From Liverpool to NY
July 9, 1883


This Film has been purchased and donated by
[email protected] (Erwin A. Pavlik)
transcribed by
RuthAnn Lucas


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name , age, sex, where from


John A Kinson 33 m mason England

Sarah Alsham 38 f mat England

Chas. H Bennting(Bemting) 21 m lab England

Richd H Baker 23 m Bl.Smith England

Thos Brown 28 m lab England

Amos Bradshaw 28 m weaver England

Richd Butterery 29 m miner England

Edwd Birbeck 40 m shoemaker England

Ann Birbeck 40 f wife England

Herbert Buck 34 m bricklayer England

John Cairane(SP?) 24 m carpenter

John Clegg (Clogg) 21 m lab England

Edwd Clarke 23 m mariner England

Andrew(?) L Davis 30 m lab England

David Drane(?) 50 m b.maker(could be brickmaker) England

Mary Elliott 44 f mat England

James Elliott 15 m servt England

Mary Elliott 2 f child England

Henry Flord(Herd?)26 m machinist England

Robert Gregory 21 m bricklayer England

John Gratlidge 17 m farmer England

Fred Garrod 29 m carpenter England

Anna Glawaddy 11 f child England

James Hodson 23 m bricklayer England

Fred Hamoer(Homer) 24 m ? England

John Higgs 30 m lab England

Edw Hayward 32 m farmer England

David Jones 29 m farmer England

Miller Jenkins 25 m collier England

Sarah Jenkins 26 f wife England

Mary Jenkins 3 f child England

Jane Jenkins inft f inft England

? Kennedy 19 m lab England

Robert J Kay 25 m barber England

? Kay 22 m barber England

Richd Long 33 m weaver England

Mary E. Long 29 f wife England

John R. Long 9 m child England

Mary A Long 3 f child England

James Long 28 m weaver England

Jessie Milne 28 f servt England

Barbara Milne 28 f Servt England

John Oden 27 m massfounder(?) England

John Pickmer 41 m mason England

Wm R Pritchard 29 m lab England

Stephen Plunkett 22 m plumber England

David Powell 28 m puddler England

John Robinson 57 m engineer England

Mary Simpson 30 f servt England

Jane Sutherland 22 f servt England

John Smith 22 m lab England

Sarah Spencer 40 f mat England

Sarah Spencer 16 f servt England

Fred. Spencer 15 m lab England

Harry Spencer 8 m child England

Lilly Spencer 5 f child England

Bertha Spencer 5 f child England

Bing. Spencer 3 m child England

John Taylor 58 m joiner England

Wm Tilney(?) England

Sam'l Underhill 30 m keuler(?) England

Wm Ward 30 m lab England

Hugh White 25 m mason England

George Webber 30 m farmer England

Nich's Williams 19 m lab England

Mary A Wilson 28 f servt England

David M Clure 33 Draper Scotland

Mary McClevell 15 f servt Scotland

Owen McClevell 15 m lab Scotland

Theresa Butterley 18 f servt Ireland

Julia Butterley 12 f servt Ireland

Mag. Connelly 23 f servt Ireland

Jane Callaghan 28 f servt Ireland

Mary A Cowman 15 f servt Ireland

Nicholas Cunningham 10 m child Ireland

Hamilton Duffy 40 m lab Ireland

Patk. Fayer 29 m lab Ireland

Mary a Fox 31 f mat Ireland

Ellen Fox 4 f child Ireland

Cath. Garland 40 f wife Ireland

James Garland 47 m lab Ireland

Peter Garland 2 m child Ireland

Patk. Garland inft m inft Ireland

Patk. Hussey 23 m lab Ireland

Brid. Kierney 21 f serv Ireland

Mary Keirney 18 f serv Ireland

John Hyland 39 m roper Ireland

Patk Lyons 17 m lab Ireland

Elisa Linughen(?) 21 f servt Ireland

Jas McQuincy 32 m clerk Ireland

Joseph McQuincy 10 m child Ireland

Ann McQuincy 8 f child Ireland

Agnes McQuincy inft f inft Ireland

Wm McDonald 45 m steward Ireland

Elisa McDonald 40 f wife Ireland

James Morris 24 m lab Ireland

