SS Bohemia
SS Bohemia

Hamburg & Havre-NY
July 23, 1883
Capt. O. Pezoldt

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Hans Ch. Reich 25 male farmer Danemark Johs. Eschmer 14 male workmann Bavery Minna Ran 26 female single Hanover Wolf Trupansky 24 male brush dealer Russia Jacob Sappenstein 9 male boy Russia Victor Antonovsky 20 male clerk Hungary Emma Dabel 21 female single Hamburg Maritz Newmann 50 male workmann Ungary Fanny Newmann 44 female wife Ungary Pepi Newmann 9 female children Ungary Yette Newmann 8 female children Ungary Chaska Newmann 4 female children Ungary Mariane Blum 62 female wife Hamburg Adolf Lapp 20 male workmann Hamburg Joh. Brohan 23 male butscher Hanover Joh. Bartels 49 male merchant Hanover Heinrich Busch 22 male workmann Bavaria Fritz Busch 17 male workmann Bavaria Caroline Busch 42 female wife Bavaria Henriette Schmidt 40 female wife Prussia Carl Schmidt 15 male child Prussia Ida Schmidt 9 female child Prussia Heinrich Horken 25 male farmer Prussia Marie Horken 27 female wife Prussia Wilhe Horken 19 female single Prussia Henriette Burhenne 30 female wife Prussia Claus Minland 20 male merchant Hannover Hans Kruse 47 male farmer Hannover Kjerstim Kruse 39 female wife Hannover Bedel Kruse 8 female child Hannover (Maren) Karen Kruse 5 male male Hannover Christine Kruse 2 female child Hannover Heinrich Müller 16 male farmer Hannover Josef Blumenberg 33 male gloosmaker Hungary Alex. C. Blixt (Bliat) 41 male workmann Prussia Rasmus Rasmussen 62 male farmer Prussia Else Rasmussen 52 female wife Prussia Peter Rasmussen 20 male children Prussia Maren Rasmussen 18 male children Prussia Bothille Rasmussen 17 male children Prussia Joge Rasmussen 14 male children Prussia Rasmus Rasmussen 9 male children Prussia Line (?) Rasmussen 8 female children Prussia Johs. Viereck 57 male farmer Prussia Hacilie Viereck 56 female wife Prussia Heinrich Hay 68 male farmer Prussia Ernst Hay 39 male farmer Prussia Marg'a Hay 24 female wife Prussia Eda Hay 6 female child Prussia Mathilde Hay 11mos female baby Prussia Marik Birkenfeld 35 male workmann Austria Hanne Birkenfeld 20 female wife Austria Minna Weisenberger 14 female single U-States Anna Wagner 29 female wife U-States Hogo Wagner 2mo boy boy U-States Ida Yardy 29 female single U-States Engelbredit Schwier 26 male watchmaker Bohemia Sophie Peyles 24 female single Prussia Georg Steckelberg 30 male taylor Prussia Wilh Bandelow 38 male taylor Prussia Heinrich Mölzer 28 male engineer U-SA Sara Gweinski 20 female single Russia Sanmel Gweinski 13 male brother Russia Ben Gweinski 33 male saddler Russia Ferd. Eichwedel 33 male saddler Russia Stanisl Szojk 27 male workmann Prussia Jacob Terkelsen 31 male shoemaker Prussia Leib Marcus 39 male dealer Prussia Hugo Timm 23 male merchant Prussia Alte Streich 40 female wife Russia Leib Streich 20 female children Russia Chaje Streich 7 female children Russia Albert Streich 6mo female? children Russia Christine Streich 3 female children Russia Peter Peterson 18 male farmer Russia Jens Peterson 15 male farmer Russia H.P. Nielsen 37 male farmer Russia Mariane Peterson 42 female wife Russia Caroline Peterson 9 female children Russia Rasmine Peterson 8 female children Russia Ellen Peterson 5 female children Russia Olto Peterson 10mo female children Russia C.J. Dahlgaard 32 male farmer Russia Christine Dahlgaard 24 female wife Russia Maren Dahlgaard 4 male children Russia Jens Dahlgaard 3 male children Russia Otto Dahlgaard 10mo male baby Russia Carl Junge 26 male farmer Prussia Auguste Junge 23 female wife Prussia Heinrich Schade 39 male farmer Prussia Chain Widmann 18 male workmann Austria Leon Rosen 16 male workmann Austria Moses Auslander 18 male workmann Austria Maritz Kein 17 male workmann Austria Wilh Brodmerkel 29 male workmann Bohemia Ferd Jacob 50 male workmann Bohemia Chatha Jacob 51 female wife Bohemia Johs Banz 26 male shoemaker Hessian Joh Laufer 57 male workmann Saxoni Lousie Laufer 20 female daughter Saxoni Joh Köhlen 32 male farmer Hessian Maga Köhlen 6 female child Hessian Heinrich Köhlen 4 male child Hessian Friedr Schaaf 23 male workmann Boden Marha Helel (?) 