Citta di Milano
arrived port
New York April 12, 1902
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Aiello ,Natale 46 M Some of these were very hard to


Alessi,Francesois 26 M All were Italian and this ship

sailed from

Alessi, Angelo 30 M Napoli. I cannot read the listing

of towns

Mannino, Nicolo 26 M unless I look at a map so I know how


Niceta (Viceta), Fortunato 46 M spell the names. If any one has any


Marino, Antonio 26 M or additional information from the


Marino, Nicolo 28 M they can e-mail me and I will try

to figure it out.

Alessi, Nicolo 28 M The name I am researching is

Salvatore Cali.

Salenio, Giacomo 28 M Thank you for your time, and you

have a very

Carponi, Michele 31 M interesting and helpful site.

Bellante, Guiseppe 47 M

Martorana, Galtano? ? M Mary Jane Beach

Quegliano, Calgiro ? ? M

Culotta, Guiseppe ? M

Guggiro, Vincenzo 23 M

D'Anata, Francesia ? M

Cicero, Domenico 4 M

Geraci, Cruciano? 39 M

Sparecino, Antonio ? M

Sparecino, Lucia 12 F

Erisa(Crisa), Angelo 23 M

Sireci(?), Filippo 29 M

Postanna(?), Antonino 23 M

Lo Bue, Antonino 14 M

Lo Bue, Jante(?) 11 M

Rizzo, Antonino 24 M

Cali, Salvatore 30 M

LaMendola, Nicolo 12 M

Anzalone,Giovanna 9 F

Bondi, Innocinza ? 1 (?) F