SS Elbe

Capt Wm, Willigerod
From Bremen & South Hampton to NY
July 9, 1883

entire film June9,1883 donated by
[email protected]

This passengerlist was transcribed
Ruth Anne Lucas

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(?) = means unsure of spelling

#1-3 missing
Emil Kergenhiln              44    m   ?
#5 missing
Albert Foise                 46    m   ?
Herm Oeluchs(?)              38
Rob. H. Fraenet              26    m   ?
Hein. Krehbeil(?)            45    m   ?
Miss Julie Keilfreg(?)       40    f   ?
Miss Aug'e Maer              35    f   none          germany
Albert Christleib            31    m   merchant      usa
Miss J Christleib            24    f   wife          usa
Lisbeth Brandt               21    f   none          usa
Henry Hartmann               39    m   ?             usa
Fanny Hertmann               26?   f   wife          usa
Josef ?                      39    m   merchant      usa
#18 missing
Wilhelm Gait                 30    m   merchant
Fgnatz Modrj
Ernest Gradler               27    m   merchant
Louis ? 
#24 missing
Henriette Ahlhorn            42    m   merchant
Herm. Abel                   31    m   merchant      germany
Adolf Winkler                27    m   merchant      germany
C. H. L. Hommedien           32    m   merchant      usa
Miss Alma Raynolds           19    f   none          usa
Mrs Mary L Dunn              21    f   wife          usa
Guido Meissner(?)            32    m   merchant      usa
Albert Luderke               41    m   merchant      usa
Baron von der Golbz          45    m   capt/ger-army germany
John D Herkberg              31    m   merchant      hungary
Adolf Goldsmith              39    m   merchant
Miss A. L. Bancroft          41    f   wife 
Miss Bertha Bancroft         15    f   none 
Frank M. Bancroft            11    m   child 
Alberta Bancroft             16    f   none 
Luka Bancroft                 3    f   child
C? Bancroft                   2    m   child
G? Walter                    23    f   none
Louisa A Walter              20?   f   none
Miss Louise ?                      f   none
S. D ?                       46    m   merchant
Mrs S.D ?                    40    f   wife
Mrs Marg't Gaines            42    f   wife
Emil Rinke                   32    m   merchant      usa
Samuel Leimer                40    m   merchant
Mrs S Leimer                 60    f   wife
Samuel Leimer                 8    m   child
Siegmund Lederer             35    m   merchant
Emil A Ward                  37    m   merchant
Valentin Blatz               22    m   merchant
Emilie Schneider             20    f   none          germany
Emil Ritter                  22    m   tourist       germany
John F Tellow                36    m   tourist       usa
Miss Marie Boldt             24    f   none
Helene Winters               18    f   none          germany
Auguste Thoden               16    f   none          germany
Sophie A F Kertoll           25    f   none          germany
Mrs C D Rüther               55    f   wife          germany
Gesine Röder                 25    f   wife          germany
Max Röder                   11mos  m   child         germany
Rora(?) Jooheok(?)                 f   wife          usa
Helene Jookheok              11    f   child         usa
Herm. Behrens                31    m   merchant      usa
Dora Behrens                 28    f   wife          usa
Jenny Behrens                 7    f   child         usa
Robert Hauer                 30    m   tourist       usa
Magdelene Wachtel            29    f   none          usa
Jacob Tvetz(Twetz)           59    m   merchant      usa
Ed F Siller                  69    m   merchant      usa
Franz F Ebener               47    m   merchant      usa
John Wilke                   55    m   privateman    usa
Louis Eirkenroof             25    m   tourist       germany
Cath'a Burger                49    f   wife          germany
Helen Burger                 19    f   none          germany
Frieda Burger                16    f   none          germany
Johanne Burger                     f   child         germany
Ida Mayer                    33    f   none          germany
Jacob Selig                  53    m   merchant      germany
Cecilie Selig                49    f   wife          germany
Elisa Selig                  16    f   none          germany
Theodor Bergam              11mos  m   child         germany
Georg Müller                 25    m   merchant      germany
Ludw. Djupström              24    m   merchant      germany
Ida Siebert                  23    f   none          germany
Sophie Mannheimmer           21    f   none          germany
Lina Heidelhoff              17    f   none          germany
Olga Rommers                 18    f   none          germany
Beatrice Martinotish         34    f   wife          austria
Marianna Martinotish         9mos  f   child         austria
Johanna Fangrago             67    f   widow         austria
Auguste Prepburger           18    f   none          germany
Babette Sevoos               31    f   none          germany
Otto Gräf                    43    m   tourist       germany
Moritz Hörmann               52    m   merchant      germany
Marie Zuckermann             15    f   none          bohemia
Bianca(?) Heymann            26    f   wife          germany
Carl Berger                  46    m   tourist       germany
Kath'a Klein                 23    f   none          germany
Simon Grünhut                11½   m   child         germany
Theresia Neubauer            28    f   none          germany
Sappa Josefa Darmatino       24    f   wife          austria