21 female single Boden Herm Rose 24 male locksmith Saxony Louis Leuper(Leupen) 30 male cooper Saxony Kaul Friederich 42 male cooper Saxony Juls LIndauer 22 male brewer Würtenberg Lans P. Jenssen 51 male workmann Danemark Dorothea Jenssen 48 female wife Danemark Christine Jenssen 9 female children Danemark Bertha Jenssen 8 female children Danemark Caroline Jenssen 4 female children Danemark Jens Jenssen 21 male farmer Danemark Christ Reis 40 male farmer Danemark Christian Sorensen 27 male farmer Danemark Elise Ziems 22 female single Prussia Emil Modemann 30 male cooper Prussia Froke Modemann 40 female wife Prussia August Modemann 8 male child Prussia Otto Modemann 3 male child Prussia Ludwig Gudenschwager 28 male workmann Prussia August Schmidt 25 male workmann Prussia Dorothea Reisse 27 female single Russia Moritz Luntg 33 male workmann Prussia August Schultz 23 male workmann Prussia Ludwig Klink 64 male joiner Prussia Jechiel Klink 4 male joiner? Prussia Abraham Frank 20 male taylor Prussia Cire Abelow 17 female single Prussia Kune Ratzkowsky 33 female wife Prussia Elias Ratzkowsky 9 female child Prussia Mil Ratzkowsky 8 female child Prussia Maie Ratzkowsky 7 female child Prussia Moses Ratzkowsky 4 male child Prussia Mordsche Ratzkowsky 11mo male baby Prussia Rüben Pereschitcky 26 male schoemaker Austria Kaftale Handel 28 male workmann Austria Hïrch Kresch 43 male workmann Austria Israel, Adler 33 male workmann Austria Wilh. Schlüpke 28 male butcher Austria Sophie Andres 66 female wife Prussia Auguste Andres 33 female children Prussia Wilh Andres 28 male children Prussia Albert Andres 15 male children Prussia Edward Henzfeld 32 male farmer Prussia Marie Henzfeld 26 female wife Prussia Marie Henzfeld 9 female children Prussia Louis Henzfeld 2 female children Prussia Ed Henzfeld 3mo female? baby Prussia Caroline Kolb 33 female single Saxony Christoph Leipold 33 male schomaker Saxony Salonore Leipold 35 female wife Saxony Leopold König 50 male dealer Saxony Pepie König 45 female wife Saxony Rosa König 15 female children Saxony Fanny König 9 female children Saxony Kolmann König 5 male child Saxony Josef König 11mo male boy Saxony James Bozik 25 male workmann Hungary Hanne Gynzler 17 female single Hungary Lene Reich 23 female wife Hungary Sieger Reich 11mo female baby Hungary Sara Reisfeld 20 female single Hungary Moses Kirchner 18 male workmann Austria Moses Franzblaw 9 male boy Austria Chai Ruf 27 female single Austria Keile(Keilb) Ruf 11mo female baby Austria Johanne Schröder 62 female wife Austria Hermann Haase 26 male farmer Prussia Carl Waschner 52 male farmer Prussia Marie Waschner 52 female wife Prussia Josef Pedsido 63 male workmann Prussia Carl Batz 18 male painter Hessian Carl Gresch 26 male servant Hessian Ludwig Heidelmann 39 male workmann Saxoni Carl Heidelmann 16 male workmann Saxoni Carl Klink 18 male weaver Saxoni Freid Mäcke 45 male engineer Saxoni Wilh. Fr. Weisser 35 male architect Saxoni L. Schlemminger 25 male weater Saxoni Gustav Gress 17 male watchmaker Saxoni Theophe Hill 27 male taylor Saxoni Elenore Hill 33 female wife Saxoni Lilse Hill 42 female wife Saxoni Heinrich Hill 21 male schipper Saxoni Adolph Hill 16 male schipper Saxoni Heinrich Bandekow 25 male schipper Hamburg Wilh. Müller 21 male schipper Hamburg Robert Kiesel 40 male workmann Prussia Marie Kiesel 53 female wife Prussia Edward Lietz 30 male backer Prussia Frieder Lietz 38 male miller Prussia Marga Lietz 9 female child Prussia Heinrich Bartels 38 male miller Prussia Edward Scholz 29 male joiner Prussia Emily