Fras. McMerna 19 m servt Ireland

Mary Mitchell 30 f servt Ireland

John Reilley 21 m stocker Ireland

Kate Simons 17 f servt Ireland

Marion Trimble 23 f servt Ireland

Isaac Vodden 39 m lab Ireland

John Trim??ron 39 m lab Ireland

Ann Birmingham 26 f servt Ireland

Cath. Birmingham 23 f servt Ireland

Kate Benson 35 f mat Ireland

And Coffer 24 m lab Ireland

Thomas Collins 26 m lab Ireland

George Chapman 40 m lab Ireland

Mary Chapman 38 f wife Ireland

George Chapman 11 m child Ireland

Fred Chapman 10 m child Ireland

Kate Chapman 9 f child Ireland

Agnes Chapman 6 f child Ireland

John Chapman 3 m child Ireland

Isabella Chapman inft f inft Ireland

Hannah Cahill 24 f mat Ireland

Mary Cahill inft f inft Ireland

Mary Coffey 23 f wife Ireland

And. Coffey inft m inft Ireland

Hannah Coffey 21 m serv Ireland

Wm, Callaghan 21 m lab Ireland

Kate Callaghan 21 f wife Ireland

Mich'l Callaghan 3 m child Ireland

Bart. Callaghan inft m inft Ireland

Nancy Ellis 35 f mat Ireland

Patk. Foley 29 m lab Ireland

Anna Flynn 27 f mat Ireland

Mary Flynn 7 f child Ireland

John Fleming 24 m lab Ireland

Mary Fleming 20 f wife Ireland

Mich'l Gilfry 21 m lab Ireland

Brid. Hayden 17 f servt Ireland

Con. Hogan 32 m lab Ireland

Mich'l Hogan 7 m child Ireland

Mary Hogan 4 f child Ireland

Nanc. Lynch 24 f servt Ireland

Martin Lynch 40 m lab Ireland

Bridget Lynch 40 f wife Ireland

Patrick Lynch 20 m servt Ireland

Hanna Lynch 15 f servt Ireland

Catherine Lynch 11 f child Ireland

John Lynch 9 m child Ireland

Martin Lynch 7 m child Ireland

Bridget Lynch inft f inft Ireland

Mich'l Mullens 29 m ? Ireland

George Meik (Muk) 38 m ? Ireland

Cath. McCarthy 18 f servt Ireland

Sarah J McConly 33 f mil Ireland

Hannah Mackin 25 f ? Ireland

Mary Mackin 2 f child Ireland

Kate Mackin inft f inft Ireland

Mary Milatt 15 f servt Ireland

Charles McArthy 44 m lab Ireland

Mary McArthy 44 f wife Ireland

Eugene McArthy 15 m lab Ireland

Ellen Nolan 21 f servt Ireland

John O'Brien 21 lab Ireland

James R Tasky(?) 17 m lab Ireland

Thos. Vomley(?) 26 m lab Ireland

Ernest Habierneck(Habiermon?) 37 m mariner Germany

Thos Wild 32 m engineer Germany

Ale. Hogland 43 m farmer Norway

Margt. Hogland 30 f wife Norway

Martha Rootlitter 20 f servt Finland

Martha Makila 19 f servt Finland

J. Hansen(Hanson) 37 m lab USA

Chas. McMullen 37 m lab USA

Chas. Murphy 22 m lab USA

Paul Ferschner 38 m mariner USA

Mary Walsh 35 f mat USA

Joseph Stephens 39 m lab France

Josephine Stephens 41 f wife France

Alphons. Stephens 9 m child France

Alfred Stephens 7 m child France

Emma Stephens 9 f child France

Alexis Judas 24 m lab Austria

Johan Anderson 26 m baker Sweden

Jn Anderson 52 m baker Sweden

Johan Anderson 25 m lab Sweden

Neils Carlson 33 m lab Sweden

Kaia(Might be Karen?) Eriksen 28 f servt Sweden

Hilda Eriksen 9 f child Sweden

Christe. Eriksen 2 f child Sweden

Johana Grongict 27 f mat Sweden

Kate Grongict 3 f child Sweden

Axel Grongict inft m inft Sweden

Anna L Gustafsen 20 f servt Sweden

Katrina Garmstrom 26 f servt Sweden

Gust. Johansen 20 m baker Sweden

Dom'l Johnsen 21 m baker Sweden

Per(?) Johnsen 26 m farmer Sweden

Jon Jannsen(Jamsen?) 22 m lab Sweden

Ida Johanson 19 f servt Sweden

Johan Johanson 49 m farmer Sweden

Christine Johanson 49 f wife Sweden

Anders Johanson 18 m lab Sweden

Edwin Johanson 11 m child Sweden

Ma??o?m Johanson 7 m child Sweden

Anna Johnson 21 f mat Sweden

Jenny M Johnson inft f inft Sweden

