SS Republic -- July 13, 1883 -- Liverpool & Queenstown to NY
SS Republic

Liverpool & Queenstown to NY
July 13, 1883
Capt. P.J. Tronig


 film donated by Erwin Pavlik
transcribed by RuthAnneLucas

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Robt. Ridell 30 m minor England Caroline King 55 f servant England Elizabeth Hawkins 40 f servant England ? Hay 22 f servant England Jos. McGuchan 20 m laborer England Ellen Rudford 45 f wife England John C. Rudford 11 m child England Hannah Rudford 9 f child England Walter McAndrews 27 m joiner England ? McCann 17 f ? England John ? Brunson 46 m miner US John Regan 19 m miner England Ellen Fay 32 f servant England John Fay inf m infant England Mathew Gallagher 18 m miner England Hugh Clark 28 m miner England Mary ?(Swineth) 26 f servant England John ?(Swineth) 4 m child England Mary Leadum 38 f wife England Wm. Leadum 21 m laborer England Humét Leadum 18 f servant England Lucy Ann Leadum 16 f servant England Thos. Leadum 11 m child England Edw'd Leadum 10 m child England Jos. Leadum 8 m child England Hannah Leadum 7 f child England John Leadum 5 m child England Henry Caten 25 m farmer England Mary Caten 23 f wife England Mary Caten inf f infant England Christina DeComsky 30 f wife England Kat?? DeComsky 10 f child England John DeComsky 7 m child England Christina DeComsky inf f infant England Jos. DeComsky 3 m child England Mary Watson 38 f housekeeper England Jos. Bannington 40 m farmer England Louisa Bannington 40 f wife England Mary Roden 27 f wife England Emma? Roden 10 f child England Mary Roden 7 f child England Jos. Roden 5 m child England John Drolin 40 m minor England Mary Drolin 40 f wife England John Drolin 23 m laborer England Ann Drolin 11 f child England Arthur Drolin 4 m child England Eliza'th Prudu(?) 56 f wife England Wm. Prudu(?) 57 m farmer England Jos. Prudu(?) 19 m farmer England John Prudu(?) 19 m farmer England Geo. Davis 39 m farmer England Mary Davis 36 f wife England Jos. Carlon 22 m minor Ireland John Quinn 19 m minor Ireland Jos. Huiderich 32 m minor US Eliza Murley 25 f servant Ireland Kathr Duran 22 f servant Ireland Mary Loug 56 f housekeeper Ireland Hugh Ridell 22 m laborer US Mich'l Flannigan 21 m laborer Ireland Mary Stott 20 f servant Ireland Mary Filey 25 f servant Ireland Eliza Filey inf f infant Ireland Hugh Corican 25 m laborer Ireland Wm. Manny 40 m miner Ireland Edw'd Kinney 20 m miner Ireland David Kinney 11 m child Ireland Thos Smith 29 m laborer Ireland Alixd'r Clark 24 m farmer Ireland Marg't Clark 20 f wife Ireland Isabella Borsen 18 f spinster Ireland Rhoda Borsen 16 f spinster Ireland Mary Hall 40 f servant Ireland Mich'l Scollney(Scallney) 18 m miner Ireland Mary Rundo(Runde) 23 f servant Ireland Pat'k Rundo(runde) inf m infant Ireland Helen Durkin 19 f ? Ireland Mary Boylen 22 f ? Ireland John Hummell(?) 40? m miner US Pat Boylen 22 m miner Ireland Fannie(?) Wilson 26 f wife England Mary Wilson 8 f child England Sarah Wilson 3 f child England Benj'm Wilson inf m infant England Eliza'th Croens 33 f wife England Croen Croens 11 m child England Edwd. Croens 6 m child England Rich'd Croens 5 m child England John Croens 4 m child England Sarah Croens inf f infant England John Hastings 40 m laborer England Mary Hastings 34 f wife England Henry Hastings 11 m child England John Hastings 8 m child England Mary