Krautwant 27 male scharper Saxony Edgar Schmidt 24 male farmer Saxony Fritz Eichmer 28 male farmer Saxony Ch. Schultz 53 male farmer Danemark Louise Schneider 30 female wife Danemark Martha Schneider 11mo female baby Danemark Auguste Röhrs 18 male single Hamburg Resa Zerowell 50 female wife Hungary Pepi Zerowell 25 female daughter Hungary Berthold Herschkowitz 18 male workmann Hungary Adolf Kuhn 18 male workmann Hungary Hanne Herschkowitz 18 female single Hungary Hanne Lefkowitz 17 female single Hungary Marie Pirnag 16 female single Hungary Ida Schönberger 15 female single Hungary Paul Füllner 18 male workmann Hungary Wilh. Büschner 26 male merchant Prussia Elisabeth Büschner 23 female wife Prussia Carl Tagge 32 male farmer Prussia Joh Koenig 60 male locksmith Prussia Heinr Tagge 36 male farmer Prussia August Sönnichsen 15 male steward Prussia Theodor Simon 34 male turner Prussia Claus Eggers 23 male miller Prussia Johanne Machal 21 female wife Prussia Yetle(Jette) Machal 6mo female baby Prussia Juls Scherer 17 male dealer Russia Sigmund Droppel 27 male clerk Austria Gustav Peter 17 male wiencooper Prussia Juls Scherer 17 male dealer Russia Regine Haase 31 female wife Russia Valentin Haase 2 female daughter Russia Friede Liermann 54 male farmer Russia Friederrce Liermann 52 female wife Russia Auguste Liermann 15 female daughter Russia Gustav Badunzel 34 male farmer Russia Wilhmine Badunzel 35 female wife Russia Frank Badunzel 8 female children Russia Emilre Badunzel 5 female children Russia Anna Badunzel 4 female children Russia Auguste Badunzel 9mo female children Russia Fritz V. Seiderwitz 41 male workmann Hungary Emilie Buchwald 20 female single Hungary Marcus Buckmann 60 male workmann Hungary Peter Buckmann 50 female? wife Hungary Ludwig Wiedig 17 male merchant Hessian Adolph Speilberger 32 male merchant Hungary Bette Speilberger 28 female wife Hungary Leo Speilberger 9 male children Hungary Ettel(Ethel) Speilberger 8 female children Hungary Bela Speilberger 7 female children Hungary Sandor(Sandos) Speilberger 6 male children Hungary Heinrich Speilberger 11mo male baby Hungary Herman Speilberger 1mo male baby Hungary Reinhold Piczsch 21 male joiner Hanover Ester Bergido 35 female wife Hungary Rosa Bergido 9 female children Hungary Hermine Bergido 8 female children Hungary Sañdor Bergido 7 female children Hungary Sophie Bergido 4 female children Hungary Georg Bergido 11mo male baby Hungary Ynatz Goldmann 16 male schealer Hungary Marai Weifs 25 female wife Hungary Carl Hempel 55 male workmann Prussia Wilhelmine Hempel 49 female wife Prussia Emma Hempel 23 female children Prussia Marie Hempel 29 female children Prussia Hugo Hempel 18 male children Prussia Richard Hempel 17 male children Prussia Max Hempel 15 male children Prussia Martha Hempel 14 female children Prussia Anna Hempel 9 female children Prussia Magar Hempel 8 female children Prussia Clara Hempel 7 female children Prussia Frida Hempel 6 female children Prussia Adolf Körnn 27 male workmann Prussia Charlotte Körnn 27 female wife Prussia Adolf Körnn 4 male son Prussia Jacob Hartl 28 male brewer Bavary Maria Harrer(Harren) 24 female single Bavary Yen Dutck 58 male shoemaker Bohemia Vaxtav(Vactav) Chott 43 male baker Bohemia Moses Uhrensohn 42 male baker Russia Eke Uhrensohn 42 female wife Russia Manne Uhnrensohn 17 female children Russia Simon Uhrensohn 9 female children Russia Schein Uhrensohn 8 female children  Russia Isaac Uhrensohn 4 female children Russia Joschwed Uhrensohn 4mo female children Russia Dasche Uhrensohn 1mo female children Russia Sender Hollander 20 male workmann Russia Feige Hollander 20 female wife Russia O. M. Nofs 30 male machinist Norway John Häufsler 25 male shoemaker Norway Lilly Schlesinger 19 female wife Baden Anna Meichalky 46 female wife Hungary Michal Meichalky 2 male child Hungary Victor