Anna L Johnson 31 f mat Sweden

Hilda Johnson 3 f child Sweden

Abbea (Allea??) ? inf m inf Sweden

Wilhelmine Magnus 21 f servt Sweden

Dom'l Norling 50 m bl.smith Sweden

Alma Nilson 14 f servt Sweden

Olaf Person 55 m lab Sweden

Lisa Person 32 f wife Sweden

Lena Person 18 f serv Sweden

Marne(?) Person 11 m child Sweden

Alf Sedman 22 m lab Sweden

Joel Suenson 17 m lab Sweden

H???? Straler(?) 26 m lab Sweden

William Oshwath47 m humar England

Ellen Blomey 26 f mat England

Chas. Bingley 22 m Engineer

Mary Clifton 39 f mat England

Arthur Caunt(Count) 21 m grocer England

Sam'l Corner 29 m engineer England

Elizth. Green 42 f mat England

Henry Greenwood 47 m Farmer England

Margt Hindle 28 f mat England

Arthur Hindle 7 m child England

Maude Hindle 2 f child England

Sarah Harrison 57 f mat England

J. Henry 30 m lab England

James Horn 26 m joiner England

Mary Horn 26 f wife England

Elizth Horn 6 f child England

Thhomas Horn inft m inft England

Elizth Horn inft f inft England

Ben. K Jones 50 m miner England

Willsn Jones 25 m miner England

Hannah Jones 31 f mat England

Margt Jones inft f inft England

Joseph Knight 32 m jeweller England

Emma Knight 31 f wife England

Willm Knight 7 m child England

Alfreda Knight 4 f child England

Ethel Knight 3 f child England

Ellen Larkin 40 f mat England

Laura Larkin 35 f Spins. England

Elizth Morris 54 f mat England

John W Martin 30 m farmer England

Chas Pextin 33 m gardner England

Harriett Pestin 36 f wife England

Chas W Pextin 3 m child England

Wm Steer(?) 31 m miner England

Edwd Martin 31 m watchmaker England

Maria Martin 24 f wife England

Annie Martin 8 f child England

Maria Martin 6 f child England

Sarah Martin 4 f child England

James Martin 3 m child England

Thomas Martin 3 m child England

Wm M Scaife 20 m clerk England

Mary A Shaw 25 f servt England

John Webb 24 m clerk England

Howard B? Collins 32 m grocer England

Timothy McCarthy 30 m grocer England

Hannah McCarthy 32 f wife England

Allex Allen 39 m mercht England

Flor'ce Nelson 40 f mat Denmark

Wm Nelson 10 m child Denmark

J Nerrison 62 m farmer Denmark

Wm Neill 28 m merch England

Antone Leigh 31 m gent England

Eliz'th Leigh 32 f wife England

Antone Leigh 8 m child England

Alfred Leigh 7 m child England

Emelia (Ceilia) Turner 38 f mat England

Charles Mathews 27 m gent England

Winnie Mathews 24 f wife England

C.B. Tedeastle(?) 30 m broker England

J.W. Dinsdale 40 m gent England

Thomas Merryweather 40 m gent England

John Crowther 34? M spinner England

Charlotte Crowther 53 f wife England

Horatis Cox 23 m clerk England

Clara Cox 25 f wife England

Thomas Dean 46 m stonecutter England

Hy L Dean 16 m gent England

Edwd B Sudbury 24 m ? England

Hy Wilkinson 42 m lawyer England

Geo Hazelhurst 24 m gent England

Wm Leves 36 m merch England

Jane Budd 29 f mat England

Harry Budd 3 m child England

And Thomas 36 m spinner England

Henry Hardy 28 m draper England

William Wallace 54 m ? England

Selim Barnett 38 m merch England

Isaac Barnett 13 m student England

Mary Martin 26 f mat England

Hariette Wetherall 24 f mat England

George Cooper 39 m ship builder England

Thomas A Flint 31 m agent England

Anna Hinnberg(Himberg) 24 f spins England

Ellen Dinsdale 42 f mat England

Jammie Stubbs 24 f spins England

Maud Stubbs 24 f spins England

Walter Stubbs 7 m child England

Rich'd A Darby(?) 32 m machinist England

George Woplie(?) 28 m gent England

Percy C Morris 22 m gent England