Cusack 24 f servant England Hana Mitts 22 f servant England Henry Moffatt 38 m miner US Eliza'th Davis 28 f housekeeper England Mary Fours 27 f wife England Mary Fours 8 f child England Elias Fours 6½ m child England Dan'l Fours 5 m child England Wm. Fours 3½ m child England Eliza'th Fours inf f infant England John Evans 28 m farmer England Ellen Evans 27 f wife England Mary Williams 50 f wife England Nellie Williams 11 f child England Edwin Williams 9 m child England Thos Williams 7 m child England Florence Williams 5 f child England Sarah Williams inf f infant England Tho's Kelly 23 m laborer Ireland Marg't Kehol 22 f servant Ireland C. ?underwitz 19 m farmer Sweden Fras.Johnson 35 m farmer Sweden Louisa Johnson 36 f wife Sweden Amalia Johnson 15 f spinster Sweden Lars Jansen 22 m laborer Sweden August Kindër 44 m laborer Sweden Hilda Kindër 42 f housekeeper Sweden Maria Johnson 20 f spinster Sweden Alf'd Johnson 17 m laborer Sweden Heinrich Brand 18 m laborer Sweden Era Hack(Hach) 54 f housekeeper Sweden Amanda Hack(Hach) 15 f servant Sweden Susan Hack(Hach) 11 f child Sweden Lars ? Hack(Hach) 9 m child Sweden Christina Anderson 23 f servant Sweden Husbenna(?) Steuberg 47 m farmer Sweden Johanna Steuberg 18 f servant Sweden Maria Peterson 37 f servant Sweden Johan Peterson 20 m miner Sweden Lina(?) Peterson 5 f child Sweden Visola(?) Peterson 3 f child Sweden Maria Summdus(Summens?) 20 f servant Sweden Erica Larson 20 f servant Sweden Mary Johanson 22 f servant Sweden Ida Anderson 19 f servant Norway Cath Anderson 31 f wife Norway Erick Anderson 4½ m child Norway Ida Anderson inf f infant Norway Selina Anderson inf f infant Norway C. Ulman 22 m farmer Norway A.M. Falkstrom 20 m farmer Norway Anna Johanson 29 f wife Norway Carl Johanson 5 m child Norway Anton Johanson 4 m child Norway Alexander Johanson inf m child Norway Augusta Green 22 m laborer Norway Emma Spits(Sputs) 24 f servant Norway Chas Ericson 28 m miner Norway Mathilda Person 18 f spinster Norway John Christensen 23 f? spinster? Norway Dorothea Larsen(Larcen) 22 f spinster Norway Hans Hemmigen 22 m miner Norway Nils Sederson 30 m miner Norway Emma Carlson 24 f spinster Norway Bridine Hansen 25 f servant Norway John Hansen inf m child Norway Arne Souehenter(?) 25 f servant Norway Dorthea Haklin 20 f servant Norway Lois Marsoillr(v) 63 m farmer ?Denmark Mathew Marsoillr(v) 73 f wife ?Denmark Steaes(?) Marsoillr(v) 11½ m child ?Denmark Lars Marsoillr(v) 10 m child ?Denmark Kasen Marsoillr(v) 10 m child ?Denmark Hans Marsoillr(v) 8 m child ?Denmark Louisa Marsoillr(v) 5 f child ?Denmark Ingeberg Marsoillr(v) 4 f child ?Denmark Anne Marsoillr(v) inf f infant ?Denmark Martin Julius Marsoillr(v) inf m infant ?Denmark Sander Knüdsen 18 m miner ?Denmark Christin Nilson 20 f servant ?Denmark Anne Pash 38 f wife ?Denmark Clara Pash 11 f child ?Denmark Louisa Gutbrande 25 f servant ?Denmark Ole Maspussen(?) 