Tamm 23 male wife Hungary Anna Tamm 9mo female baby Hungary Wilh Freudenfeld 45 male merchant Prussia Agnes Freudenfeld 50 female wife Prussia M. Gedan Lema 55 male workmann Prussia Samuel Lissner 70 male taylor Prussia Ida Lissner 70 female wife Prussia Anton Swerm 28 male workmann Prussia Berthold Kantorowitz 47 male merchant Prussia Josef Bräuner 26 male brewer Bavaria Kath'a Pfeiffer 25 female single Bavaria Elisabeth Dotsch 23 female single Bavaria Andn. Krajnak 17 male workmann Bohemia Malwisse Weiss 16 female single Bohemia Friedr Selke 22 male workmann Bohemia Heinrich Juselstien 20 male workmann Russia August Kruger 39 male workmann Russia Julianne Kruger 33 female wife Russia Wilh Kruger 9 female child Russia Emilie Kruger 7 female child Russia Emil Kruger 4 male child Russia Emma Kruger 2 female child Russia Paul Kruger 9mo male baby Russia Frieder Netgler 16 male fischer Russia Caroline Boeck 67 female wife Russia Josef Helzel 44 male joiner Bohemia Peter Lietz 39 male workmann Bohemia Franz Kallet 25 male workmann Prussia Chalt. Kallet 21 female wife Prussia Auguste Kallet 11mo female baby Prussia Anne Hansen 18 female single Prussia Otto Nagel 39 male bookbinder Prussia Caroline Aufder Haide 16 female single Oldenberg Josephine Ruminske 18 female single Prussia Josef Ruminske 9 male child Prussia Leon Ruminske 8 male child Prussia Justine Girowinska 25 female wife Prussia Leondine Girowinska 3 female child Austria Retranella Kapornk 26 female single Austria Chata Rodaske 34 female single Bohemia Marie Kruse 20 female single Russia Fr. Hafs 55 male workmann Russia John Wiemann 34 male dealer U-SA Chatha Wiegert 15 female single Prussian Carl Hickermann 26 male workmann Hannover Freke Hickermann 25 female wife Hannover Fritz Lineke 25 male workmann Hannover Marie Lineke 24 female wife Hannover Georg Lineke 1 female child Hannover Louise Lineke 2mo female baby Hannover Anton Prank 26 male workmann Bohemia Anna Prank 24 female wife Bohemia Marie Prank 3mo female baby Bohemia Marie Zoju 36 female single Bohemia Herrm. Porreck 35 male saddler Prussia Anna Möller 24 female single Prussia John Schippmann 22 male farmer Prussia Rebeca Schippmann 21 female wife Prussia Heinrich Schippmann 9mo male baby Prussia Wilhe Butt 30 female single Hannover Ludwig Regusky 17 male workmann Prussia Rasa Heizler 27 female wife Prussia August Stiller 26 male workmann Baden Marie Stiller 29 female wife Baden Auguste Frejer 24 female single Prussia Juliane Sczeynska 22 female single Prussia Maria Will 20 female single Prussia Math Koepp 26 female wife Prussia Theodor Koepp 3 male child Prussia Richard Koepp 11mo male baby Prussia Oili Klein 17 female single Hungary Carl Fischer 43 male workmann Saxonia Elisabeth Fischer 36 female wife Saxonia Elise Fischer 13 female child Saxonia Marie Fischer 13 female child Saxonia Dorthea Fischer 9 female child Saxonia Caroline Fischer 8 female child Saxonia Ida Fischer 6 female child Saxonia Auguste Fischer 2 female child Saxonia Fritz Fischer 4 female child Saxonia Heinrich Prüser 44 male joner Hannover Marga Prüser 28 female wife Hannover Marie Prüser 8 female children Hannover Dora Prüser 3 female children Hannover Auguste Prüser 11mo female childern Hannover Wilhelmine Heiden 22 single single Prussia Ottilie Heiden 18 single single Prussia Karl Eisenhardt 35 male workmann Saxony Wihl. Eisenhardt 40 female wife Saxony Dorothea Eisenhardt 9 female daughter Saxony Bertha Eisenhardt 8 female children Saxony Erhardim Eisenhardt 7 female children Saxony Carline Eisenhardt 5 female children Saxony Amalie Eisenhardt 3 female children Saxony Ernest Eisenhardt 11mo male baby Saxony Wilh. Müller 20 male workmann Russia Ferd. Remus 26 male farmer Russia Josefina Jasdzuska 50 female single Russia Maria Linke 21 male single Russia Chathe Kriger 23 female single Russia