Herbert M Pickshal(?) 23 m gent

Wm M Driscall 45m merch England

Wm H Vernon 23 m gent England

A H Catheast(?) 24 m gent Scotland

Peter Gay 43 m gent Scotland

Janet Gay 40 f wife Scotlans

Thomas Binney 24 m clerk Scotland

Alex M Glaskin(Glarkin) 39 m gent Scotland

David Ferguson 38 m gent Scotland

Flor'ce Ferguson 16 f spins Scotland

Peter Daulton 34 m merch Ireland

Wm Graham 53 m gent Ireland

Cath Collins 19 f spins Ireland

Marian Neuins(Nellins?) 26 f spins Ireland

Lawrence Kehoe 50 m publisher Ireland

Jas M Cullough 37 m farmer Ireland

Jessie Cullough 33 f wife Ireland

Joseph Warren 45 m gent Ireland

Maggie Warren 16 f spin Ireland

George Lemon 52 m merch Ireland

Gerrard A Honcham(Hincham) 25 m engineer Ireland

James Rittelack 42 m gent USA

F N Nighton(?)24 m buyer USA

N S GWilliams 19 m student USA

Thos Hitchesck 22 m student USA

J H Haldane 60 m gent USA

Geo Frain 44 m dentist USA

S D Pringle 31 m merch USA

Betta M Smith 25 f mat USA

Emily M Bonko(Banko,BONKO) 6 f spin USA

Mary R Cabot 25 f spin USA

Martha Swann 18 f spin USA

Maria Odell 18 f spins USA

Andrew Strictland 36 m merch USA

Andrew Taylor 46 m merch USA

Jn Ballinsberg 28 m merch USA

Henry Willard 42 m merch

Eliz'th Cowellshaw 30 f mat USA

Henry Cowellshaw 2 m child USA

Edith Cowellshaw 5 f child USA

Thomas Atkins 48 m gent USA

Eli'th Atkins 39 f wife USA

Harold Atkins 11 m child USA

Bertha Atkins 13 f child USA

Ethel Atkins 9 f child USA

Muriell Atkins 3 f child USA

Eliza Reilly 34 f servt USA

Sig(?) Arby(Arkey) 34 m merch USA

Lizzie A Thompson 26 spins USA

Samuel H Cohen(s) 40 m merch USA

Hannah Nicholson 38 f mat USA

Catherine Parker 49 f mat USA

Laura Parker 18 f spin USA

David Parker 16 m spins USA

Gen'l W myers ? m Army? USA

Louisa Bondell 36 f merch USA

J D Sturgess 22 f spin USA

Wm Hartman 48 m surgeon USA

Ida M Thayer 22 f spins USA

David Samuels 41 m merch USA

Emma Samuels 24 f musician USA

Maria Jones 51 f mat USA

Willm Jones 24 m gent USA

Mary Jones 22 f spins USA

Richard Jones 12 m gent USA

Hannah Jones 10 f child USA

Lewis Jones 6 m child USA

Wm, H Brown 42 m merch USA

Ellen C Brown 31 f wife USA

A S Drexal 56 m banker USA

A J Drexal 19 m student USA

E? Winthrop 44 m gent USA

Ernest Felix 35 m Valet USA

Thomas Homer 34 m merch USA

Robert Monders 28 m valet USA

Jno G Grafton 60 m gent USA

Grace Webb 22 f spin USA

H J Uffinchumer(?) 30 m merch USA

Lucy Butteridge 36 f mat USA

Sally Butteridge 18 f spins USA

Lucy Butteridge 29 f spins USA

Mary Doma(?) 38 f spins USA

John S Stomton 40 m banker USA

Lawrence W Richardson 43 m musician USA

Laura Richardson 39 f wife USA

Hy B Dewitt 60 m gent USA

Mary L Finch 35 f mat USA

May G finch 3 f child

Geo W Jones 36 m buyer

Geo W Marshall m buyer USA

John F Clark 42 m merch USA

Edwd A Clark 36 m merch USA

May Berry 29 f spins USA

Mary ? 24 f spins USA

Susie Peters 18 f spins USA

Wm Peters 20 m merch USA

George West 48 m gent USA

Henry Chapin 42 m merch USA

Ada Chapin 31 f wife USA

Fanny Worth 22 f spins USA

Laura White 41 f mat USA

Longham Winter(?) 39 m gent USA

Harvey Fisher 36 m gent USA

Chas D Dickey 64 m banker m banker USA

Chas D Dickey Jr 23 m banker USA

Sophia Dickey 19 f spins USA

Ada Money 29 f spins USA

David R Whitney 55 m banker USA

Sophia Whitney 48 f wife USA

Mabel Whitney 18 f spins USA

Budseye Blakeman 59 m publisher USA

Fanny Jones 49 f mat USA

Elizabeth Jones 36 f spins USA

