SS Plato July 20, 1883 Rio de Janeiro-NY
SS Plato

Rio de Janeiro - NY
July 20, 1883
Capt. Fredk. Graham



film donated by Erwin Pavlik
transcribed by RuthAnneLucas

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Louise Rose Peluof  29   f   -      France   France   U.S   3pkgs   Cabin     visitor
Clara Coberstin(?)  35   f   -        -        -       "    10-"-   Steerage  permanent
Jno. Murtagh        35   m   clerk  U.S      U.S       "     4-"-   Steerage      "
Kate Murtagh         3   f   -      -"-        "       "               "          "
Annie Murtagh        4   f   -      -"-        "       "               "          "
C.W. Moore          39   m   farmer -"-        "       "     1-"-      "          "


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