20 m farmer ?Denmark Christ. Andersen 18 m farmer ?Denmark Oluf Andersen 22 m farmer ?Denmark Ole Boustend 18 m farmer ?Denmark Maria Foan 22 f spinster ?Denmark Carl Johanson 19 m miner ?Denmark Mathilda Samulson 22 f servant ?Denmark Ponters(?) Olsen 29 m farmer ?Denmark Lars Larsen 48 m farmer ?Denmark Margreita Nilson 50 f wife Sweden Jons. Suffestrom 20 m mason? Sweden Grundel Suffestrom 17 m mason? Sweden Anna Suffestrom 11½ f child Sweden Anna Jacobsen 27 f spinster Sweden Louisa Samuelson 11 f child Sweden Anna Samuelson 4 f child Sweden Albert Samuelson 3 m child Sweden Johan Nilson 20 m mason Sweden Carl Jonson 19 m tailor Sweden Peters Landers 38 m laborer Sweden Carl Hutberg 16 m laborer Sweden Hesten Anderson 47 f housekeeper Sweden Chas. Dahlgrud 26 m laborer Sweden Joha. Carlson 25 f spinster Sweden Carl Anderson 35 m farmer Sweden Aug. Johanssen 19 m farmer Sweden Mathilda Gudason 20 f spinster Sweden Enock Ekhund 40 m laborer US Cath. Erickson 19 f servant Sweden John Rudbach 35 m laborer Sweden Anna Jonson 25 f servant Sweden Casper Larson 24 f servant Sweden J. Ekgrun 38 m farmer Sweden Adolfia Ekgrun 35 f wife Sweden Judith Ekgrun 3 f child Sweden Victoria Ekgrun inf f infant Sweden J. Anderson 27 m laborer Sweden Ole Thorell 40 m farmer Sweden Oscar Bingston 27 m farmer Sweden Carl ? 50 m farmer Sweden J.A. Erickson 24 m farmer Sweden E. Johnson 8 m child Sweden Augusta Johnson 4 f child Sweden Elinna(?) Johnson inf f infant Sweden Johan Krindrill(Krindrell) 11½ m child Germany Carl Krindrill(Krindrell) 10½ m child Germany Per Krindrill(Krindrell) 8 m child Germany Ecberd(?) Krindrill(Krindrell) 4½ m child Germany Ida Krindrill(Krindrell) inf f infant Germany Hans Person 17 m laborer Germany Peter Peterson 20 m laborer Germany Lars Olsen 19 m laborer Germany L??ie Person 24 m laborer Germany Franz Mittasch 30 m farmer Germany Rosalina Mittasch 24 f wife Germany Franz Mittasch 4 m child Germany Sofia Mittasch inf f infant Germany Marie Walisch 11 f child Germany Maria Hogarsann 28 f spinster Germany Hans Haguesauer 58 m farmer Germany Antonia Haguesauer 63 f wife Germany Syria Hoginstand 28 f spinster Germany Hanken Hoginstand inf m infant Germany Kirsten Person 23 m laborer Germany W. Anderson 25 f spinster Germany Ole Hulowrusen 32 m laborer Germany Geo. Failberg 30 m laborer Germany Mastrum Andersen 33 m laborer Germany Carl Rerigted(?) 22 m laborer Germany Peter Torgensen(Jorgensen) 37 m laborer Germany Peter Jacobson 10 m child Germany Sofia ?lusen 38 f wife Sweden Gertrude ?lusen 18 f spinster Sweden Anna ?lusen 12 f child Sweden Juen(?) ?lusen 10 m child Sweden Jonna ?lusen 7 f child Sweden Frederick ?lusen 5 m child Sweden Theodore ?lusen inf m infant Sweden Hocken Anliksen(?) 21 m laborer Sweden Ole Askunstren 21 m laborer Sweden Henry Carvey 34 m traveller England Martin Leonard 21 m ? England E. Moore 22 m farmer England Geo. Moore 20 m farmer England Emma Clark 27 m? machinist? England Sam'l Lei 24 m clerk England ? McKisud(?) 20 m ? England Cath. McKinsud(?) 16 f ? England Mary Collins 29 f wife England Chas. Huber 21 m musician England Edw'd Richardson 32 m accountant England Fannie Richardson 31 f wife England Lillian Richardson 9 f child England Percy Richardson 7 m child England Ethel Richardson 4 f child England Clarice Richardson inf f infant England John Richardson inf m infant England Arthur Farrell 24 m merchant England Mary Hoyh(?) 22 f servant England Mary Touer(Tower) 26 f servant England Mgt. Reilly 26 f servant England Francis Farssim(?) 17 m tailor England Pat. Finan(?) 18 m tailor England J. Makepease 25 m farmer England Hannah Makepease 20 f wife England Alf. Sutt(Tutt,Futt) 30 m clerk England ?  Harmon 41 m smith England Jno. Davies 25 m smith England Mary Moso(?) 