French SS Labrador -- July 12, 1883 -- Labrador at La Havre to NY
French SS Labrador
Labrador at LaHavre to NY July 12, 1883
Capt. ? Collier

film donated by Erwin Pavlik
transcribed by RuthAnneLucas

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Name                          age   sex   occupation     Country of Origin

Charles Fourmier 46 m merchant Montreal Louis Larsenenn 63 m merchant Canada Oct. Biardos 16 m none France Loreïn(Lovine) S. Jackson 42 f none US Henri H. Jackson 10 m none US Rossita C. Jackson 5 f none US Louise S. Jackson 16 f none US Louisa D. Walker 35 f none US Estelle Monin(Morrin) 26 f servant France Casandia Cravley 30 f servant Finlands Pierre Duperry(Duprey) 55 m none France Josephine Duperry(Duprey) 37 f none US Amanda Duperry(Duprey) 6 f none US N. U? Froment 55 f none US Xavier Craverse 27 m ingineer France Josephine Craverse 55 f none France Gustave Brodmann 43 m merchant Switzerland Isabelle Brodmann 26 f none Switzerland John Van Deurs 60 m merchant England Florence Van Deurs 17 f none Rep. Argentina Cecile Petin 27 f ? France Gabriel Pelletiore 25 f student France Joseph Pelletiore 23 f none France Michel Labrecque 33 ? professor of Canada Arthur Alexander 24 m merchant France Olfred D. Binste(Binsse) 35 m none US Estevan Ovalle 31 m labourer US FB. Landia(n)(u)n 89 m merchant France Jules Lebrun 29 m none France Anna Lebrun 32 f none France Labbe Claude Sellenet 30 m clergyman France Benjamin Fergusson 35 m professor US Yesabro Woospino 25 m ? ? Paul Augot 42 m cook France Omelie Augot 35 f dressmaker Switzerland Emile Augot 3 m none Switzerland Selina Auriaga(Ouriaga) 29 f none Switzerland Elfrida Bohl 22 f dressmaker Switzerland Constance Lidrobe 21 f none France Onfant Lidrobe 7mo. f none France Catherine Marchesi 22 f none Italy Maria Amsbre 25 f none Switzerland Elise Ruh 40 f none Germany Raphaël Bupilanes 18 m student Spain Juan Echeverria 21 m student Spain Manuel Sturbe(Iturbe) 21 m student Spain Galigo Moreno 19 m student Spain M. Fernandez 81 m student Spain Hermann Stocker 22 m dentist Switzerland André Medvedsikow? 26 m traveling merch Russia John Furrer 23 m baker Switzerland Clement Camard 32 m merchant France E. Rentillon 39 m clockmaker Switzerland Ferdinand Collomb 19 m clerk France Hermann Gutzwiller 24 m dentist Switzerland Ohomas Shanahan 24 m student Canada Jian Castagnol 37 m merchant Italy Philomine Hauck 44 m none Germany Paul Cormely 36 m none Germany

Ambroise Erni                 40     m     baker            Germany
Lina Erni                     37     f     none             Germany
Eugene Erni                   15     m     none             Germany
Allias Erni                   11     m     none             Germany
Christine Erni                 5     f     none             Germany
Jacob Erni                    4y6mo. m     none             Germany
Lina Erni                      6mo.  f     none             Germany
Louise Erni                   32     f     none             Switzerland
Walther Erni                   9     f?    none             Switzerland
Emile Erni                     7     m     none             Switzerland
Gustave Erni                  1y6mo. m     none             Switzerland
Catherine Oersty(Oertly)      21     f     none             Switzerland
Paul Knisset                  21     m     shoemaker        Germany
Conrad Buhler                 25     m     merchant         Germany
Sebastien Grimm               41     m     farmer           Germany
Albert Grimm                  11     m     farmer           Germany
Catherine Aver(Averl)         19     f     none             Germany
Chrisun? Niggseh              43     m     merchant         Switzerland
Mechlior Bertschi             31     m     farmer           Switzerland
Emile Henry Brünner           24     m     chrotian?        Switzerland
Jacob Schindlor               44     m     shoemaker        Switzerland
Elisabeth Gadmine             32     f     none             Switzerland
Albertine Hohler              24     f     none             Switzerland
Gottfried Berger              20  child    none             Switzerland
Jacob Echler                  38     m     merchant         Switzerland
Francosi Eissell              19     m     miller           Germany
Josephine Spohl               60     f     none             Switzerland
Louise Lack                   11     f     none             Switzerland
Adolphe Richstimer            17  child    butcher          Switzerland
Juan Horler                   22     m     baker            Switzerland
Christine Eggenberger         65     f     none             Switzerland
Juan Zoller                   20  child    none             Switzerland
Juan Hug                      17     m     tailor?          Switzerland
Joseph Balmer                 20     m     stonecutter      Switzerland
Richard Ferber                20     m     conductor        Switzerland
Ernest Allinger               23     m     tailor           Switzerland
Marie Harry                   23     f     none             Switzerland
Ernest Harry                   6mo.  m     none             Switzerland
Samuel Gehrig                 28     m     farmer           Switzerland
Charles Otto Kaser            24     m     blacksmith       Switzerland
