SS Belgenland July 13, 1883 Antwerp to NY
SS Belgenland
Antwerp - NY
July 13, 1883
Capt. L. DeSmet

 555 passengers

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Sendenharst, Joseph          26   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Both, Johann                 25   m   locksmith       Germany    NY
Demst, Theodor               51   m   r.r.controller  Austria    NY
Demst, Eleanore              44   f                   Austria    NY
Demst, Martha                24   f                   Austria    NY
Demst, Eleanore              20   f                   Austria    NY
Demst, Josepha               19   f                   Austria    NY
Demst, Max                   18   m                   Austria    NY
Demst, Arthur                15   m                   Austria    NY
Wmzeling, Alwin              25   m                   Austria    NY
Petz, Ludvica                36   f                   Austria    NY
Walk, Otto                   31   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Everaert, James              30   m   laborer         Ireland    NY
Schacht, Frederich           17   m   smith           Germany    Milwaukee
Molch, Carl                  14   m                   Germany    Milwaukee
Trettner, Adolf              30   m   dyer            Germany    NY
Trettner, Rosa               25   f                   Germany    NY
Saurland, Gustave            28   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Lochner, Louise              30   f                   Germany    Chicago
Lochner, Ludwig               4   m                   Germany    Chicago
Lochner, Elise                8   f                   Germany    Chicago
Lochner, Dorothea            6mo  f                   Germany    Chicago
Brauer, Dorothea             18   f                   Germany    Chicago
Zimmer, Anton                24   m   sailor          Germany    Milwaukee
Leckatewski, Franers         45   m   laborer         Germany    Mametin(?Mahantan?)
Baumann, Anna                24   f                   Germany    Onya(?)
Klein, Wilhelm               24   m   laborer         Germany    Chicago
Heinrich, Emilie             40   f                   Germany    Rewann(?)
Heinrich, Otto               16   m                   Germany    Rewann(?)
Heinrich, Mina               11   f                   Germany    Rewann(?)
Heinrich, Maria              10   f                   Germany    Rewann(?)
Heinrich, Edmund              4   m                   Germany    Rewann(?)
Heinrich, Franz              7mo  m                   Germany    Rewann(?)
Friedrichs, Gustav           34   m   laborer         Germany    Milwaukee
Friedrichs, Amalie           31   f                   Germany    Milwaukee
Ohringer, Franz              24   m   miller          Germany    Holledaysburg
Bauer, Elizabeth             19   f                   Germany    Hartford
Bauer, Heinrich              4mo  m                   Germany    Hartford
Toputh(Foputh), Max          18   m   laborer         Germany    Milwaukee
Bzermad, Mariana             24   f                   Germany    Galitzen
Bzermad, Martin              11   m                   Germany    Galitzen
Bzermad, Josef               10   m                   Germany    Galitzen
Bzermad, Stanislaus          3mo  m                   Germany    Galitzen
Guskowcki, Martin            28   m   laborer         Germany    Galitzen
Paschke, Rosalie             32   f                   Germany    Chicago
Drier, Juliana               19   f                   Germany    Chicago
Julkowski, Johann            21   m   laborer         Germany    Chicago
Bork, Rheinhold              18   m                   Germany    Chicago
Beaska, Amalie               21   f                   Germany    ?
Beaska, Bertha                8   f                   Germany    ?
Keller, Emma                 28   f                   US         Philada.
Kosalkowski, Samuel          16   m   shoemaker       Germany    Chicago
Karren, Nicolaus             18   m   servant         Germany    Chicago
Lobodzwska, Roberta          45   f                   Germany    Chicago
Lobodzwska, Franz            16   m                   Germany    Chicago
Lobodzwska, Josef            10   m                   Germany    Chicago
Lobodzwska, Pelezia           8   f                   Germany    Chicago
Mikolajesak, Anton           25   m   laborer         Germany    Chicago
Ren, Johann                  19   m   stonecutter     Germany    Chicago
Portewe, Charlotte           58   f                   Germany    Pittsburg
Rosemek, Augusta             19   f                   Germany    Pittsburg
Tifelska, Casimir            19   m   laborer         Germany    Chicago
Tipper, Peter                18   m   smith           Germany    Johnstown
Afsel(Apel), Peter           25   m   joiner          Germany    Aurora
Schwanderer, Marie           16   f                   Germany    St. Louis
Stein, Maria                 23   f                   Germany    NY
Erhard, Catherine            26   f                   Germany    NY
Keils, Anna                  22   f                   Germany    NY
Kramer,Jacob                 23   m   cigarmaker      Germany    Philada.