16 f servant England Wm. Smith 38 m plumber US Thos. Clayton 20 m laborer England Wm. Williams 55 m laborer England Wm. E. Curtis 21 m laborer England Ebe. Grindley 23 m miner England Mich'l McCarthy 22 m laborer Ireland Pat. McCarthy 21 m laborer Ireland Joe. Herunn(Hleunn) 28 m merchant Ireland Marg't Herunn(Hleunn) 21 f wife Ireland Lucy Herunn(Hleunn) inf f infant Ireland Sam'l Hawkins 19 m ? England Mary Hawkins 17 f spinster England Cath. Carlon 18 f spinster England Jow. Harlow 30 m laborer England James Wills 25 m laborer England Jen.(?) Henry 40 m laborer England Jos. Brown 20 m laborer England Nelis McBride 30 m laborer England J? Thompson 27 m miner England Jas. Perky 22 m miner England J. Rosby 26 m miner England Dennis ?aword(?) 26 m laborer England Wm. Johnston 20 m laborer England Pat Brown 26 m laborer England Rich'd Parder 20 m miner England James Downes 20 m clerk England Fenton McEroy 30 m miner England Philip Watters 40 m miner England Mary Anderson 24 f spinster England Ralph Jones 21 m farmer England Thos. Clark 24 m farmer England Mary Haas 26 f servant England Hanna Seasson 25 f servant England Wm. Firth 45 m painter England Ann Firth 42 f wife England Eliza'th Firth 18 f spinster England Arthur Firth 14 m artist England Edw'd Hardwick 34 m mechanic US Wm. Slutterly 25 m tailor England Jane Slutterly 23 f wife England Cath. Flood 21 f servant England Mary Slonne 16 f servant England Edw. E?dwistle 19 m miner England J. Hardwick 11 m child England Henry Perkins 27 m laborer US Katr. Perkins 26 f wife England Thos. Hancutt 35 m laborer England Patrenia Hancutt 20 f wife England Thos. Milliner 21 m laborer England Wm. Tres(?) 34 m laborer England Robt. Nicholson 27 m laborer England Mary Nicholson 26 f wife England J. McCarten 17 m laborer England Robt. Ashforth 42 m smith England Sarah Hranaghan 35 f wife Ireland Arthur Hranaghan 14 m laborer Ireland Ernest Hranaghan 11 m child Ireland Leopold Hranaghan 11 m child Ireland Anna Hranaghan 7 f child Ireland J. Connolly 28 m farmer Ireland P. Daniels 19 m farmer Ireland J. Hasseth(Hassett) 25 m f'man Ireland J. Roberts 42 m ? Ireland Cath Roberts 36 f wife Ireland Ida Roberts 11 f child Ireland Jos. Roberts 5 m child Ireland Eliza'th Collins 30 f ? Ireland Mich'l McDonnell 32 m ? Ireland Thos. Wide 40 m farmer US Herbert Ash 16 m laborer Ireland Asa Illingworth 27 m ? Ireland Fred Blacke 20 m laborer Ireland Alf Talbot 42 m laborer Ireland Henry Talbot 16 m laborer Ireland Thos. Cullughan 20 m laborer Ireland Pat. Waldron 45 m laborer Ireland Pat. Waldron 11 m child Ireland Edwin Williams 22 m miner England Hugh Ellis 19 m miner England Steven Cates 24 m miner England Jos. Alexander 24 m miner US Amos Broch 35 m miner US Lester Priestly 26 m farmer England Mary Priestly 25 f wife England Thos. Monaghan 25 m laborer Ireland Thos. Parey 28 m laborer US Mat.  ? 27 m laborer US Mary Mathews 29 f seamstress Ireland Ellen King 18 f seamstress Ireland Wm. Wilson 30 m miner US Mary Oxtom(?) inf f infant Ireland C. Fenruley 24 m laborer Ireland Tho. Rooney 25 m laborer Ireland W. Ford 30 m laborer US J. Hawkins 35 m laborer Ireland Marg't Lovy 20 f servant Ireland Marg't McGovern 20 f servant Ireland Thos. Hughes 20 m laborer Ireland J. ? 