Sappa Marg'e Darmatino        2    f   child         austria
Max Börne                    20    m   tourist       austria
Juline Wagner                22    f   none          austria
Sophie Weimann               23    f   none          austria
Georgine Rapmann             34    f   wife          germany
Albert Rapmann               10    m   child         germany
John Meier                   34    m   tourist       usa
Franz Sieman                 24    m   tourist       usa
Charles Gumlich              63    m   merchant      usa
John Schmitz                 22    m   merchant      usa
N F Nungesser                32    m   merchant      usa
? Olff                       28    f   widow         usa
Herm Reuck                   45    m   wagonmaker    usa
Albert Christoffersen        23    m   merchant      usa
Friedr. Casselmann           18    m   farmer        usa
Ad. Jos. Schultheis          14    m   none          usa
Mathilde Becker              15    f   none          usa
Elise Hep                    30    f   none          usa
Dr Paul Kobler               44    m   physician     usa
Aug. Buchholz                24    m   labourer      germany
Michael Zielke               70    m   farmer        germany
Henriette Zielke             40    f   wife          germany
Heinr. Schwarz               30    m   bricklayer    germany
Wilhl'e Schwarz              30    f   wife          germany
Heinr. Schwarz                6    m   child         germany
Bertha Schwarz                3    f   child         germany
Ida Schwarz                  9mos      child         germany
Wilh. Heinr. Steffens        46    m   miller        usa
Sophie Steffens              40    f   wife          germany
Heinr. Steffens              11    m   child         germany
Theodor Steffens              6    m   child         germany
Carl Steffens                 4    m   child         germany
Johan Renken                 10½   m   child         germany 
Marg'e Bartels               10    f   child         germany
Wilhelm Steffens             11    m   farmer        germany
Frieda Holdt                 45    m   teacher       usa
Minna Holdt                  21    f   none          usa
Mathilde Farber              22    f   none          germany
Caroll Capelke               34    f   wife          germany
William Capelke              10    m   child         germany
Martha Capelke                6    f   child         germany 
Eva Capelke                   4        child         germany
Louise Capelke               9mos      child         germany
Heinr. Geisfe                40    m   labourer      germany
Ferdinand Zinkoski           48    m   labourer      germany
Wilhelmine Zinoski           45    f   wife          germany
Theodor Zinkoski              7    m   child         germany
Helene Winder                12    f   child         germany
Paul Winder                   1    m   child         germany
Alfred Winder                 9    m   child         germany
Friedr. Schröder             39    m   stonecutter   germany
Ernest'e Schröder            32    f   wife          germany
Hermann Schröder              9    m   child         germany
Auguste Schröder              7    f   child         germany
Johanne Schröder              5    f   child         germany
Anna Schröder               11mos  f   child         germany
Ida Borohmann                25    f   none          germany
Joha's Magnus Persson        23    m   carpenter     sweden
Franz Jos. Grabowska         15    m   none          germany
Kaver Müller                 28    m   labourer      germany
Mathilde Dillabare           24    f   none          germany
Ferdinand Buggert            23    m   labourer      germany
Louise Dillabare             48    f   wife          germany
Carl Libutzki                36    m   saddler       germany
Joh. Heinr. Meyer            33    m   farmer        germany
Justine Meyer                58    f   wife          germany
Therese Bahnert              18    f   none          germany
Harius Zöttner                2½   m   child         germany
Emilie Lroth                 26    f   none          germany
Carl Kramer                  16    m   labourer      germany
Ida Klatt                    35    f   wife          germany
Richard Klatt                11    m   child         germany
Edward Klatt                  7    m   child         germany
Albert Klatt                  3    m   child         germany
Rosalie Roehr                20    f   non           germany
Gustav Blümle                26    m   labourer      germany
Wilhelmine Blümle            25    f   wife          germany
Bertha Blümle                 1    f   child         germany
Curt Niertz                  18    m   merchant      germany
Pauline Seipert              35    f   wife          germany
Clara Seipert                      f   child         germany
Julius Hap                   29    m   sheepherd     germany
Maria Hap                    55    f   wife          germany
Johanne Hap                  18    f   none          germany
August Hap                   26    m   sheepherd     germany
Dorothea Amnim               24    f   wife          germany
Therese Amnim                 5    f   child         germany
Anna Wolf                    35    f   wife          germany
Johann Wolf                  11    m   child         germany
Franz Wolf                    9    m   child         germany
Martha Wolf                   7    f   child         germany
Joseph Wolf                   4    m   child         germany
Adolf Behrendt               39    m   labourer      germany
