SS Corwall Avonmouth - NY July 13, 1883
SS Cornwall

Avonmouth - Ny
13- July- 1883
Capt. J. Brown

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Osman, John                    18  m     laborer       England   US
Johnson, A.                    22  m     laborer       England   US
Clapp, M.                      23  f     spinster      England   US
Clapp, J.                      26  f     spinster      England   US
Wilkin, Oliver                 21  m     engineer      England   US
Person(s), Frederick           20  m     clerk         England   US
Saly, Gilbert                  23  m     matressmaker  England   US
Saly, Charlotte                24  f     wife          England   US
Wale, Elizabeth F.             11  f     domestic      England   US
Fry, Ann                       59  f     widow         US        US
Marshall, Mary                 25  f     laundress     England   US
Taylor, Henry                  31  m     mason         England   US
Taylor, Kitty                  31  f     wife          England   US
Taylor, Kitty R. Adelaide      10  f     child         England   US
Taylor, Charles Henry           5  m     child         England   US
Taylor, Elizabeth Walker        3  f     child         England   US        
Taylor, George William        9mo  m     baby          England   US
Walker, John                   33  m     joiner        England   US
Waterman, William              47  m     joiner        US        US
Marks, N.                      58  f     ?             England   US
S??age, Caroline               10  m     child         England   US
Trowbridge, Sarah A.           40  f     wife          England   US
Trowbridge, A. M. M.           16  f     daughter      England   US
Trowbridge, Frederick          11  m     child         England   US
Trowbridge, Sidney              9  m     child         England   US 
Trowbridge, Nelly               4  f     child         England   US
Trowbridge, Willie              1  m     child         England   US
Sheas, Oliver                   9  m     child         England   US
Kitchen, Albert W.             28  m     ?             England   US
Pearce, James                  28  m     laborer       England   US
Hayward, Fanny                 26  f     spinster      England   US
Hayward, Rhoda                 21  f     spinster      England   US
Cook, Elizabeth                20  f     domestic      England   US
Carter, Robert                 30  m     baker         England   US
Cottle, David                  21  m     clerk         England   US
Barry, William                 21  m     clerk         England   US
Gunning, Rob't A.              58  m     clerk         England   US
Cooksley, Frank                19  m     laborer       England   US
Bowden, A. E. W.               19  m     merchant      US        US
Jeffs, Alf? B. L.               9  m     child         US        US
Jeffs, Lillian A. M.            9  f     child         US        US
Tierney, James                 55  m     ?             US        US
Fellows, Charles               32  m     carver        US        US
Fellows, Ruth                  32  f     wife          US        US
Fellows, Maud                   8  f     child         US        US
Fellows, MAry                   6  f     child         US        US
Fellows, Minnie                 4  f     child         US        US
Sutton, Geo. Henry             19  m     gentleman     US        US                      
Whalley, John                  40  m     minister      US        US

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