Christine Hywigler            31     f     dressmaker       Switzerland
Elisabeth Gunton              32     f     none             Switzerland
Catherine Manherhofer         28     f     none             Switzerland
Frederic Dinkelmann           37     m     carpenter        Switzerland
Verna Dinkelmann              37     f     none             Switzerland
Frieda Dinkelmann             11     f     none             Switzerland
Frederic Dinkelmann           10     m     none             Switzerland
Joseffe Dinkelmann             9     f     none             Switzerland
Otto Dinkelmann                5     m     none             Switzerland
Maria Dinkelmann               3     f     none             Switzerland
Hans Dinkelmann                1     m     none             Switzerland
Jean Wahli                    57     m     vetinary         Switzerland
Adolphe Wahli                 22     m     clerk            Switzerland
Samuel Gutknecht              28     m     farmer           Switzerland
Alfred Favre                  28     m     cook             Switzerland
Jean Gygli                    60     m     farmer           Switzerland
Elise Hanssoner               25     f     none             Switzerland
Frida Hanssoner              1y6mo.  f     none             Switzerland
Marie Zimmermann              21     f     tailor           Switzerland
Anna Fluckigen                33     f     none             Switzerland
Anna Fluckigen                 9     f     none             Switzerland
Gottlieb Fluckigen             7     m     none             Switzerland
Bertha Fluckigen               4     f     none             Switzerland
Marie Brickbuhl               28     f     none             Switzerland
Marie Brickbuhl                8     f     none             Switzerland
Lina Brickbuhl                 7     f     none             Switzerland
Bertha Brickbuhl               3     f     none             Switzerland
Louise Brickbuhl               2     f     none             Switzerland
Conrad Wiesendanger           36     m     carpenter        Germany
Marguerite Wiesendanger       29     f     carpenter        Germany
Conrad Wiesendanger           11     m     carpenter        Germany
Christian Wiesendanger         9     m     carpenter        Germany
Walther Wiesendanger           7     m     carpenter        Germany
Oheophile Wiesendanger         5     m     carpenter        Germany
Marguerite Wiesendanger        3     f     carpenter        Germany
Ernest Wiesendanger          1y6mo.  m     carpenter        Germany
Christien Urfer               20     m     sculptor         Switzerland
Gottfried Hemmer              42     m     farmer           Switzerland
Jean Hemmer                   18     m     farmer           Switzerland
Jean Brunni                   17     m     none             Switzerland
Madeline Spring               41     f     none             Germany
Madeline Spring                5     f     none             Germany
Meichel Spring                 4     m     none             Germany
Jacob Spring                   3     m     none             Germany
Hans Spring                    2     m     none             Germany
Arnold Spring                  6mo.  m     none             Germany
Charles Lickenberger          24     m     clerk            Germany
Marie Wiechli                 24     f     servant          Germany
Victor Fireg(Fueg)            44     m     farmer           Switzerland
Cecile Pedaitria              24     f     farmer           Italy
Chirine Pedaitria              4     f     farmer           Italy
Carla? Pedaitria               1     m     farmer           Italy
Caroline Carmine              20     f     farmer           Italy
Francesco Rossi               45     m     farmer           Italy
Domenica? Bonnatti            24     m     farmer           Italy
Jacob Lerspi                  42     m     farmer           Switzerland
Sophie Walter                 29     f     none             Switzerland
Elisa Walter                   9     f     none             Switzerland
Jean Hunleker                 13     m     farmer           Switzerland
Jean Fleishli                 22     m     carpenter        Switzerland
Philippe Oeschner             19     m     farmer           Germany
Laurens Schwyzer              41     m     none             Germany
Catherine Schwyzer            31     f     none             Germany
Laurent Schwyzer               3     m     none             Germany
Catherine Schwyzer           1y6mo.  f     none             Germany
Verina Werner                 21     f     none             Switzerland
Rudolphi Gut                  26     m     farmer           Switzerland
Marie Schmidt                 23     f     none             Switzerland
Jean Otzenweiller             26     m     farmer           Switzerland
Joseph Hugel                  30     m     dyer             Germany
Francois Hugel                26     m     tailor           Germany
Hermann Huber                 21     m     ingineer         Switzerland
Leon Weingautuer              41     m     merchant         Switzerland
Fridolin Haenggi              22     m     farmer           Switzerland
Frederic Riedel               21     m     locksmith        Germany
