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Ship Elizabeth & Ann
Ship Elizabeth & Ann

capt Edward Tafford

bound for Virginia and Jamaica

from Liverpool England 28 July 1716


Donated by The6jays

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126 prisoners---128 listed in manifest


Following 29 are under Indentures


John Macintosh

Jno Mackintosh

!nics Mackintosh

Duncan Clark

Owen McPherson

Donald Shaw

Angus Shaw

Robert Bruce

John Dunbar

Robert Smith

Thomas Foster

Christopher Carus

James Blackwood

Robert Stewart

Robert Stewart

William Turner

James Nisbet

Fergus Graham

James Mackintosh

Frances Hume

George Dickenson

Achibald Menzies

Daniel Thomson

Jno Robertson

Jno Stewart

Malcom Stewart

Jno Stewart

Jno Stewart

Jno Kennedy




The Following 83 were not Indentured


Jno Wite

William Mackilway

Alex Mackenzie

William Donaldson

Frances Betty

Frederick Abbot

Alexander Bruce

Robert Caplan

Jno Peter

Alexander Wite

Owen Davidson

Malcom Macknaughtan

James Robertson

David Mitchel

Silverster Prophet

Jno Glendening

Geo. Marjoribanks

Thomas Allen

Alexander Watt

James Wood

William Martin

Donald Macgilsoray

Daniel Macquin

William Wright



Patrick Ferguson

Jno Jhonston

James Malcom

William Stroak

Jno Michy

Lawrence Ferguson

Jno Donaldson

William Noble

Robert Grant

Robert Anderson

Robert Duncan

James Ray

Robert Robertson

Jno Mundell

Hugh Cane

Charles Henderson

Alexander Stewart

Donald Stewart

Alexander Stewart

James Stewart

Jno Harris

Adam Chishom

William Finlay

James Patterson

David Arnot

James Peter

Jno Ogilvy

James Watson

Alexander Kid

James Lindsey

James Johnson

Jno Shaw

Jno Abercromby

Robert Stewart

Pat Stewart

Jno Stewart

William Cruster

Jno Rutherford

James Watson

William Lyon

Alexander Carr

William Dun

William Maxwell

Jno Finny

Alexander Ferguson

James Ferguson

James Mackruther

David Mackintosh

Alexander Kerr

Robert Menzies

James Urqhuart

Jo. Brown

Geo. Lowder

James Murray

Jno Burns

Jno Mackintosh

Robert Carr



Prisoner...Duncan Mackfale died at sea