SS OBDAM to NY Oct 21, 1892

Rotterdam to NY October 21,1892

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Rotterdam to NY October 21,1892
Master W Ponser

Name Age M/F Occupation Country
Last Residence Desination

These are the 1 st Class Passengers

Catherine Morat 54 F Wife
USA Auerbach AM Citz Louisville KY

Catherine Fox 26 F None
USA Heinenstadt, Ger " " "

Susanna Becker 22 F None
US Franfurt Ger New York

Max Herm 24 M Physician
Ger Breslau " "

Frederick Hollinger 57 M Military
Holland Amsterdam NewYork waiter

Frederick Hollinger 28 M Lawyer " "

I??? Ungerom?d 40 M Farmer
" Appingdam Maxwell City

Arend " " " " 13 M none

Willie Frissell 21 M clerk
USA Berlin New York

Bernhardt Du???? 57 M merchant
Germany Hardeburg Chicago

Herman Lbintt?ring 25 M ""
Holland Aruhesse New York

Adolf Newson 30 M merchant
Germany Rotterdam Chicago

Richard Henderling 30 M merchant
Germany Brandenberg Chicago

Gustav Pleuger 26 M merchant
Germany Ruhringhausen Hoboken

Heinrich Schraer 27 M merchant Germany " " " " " "

Henrietta??? Paurerh 48 F wife
Holland Uden Custer Montana

Clara Schmelling 28 F none
Germeny Goelitz New York

Ferdinand Funske 34 M merchant
USA Biblis Evansville,Ind

Carolina Funske 27 F none
"" " "

Mary Kuinders 38 F none
Amsterdam Butte City,Montana

These above are the 1 st Class Passengers

Alice ""9 F none Amsterdam Butte Montana

Adam Schwarzholz 39 M grocer
USA Amer Ciz Connersville

Catherina " " 37 F wife"""""""

Ludwig Staden 28 M Merchant
Germany Daruistedt Hicksville,Ohio

Carlotta """"""4? F wife """"""""""

Melitta """""""1 F none"

Katherina Wanig? 27 F servant "

Elise'''''''''''''''''''''''''17 F

Johann Sharp 55 M Merchant
USA Paris New York

Hendrik Huizen 51 M Merchant
Holland Groningen Chicago

Babetta Ban?s 44 F wife Germany
Wurzburg New York (visitor)

Franz """""""""" 10 M none

Hedwig Dobbeisn 19 F none
Germany Linburg New York

Louise Mayer 29 F wife
USA Basel Paterson,NJ

Louise'''''''''''5 F none''''''''''''''''

Anna''''''3 F none''''''''''''

Eddy """""11 mos M"""""

Heinrich Behliner 36 M merchant
USA Bremen Boston,Mass

MArgaretha """"" 63 F wife Germany

Marx Feldman 43 M merchant
USA Louden Boston,Mass

This end 1st Class

Alex Kovchek 27 M Farmer
Germany Ve?pen Ark???City,Kansas

Earl Rodenberger 17 M Baker
Germany Freudenthal Brooklyn

Pauline Arl? 465 F wife
Germany Halle ?? Saale Brooklyn,NY (Permanent)

Gertrude"""""16 F none """""""""

William Dyk 20 M merchant
Holland Haarten Chicago,Ill

Josephine Kemper 16 F none
Germany Aham? Richland Pa

Bernandina """""""11 F"""""""""""

Auguste Meisner 41 Fwife
Germany Chei?mitz Paterson.NJ

KArl""" 18 male tailor"""""""""""

Godtfreid ? (looks like Huth )24 M merchant
Germany Crefeld Chicago
Helene """""""""""26 F""""""""""""

Lucie"""""""4 F none""""""

Dora"""""""2 F """"

Fritz ?iahauser 21 M butcher
Germany Grafenberg ?unbal W

Bertha Ring 51 F none
Germany Hirsau Pittsburg,PA

Fredericka Hartmann 52 F wife
Germany Dechlenburg Allegheny City,PA

Sofie Bircher20 F wife """""""""

Friedrick'''''''''''24 M carpenter"""""""""""""

Leonhard Graf 56 M merchant
USA Rotterdam Chicago,Ill

Josef Hiller ?7 brewer
Germany Uliss Jersey City,NJ

Carl Bauer 19 M merchant
Germany Gundelsheim New York

Clara Lenz 24 F none
Germany Stuttgart Ka????????

Pauline Rapp 19 F none Germany"""""
New York

E milie Se???sler 24 F """"

Marten Barth 28 M coachman
Germany Nordheim Cleveland Ohio

Marcia Koch 22 F none
Munchen New York

Elisabeth Barth 28 F wife
Germany Nordheim Cleveland,Ohio

Emma Schultz ?? F wife
Germany Stuttgart New York

Emma Pahl 28 F none
Germany Stuttgart T????Montana

Ka?hie Wenger 25 F none
Germany Stuttgart Philadelphia,PA

Lina ?hey 18 F none
Germany Ulm New YorK

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