Marie Heckendorn              40     f     none             Switzerland
Catherine Heckendorn           9     f     none             Switzerland
Marie Anne Heckendorn        1y6mo.  f     none             Switzerland
Marie Heckendorn              10     f     none             Switzerland
Edouard Praune                30     m     carpenter        Germany
Jacob Geissmann               40     m     farmer           Switzerland
Elise Geissmann               34     f     none             Switzerland
Anna Geissmann                10     f     none             Switzerland
Emile Geissmann                2     m     none             Switzerland
Marie Geissmann               65     f     none             Switzerland
Madeline Fuchs                43     f     none             Switzerland
Maurice Fuchs                 20     m     none             Switzerland
Sophie Hundziker              22     f     none             Switzerland
Rudolph Hundziker              1     m     none             Switzerland
Adolphe Borst                 21     m     painter          Switzerland
Jian P. Schenker              51     m     shoemaker        Germany
Jian P. Schenker              19     m     shoemaker        Germany
Agnes Ulrich                  24     f     none             Germany
Agnes Ulrich                   6     f     none             Germany
Walburga Grithore             18     f     none             Alsatia
Caroline Ferm                 33     f     none             Germany
Frederika Ferm                 8     f     none             Germany
Frederic Ferm                1y6m    m     none             Germany
Lisotte Mack                  54     f     cook             Germany
Rabette Kuhner                25     f     none             Germany
Xavier Bolli                  28     m     brewer           Germany
Rosalie Wendling              70     f     none             Alsatia
Theodore Wendling             40     m     blacksmith       Alsatia
Elisabeth Wendling            40     f     none             Alsatia
Albert Wendling               17     m     none             Alsatia
Chinbald Wendling             12     m     none             Alsatia
Elise Wendling                10     f     none             Alsatia
Rosa Wendling                  5     f     none             Alsatia
Emilie Wendling                4     f     none             Alsatia
Jules Wendling                 3     m     none             Alsatia
Eugene Wendling               1y6m   m     none             Alsatia
Louis Kummer                  28     m     merchant         Germany
Jacob Schaaf                  47     m     mason            Germany
Barbe Schaaf                  37     f     mason?           Germany
Anna Schaaf                    9     f     mason?           Germany
Jacob Baumann                 20     m     farmer           Switzerland
Guöllannu(a)(?) Weber         20     m     miller           Germany
Bernard Guidigi               40     m     farmer           Italy
Catherine Guidigi             22     f     farmer           Italy
Emilia Solari                 25     f     farmer           Italy
Floriant Roberti              11     m     farmer           Italy
Benedetto Bernasconi          37     m     farmer           Italy
Jacob Hablutzel               23     m     farmer           Switzerland
Carolina Schweizer            22     f     none             Switzerland
Anna Keller                   19     f     servant          Switzerland
Jacob Gysel                   20     m     farmer           Switzerland
Hermann Gysel                 20     m     none             Switzerland
Conrad Gysel                  51     m     none             Switzerland
Barbe Gysel                   45     f     none             Switzerland
Lina Gysel                    17     f     none             Switzerland
Ernest Gysel                   8     m     none             Switzerland
Wilfried Gysel                 7     m     none             Switzerland
Louise Gysel                   5     m     none             Switzerland
Emile Gysel                   6mo    m     none             Switzerland
Efrorin(?)                    35     m     masterpainter    Austria
Juan Bango Y Nietro           47     m     merchant         Spain
Gustav Kefil                  23     m     cook             Belzique
Hubert Hemmetter              23     m     servant          Holland
Giovann. Chiaberta            32     m     minor            Italy
Bernardo Giacomotto           28     m     mason            Italy
Elis. Rozzi(Rossi)            35     f     stonecutter?     Italy
Santina(o) Butinello          37     m     stonecutter      Italy
Leopold Bernacchi             29     m     tailor           Italy
Michel Lercari                54     m     gardiner         Italy
Marie Lercari                  8     f     gardiner         Italy
Rosa Lavagnino                30     f     gardiner         Italy
Antonio Lavagnino              8     m     gardiner         Italy
Bartolomi Lavagnino            6     m     gardiner         Italy
Catherine Bertucci            25     f     tailor           Italy
David Fugazi                  44     m     farmer           Italy
Giovanni Fugazi               11     m     farmer           Italy
Guiseppina Celle              55     f     farmer           Italy