Metzler, Marie               20   f                   Germany    Philada.
Meder, Magdalena             20   f                   Germany    NY
Macini, Pietro               56   m   laborer         Italy      NY
Giovanne, Giovanni           27   m   laborer         Italy      NY
Ferrore, Dante               25   m   laborer         Italy      NY
Zermani, Giovanni            34   m   laborer         Italy      NY
Pullen, Nicol. Fran.         33   f                   Germany    Wooster
Pullen, Anna                  8   f                   Germany    Wooster
Pullen, Paul                  4   m                   Germany    Wooster
Pullen, Carl                 6mo  m                   Germany    Wooster
Haas, Elisabeth              43   f                   Germany    NY
Haas, Louisa                 16   f                   Germany    NY
Haas, Jacob                  11   m                   Germany    NY
Haas, Carl                    9   m                   Germany    NY
Haas, Ludwig                  7   m                   Germany    NY
Stachelni, Johanna           58   f                   Germany    Philada.
Stachelni, Anna              24   f                   Germany    Philada.
Knerr, Heinrich              27   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Reinbold, Emil               19   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Reinbold, Carl               17   m   waiter          Germany    NY
Kerle, Franciska             40   f                   Germany    NY
Kerle, Marie                 10   f                   Germany    NY
Lobig, Joseph                23   m   shoemaker       Germany    Pittsburg
Fouser, Gottlieb             23   m   stonecutter     Germany    NY
Staden, Katie                20   f                   Germany    NY
Staden, Babette              22   f                   Germany    NY
Foehl, John                  21   m   joiner          Germany    Philada.
Foehl, Gottlieb              32   m   baker           Germany    Philada.
Schrent, Paul                24   m   miller          Germany    NY
Roller, Carl                 30   m   mason           Germany    NY
Schröder, Johann             30   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Kempner, Catherine           24   f                   Germany    Lena
Schleisser, Louisa           52   f                   Germany    Chicago
Schleisser, Barbara          24   f                   Germany    Chicago
Schleisser, Susanna          22   f                   Germany    Chicago
Schleisser, Tonina           20   f                   Germany    Chicago
Schleisser, Nicolaus         17   m                   Germany    Chicago
Schleisser, Miria            11   f                   Germany    Chicago
Schleisser, Catherine        10   f                   Germany    Chicago
Luder, Paul                  25   m   mechanic        Belgium    NY
Luder, Marie                 27   f                   Belgium    NY
Inch(Irsch), Michel          40   m   dyer            Germany    NY
Inch(Irsch), Barbara         30   f                   Germany    NY
Inch(Irsch), Joseph           6   m                   Germany    NY
Inch(Irsch), Philip           5   m                   Germany    NY
Inch(Irsch), Rosa             4   f                   Germany    NY
Inch(Irsch), Maria            2   f                   Germany    NY
Inch(Irsch), Conrad          4mo  m                   Germany    NY
Becker, Joseph               55   m   servant         Germany    NY
Neumann, Wilhelmine          50   f                   Germany    NY
Brosuis(Brosius), Johann     45   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Brosuis(Brosius), Margarothe 38   f                   Germany    NY
Brosuis(Brosius), Peter      11   m                   Germany    NY
Brosuis(Brosius), Johann      9   m                   Germany    NY
Brosuis(Brosius), Nicolaus    7   m                   Germany    NY
Brosuis(Brosius), Eva         4   f                   Germany    NY
Brosuis(Brosius), Catherine   2   f                   Germany    NY
Brosuis(Brosius), Johanne    4mo  f                   Germany    NY
Schumacher, Samuel           25   m   joiner          Germany    Chicago
Stempniewsky, Heinrich       30   m   joiner          Germany    Chicago
Csourak, Friedrich           22   m   dyer            Germany    NY
Puhl, Edmund                 22   m   dyer            Germany    NY
Bartholdus, Carl             22   m   butcher         Germany    NY
Breitsubach, Oscar           21   m   watchmaker      Germany    NY
Munnie(Munie), Franz         35   m   roofer          US         Chicago
Munnie(Munie), Elizabeth     29   f                   US         Chicago
Munnie(Munie), Johann         6   m                   US         Chicago
Munnie(Munie), Margaret       4   f                   US         Chicago