22 m laborer Ireland Mary Owen 7 f child Ireland David Hepburn 25 m farmer Ireland Wm. Kirklann(Kirklain) 54 m farmer Ireland P. Carroll 35 m farmer Ireland Mary Carroll 24 f wife Ireland Wm. Lampin 29 m laborer Ireland Geo. Knight 26 m laborer Ireland J. McGregor 32 m mechanic Ireland Mary McGregor 32 f wife Ireland Oscar McGregor 14 m mechanic Ireland J. Wilkinson 42 m laborer Ireland J. McKay 25 m laborer US J. James 29 m laborer Ireland J. Gallaghan 25 m laborer US J. Hastings inf m infant Ireland J. Whitton 27 m laborer Ireland C. Anderson 22 f wife Ireland Susan Anderson inf f infant Ireland Mary Dockeroy 17 f spinster Ireland Wm. Hardern 45 m laborer Ireland Ann Gratmon 19 f spinster Ireland Wm. Chapman 25 m laborer Ireland Jacob Olsen 19 m laborer Ireland J. Reilly 25 m laborer Ireland Pat. Fitzsimmonds 25 m laborer Ireland Ann Ford 30 f spinster Ireland Pat. Boylen 5 m child Ireland Mary Boylen inf f infant Ireland Alva Davis inf f infant Ireland Florence Davis inf f infant Ireland Wm. Holmes 45 m mechanic US Peter Carroll 26 m laborer Ireland J. Goff 20 f spinster Ireland Ellen Mahon 20 f spinster Ireland Kate Madden 24 f spinster Ireland Mary Meara 25 f spinster Ireland Ellen CorO Huen 20 f wife Ireland Brid't Huen 4 f child Ireland Kat'r Huen inf f infant Ireland Pat. McEroy 30 m laborer Ireland Ellen O'Neall 28 f spinster Ireland Mary O'Connell 22 f spinster Ireland Marg't O'Connell 20 f spinster Ireland Thos. O'Connor 20 m laborer Ireland Marg't O'Connor 18 f spinster Ireland Fanny Hayes 40 f spinster Ireland Marg't Gubbins 40 f spinster Ireland Jno. Gubbins 11 m child Ireland Mary McLimby 45 f wife Ireland Mary McLimby 20 f spinster Ireland Pat McLimby 17 m laborer Ireland Jas. McLimby 15 m laborer Ireland Mich'l McLimby 11 m child Ireland Marg't McLimby 10 f child Ireland Ellen McLimby 9 f child Ireland Honor McLimby 7 f child Ireland Edw'd McLimby 5 m child Ireland Mary Lynch 19 f spinster Ireland Jm. McGrath 17 m laborer Ireland Mich'l McSweeney 35 m laborer Ireland Hana McSweeney 25 f wife Ireland Mary Grumand 14 f spinster Ireland Jas. Maloney 31 m laborer Ireland Pat. Hunter 20 m laborer Ireland Pat. Comins(?) 20 m laborer Ireland Julin Prove(Prone) 18 f spinster Ireland Katr. Clensy 20 f spinster Ireland Jno. Ferin 21 m laborer Ireland Brid. Ferin 20 f spinster Ireland Ann Gallagher 56 f spinster Ireland Ann Forvey(?) 17 f spinster Ireland Julin McGrath 20 f spinster Ireland Mary Mulcahy 19 f spinster Ireland John Philpot 21 m laborer Ireland Marg't Keown 70 f wife Ireland John Keown 9 m child Ireland Jno. Naughton 26 m laborer Ireland Mich'l McNanery 19 m laborer Ireland Jno. Fitzwald 35 m laborer Ireland Thos. Fitzpatrick 23 m laborer Ireland S. Moran 21 m laborer Ireland Matt Cassidy 32 m laborer Ireland Pat Honugan 20 m laborer Ireland Jas. McCartey 18 m laborer Ireland Thos. Halrud 21 m laborer Ireland Mich'l Kennedy 28 m laborer Ireland J. K(a)o(nn)uph(?) 20 m laborer Ireland D. Sullivan 17 m laborer Ireland J. Curran 27 m laborer Ireland Thos. Ferman 24 m laborer Ireland Jos. Ferman 18 m laborer Ireland J. Fitzgerald 20 m laborer Ireland Wm. Doulan 23 m laborer Ireland Krist. Hayes 20 f spinster Ireland Jos. Hayes 22 m farmer Ireland Julia Hayes 54 f wife Ireland Josephine Hayes 50 f spinster Ireland Brid. Hayes 25 f spinster Ireland C. Fitzgerald 15 m laborer Ireland Jno. Harry 20 m laborer Ireland Ellen Driscoll 20 f spinster Ireland Mary Murphy 20 f spinster Ireland Mary Moss 18 f spinster Ireland D. Sullivan 18 m laborer Ireland Cath. Deuran 40 f spinster Ireland Pearce Nayle 24 m laborer Ireland Pearce Nayle 66 m laborer Ireland Mary Ryan 72 f spinster Ireland Mary Carroll 26 f spinster Ireland Maggie Foley 24 f spinster Ireland Brid. Magennos 15 f wife Ireland Brid. Donohue 30 f spinster Ireland Pat. McGruminson(?) 