Louise Behrendt              30    f   wife          germany
Bertha Behrendt              10    f   child         germany
Gustav Behrendt               8    m   child         germany
Emma Behrendt                 6    f   child         germany 
Hermann Behrendt            11mos  m   child         germany
Constantin Ludürg            21    m   silkweaver    usa
Victoria Schmidt             25    f   none          germany
Veronica Noe                 20    f   none          germany
Adra Roth                    17    m   shoemaker     germany
Anna Maria Brickner          27    f   none          germany
Sofie Naumann                24    f   none          germany
Brigitte Schürknecht         20    f   none          germany
Babette Etzel                18    f   none          germany
Christ. Rufferthöfer         26    m   labourer
Carl Goldbach                17    m   labourer      germany
Henriette Hirthner           30    f   wife          germany
Max Hirthner                  2    m   child         germany
Rosa Hirthner                3mos  f   child         germany
Christine Theiss             17    f   none          germany
Elisab. Greic                20    f   none          germany
Josef Heffer                 30    m   farmer        germany
Susanne Heffer               31    f   wife          germany
Peter Heffer                 11    m   child         germany
Sefarin Heffer               10    m   child         germany
Joseph Heffer                 8    m   child         germany
John Geis                    21    m   butcher       usa
Marie Sevrin                 24    f   none          usa
Lina Gebhard                 31    f   wife          germany
Carl Gebhard                  2½   m   child         germany
Hermann Kühet                23    m   labourer      germany
Wenzel Eckert                11½   m   child         bohemia
Hermann Kraus                14    m   none          bohemia
Amalie Müller                42    f   wife          germany
Hulda Müller                 21    f   none          germany
Olga Müller                  18    f   none          germany
Franz Müller                 16    m   none          germany
Georg Müller                 11    m   child         germany
Paul Müller                   4    m   child         germany
Wilhelm Brandes              60    m   farmer        germany
Augusta Rogatzka             19    f   none          germany
Paul Lewm                    21    m   merchant      germany
Sophie Passero               17    f   none          germany
Eberhardt Müller             42    m   farmer        germany
Kath'a Müller                37    f   wife          germany
Johann Müller                14    m   none
Joh Konr Müller              12    m   child         germany
Friedr Müller                11    m   child         germany
Heinrich Müller              10    m   child         germany
Kunigunde Müller              6    f   child         germany
Johann Müller                 4    m   child         germany
Anna Marg. Müller             2    f   child         germany
Kath'a Schwatzel             22    f   none          germany
Marg'a Haarsh                20    f   none          germany
Kath'a Popp                  23    f   none          germany
Kath'a Popp                  21    f   none          germany
August Wilgand               18    m   merchant      germany
Marie Sieling                18    f   none          germany
Marie Bitterhoff             22    f   none          usa
August Ahtüde                29    m   merchant      usa
Moritz Lowenstein            18    m   merchant      germany
Wilhelm Roist(Rüst)          14    m   none          germany
Carl Schulz                  64    m   farmer        germany
Henriette Schulz             60    f   wife          germany
Albert Schulz                23    m   farmer        germany
August Schulz                28    m   farmer        germany
Emma Bleschke                26    f   wife          germany
Otto Bleschke                 4    m   child         germany
Martha Bleschke               3    f   child         germany
Max Bleschke                 4mos      child         germany
Christ. Weiland              65    m   farmer        germany
Friedr Reber                 17    m   farmer        germany
Adolf Peter                  21    m   smith         germany
Josepha Mall                 17    f   none          germany
Christ'e Faselt              20    f   none          germany
Dorothea Mast                17    f   none          germany
August Kühnle                16    m   none          germany
Heinr Reinerke               50    m   farmer        usa
Marie E Martin               38    f   wife          germany
George Attinger              15    m   none          germany
Gottleib Geist               16    m   none          germany
Carol'e Albrecht             75    f   wife          germany
Walpurga Beisinger           32    f   wife          germany
Berhtilde Beisinger           7    f   child         germany
Emma Beisinger                4    f   child         germany
Wilhelm Gade                 25    m   shoemaker     germany
Carl Wiedmaier               27    m   carpenter     germany
Carol'e Sigmund              21    f   none          germany
Eva Wurster                  19    f   none          germany
Elisab. Gaisfer              21    f   none          germany
Johann Gaisfer               16    m   none          germany
Peter Bockermann             36    m   joiner        germany
Henriette Bockermann         34    f   wife          germany
Marie Bockerman              11    f   child         germany