Munnie(Munie), Leonard        2   m                   US         Chicago
Munnie(Munie), Nicolas       6mo  m                   US         Chicago
Lachnaer, Breyola            20   m   brewer          Germany    NY
Steni, Marie                  2   f                   Germany    NY
Loeb, Daniel                 22   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Thill, Mathias               25   m   miller          Germany    NY
Muller, Christian            25   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Dermont, Theodor             22   m   stonecutter     Germany    NY
Breit, Johann                20   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Graf, Mathias                30   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Poss, Anton                  30   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Hausner, Pierre              18   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Jaminet, Louis               16   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Thirif, Francois             28   m   joiner          Germany    NY
Shomburg, Francois           21   m   farmer          Germany    ?
Sulgmann, Joseph             19   m   merchant        Germany    ?
Kober, Klemans               37   m   mason           Germany    NY
Kober, Caroline              36   f                   Germany    NY
Pfeuffer, Heinrich           37   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Pfeuffer, Maria              32   f                   Germany    NY
Pfeuffer, Georg               3   m                   Germany    NY
Pfeuffer, Bernard            10mo m                   Germany    NY
Raml, Max                    23   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Rett, Carl                   28   m   butcher         Germany    NY
Raml, Franz                  34   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Raml, Marin                  33   f                   Germany    NY
Raml, Theresa                 9   f                   Germany    NY
Raml, Maria                   6   f                   Germany    NY
Raml, Catherine               4   f                   Germany    NY
Schmitbauer, Rosa            16   f                   Germany    NY
Schmid, Josef                31   m   weaver          Germany    NY
Schoch, Andreas              37   m   weaver          Germany    NY
Schoch, Ereszantia           34   f                   Germany    NY
Schonberger, Christian       58   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Schonberger, Maria           56   f                   Germany    NY
Schonberger, Magdalena       30   f                   Germany    NY
Schonberger, Nenzlaus        6mo  m                   Germany    NY
Uhrman, Thores               22   m                   Germany    NY
Stierberger, Mathias         32   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Sauter, Ludwig               26   m   cooper          Germany    NY
Weissenberger, Eva           22   f                   Germany    NY
Woelf, Wilhelm               24   m   brewer          Germany    NY
Zuik, Andreas                24   m   locksmith       Germany    NY
Glas, Valentin               33   f                   Germany    NY
Glas, Marie                  30   f                   Germany    NY
Glas, George                  6   m                   Germany    NY
Glas, Heinrich                4   m                   Germany    NY
Glas, Edward                 6mo  m                   Germany    NY
Glass, Friedrich             6mo  m                   Germany    NY
Bauer, Joseph                45   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Bauer, Anna                  11   f                   Germany    NY
Bursch, Marguerite           59   f                   Germany    NY
Bauer, Peter                 35   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Bauer, Marguerite            37   f                   Germany    NY
Weiss, Otallie               65   f                   Germany    NY
Weiss, Anna                  23   f                   Germany    NY
Bauer, Catherine              9   f                   Germany    NY
Bauer, Valentin               7   m                   Germany    NY
Bauer, August                 5   m                   Germany    NY
Bauer, Ludwig                 3   m                   Germany    NY
Bauer, Jacob                 4mo  m                   Germany    NY
Conrad, Daniel               25   m   millwright      Germany    NY
Lepie, Leopold               26   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Fahrbach, Pauline            17   f                   Germany    NY
Platzer, Alois               35   m   locksmith       Germany    NY