24 m laborer Ireland Marg'te McGrumuson 10 f child Ireland Ellen McGrumuson 8 f child Ireland Geo. McGrumuson 6 m child Ireland Mich'l McGrumuson 4 m child Ireland Mary Doroley inf f infant Ireland Mary Trainior 21 f spinster Ireland Martin McGusman 22 m laborer Ireland Pat McNarma 21 m laborer Ireland Jos. Reilly 28 m laborer Ireland Pat. Wald 18 m laborer Ireland Mary Stewart 23 f spinster Ireland J. Mooney 30 m laborer US Julia Gushman 19 f spinster Ireland Mary Connolly 50 f wife Ireland Maggie Connolly 12 f spinster Ireland Brid. McJ?nny 19 f spinster Ireland Jas. ONeill 18 m laborer Ireland J. McMilenille(?) 25 m laborer Ireland Jane Hayes 18 f spinster Ireland Pat Carroll 14 m laborer Ireland Pat Kennullan 20 m laborer Ireland Maria Ahern 18 f spinster Ireland J. McNarma 40 m laborer Ireland Mrs. McNarma 40 f wife Ireland John McNarma 16 m laborer Ireland Jane Smith 11 f child Ireland Katr. Colgan 20 f spinster Ireland Nellie Driscoll 27 f spinster Ireland Mary Dempsy 19 f spinster Ireland Hugh Leonard 21 m laborer Ireland Brid. Sullivan 19 f spinster Ireland Nora Sullivan 20 f spinster Ireland Maggie Sullivan 32 f spinster Ireland Brid. McCarthy inf f infant Ireland J. O'Heine 16 m laborer Ireland J. Hefferman 18 m laborer Ireland Mary Lyons 20 f spinster Ireland Katr. Mulrendy 21 f spinster Ireland Hana Corbett 20 f spinster Ireland Maria Ryan 18 f spinster Ireland J. O'Hurn 20 m laborer Ireland Mary O'Hurn 19 f spinster Ireland Nora O'Hurn 3 f child Ireland Ellen O'Hurn inf f infant Ireland Ellen Lynch 20 f spinster Ireland Mary Hayes 19 f spinster Ireland Marg't Lasoles 17 f spinster Ireland Thos. Wilson 10 m child Ireland Julia McColly 18 f spinster Ireland J. Mahoney 30 m laborer Ireland J. Sluck 16 m laborer Ireland Andrew Bolan 21 m laborer Ireland S. Furlony 22 f spinster Ireland Thos. Naughton 21 m laborer Ireland Pat Sullivan 19 m laborer Ireland Mary Undell 15 f spinster Ireland Julia Undell 20 f spinster Ireland Wm. Holohan 26 m laborer Ireland Pat Kearn 15 m laborer Ireland Mary Raycroft 16 f spinster Ireland Jane Raycroft 12 f child Ireland Mich'l Kelley 20 m laborer Ireland Marg't Murray 10 f spinster Ireland Brid. O'?eefs(O'?eeps) 20 f spinster Ireland Ann O'?eefs(O'?eeps) 20 f spinster Ireland J. Lyons 26 m laborer Ireland Calli Lyons 6 m child Ireland Redmond Lyons 5 m child Ireland Walter Lyons 4 m child Ireland Thos. Lyons 3 m child Ireland Ann McMahon 26 f spinster Ireland Wm. Wainright 28 m laborer Ireland

Wm. A. Moran                39    m    comd.          US
F. W. Robinson              42    m    comd.          US
J.C. Cunar(?)               53    m    comd.          Canada
W. M. Goff                  47    m    comd.          US
H. Hianchi Jr.              20    m    comd.          US
Leopold Duham               24    m    comd.          US
J. Hianchi                  48    m    comd.          US
Sarah Hianchi               40    f    wife           US
Julia Ashman                37    f    wife           England
