra Angelo 31 m laborer NY
Vicusi A 35 m laborer NY
Vicusi P 13 m laborer NY
Vinci Giacomo 04 m child NY
Vitalano G 35 m farmer NY
Vitullo Antonio 22 m farmer NY
Volini G 30 m farmer NY
Zaia G 21 m farmer NY
Zammerino Lisborio 25 m fisherman unk
Zanoi Tommaso 40 m laborer NY
Zarrella A 21 m farmer NY
Zempio Giuseppe 24 m laborer Buffalo
Zita P 13 m laborer NY
Zito L 06 f child NY
Zito M 05 f child NY
Zullo Francesco-Antoni 26 m cpr NY