Moser, Ferdinand             45   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Zettelmann, Joseph           46   m   worker          Germany    NY
Light, Frederic              24   m   engineer        England    NY
Meriweather, Rivers          24   m   lawyer          US         NY
Hagan, William               33   m   bricklayer      England    NY
Haybourne, James             39   m   bricklayer      England    NY
Butter, John                 20   m   bricklayer      England    NY
Morrison, Henry              27   m   bricklayer      England    NY
Nouton, Elijah               38   m   mason           England    NY
Wilcox, William              34   m   farmer          England    NY
Homsell, William             26   m   clerk           England    NY
Hamsworth, William           17   m   engineer        England    NY
Phillips, John               35   m   dentist?        England    NY
Phillips, Frances            27   f                   England    NY
Phillips, Frank              15   m                   England    NY
Phillips, Richard            11   m                   England    NY
Phillips, Ernst               8   m                   England    NY
Beahler, Noah                31   m   d?              US         NY
Lewis, James                 25   m   porter?         England?   NY
Fisher, William              28   m   carver?         England?   NY
Gode, Charles                23   m   gudener?        US         NY
Dohle, Hermann               23   m   sailor          Germany    NY
Gody, Joseph                 23   m   laborer         ?          NY
Nash, Alfred                 21   m   carpenter       England    NY
Manning, Thomas              31   m   carpenter       England    NY
Voight, Theodore             36   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Voight, Maria                26   f                   Germany    NY
Kurschke, Anna               23   f                   Germany    NY
Stuppen, John                35   m   laborer         England    NY
Schmidt, Maria               50   f                   England    NY
Miland, Emma                 19   f                   England    NY
Miland, Pauline              17   f                   England    NY
Hale, George                 20   m   clerk           England    NY
Rulius, Simon                23   m   cigarmaker      England    NY
Christian, Thomas            28   m   chemist         England    NY
Pischmann, Catherine         19   f                   Germany    NY
Schondorf, Joseph            49   f?  weaver          Germany    NY
Schondorf, Barbara           47   f                   Germany    NY
Schondorf, Elisabeth         16   f                   Germany    NY
Schondorf, Joseph             9   m                   Germany    NY
Schondorf, Anna               7   f                   Germany    NY
Jacqmin, Pierre              34   m   mason           Belgium    Chicago
Soubry, Pierre               18   m   farmer          Belgium    M?
Ruf, Catherine               46   f                   Germany    NY
Ruf, Jacob                   14   m                   Germany    NY
Ruf, Marie                    9   f                   Germany    NY
Gibel, Heinrich               8   m                   Germany    NY
Reusch, Christine            28   f                   Germany    NY
Reusch, Elise                 6   f                   Germany    NY
Reusch, Adolf                 4   m                   Germany    NY
Gunder, Babette              23   f                   Germany    NY
Rosler, Marie                22   f                   Germany    NY
Sussmann, Emma               26   f                   Germany    NY
Schaaf, Johann               29   m   butcher         Germany    NY
Brummer, Conrad              26   m   brewer          Germany    NY
Clauser, Johann              30   m   smith           Germany    NY
Ruoff, Franz                 26   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Benz, Christian              27   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Mayer, Marguerite            20   f                   Germany    NY
Baier, Caroline              21   f                   Germany    NY
Fischer, Gottlieb            24   m   joiner          Germany    Philada.
Fischer, Regina              46   f                   Germany    Philada.
Fohl, Gottlieb               24   m   joiner          Germany    Philada.
Zeissett, Louise             17   f                   Germany    Philada.
Kosler, William              22   m   millwright      Germany    Philada.
Lederer, Johann              31   m   carpenter       Germany    Philada.
Lederer, Caroline            29   f                   Germany    Philada.
Lederer, Rosa                 7   f                   Germany    Philada.
Lederer, Babette              3   f                   Germany    Philada.