Friedr Bockermann             9    m   child         germany
Emma Bockermann               7    f   child         germany
Gustav Bockermann             6    m   child         germany
Louise Bockermann             5    f   child         germany
Ida Bockermann                3    f   child         germany
Amanda Bockermann            2mos      child         germany
Marie Niemann                 8½   m?  none          germany
August Finke                 16    m   none          germany
Wilhelm Specht               56    m   butcher       germany
Rudolph Specht                4½   m   child         germany
Lütken Holter                16    m   none          germany
Max Kieser                   31    m   shoemaker     usa
Valentis Bottenbach          38    m   shoemaker     usa
Johann Hofmann               23    m   farmer        germany
Anna Marg. Hofmann           20    f   wife          germany
Marg. Hofmann               1½mos  f   child         germany
Johannes Raithel             27    m   musician      germany
Marie Anna Parsch            17    f   none          germany
Wilh'e Knebusch              21    f   none          germany
Babette Körndlein            17    f   none          germany
Anna Schmidt                 18    f   none          germany
Mort? C Recknajd             26    m   merchant      usa
Marie Scherm                 26    f   none          germany
Joh Sindermann               16    m   none          germany
Johann Hiltner               30    m   labourer      germany
Eugen Lamparker              17    m   worker        germany
Anna Louise Duhme            22    f   none          germany
Eva Werr                     28    f   none          usa
Anna Boscher(Borcher)        17    f   none          germany
Carol'e Heis                 38    f   wife          germany
George Metzger                9    m   child         germany
Nicolaus Hach                59    m   private       germany
Carl Cronberger              27    m   gardener      germany
Johanna Cronberger           24    f   wife          germany
Philipp Cronberger            7    m   child         germany
Elise Cronberger              4    f   child         germany
Anna Cronberger             11mos  f   child         germany
Louis Sussmann               44    m   merchant      usa
L Jacob Gutmann              17    m   carpenter     usa
Wilhelm Saul                 18    m   carpenter     germany
Otto Almendinger             18    m   farmer        germany
Rosa Gaok(Gark)              31    f   none          germany
Bernh't Schumann             21    m   labourer      germany
Christ'e Volle               17    f   none          germany
Therese Woerz                22    f   none          germany
Ludwig Spaeth                25    m   labourer      germany
Albrecht Kohlberger          30    m   labourer      germany
Auguste Knorr                19    f   none          germany
Elisabeth Schmid             36    f   none          germany
Georg Welke                  20    m   shoemaker     germany
Michael Schwenk              15    m   none          germany
Emma Rühter                  29    f   wife          germany
Reinhold Rühter               6    m   child         germany
Paul Rühter                   4    m   child         germany
Liesbeth Rühter               3    f   child         germany
Georg Gumbrecht              18    m   labourer      germany
Wilhelm Frederich            21    m   labourer      germany
Conrad Schwabe               24    m   clerk         germany
Johann Oelkers               23    m   shoemaker     germany
Bertha Evers                 21    f   none          germany
Anna Evers                   18    f   none          germany
Edward Weber                 26    m   instrum maker germany
Jacob Heiden                 35    m   joiner        germany
Friedr Marks                 14    m   none          germany
Johann Monseco               16    m   none          germany
Cath'a Monseco               14    f   none          germany
Diedr Mushorn                40    m   carpenter     usa
Joh Fr Fredrichs             36    m   merchant      usa
Heinr Beckmann Schriefer     40    m   labourer      germany
Friedr Hilkemeyer            16    m   labourer      germany
Marie Hilkemeyer             22    f   none          germany
Wilhelm Aude                 22    m   farmer        germany
Edor Ad Bromberger           43    m   grocer        usa 
Pauline Bromberger           17    f   none          usa
Wilhelm Fisches              26    m   baker         usa
Therese Fisches              25    f   wife          usa
Willi Fisches               11mos  m   child         usa
Minna Ade                    24    f   none          germany
Tobens Tinger                20    m   farmer        germany
Cath El Klehn                24    f   none          germany
Jacob Ernst                  24    m   smith         germany
Elise Wegmann                18    f   none          germany
Johann Schneider             18    m   baker         germany
Carl Specht                  67    m   farmer        germany
Marg Specht                  63    f   wife          germany
Adam Specht                  40    m   farmer        germany
Louise                       28    f   wife          germany
Elise                         4    f   child         germany
Elise Kasoinn                31    f   wife          usa
Conrad Kahler                22    m   miller        germany
Joh Halblant                 21    m   miller        germany
Gustav Reichrt               25    m   barber        germany
Gustav M Ehrle               32    m   baker         germany
