SS SARMATIAN18thApril 1903





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Lieut. Ed. Pitts, R.N., Commander

18th. April, 1903

Second Cabin

Mr. J. D. L. Armour
Mr. William Barnett
Mr. Charles Britee
Mr. Archd. Brown*
Mrs. Brown*
Master Archd. Brown *
Mr. Thomas D. Brown
Mr. Ernest Campbell
Mr. Edgar Cochrane
Mr. John Cole
Mr. Robert Cole
Mr. David Cook
Mr. John Cook
Mr. Geo. Crammond
Mr. Robert Crammond
Mr.Peter A. Cruickshank
Mrs. Cruickshank
Miss Annie Cruickshank
Miss C. B. Cruickshank
Mr. J.H. Davies
Mr. George Dick
Mrs Dick
And Infant
Mr. Adam Dickson
Mr. William Faicnie
Mrs. Faichne
Mr. David Farmer
Mr. John Ferguson
Mr. Thomas Finlay
Mrs. Finlay
Mr. Andrew Forrester
Mr. Samuel L. Fulton*
Mrs. Fulton*
Mr. William Fulton
Mr. Robert S. Fulton
Miss Eliza B. Fulton
Mr. George Fyfe
Miss L. Galloway
Mr. Alex. Gibb
Mr. James M. Gibson
Mr. David Glenday
Mr. Edward Gray
Mr. Richard Hetherington
Mr. William Holt
Miss Lizzie B. Horn
Mr. Henry Hulme
Mr. David Inglis
Mr. H. Keller*
Mrs. Keller*
Miss J. W. Keller*
Master V. Keller*
Miss E. Keller*
Mr. Wm. Kennedy
Mrs. Kennedy
Master Daniel Kennedy
Master Alex. Kennedy
Mr. James Laird*
Mrs. Laird*
Mr. J. A. Laird*
Mrs. Laird*
Mr. G. W. Laird*
Mr. H. J. Laird*
Mr. Robert Lang
Mr. Robert Laurie
Miss Marion Laurie
Miss Jessie Laurie
Mr. James Laurie
Miss Maggie Laurie
Mr. Wm. Laurie
Mrs. Nellie Laurie
Master Robert Laurie
Miss Annie Laurie
Miss Mima Laurie
Miss Jeanie Laurier
Mr. Thomas Lawson *
Mr. Alex Lockhart
Mr. Alex McAdam
Mr. James Macarthur
Mr. Matthew McAthey*
Mr. Gavin McColl
Mr. John McDonald
Mr. John McGibbon*
Mr. Hugh Macintyre
Mr. John Mackay
Mr. Archibald McKenzie
Mr. Daniel McKenzie
Mr. John McKenzie
Mr. John McLean
Mrs. McLean
Miss Mary H. McLean
Miss Jeanie McLean
Miss Agnes McLean
Miss Nellie McLean
Miss Lizzie McLean
Mr. Wm. McNiven
Mr. T. McQueen
Mr. Robt. J. Main
Mr. Wm. J. May
Mr. Neil Meiklejohn
Miss E. Meldrum
Mr. Alex Melville
Mr. James Miller
Mrs. Miller
Miss Elizabeth Miller
Miss Isa. Miller
Mr. James Mitchell
Mr. James Moffat
Mr. Robert Mowbray
Mr. Alex H. Moyes
Mr. Fred Plant *
Mr. Alex. Prentice
Mr. Peter Ramsay
Mr. Wm. Ratcliff
Mrs. Ratcliff
Miss Ratcliff
Master James Ratcliff
Master Thomas Ratcliff
Master Alex. Ratcliff
Mr. Colin Rattray
Mr. Michael Reynolds
Mr. Robert S. Robertson
Mr. John Rodger
Mrs Rodger
Mr. Alex. Ronald
Miss Janet Ross*
Mr. James Ruddman
Mr. Robert Scott
Mrs. Scott
Mr. Archd. G. R. Scott
Miss M. J. Scott
Miss G. Scott
Master Robert Scott
Miss E. Scott
Master David J. Scott
Mr. Donald Scott
Mrs. Scott
Mr. John Scott
Mr. Walter Scott
Mr. Angus Scott
Master Donald Scott
Miss Jeanie Scott
Mr. Wm. B. Shepherd
Mr. John Steeves Jr.
Mrs. M. Steeves
Miss Annie Steeves
Miss M. F. Stewart

Mr. George Simmers
Mr. Alex J. Swan
Mr. Wm. Taylor
Mr. Alex Waterston
Mrs. Waterston
Miss Waterston
Mr. David Yarrol
Mrs. Yarrol
Mr. Robert Yarrol
Mr. Alex Yarrol
Mr. Robert Young
Mr. John Yuille

Note: * designates further info available
on request

Hope this is of use to someone.
Material was taken from passenger's list
printed at time of departure and recovered
from some of the Keller family
[email protected]