Schumm, Marguerite           15   f                   Germany    Philada.
Kaufmann, Georg              29   m   farmer          Germany    Philada.
Huber, Sophie                25   f                   Germany    Philada.
Lochler, Rosine              15   f                   Germany    Philada.
Klass, Johann                27   m   smith           Germany    Chicago
Delorme, Clemantine          60   f                   Belgium    Houtzdale
Delorme, Joseph              49   m   miner           Belgium    Houtzdale
Fourbeaux, Charles           14   m                   France     Houtzdale
Fourbeaux, Louise            36   f                   France     Houtzdale
Branquart, Stephan           29   m   miner           France     Houtzdale
Fourbeaux, Marie              4   f                   France     Houtzdale
Fourbeaux, Anna               2   f                   France     Houtzdale
Lecerf, Jean                 59   m   miller          France     Houtzdale
Dubois, Eugenie              50   f                   France     Houtzdale
Lecerf, Edouard              15   m                   France     Houtzdale
Lecerf, Genevieve            10   f                   France     Houtzdale
Feucher, Friedrich           35   m   carpenter       Germany    NY
Knapp, Joseph                22   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Gysling, Friedrich           22   m   baker           Germany    NY
Hamerli, Johann              33   m   laborer         Germany    St. Louis
Vroman, Louis                55   m   fireman         Belgium    NY
Vroman, Adolphine            46   f                   Belgium    NY
Vroman, Marie                26   f                   Belgium    NY
Vroman, Jean                 23   f                   Belgium    NY
Vroman, Adele                22   f                   Belgium    NY
Vroman, Leonie               18   f                   Belgium    NY
Bazen, Johanne               56   f                   Holland    Grand Rapids
Bazen, Jacob                 21   m   laborer         Holland    Grand Rapids
Bazen, Johanna               14   f                   Holland    Grand Rapids
Schaefer, Michael            28   m   cigarmaker      US         NY
Schaefer, Alexander           2   m                   US         NY
Schlosser, Michael           47   m   farmer          Germany    Chicago
Zeiss, Eugene                29   m   carpenter       Germany    NY
Schäfer, Gottfried           19   m   carpenter       Germany    NY
Busch, Carl                  19   m   shoemaker       Germany    NY
Bul, Hermann                 34   m   miller          Germany    NY
Braun, Anna                  19   f                   Germany    NY
Golser, Anna                 27   f                   Germany    NY
Kleitsch, Fredrich           23   m   saddler         Germany    NY
Muller, Rosa                 23   f                   Germany    NY
Mintel, Peter                19   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Ott, Elise                   21   f                   Germany    NY
Reifenberger, Josephine      32   f                   Germany    NY
Reifenberger, Louise          7   f                   Germany    NY
Reifenberger, Gustav          6   m                   Germany    NY
Reifenberger, Emma            3   f                   Germany    NY
Reiter, Franz                31   m   saddler         Germany    NY
Schlafer, Valentin           51   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Schlafer, Catherine          48   f                   Germany    NY
Schlafer, Caroline           22   f                   Germany    NY
Schlafer, Heinrich           20   m                   Germany    NY
Schlafer, Carl               14   m                   Germany    NY
Kammerleni, Catherine        23   f                   Germany    Buffalo
Frank, Andreas               28   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Leonardt, Georg              16   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Poerschke, Johanne           20   f                   Germany    NY
Budnik, Severine             28   f                   Germany    NY
Budnik, Marianna             4mo  f                   Germany    NY
Schomel, Peter               21   m   glassmaker      Germany    NY
Memescheimer, Joseph         18   m   glassmaker      Germany    NY
Wintl, Agnes                 17   f                   Germany    NY
Fullius(Fullins), Christian  19   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Scharf, Wilhelm              33   m   tailor          Germany    NY
Scharf, Josefina             31   f                   Germany    NY
Kunkel, Wilhelm              24   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Braun, Sophie                21   f                   Germany    NY
Spath, Friedrike             22   f                   Germany    NY
Schlunderer, Carl            29   m   shoemaker       Germany    NY
Juan, Joseph                 40   m   smith           Germany    NY
Haffner, Lisette             20   f                   Germany    NY
Haffner, Johanna             19   f                   Germany    NY
Weidenbach, Catherine        16   f                   Germany    NY
Heffermann, Anton            26   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Reiber, Catherine            16   f                   Germany    Philada.