Marie Hepperten              21    f   none          germany
Laura Hauenstein             16    f   none          germany
Aug Rosenkranz               18    m   farmer        germany
Ludwig Sserkel               23    m   merchant      germany
Julie Oppenheimer            19    f   none          germany
Babette Jakoby               21    f   none          germany
Richard Busch                16    m   merchant      germany
Johanne Meszing              11    f   child         germany
Babette Oppenheimer          20    f   none          germany
Max Jakoby                   16    m   none          germany
Ida Morgensbern               7    f   child         germany
Georg Gaydoul                58    m   farmer        germany
Minna Hörr                   15    f   none          germany
Bernh. Leopold               30    m   merchant      germany
Helene Fink                  16    f   none          germany
Gottfried Strobel            29    m   merchant      germany
Carl Strobel                 27    m   merchant      usa
Gerd. Stroble                29    m   butcher       usa
Frank Block                  33    m   carrier       usa
Herm. H. Wachsmann           24    m   smith         germany
Marie Block                  18    f   none          germany
Peter Haugard                28    m   shoemaker     germany
Peter Winter                 24    m   merchant      germany
Louis Schwarz                24    m   merchant      germany
Wilh Clasebock               47    m   merchant      germany
Carl Linke                   34    m   farmer        germany
Wilhelm Dötsch               31    m   farmer        germany
Max Krause                   28    m   upolsterer    germany
Friedr Hundt                 31    m   paperstainer  usa
Carl Werner                  17?   m   merchant      usa
Antnie Greis                  6    f   child         germany
Erik B. M. Simonsen          45    m   farmer        denmark
Mariane Simonsen             35    f   wife          denmark
Carl Chr. Simonsen           11    m   child         denmark
Harriet Simonsen              8   m(?) child         denmark
Karoline Simonsen          4-3/4   f   child         denmark
Niels Chr. Nielsen           31    m   labourer      denmark
Kristen Nielsen              40    f   wife          denmark
Niels Nielsen                 2    m   child         denmark
Johanne Nielsen              6mos  f   child         denmark
Peter Chr Meter              15    m   none          denmark
Jens Chr Larsen              43    m   labourer      denmark
Magnus Gudjanson             23    m   labourer      norway
Emil Fritsch                 23    m   merchant      germany
Bertha Fritsch               16    f   none          germany
Emil Fräger                  24    m   merchant      germany
Anna Kuley                   24    f   none          germany
Georg Zipperer               51    m   farmer        bohemia
Theresia Zipperer            45    f   wife          bohemia
Marg'e Zipperer              17    f   none          bohemia
Josef Zipperer               11    m   child         bohemia
Maria Zipperer                8    f   child         bohemia 
Alois Zipperer                3    m   child         bohemia
Josef Braun                  20    m   farmer        bohemia
Barbara Braun                22    f   none          bohemia
Wenzel Forster               30    m   farmer        bohemia
Barb'a Cibulka               22    f   none          bohemia
Marg'e Cibulka               22    f   wife          bohemia
Josef Cibulka                3mos  m   child         bohemia
Josef Schuster               34    m   bricklayer    austria
Theresia Schuster            35    f   wife          austria
Cath'a Schuster              6mo   f   child         austria 
Heinr Koch                   22    m   merchant      germany
Carl Schenfele               16    m   none          germany
Friedr Bauer                 16    m   none          germany
Christ. Gienger              15    m   none          germany
Marie Geinger                19    f   none          germany
Friedrich Eisenle            14    m   none          germany
Wilhelm Bruner               18    m   farmer        germany
Nicolaus Masser              17    m   smith         germany
Melchior Huber               27    m   carpenter     germany
Xaver Vogt                   36    m   farmer        germany
Rosine Maüer                 47    f   wife          germany
Thomas Leemann               55    m   coatchman     germany
Ursula Leemann               55    f   wife          germany
Mathilde Leemann             20    f   none          germany
Valentin Haudrich            21    m   cooper        germany
Georg Röder                  18    m   labourer      germany
Jos Jul Stritzochler         13    m   none          germany
Jacob Schmitt                20    m   labourer      germany
Wilhelm Bischoff             65    m   labourer      germany
Kath'a Sachs                 20    f   none          germany
Balsar Oechler               33    m   smith         germany
Wilh'e Kastens               15    f   none          germany
Reinh'd Erfirth              27    m   confectioner  germany
Johann Fischer               13    m   none          usa
Johannes Voger               25    m   joiner        germany
Juliane Kuhn                 19    f   none          germany
Anna Hartmann                19    f   none          germany
Wilhelm Hepp                 33    m   farmer        germany
Cath'a Hepp                  30    f   wife          germany
Fried'ke Hepp                 6    f   child         germany
