SS Patria 1920

SS Patria
in New York on April 14, 1920.

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Innocenti Leonilde 30 female
Bologna Giovanni 27 male
wife Federici Anna 26 female
Gamba Maria Grazia 56 female
Carlomagno Maria Annunz. 56 female
Paura Maria Veronica 60 female
Spinetta Adele 28 female
Paolini Camillo 20 male
Berardini Antonio 28 male
Corbo Giuseppe 24 male
wife Sarrocco Maria Paolo 27 female
Sarrocco Giovantommaso 16 male
Perrotta Rosa 51 female
daughter Gaudioso Bocca 17 female
Nicola Gregorio 30 male
wife Demitria 23 female
Anastas Pietro 23 male
Capraro Andreana 28 female
Martella Michela 39 female
Zenobio Eugenio 25 male
Tosto Giuseppe 32 male
Mauro Antonio 22 male
Lavorato Pietro 26 male
Rogato Filomena 20 female

The names above Sarrocco are part
of my family and the name is spelled

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