Kachele, Maria               33   f                   Germany    Philada
Goth, Amalie                 32   f                   Germany    NY
Angstenberger, Maria         28   f                   Germany    NY
Gilgen, Maria                36   f                   Germany    Chicago
Gilgen, Gertrud               8   f                   Germany    Chicago
Gilgen, Peter                 6   m                   Germany    Chicago
Gilgen, Christine             4   f                   Germany    Chicago
Hauck, Apolonia              48   f                   Germany    NY
Bühl, Johann                 24   m   stonecutter     Germany    NY
Schad, Johann                2?   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Len(k)hardt, Carl            33   m   butcher         US         NY
Schimmel, Jacob              31   m   cigarmaker      Germany    NY
Assenheimer, Gottlieb        35   m   ?               Germany    NY
Klu, Franz                   72   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Hecht, Jacob                 36   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Hecht, Philomenia            33   f                   Germany    NY
Hecht, Jacob                 4mo  m                   Germany    NY
Held, Jacob                  28   m   butcher         Germany    NY
Remelin, Wilhelmine          31   f                   Germany    NY
Remelin, Wilhelmine           5   f                   Germany    NY
Remelin, Pauline              3   f                   Germany    NY
Remelin, Wilhelm             4mo  m                   Germany    NY
Remelin, Pauline             34   f                   Germany    NY
Remelin, Elise                9   f                   Germany    NY
Remelin, Carl                6mo  m                   Germany    NY
Gressler, Anton              26   m   stonecutter     Germany    NY
Gressler, Franz              16   m                   Germany    NY
Gressler, Emil               22   m                   Germany    NY
Breumnger(Breuninger), Jacob 28   m   farmer          Germany    Philada.
Arnold, Friedrich            33   m   wheelwright     Germany    Battle Creek
Arnold, Pauline              28   f                   Germany    Battle Creek
Arnold, Anna                  5   f                   Germany    Battle Creek
Arnold, Carl                  3   m                   Germany    Battle Creek
Arnold, Lind                  2   f                   Germany    Battle Creek
Arnold, Paul                 5mo  m                   Germany    Battle Creek
Wetlock, Wilhelmine          18   f                   Germany    Battle Creek
Bunde, Louise                23   f                   Germany    Battle Creek
Grassle, Friedrich           28   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Ubele, Johann                26   m   carpenter       Germany    NY
Thorna, Carl                 47   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Kuhule, Severin              20   m   shoemaker       Germany    NY
Roller, Louise               27   f                   Germany    NY
Roller, Bertha                3   f                   Germany    NY
Roller, Louise               7mo  f                   Germany    NY
Moderg, Antros               39   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Moderg, Susanna              36   f                   Germany    NY
Beisel, Catherine            21   f                   Germany    NY
Neess, August                22   m   baker           Germany    NY
DeWald, Georg                24   m   baker           Germany    NY
Ernst, Heinrich              33   m   joiner          Germany    NY
Wesser, Georg                32   m   laborer         Germany    Marrion
Auberle, Catherine           43   f                   Germany    Marrion
Auberle, Gottlieb            12   m                   Germany    Marrion
Auberle, Maria                8   f                   Germany    Marrion
Auberle, Lina                 4   f                   Germany    Marrion
Benz, August                 26   m   tailor          Germany    NY
Benz, Emilie                 20   f                   Germany    NY
Schlechter, Georg            36   m   baker           Germany    NY
Marsenbacher, Friedrich      32   m   farmer          Germany    Cleveland
Munch, Mathilde              23   f                   Germany    NY
Munch, Anna                  20   f                   Germany    NY
Hundgen, Heinrich            22   m   joiner          Germany    NY
Hundgen, Catherine           20   f                   Germany    NY
Hundgen, Eva                 6mo  f                   Germany    NY
Emmuth, Wilhelm              51   m   farmer          Germany    Ny
Lindner, Martin              38   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Gotze, Carl                  29   m   laborer         Germany    Milwaukee
Gotze, Theresa               29   f                   Germany    Milwaukee