Jacob Hepp                    4    m   child         germany
Wilhelm Hepp                  1½   m   child         germany
Cath'a Hepp                  54    f   widow         germany
Henriette Hepp               26    f   none          germany
Philipp Ingenbrand           22    m   mechanician   germany
Carl Kron                    22    m   stonecutter   germany
Jacob Kornmann               17    m   stonecutter   germany
Amalie Meu                   54    f   wife          germany
Charlotte Christian          18    f   none          germany
Christine Ott                17    f   none          germany
Anna Maria Hartmann          53    f   wife          germany
Marg'e Hartmann              20    f   none          germany
Cath'a Hartmann              18    f   none          germany
Anna Maria Stein             17    f   none          germany
Marg'e Repp                  22    f   none          germany
Conrad Schröder              11½   m   child         germany
Carl Kraft                   24    m   miller        germany
Bertha Kraft                 21    m   wife          germany
Heinr Repp                   26    m   basketmaker   germany
Johannes Schaub              23    m   butcher       germany
Johann Teller                47    m   farmer        germany
Elisab Teller                50    f   wife          germany
Michael Teller               17    m   none          germany
Franz Teller                 11    m   child         germany
Lorenz Teller                 9    m   child         germany
Michael Mostein(?)           30    m   farmer        germany
Philipp Grep                 58    m   farmer        germany
Marg'e Grep                  49    f   wife          germany
Johann Grep                  32    m   farmer        germany
Carl Bonsack                 32    m   locksmith     germany
Anna Meyer                   27    f   none          germany
Lebald Rebling               17    m   baker         germany
Franz Helbig                 23    m   merchant      germany
Otto Schwabe                 26    m   merchant      germany
Johann Jung                  31    m   mechanician   germany
Wilhelm Schmidt              16    m   smith         germany
Richard Streil               18    m   waiter        germany
Agnes Eüler                  50    f   wife          usa
Johann Eüler                 28    m   carpenter     usa
Dora Fagot                   23    f   wife          usa
Andreas Edle                 30    m   taylor        usa
Georg Reninjer               42    m   miller        usa
Therese Binder               44    f   wife          germany
Anna Binder                   3½   f   child         germany
Georg Binder                 13    m   none          germany
Hedwig Binder                 9    f   child         germany
Lina Binder                   6    f   child         germany
Heinr Emden                  22    m   labourer      germany
Julie Ulrich                 19    f   none          germany
Carl Schwesinger             21    m   carpenter     germany
Barbara Klee                 18    f   none          germany
Valeria Lüdske               28    f   wife          germany
Martha Lüdske                 6    f   child         germany
Johann Lüdske                 4    m   child         germany
Bunhard Lüdske              11mo   m   child         germany
Friedrich(Friedricke) Schulz 48    f   wife          germany
Otto Schulz                  20    m   shoemaker     germany
Emil Schulz                  15    m   none          germany
Bertha Schulz                10    f   child         germany
Edward Schulz                 9    m   child         germany
Albert Manske                23    m   smith         germany
Kath'a Wächter               22    f   none          germany
Johann Voyer                 13    m   none          germany
Tradi Berner                 27    m   merchant      germany
Wilhelm Szyrska              16    m   none          germany
Marie Verwiebe               23    f   none          germany
Franz Verwiebe               14    m   none          germany
Carl Schneider               26    m   labourer      germany
Valentin Szillat             19   f(?) none          germany
Beate Elsner                 74    f   wife          germany
Gesine Borchers              14    f   none          germany
Anna Louise Borchers         11    f   child         germany
Heinr Gerlach                25    m   farmer        germany
Herm Rothernburg             42    m   grocer        usa
Josef Vogt                   23    m   miller        germany
George Geisfler              31    m   butcher       germany
Anton Hingenmayer            16    m   baker         germany
Carl Mayr                    19    m   merchant      germany
Wilhelm Brandt             11-3/4  m   child         germany
Samuel Wittner               38    m   merchant      germany
Minna Rogler                 35    f   wife          germany
Pauline Rogler               11    f   child         germany
Josef Rogler                  9½   m   child         germany
Gustav Rogler                 8    m   child         germany
Jetter Rogler                 6½   f   child         germany
Philipp Rogler                4    m   child         germany
Marie Rogler                  1½   f   child         germany
Anton Metertich              28    m   carpenter     germany
Cath'e Meterich              25    f   wife          germany
Anton Meterich                2½   m   child         germany
Wilhelm Rud                  30    m   farmer        germany
Anna Mariea Rud              60    f   wife          germany
Ottilie Maliszarski          33    f   wife          usa?