Antonio Celle                 24     m     farmer           Italy
André Celle                   18     m     farmer           Italy
Marguerite Chichizola         66     f     none             Italy
Luigi Chichizola              10     m     none             Italy
Guiseppe Chichizola            8     m     none             Italy
Charles Bacchini              23     m     none             Italy
Jacob Senn                    20     m     farmer           Germany
Chretian Bengel               20     m     merchant         Germany
Felix Klechammer              51     m     farmer           Germany
Marie Anna Mohr               48     f     farmer           Germany
Adolphe ?luger                11     m     none             Germany
Pauline ?luger                10     f     none             Germany
Charles ?luger                 7     m     none             Germany
Louis ?luger                   5     m     none             Germany
Francois ?luger               1y6m   m     none             Germany
Guillaume Klechammer         10y6m   m     none             Germany
Clara Weingaertner            24     f     cook             Germany
Pauline Weingaertner          18     f     cook             Germany
Valentine Weingaertner        15     f     cook             Germany
Emile Beck                    28     m     brewer           Germany
Emilie Hemmler                20     f     none             Germany
Isidore Krauss                28     m     minor            Alsatia
Isaac Bille                   29     m     clockmaker       Switzerland
Charles Armand                36     m     clockmaker       France
Marie Armand                  34     f     none             France
Michel Braunn                 36     m     carpenter        US
Adolphe Mast                  18     m     baker            Germany
Heline Geohring               26     f     none             Germany
Lina Pferrer                  29     f     none             Germany
Joseph Protz                  20     m     farmer           Germany
Jules Roselot                 28     m     farmer           France
Alexandre Timbel              21     m     farmer           Alsatia
Elise Marconnet               30     f     none             Alsatia
Marie Marconnet                9     f     none             Alsatia
Paul Marconnet                 7     m     none             Alsatia
Pierre Marconnet               5     m     none             Alsatia
Mathilde Marconnet             3     f     none             Alsatia
Catherine Haltzel             23     f     none             Alsatia
Jean Kling                    25     f?    carpenter        Germany  
Nicolas Metzger               34     f?    carpenter        Lorraine
Charlotte Metzger             31     f     carpenter        Lorraine
Christine Metzger              4     f     carpenter        Lorraine
Pierre Metzger                 3     m     carpenter        Lorraine
Charlotte Metzger             6m     f     carpenter        Lorraine
Catherine Metzger              2     f     carpenter        Lorraine
Alexis Boehrer                25     m     farmer           Lorraine
F.B. Koch                     24     m     farmer           Alsatia
Virgil Tehl                   23     m     baker            Alsatia
Charles Bippers               18     m     carpenter        Alsatia
Joseph Timbel                 32     m     clerk            Alsatia
Joseph Tschupp                18     m     weaver           Alsatia
Cheophst Fenersbach           31     m     blacksmith       Alsatia
Bertha Fenersbach             29     f     none             Alsatia
Gustave Fenersbach             4     m     none             Alsatia
Beth. Fenersbach              1y10m  f     none             Alsatia
Alvine Ganter                 20     m     mason            Germany
Christien Splittebardt        26     m     baker            Germany
Jean Schenckinger             24     m     stonecutter      Germany
Charles Speitel               19     m     barber           Germany
Charles Muller                29     m     shoemaker        Germany
Emilie Muller                 28     f     none             Germany
Charles Muller                 2     m     none             Germany
Joseph Seiler                 23     m     farmer           Germany
Frederic Boy de la Cour       58     m     farmer           USA
Louis Guer                    46     m     miner            France
Victoire Guer                 54     f     none             France
Laurent Marange               21     m     barber           France
Charles Marange               15     m     barber           France
Jacob Heilmann                31     m     ?maker           France
Michel Gebhardt               47     m     sadler           Alsatia
Marie Gebhardt                36     f     none             Alsatia
Jean Brugger                  31     m     carpenter        Switzerland
Jean Dietschi                 19     m     none             Alsatia
Joseph Kubele                 36     m     shoemaker        Germany
Josepha Kubele                33     f     shoemaker        Germany
Egidy Schneider               55     f     shoemaker        US
Jean Erny                     23     m     shoemaker        Alsatia
