Jacobite Rebels 1716

Taken from the "National Genealogical Society" Quarterly, March 1976, Vol 64, number 1. By Clifford Neal Smith (594 W. Lincoln Hwy, DeKalb, IL 60115):



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Among the persons transported to the American colonies in 1716 were 637 Scottish rebels captured at Preston, Lancashire, on 14 Nov 1715. The rebels were supporters of the exiled James II of England and his heirs. There were many such adherents among the Roman Catholics of Scotland, and some in Ireland, and among the Nonjurors, a dissident group within the Church of England.


During the rebellion of 1715 the rebel forces entered Preston on 9 Nov and, after proclaiming as their king the chevalier of St. George, remained there for several days, during which the government forces advanced upon them. The town was assaulted, and on 14 Nov the rebel general Thomas FORSTER surrendered his army to the King's forces. Persons shown below, as compiled from ten ship manifests, were taken prisoner and sent to the American Colonies the following spring as indentured servants for a seven-year period. Those who refused to be voluntarily indentured were forced into that condition upon arrival in the colonies.


According to a receipt given to the commissary general of the rebel prisoners, 639 prisoners were transported, but, for reasons unknown to this writer, only 636 were named in the manifest. An additional prisoner (John DALZYEL) has been identified from other documents. In the interest of space conservation, ship names and destinations have been coded. It should be noted that not all prisoners reached the destinations originally designated.


ship destination ship

code code


A Va "Anne", Capt Robert WALLACE, bound for VA from Liverpool 31 July 1716 with 18 prisoners.


Af Bar "Africa". Richard CROPPER, master bound for Barbadoes from Liverpool 15 July 1716 with 1 prisoner.


EA Va/Jam "Elizabeth and Anne". commander Edward TRAFFORD, bound for VA and Jamaica from Liverpool 28 July 1716 with 126 prisoners (128 prisoners listed in manifest).


F Va/Md "Friendship". Capt Michael MANKIN, bound for MD or VA from Liverpool 24 May 1716 with 80 prisoners.


G Va "Godspeed (or Goodspeed).

Capt Arthur SMITH, bound for VA (but leaving prisoners in MD) from Liverpool 28 July 1716 with 54 prisoners on one manifest and 2 additional on another manifest.


H StC "Hockenhill" Capt Hockenhill SHORT, bound for St. Christophers, Leeward Islands, date not given, with 30 prisoners.


S SC "Susannah" Capt Thomas BROMHALL, bound for SC from Liverpool 7 May 1716 with 101 prisoners listed on the manifest, although receipted for 104.


Sc (?) "Scipio" commander's name and destination not given, from Liverpool 30 March 1716 with 95 prisoners.


2B Jam "Two Brother" Capt Edward RATHBON, bound for Jamaica from Liverpool 26 April 1716 with 47 prisoners.


W SC "Wakefield" Capt Thomas BECK, bound for SC from Liverpool 21 April 1716 with 81 prisoners.