Ferdinand Schmuck            23    m   labourer      germany
Selma Saohse                 23    f   none          germany
Grego Jonjnens               22    m   labourer      germany
Johann Spiester              24    m   labourer      germany
Johann Philipp               25    m   labourer      germany
Anna Kühn                    17    f   none          germany
Emilie Dinter                31    f   wife          germany
Anastasia Dinter             11½   f   child         germany 
Rosa Dinter                   3    f   child         germany
Arthur Dinter               11mos  m   child         germany
Henriette Dittrich           28    f   none          germany
Abraham Blum                 17    m   merchant      germany
Heinr Dickel                 24    m   joiner        germany
Johann Terves                61    m   farmer        germany
Maria Terves                 56    f   wife          germany
Carl Terves                   6    m   child         germany
Maria Petering               16    f   none          germany
Oscar Brugger                32    m   watchmaker    usa
Marg'e Küffer                21    f   none          germany
Valentin Schüpler            22    m   carpenter     germany
Marie Mülfinger              37    f   wife          germany
Maarie Mülfinger             16    f   none          germany
Fried'ke Mülfinger           14    f   none          germany
Christ'e Mülfinger           11    f   child         germany
Carl Mülfinger                9    m   child         germany
Jacob Mülfinger               7    m   child         germany
Ernst Mülfinger               4½   m   child         germany
Marie Braun                  14    f   none          germany 
Pauline Munz                 24    f   none          germany
Fgnatz Jenny                 30    m   barber        austria
Marie Jenny                  25    f   wife          austria
Ludwig Jenny                 15    m   none          austria
Johann Jenny                 6mos  m   child         austria
Heinr Börger                 17    m   waiter        germany
Ernst Büssner                16    m   none          germany
Emma Schilke                 23    f   none          germany
Clara Springogath            22    f   none          germany
Anna Wojtsch                 26    f   none          bohemia
Fers. Ohuhänser              29    m   farmer        austria
Josef Maloher                27    m   farmer        austria
Josef Wanjura                39    m   labourer      austria
Johanna Wanjura              39    f   wife          austria
Josef Wanjura                11½   m   child         austria
Wilhelm Wanjura              10    m   child         austria
Anna Wanjura                  9    f   child         austria
Franz Wanjura                 7    m   child         austria
Ferd. Wanjura                 4    m   child         austria 
Anna Fingerhut               44    f   wife          austria
Friedr Fingerhut              9    m   child         austria
Antonia Cosulich             32    f   wife          austria
Antonia Cosulich             25    f   none          austria
Johann Cosulich               5    m   child         austria
Maria Cosulich                3    f   child         austria
Alexander Willani            13    m   none          austria
Andreas Martinolich          10    m   child         austria
Marco Martinolich             7    m   child         austria
Celius Martinolich            5    m   child         austria
Domenica Vidulich            26    f   none          austria
Maria Padelin                22    f   none          austria
Josefine Raska               16    f   none          bohemia
Johann Kohl                  33    m   farmer        austria
Kath'a Kohl                  32    f   wife          austria
Wenzel Kohl                  23    m   farmer        Bohemia
Maria Matochi                18    f   none          bohemia
Anton Haubner                34    m   labourer      bohemia
Kath'a Haubner               39    f   wife          bohemia
Johann Haubner                9    m   child         bohemia
Josef Haubner                3mos  m   child         bohemia
Maria Haubner                3mos  f   child         bohemia
Rudolf Lowi                  19    m   labourer      bohemia
Max Klein                    17    m   labourer      bohemia
Max Neubauer                 18    m   labourer      bohemia
Franz Krestan                28    m   labourer      bohemia
Anton Krestan                38    m   labourer      bohemia
Marie Krestan                30    f   wife          bohemia
Franz Krestan                 4½   m   child         bohemia
Josefa Janoth                48    f   wife          bohemia
Johann Janoth                11    m   child         bohemia
Johann Vlua                  19    m   labourer      bohemia
Josef Kapet                  29    m   labourer      bohemia
Carl Kohout                  21    m   labourer      bohemia
Maria Karazek                25    f   none          bohemia
Josef Vlasak                 25    m   labourer
Josef Semrad                 32    m   labourer      bohemia
Franz'ka Semrad              33    f   wife          bohemia
Agnes Semrad                  6    f   child         bohemia
Anton Semrad                  4    m   child         bohemia
Josef Steohr                 49    m   labourer      bohemia
Cath'a Steohr                43    f   wife          bohemia
Anna Steohr                  11    f   child         bohemia
Josef Steohr                11mos  m   child         bohemia
Jacob Guttermann             40    m   farmer        germany
Anton Lutz                   21    m   labourer      germany
Anna Tietze(?)               22    f   none          germany