Fanny Whitley 30 f spins USA

Moritz Loth 28 m merch USA

Jenny Loth 20 f wife USA

Mary Dickey 17 f spins USA

John Condit 48 m merch USA

Anne Condit 42 f wife USA

Emma Condit 12 f spins USA

Sarah m Fisher 28 f mat USA

Flora Fisher 5 f child USA

Leon Fisher 8 m child USA

Harry Fisher inf m inf USA

Percival Hill 21 m merch USA

Cassie Hill 21 f wife USA

Mary Stevens 48 f mat USA

Alf O Oppenhym 29 m merch USA

Mera Oppenhym 29 f wife USA

Chas M Porter 25 f wife USA

Susan Porter 25 f wife USA

Fred Beronbrock(?) 30 m merch USA

Robt Lindsay 46 m merch USA

Ezra Briggs 33 m merch USA

Marian Briggs 23 f spins USA

Emma Briggs 20 f spins USA

Joseph Hannah(?) 26 m merch USA

John F Going(?) 30 m merch USA

Thomas Colgaiston(?) 44 m surgeon USA

Chas Hammond 38 m surgeon USA

Geo R Orthemer(?) 34 m merch USA

Chas W Cook 38 m gent USA

Carry Cook 34 f wife USA

?Mad E Wothing 32 f mat USA

Sam'l Solomon 32 m merch USA

Susan Andrews 39 f mat USA

Wm B Cooper 45 m merch USA

Selena Swift 40 f mat USA

Susan V Ander 20 f spins USA

Alex C Anderson 30 m gent USA

John W Auchmeloss(?) 30 m merch USA

Julia Auchmeloss(?) 24 f wife USA

Chas Auchmeloss(?) inf m inf USA

Carry Auchmeloss(?) 28 f spins USA

M A Simmonds 30 f spins USA

M A Seales(Scales)17 f spins USA

John Hillier(Hillur)50 m merch USA

Geo N Stanton 36 m merch USA

Wm R Warner 41 m merch USA

Edwin J Russell 26 m surgeon USA

John L Bliss 26 m merch USA

Henry Chamberlain 39 m merch USA

Andrew Neale 38 m merch USA

Mary Neale 27 f wife USA

James Know(?) 32 m merch USA

W N Taylor 28 m merch USA

Rachel Wright 30 f mat USA

Ellers Jensgerick 24 f mat USA

John H White 26 m merch USA

Louis Holzmacester(?) 39 m postmaster USA

Anna Holzmacester 28 f wife USA

Clara Dawson 49 f spins USA

Hilda Dawson 18 f spins USA

Maud Dawson 16 f spins USA

Wm L Mone 39 m merch USA

Nicolas Coleson(Colemon) 39 m merch USA

Henry Beach 55 m gent USA

Mathew Chase 42 lawyer USA

Albert Stein 42 m merch USA

Julius Newman 29 m merch USA

Thos Lalor 36 m buyer USA

Julius Shanis(?) 29 m merch USA

Wm L Minnerley 32 m buyer USA

Henry Wilkinson 42 m farmer USA

Anna Parris(?) 18 f servt USA

C M Vm Beauer 35 m merch Russia

Wm K Empruer(?) 47 m merch Russia

Baron C V Atten(Allen, Etten) 26 m army Russia

A Louis 61 m merch Russia

Chas V Hugst 48 m merch France

Bertha Chomdet 38 f spins France

Louise Elder 30 f spins France

Hedinge Canna(?) 29 f spins France

Clara Busted 48 f mat USA

Henry Busted 18 m student USA

Ada Flugst(?) 29 f spins USA

Robt A Schmael 36 m merch USA

Jas on Lesen 48 m artist Italy

John E G Heyde 42 m army Italy

John Brackhumer 51 m merch Germany

Edwd Flelmann(?) 41 m merch Germany

Fred Meyer 38 m merch Germany

Siskeld Swan 54 m importer Germany

Mary Swan 50 f wife Germany

Arthur Lenser 36 m gent Germany

John Nisson 48 m merch Germany

Emma Nisson 42 f wife Germany

Joseph Eisenladt 71 m gent Germany

Henry Eisenladt 33 m merch Germany

Alf S Freund29 m merch Germany

Max Newman 24 m merch Germany

Henry Zimmermann 32 m merch Germany

Joseph Hersck 29 m merch Germany

Anchaur(?) ? 24 m merch Spain

Jos H Kiel(?) 28 m valet Cuba

Anton Lepoz(?) 20 m valet Cuba

Marie Henel(?) Cuba

Manuel Romero 55 m merch Cuba

Mari Romero 33 f wife Cuba

Jose Baptiste 29 m surgeon Cuba

Wm Atkin 33 m surgeon Scotland

Charlotte Richmond 23 f spins Scotland




(?)= means unsure of name

?= means name missing(cant read it at all)

--??- =means letters unreadable