Louis Weber                   23     m     shoemaker        Alsatia
Georges Neuchscherer          21     m     farmer           Alsatia
Aloyes Boehler                26     m     farmer           Alsatia
Giovanni Paoli                24     m     ingineer         Italy
Victor Fura                   25     m     painter          Italy
Charles Schafer               37     m     merchant         Germany
Gaetano Rossi                 34     m     locksmith        Italy
Bernard Vempe                 23     m     coachbuilder     Germany
Marie Vempe                   30     f     none             Germany
Joseph Andres                 40     m     farmer           Germany
Catherine Andres              39     f     farmer           Germany
Jean Andres                   11     m     farmer           Germany
Anna Andres                    6     f     farmer           Germany
Henry Andres                  19     m     farmer           Germany
Alede(Alide) Kauffmann        18     f     dressmaker       France
Pierr Svanoff                 20     m     studiant         England
Camille Guerre                41     m?    spinster         France
Henry Schmitt                 39     m     gardner          Germany
Aloyse Bergmann               33     m     carpenter        Austria
Albert Dormert                16     m     merchant         Germany
H. Yacinthe Eiche             17     m     merchant         Germany
Frederic Stohler              25     m     farmer           Switzerland
Jacob Goss(Gass)              30     m     farmer           Switzerland
Laurent Rohrer                44     m     coachbuilder     Germany
Amalie Rohrer                 45     f     coachbuilder     Germany
Florentin Rohrer               9     m     coachbuilder     Germany
Malin Wolf                    23     m     tailor           Russia
Larsila Wolf                  21     f     tailor           Russia
Jacob Wolf                    2m     m     none             Russia
Jude Tontheleweiz(?)          22     m     tailor           Russia
Lamud Lumky                   24     m     carpenter        Russia
Lea Lumky                     22     f     carpenter        Russia
Charles Keller                33     m     gardner          Switzerland
Gillaume Holden               31     m     farmer           Germany
Benjamin Guss                 45     m     tailor           Russia
Golde Guss                    40     f     tailor           Russia
David Guss                    20     m     tailor           Russia
Gottleibin Calms              21     f     none             Germany
Jean Eberle                   17     m     tablemaker       Germany
Eva Koch                      24     f     none             Germany
Benjamin Kentuhler(Kentubler) 26     m     shoemaker        Germany
Catherin Pfeiffer             23     f     shoemaker        Germany
Christien Pfeiffer             1     m     shoemaker        Germany
Casper Leber                  26     m     farmer           Germany
Marie Rankin                  29     f     none             France
Crescinda Bornhauder          34     f     none             Germany
Anna Bornhauder               11     f     none             Germany
Otto Bornhauder                7     m     none             Germany
Francois Bornhauder            5     m     none             Germany
Olga Bornhauder               1y6m   f     none             Germany
Hermann Roth                  31     m     shoemaker        Germany
Nicolas Schilder              33     m     carpenter        Switzerland
Marie Schilder                25     m?    carpenter        Switzerland
Francois Schilter             25     m     none             Switzerland
Jean Haussuer                 24     m     locksmith        Switzerland
Ignace Sheber                 37     m     stonecutter      Switzerland
Jean Jaget                    35     m     glassmaker       France
Louise Jaget                   5     f     none             France
Benoit Begey                  48     m     merchant         France
Emille Keller                 16     m     butcher          Alsatia
Jean Malti                    50     m     farmer           Switzerland
Caroline Richard              50     f     none             France
Charles Richard                2     m     none             France
Alice Meguin                  17     f     none             France
Geo. Batta Grandi             41     m     clerk            Italy
Charles Zippt                 44     m     bookkeeper       Switzerland
Christophe Doll               26     m     coachbuilder     Switzerland
Henry Klotz                   36     m     coachbuider      France
Louis Cotteneur               26     m     clerk            France
Antoni Gordandow(n)           43     m     minor            France
Franscenza Trianni            31     m     farmer           Italy
Geo. Batta Paoletti           16     m     farmer           Italy
Luigi Rocchi                  18     m     farmer           Italy
Giovanni Bigongiari           28     m     farmer           Italy
Wachter Carl                  28     m     gardner          Switzerland
Charles Zippt                11y6m   m     none             Switzerland

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uploaded 7-29-2000
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