John Ashman                  8    m    child          England
Chas. Ashman                 6    m    child          England
Martin Ashman                5    m    child          England
Julia Ashman                inf   f    infant         England
Augustine Hall               7    f    child          England
F. Parker                   40    m    comd.          US
John Parker                 42    m    Royal Navy     US
Katr. Crosby                38    f    spinster       US
Mary Gray                   41    f    wife           US
Rebecca Whitten             20    f    wife           US
Nellie Whitten              15    f    spinster       US
Paul Butter                 31    m    comd.          US
John Lawson                 40    m    comd.          Ireland
J.W. Haskell                46    m    comd.          US
Julia Haskell               38    f    wife           US
Arthur Mantors              48    m    comd.          US
Josie Mantors               37    f    wife           US
J.K. Harsey                 36    m    comd.          US
Hugh Bellas                 41    m    comd.          US
T.H. Wood                   50    m    comd.          US
T. Faulkin                  27    m    comd.          US
Arthur Crosby               49    m    comd.          US
Mary Crosby                 36    f    wife           US
Thos. Burdell               34    m    surgeon        US
F. Sullivan                 32    m    comd.          US
P. Smith                    28    m    comd.          US
Martha Waters               25    f    wife           US
A. Campbell                 31    m    comd.          US
J. Brayley                  28    m    comd.          US
D.W. Grundersy              35    m    comd.          US
A. Stein                    36    m    comd.          US
Maggie Shecwin(?)           17    f    spinster       US
Sarah Brown                 30    f    maid           England
Georgian Dunn               32    f    spinster       England
Hug(?) G(?) Nules           39    m    mayor          US
Mary Nules                  34    f    wife           US
A. Talbot                   37    m    comd.          Canada
Thos. Harad(?)              28    m    surgeon        Japan  
Ernest Schefer              22    m    comd.          US
P.P. Filipachi              34    m    comd.          US
J. Shiner(?)                48    m    comd.          US
Julia Hotart                30    f    spinster       US
W.T. Hardy                  30    m    comd.          US
Alex'r Young                57    m    comd.          US
Mary Young                  45    f    wife           US
Geo. Schawb                 48    m    comd.          US
Rebecca Schwab              41    f    wife           US
Julia Schwab                17    f    spinster       US
Edw'd J. Carter             35    m    comd.          US
Dav'd Bacon                 29    m    comd.          US
John Ellis                  47    m    comd.          US
Sarah Ellis                 40    f    wife           US
E.E. Horsell                38    m    comd.          US
Geo. Arnold                 27    m    comd.          US
Wm. Hunteman                31    m    comd.          US
Geo. Sellman                28    m    comd.          US

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uploaded 8-2-2000
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