SS City Of Mexico July 12, 1883
SS City Of Mexico

Vera Cruz & Havana to NY
July 12, 1883
Capt. John McIntosh

film donated by Erwin Pavlik
transcribed by RuthAnneLucas  

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Name Age Sex Occup. Country of Origin

Carden D. Echeil 65 m Gov't Official France T. Wexel 35 m merchant US S. Abajador 30 m merchant US W. C. Stoddard 35 m merchant US Mrs. W. C. Stoddard 28 f none US Isaac Kart(Hart) 30 m engineer US J. Vincent 32 m engineer US C. Weber 42 m merchant US E. Marshall 25 m clerk US Adolf Urton 29 m clerk  US A. H. de Inglesia 30 m Army Official Spain Mrs. A. H. de Inglesias 25 f none Spain Francisco Guteirez 31 m husband Spain Laura Belini 27 f actress US Pantalean Alvarèz 33 m merchant Spain Juan Fatgaz(?) Regil(?) 35 m actor Spain Maximo Maurro 42 m actor Spain F. N. Demming 29 m engineer US Josè Castel Dalman(o) 37 m clerk Spain Mrs. J. C. Dalman(o) 28 f none Spain Luis Satella 32 m clerk France Josè Rieaz O???? 40 m merchant Spain Mariano Masina 37 m actor US Ant'o Fernandez 38 m merchant Spain W.M. Pades(Padro) 32 m merchant Spain Francisco Javill Roca 30 m merchant Spain Mrs. M. Agramonti 50 f none Spain W.A. Castle 34 m stud US Nolan H. Shell 22 m stud US Thos. Ramas(Ramos) 28 m stud US Jose Pimental 28 m stud Spain Joaquin Pimental 25 m stud Spain E. Brito 45 m servant Spain J.F. Socarpas 36 m clerk Spain E. Echerameta(Echevameta) 23 m clerk Spain Cagetano Valdes 35 m clerk Spain Luis Rienhardt 30 m merchant US Francisco Rosa 28 m merchant Italy Luca Cella 35 m actor US Carlos E. Lopez 34 m merchant Spain Otto Witting 39 m merchant US Nicolas Campino(Campiro) 28 m gov't off. Mexico Delfin Sanchez 45 m gov't off. Mexico L. Bornegue 46 m servant Mexico Mrs. Ameila Bourdon 32 f none France Joseph Weis 41 m engineer US

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