Penzel Azarka 9 female child Russia Caroline Schröder 29 female wife Mecklenburg Heinrich Schröder 6 female children Mecklenburg Wilh. Schröder 3 female children Mecklenburg Joh Schröder 6mo female children Mecklenburg Johanne Müller 68 female wife Prussia Mariane Banazrack 29 female wife Prussia Kasinier Banazrack 9 female children Prussia Morzin Banazrack 4 female children Prussia Ludwig Banazrack 11mo male boy Prussia Chain Perlmann 20 male workmann Russia Jette Feuckermann 24 female wife Russia Leib Feuckermann 11mo female child Russia Antonia Lzulezerka 18 female single Russia Max Opalkoroski 29 male schoemaker Russia Wilh Lauer 22 male clerk Prussia Georg Gläs 29 male painter Prussia Janos Demko 19 male workmann Hungary Jan Polea 28 male workmann Hungary Erza Polea 20 female wife Hungary Andr Polea 11mo male babis(y) Hungary Janos Polea 1mo male babis(y) Hungary Adam Michalo 45 male workmann Hungary Miachael Okubersky 16 male workmann Hungary Peter Wasickan 23 male workmann Hungary Josef Stefan 20 male workmann Hungary Jan Waseckann 29 male workmann Hungary Andre Orävec 15 male workmann Hungary Janko Geiz 30 male workmann Hungary Johann Makö 26 male workmann Hungary Anna Inkaz 30 female single Hungary Frederich Lange 23 male scheaper Prussia Herrm Herschkowitz 25 male workmann Hungary Janny Herschkowitz 24 female wife Hungary Jacob Kraus 29 male clerk Hungary Wolf Ruburk 24 male workmann Russia Ettel (Ethel Ruburk 24 female wife Russia Sara Ruburk 7 female child Russia Benja Ruburk 3mo female baby Russia Basel Ruburk 43 male workmann Russia Jacob Ruburk 15 male child Russia Benjamin Ruburk 9 male child Russia Otto Weiss 19 male workmann Prussia Simon Lederwitz 55 male dealer Prussia Carl Riedel 37 male miller Prussia Georg Kechau(Kechan) 27 male workmann Hungary Josef Gemersky 16 male workmann Hungary Bertha Wassmus 29 female wife Braunswich Robert Wassmus 21 male children Braunswich Agnes Wassmus 18 female children Braunswich Otto Wassmus 9 male children Braunswich Charles Fiedbig 36 male locksmith U-SA Frieder Seifert 15 male workmann Russia Emma Seifert 20 female single Russia Carl Zimmer 13 male farmer Braunswich Reisle Krischisky 9 male child Russia Emil Oaadel 26 male farmer Russia Minna Schinulek?(Schinubel)54 female wife Russia Charlotte Krüger 56 female wife Russia Salomon Lewkowitz 50 male taylor Austria Finkel Lewkowitz 27 female wife Austria Mardche Lewkowitz 6 male son Austria Reisel Lewkowitz 11mo male baby Austria Carston Nickkelson 24 male farmer Prussia Ann Nickkelson 18 female wife Prussia Joseph Breskowski 21 male farmer Prussia Gustav Schlak 27 male workmann Prussia David Freund 46 male workmann Prussia Isaac Berger 9 male boy Austria Jette Schild Kraut 9 male boy Austria Beruch Niwiadowsky 20 male workmann Austria Helen Kirstensen 27 female wife Denamark Peter Kristensen 6 female children Denamark Christine Kristensen 4 female children Denamark Andres Mako 30 male workmann Hungary Janos Cab 25 male workmann Hungary Franz Schmidt 27 male taylor Prussia Franz Martin 26 male taylor Prussia Max Eichelberg 22 male waiter Prussia Carl Haenus(?) 23 male clerk Prussia Friederich Weys 40 male farmer Russia Elonora Weys 40 female wife Russia Johanne Weys 19 female child Russia Gottfried Weys 17 male child Russia Samuel Weys 11 male child Russia Lida Weys 8 female child Russia Sandleirt Weys 2 female child Russia Johann Dux 22 male farmer Russia Naftale Rathmann 55 male farmer Russia Jette Rathmann 17 female single Russia Marcus Sendorowwitz 24 male workmann Russia Schmerl Koswen 18 male workmann Russia Stefan Ungarsky 23 male workmann U-SA Julemon Lefser 19 male workmann Prussia Friederick Gotz 24 male workmann Baden Elisabeth Henrich 23 female single Baden
Transcribed by Ruthann Lucas Formated by Julia Hogston
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