Abbott, Fred (eri)k-- EA, Va/Jam

Abercromby, John-- EA,VA/Jam

Allen James-- F.Md

Anderson, Robert--EA,Va/Jam

Arnott, David--EA,Va/Jam

Asking, Joseph--SC,--

Aughinbeck, Joseph --Sc,--

Ayre, William--F,Md

Ayston, James --EA,Va


Bagby, John --W,SC

Baine, John--W,SC

Ballintine, William--SC,--

Bane, William --F,Md

Barnet, Thomas --W,SC

Barry, Thomas --G,Va

Barry, William--W,SC

Baton, Alen--S,SC

Bean, Duncan--2B, Jam

Beane, Kenedy--H,StC

Begg, Miles--G,Va

Benerman, Mark--H,StC

Betty, Francis--EA,Va/Jam

Blackwood, James --EZ, VA/Jam

Blare, James--SC,--

Bow, James --G,Va

Boyle, Alexander--A,Va

Brenden, John--F,Md

Briggs, Pau.--Sc,--

Brown, John --EA,Va/Jam

Brown, Ninian--G,Va

Browne, John--A,Va

Browne, Mark--A,Va

Bruce, Alexander--EA,Va/Jam

Bruce, James--S,SC

Bruce, Robert--A,Va

Bruce, Robert--EA,Va/Jam

Burch, Richard--G,Va

Burdis, George--Sc,--

Burfick, George--W,SC

Burne, John--EA,Va/Jam

Burne, John--W,SC

Burtton, Joseph--Sc,--

Cameron, Donald--H, StC

Cameron, Donald--S,SC

Cameron, Finlow--F,Md

Cameron, John--G,Va

Cameron, John-- S,SC

Cammel, John-- S,SC

Campbell, Daniel--Sc,--

Campbell, James--Sc,--

Cane, Hugh--EA,Va/Jam

Cannon, John--2B,Jam

Carmell, James 2B,Jam

Carr, Alexander--EA,Va/Jam

Carr, Alexander--EA, Va/Jam

Chalmers, Patrick--A,Va

Chambers, John--G,Va

Chambers, Joseph--S,SC

Charns, Chriso.--EA,Va/Jam

Charters, Lawrence--H,StC

Chisolme, Adam--EA,Va/Jam

Christye, Archibald--H,StC

Clark, Duncan--EA,Va/Jam

Clark, Hugh--S,SC

Clark, James--W,SC

Clark, Thomas--W,SC

Coblin, Robert--EA, Va/Jam

Conahar, John--F,Md

Congleton, James--H,StC

Congleton, James--H,StC

Cooper, Patrick--F,Md

Cornell, George--S,SC

Coute, Joseph--Sc,--

Cowson, William--W,SC

Cowty, David--Sc,--

Cozens, John--S,SC

Crampton, James--C,Va

Craster, William--EA,Va/Jam

Creighton, James--S,SC

Creswell, Robert--H,StC

Crocket, John--S,SC

Croft, David--W,SC

Cummin, Alexander--A,Va

Cummin, Peter--Sc,--

Cummin, Peter--Sc,--

Cummin, William--F,Md

Cunningham, George--W,SC

Currey, James--H, StC

Daie, Andrew--F.Md

Dalgaty, John--F,Md

Dalketty, Alexander--S,SC

Dalmohoy, Thomas--H,St.C

Dalzell, William--S,SC

Dalzyell (or Dalzele), John----,Va/SC

Davidson, Andrew--F,Md

Davidson, Donald--S,SC

Davidson, William--F,Md

Denham, James--F,Md

Derritt, Peter--Sc,--

Dickinson, George--EA,Va/Jam

Disart, George--W/SC

Dixon, James--G,Va

Donaldson, Charles--F,Md

Donaldson, John--EA,Va/Jam

Donaldson, Thomas--F,Md

Donaldson, William--EA,Va/Jam

Dovice, Daniel--Sc,--

Duckter, David--S,SC

Duff, Donald--S,SC

Duff, Thomas--S,SC

Dunbarr, Jerom--F,Md

Dunbarr, John--EA,Va/Jam

Duncan, Alexander--2B,Jam

Duncan, John--Sc,--

Duncan, John--2B,Jam

Duncan, Robert--EA,Va/Jam

Dunlap, James--W,SC

Dunn, William--EA,VA.Jam

Dutt, Alexander--Sc,--


Eggoe, John--S,SC

Eggoe, William--S,SC

Erwinn, Charles--Sc,--


Ferguson, Alexander--EA,Va/Jam

Ferguson, Donald--EA,Va/Jam

Ferguson, Dun (can?)--G,Va

Ferguson, Finlow--W,SC

Ferguson, Frans(is?)--Sc,--

Ferguson, Henry--F.Md

Ferguson, James--EA,Va/Jam

Ferguson, Lawrence--EA,Va/Jam

Ferguson, Patrick--EA,Va/Jam

Ferguson, Peter--2B,Jam

Ferguson, Robert--A,Va

Ferguson, William--G,Va

Fersyth, Ha.--Sc,--

Finlow, William--EA,Va/Jam

Finney, Robert--EA,Va/Jam

Flint, James--W,SC

Forbess, George--S,SC

Forbess, Thomas--F,Md

Foster, Thomas--EA,Va/Jam

Fotheringam, John--S,SC

Fraizer, John--Sc,--

Frazer, Daniel--S,SC

Frazer, Hugh--S,SC

Frazer, John--W,SC

Frazer, William--S,SC


Garner, Patrick--H,StC

Gartey, George--Sc,--

Gill, Henry--S,SC

Glandy, John --F,Md

Glass, John--Sc,--

Gledening, John--EA,Va/Jam

Glessen, John--Sc,--

Gordon, Alexander--F,Md

Graham, David--G,Va

Graham, James--A,Va

Grant, Daniel--G,Va

Grant, Ludo (wick?)--S,SC

Grant, Robert,--EA,Va.Jam

Grant, William--F,Md

Greame, Fergus--EA,Va/Jam

Guild, Thomas--S,SC

Guttry, John--S,SC

Guttry, Robert--W,SC


Hall, William--Sc,--

Hamond, George--S,SC

Handyside, Robert--2B,Jam

Hardwick, William--H,StC

Harris, John--EA,Va/Jam

Hay, John--F,Md

Heard, John--S,SC

Henderson, Charles,--EA,Va/Jam

Henderson, Robert--F,Md

Henderson, William--H,StC

Henderson, William,--W,SC

Hendrick, James-F,Md

Heys, James--H,StC

Hill, James--F,Md

Hodgson, George--G,Va

Holland, Thomas-EA,Va/Jam

Howard, William--Sc,--

Hume, Francis--EA,Va/Jam

Hume, Thomas--G,Va

Hunt, Ed (ward)--Sc,--

Hunter, John--EA,Va/Jam

Hunter, Patrick--F,Md


Innis, James--Af,Bar


Johnson, William--G,Va

Johnston, James--EA,Va/Jam

Johnston, John--EA,Va/Jam

Johnston, Robert--EA,Va/Jam


Kenedy, Mall--W,SC

Kennedy, Daniel--G,Va

Kennedy, John--EA,Va/Jam

Kenneyday, Alexander--2B,Jam

Kenneyday, John--Sc,--

Kenneyday, John--2B,Jam

Kenny, John--G,Va

Kerr, John--EA,Va/Jam

Kerr, John--Sc,--

Kerr, Robert--EA,Va/Jam

Kidd, Alexander--EA,Va/Jam


Lauder, George--EA,Va/Jam

Lawder, David--G,Va

Lawtey, Alexander--H,StC

Lemon, John--S,SC

Lesley, Alexander--S,SC

Lindsey, James--EA,Va/Jam

Lindsey, John--Sc,--

Londey, Charles--Sc,--

Lowe, Abraham--F,Md

Lowe, James--F,Md

Lowry, Thomas--F,Md

Lumsden, Henry--F,Md

Lyon, Philip--W,SC

Lyon, William--EA,Va/Jam