S.S.LaBretagne LaHavre,Fra1905
 S.S. La Bretagne
LaHavre France 30 Sep 1905- NY 8 Oct 1905

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S.S. La Bretagne
sailing from LaHavre, France,
30 Sep 1905, arriving at the
port of New York, 8 Oct 1905

1. Leone, Exmano?, 52, m, m,
Italy, Italian,
Crose, Paterson, NJ,
1889 to 1905,
wife Marie Ouletella(?)
13 N. 6th St.

2. Leone, Maria, 10, f, s, ch,
Italy, Italian,
Crose, Paterson, NJ, no,
(same as #1).

3. Leone, Carlo, 9, m, s, ch,
(same as #2).

4. Catella, Margherita
(sister-in-law), 54, f, m
(m was marked through and j
was above it), none,
Italy, Italian,
Crose, Paterson NJ, no,
(sister) sameas #1.

5. Cavagnetto, Ines, 27?, f, m, wife,
Italy, Italian,
Uggelio, NY, 1895 & 1905,
husband Servinco?
235 E 26th A.

6. Cavagnetto, Florinda, 8, f, s, ch,
Italy, Italian,
Uggelio, NY, same as
above #5.

7. Cavagnetto, Natale, 4, m, s, ch,
same as #5.

8. Vercelli, Pia, 20, f, m, wife, laborer,
Italy, Italian,
Uggelio, NY, 1900 to 190?,
husband S. Verselli,
235 E. 26th A.

9. Condolini, Angelo, 31, m, m,
Italy, Italian, Tarri, Win____
Conn., 1896 to 1900 in Conn.,
brother Carlo, Win____ Conn.

10. Troi, Santo, 23 or 33, m, s,
Italy, Italian, Neuhanben?,
no, Illazaro?, Bernardo,
604 Conell Ave.