Gotze, Ida                    5   f                   Germany    Milwaukee
Gotze, Carl                   2   m                   Germany    Milwaukee
Gotze, Heinrich               1   m                   Germany    Milwaukee
Gotze, Johann                4mo  m                   Germany    Milwaukee
Weiss, Valentine             42   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Weiss, Louise                42   f                   Germany    NY
Weiss, Heinrich              12   m                   Germany    NY
Weiss, Gustav                 5   m                   Germany    NY
Bares, Valentin              20   m   tailor          Germany    NY
Baran, Annie                 30   f                   Austria    NY
Baran, Mary                  10   f                   Austria    NY
Baran, Andrew                 8   m                   Austria    NY
Baran, Annie                  4   f                   Austria    NY
Lutters, Friedrich           25   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Reinhard, Peter              20   m   locksmith       Germany    NY
Schneider, Heinrich          22   m   locksmith       Germany    NY
Schneider, Regina            26   f                   Germany    NY
Schiller, Johann             22   m   farmer          Germany    NY
Schiller, Babette            18   f                   Germany    NY
Schneider, Catherine         21   f                   Germany    NY
Metzler, Oscar               58   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Metzler, Eva                 50   f                   Germany    NY
Metzler, Oscar               18   m                   Germany    NY
Metzler, Paul                10   m                   Germany    NY
Metzler, Mathias              7   m                   Germany    NY
Skopinski, Joseph            18   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Burkhardt, Martin            42   m   brewer          Germany    NY
Leistner, Nicolas            28   m   dyer            Germany    NY
Leistner, Franciske          15   f                   Germany    NY
Leistner, Franz              10   m                   Germany    NY
Blatsch, Maria               46   f                   Germany    NY
Blatsch, Johann              17   m                   Germany    NY
Blatsch, Anna                14   f                   Germany    NY
Blatsch, Gustav               9   m                   Germany    NY
Blatsch, Eva                 6mo  f                   Germany    NY
Heinz, Isabella              17   f                   Germany    NY
Heinz, Peter                 13   m                   Germany    NY
Nauratel, Johann             35   m   weaver          Germany    Boston
Nauratel, Barbara            30   f                   Germany    Boston
Nauratel, Emilie             11   f                   Germany    Boston
Wendt, Hermann               18   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Kayser, Friedrich            26   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Bauer, Wilhelm               36   m   student         Germany    NY
Berger, Leopold              47   m   butcher         Austria    NY
Gerk, Heinrich               29   m   saddler         Germany    NY
Gerk, Elise                  37   f                   Germany    NY
Vroman, Elise                17   f                   Belgium    NY
Vroman, Alexander            14   m                   Belgium    NY
Vroman, Germaine              8   m                   Belgium    NY
Vroman, Angelique             6   f                   Belgium    NY
Vroman, Clemens               4   m                   Belgium    NY
Kuster, Marguerite           22   f                   Germany    NY
Metz, Georg                  36   m   brewer          Germany    NY
Metz, Rosine                 28   f                   Germany    NY
Metz, Dorothea                6   f                   Germany    NY
Haag, Jean                   21   m   gardener        Germany    NY
Beier, Flidel                19   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Crast, Bernard               28   m   laborer         Belgium    Nebraska City
Fortunale, Paoli             30   m   laborer         Italy      NY
Gandenzio, Caprini           44   m   laborer         Italy      NY
Fanoli, Maria                42   f                   Italy      NY
Bublek, Ferdinand            40   m   laborer         Germany    Milwaukee
Brezer, Emilie               22   f                   Germany    Milwaukee
Bublek, Marie                 8   f                   Germany    Milwaukee
Bublek, Bertha                5   f                   Germany    Milwaukee
Bublek, Louise                3   f                   Germany    Milwaukee
Bublek, Friedrike            11mo f                   Germany    Milwaukee
Bublek, Albert               11mo m                   Germany    Milwaukee
Bauer, Ludwig                31   m   joiner          Germany    NY
Bauer, Theresia              36   f                   Germany    NY
Ezermann, Heinrich           30   m   pianomaker      Germany    NY
Wastcoky, Heinrich           20   m   laborer         Austria    NY
Haway,(J) Horna              14   m                   Austria    NY
Haway,(J) Stefan             18   m                   Austria    NY
Kurkirening, Frank           23   m   laborer         Germany    NY
P. Kurkirening, Rosalie      28   f                   Germany    NY
Pittman, Herman              25   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Schwartz, Wilhelm            21   m   laborer         Germany    NY
Staber, Heinrich             30   m   mason           Germany    NY
Eisenman, Georg              45   m   musician        US         NY
Wyverman, Jean               26   m   farmer          Belgium    NY
Zeiminers, Frank             25   m   farmer          Belgium    NY
Dillmann, Carl               27   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Maluszak, Aguste             32   f                   Austria    NY
Maluszak, Satnislaus         10mo m                   Austria    NY
Zymanska, Aguste             32   f                   Austria    NY
Zymanska, Michel              7   m                   Austria    NY
Zymanska, Branislaus          4   m                   Austria    NY
Zymanska, Johann             11mo m                   Austria    NY

Goddard, Charles             60   m   express         US         NY
Schneider, Charles           21   m   clerk           US         NY
Schneider, Maria             41   f                   US         NY
Morrel, Thomas               55   m   merchant        US         NY
Suckhaus, Henry              45   m                   US         NY
Fell, Anna                   42   f                   US         NY
Waldack, Martha              35   f                   US         NY
Winston, William             22   m   lawyer          US         NY
Winston, Mrs.                20   f                   US         NY
Johnson, Dora                35   f                   US         NY
Johnson, Dora                10   f                   US         NY
Johnson, Fanny               20   f                   US         NY
Noemer, Anna                 55   f                   US         NY
Worman, Janus                40   m   editor          US         NY
Worman, Janus                11   m                   US         NY
Ingraham, George             18   m                   US         NY
Brurgeois, Francois          45   m   detetive        US         NY
Well(s), Mrs.                50   f                   US         NY
Harvest, Mrs.                42   f                   US         NY
Heyde, Frank                 45   m   editor          US         NY
Heyde, Mrs.                  35   f                   US         NY
Heyde, Maud                   9   f                   US         NY
Heyde, Florence               7   f                   US         NY
Heyde, Abert                  4   m                   US         NY
Heyde, Mary                  6m   f                   US         NY
Klupfel, Michael             ?0   m   confectioner    US         NY
Hammerlein, Johann           29   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Bock, Fritz                  26   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Fiefoet, Theopile            40   m   contracter      Belgium    NY
Fleury, Pierre               25   m   clerk           Belgium    NY
Remlinger, John              40   m   doctor          Germany    NY
Kocke, Maria                 20   f                   Germany    NY
Müller, Martin               30   m     ?             Germany    NY
Müller, Wilhelm              25   m   confectioner    Germany    NY
Jamivet, John                 @   m   musician        Germany    NY
Deckert, Martin               @   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Enser, Wilhelm                @   m   carpenter       Germany    NY
Raisch, Heinrich             32   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Raisch, Adolph               19   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Gerting, Adolf               25   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Gerting, Hermann             20   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Gerting, Marie               18   f   merchant        Germany    NY
Eich, August                 24   m   merchant        Belgium    NY
Barthelmy, Julienne           ?   f   merchant        Belgium    NY
Hirsch, Wilhelm               ?   m   merchant        Germany    NY
Roeland, Charles             37   m   farmer          Belgium    NY
de Wakulswicz, Etienne       25   m   engineer        Germany    NY


uploaded and transcribed 10-29-2000
©Ruth Anne Lucas all rights reserved on transcriptions©