Ernst Tyrna                  32    m   labourer      germany
Franz Zatopek                50    m   labourer      germany
Franz Zlavitch               17    m   labourer      germany
Fgnatz Peroun                44    m   labourer      austria
Franz'ke Peroun              14    f   none          austria
Valentin Lösch               48    m   farmer        germany
Maria Lösch                  38    f   wife          germany
Conrad Lösch                 23    m   farmer        germany
Christ'n Lösch               17    m   farmer        germany
Albert Lösch                 13    m   none          germany
Cath'a Lösch                 11    f   child         germany
Maria Lösch                   8    f   child         germany
Elisab. Lösch                 6    f   child         germany
Adam Lösch                    4    m   child         germany
Eva Lösch                     3    f   child         germany
Wilhelm Lösch                6mos  m   child         germany
Bertha Hirsch                25    f   none          germany
Barb'a Schindel              19    f   none          germany
Anton Schindel               17    m   none          germany
Magda Lors                   17    f   none          germany
Anna Betz                    37    f   wife          germany
Valentin Betz                 5    m   child         germany
Cathia Loewer                17    f   none          germany
Carl Falkenstein             16    m   none          germany
Philipp Eischelbach          15    m   none          germany
Elise Mallebre               33    f   wife          germany
August Mallebre               7    m   child         germany
Anna Mallebre                 4    f   child         germany
Elise Mallebre               9mos  f   child         germany
Maria Kadler                 50    f   wife          Bohemia
Franz Bazil                  33    m   labourer      bohemia
Franz'ke Bazil               27    f   wife          bohemia
Franz Bazil                   7    m   child         bohemia
Josef Bazil                   8    m   child         bohemia
Ludwig Zuca                  17    m   labourer      bohemia
Eva Rosine Tenner            58    f   wife          germany
Joseph Giloh                 22    m   hatmaker      germany
Julius Gerst                 28    m   labourer      germany
Wilh. G. Ruchenbrod          34    m   shoemaker     germany
Christ'e Ruchenbrod          34    f   wife          germany
Wilh. G Ruchenbrod            3½   m   child         germany
Louise M Ruchenbrod           2½   f   child         germany
Lidia Ruchenbrod            11mos  f   child         germany
Louise Bucher                33    f   wife          germany
Carl Bucher                 9-3/4  m   child         germany
Marie Bucher                 17?   f   none          germany
Barbara Allemtrager          44    f   wife          germany
Wilh'e Mühleisen             22    f   none          germany
Carol'e Mühleisen            17    f   none          germany
Lorenz Fr. John              30    m   stonecutter   germany
Fred'ke John                 30    f   wife          germany
Fr. Gotthilf John           11mos  m   child         germany
Fried'ke Daune               27    f   child         germany
Maria Daune                   2    f   child         germany
Pauline Mangold              20    f   none          germany
Jacob Fr Votz                39    f   wife          germany
Nane Votz                    36    f   wife          germany
Sophie Votz                   9    f   child         germany
Nane Votz                     8    f   child         germany
Louise Votz                 3-3/4  f   child         germany
Lida Votz                   11mos  f   child         germany
Fried'ke Scmid               19    f   none          germany
Elisabeth Kaupp              44    f   wife          germany
Chrit'n Kaupp                14    m                 germany
Gottfried Kaupp              11    m   child         germany
Maria Kaupp                   7    f   child         germany
Math. Häfele                 30    m   labourer      germany
Jacob Diehl                  30    m   labourer
Carl Leonard                 48    m   farmer        germany
Jacob Grub                   39    m   farmer        germany
Friedr. Hep                  32    m   farmer        germany
Heinr. Ellenberger           15    m   none          germany
Anna Leonard                 23    f   none          germany
Conrad Elmshäuser            25    m   miller        germany
Elisab. Elmshäuser           20    f   wife          germany
Friedr Rudolph               35    m   stonecutter   germany
Rosine Rudolph               31    f   wife          germany
Emma Rudolph                  8    f   child         germany
Herman Rudolph                6    m   child         germany
Bertha Rudolph                1½   f   child         germany
Carl Lövinger                13½   m   none          germany
Otto Schweizer               16    m   none          germany
Maria Stempel                19    f   none          germany
Friedr Schultze              21    m   barber
Anna Maria Aurenz            19    f   none          germany
Anna Maria Schmid            16    f   none          germany
Jon Georg Borst              16    m   farmer        germany
Gottlieb Leutsch             58    m   bricklayer    germany
Chritsliebe Leutsch          54    f   wife          germany
Friedr Leutsch               16    m   labourer      germany
Auguste Pohle                17    f   none          germany
Carl Granert                 51    m   farmer        germany
Wilhelmine Granert           42    f   wife          germany
Paul Granert                 14    m   none          germany
Emma Granert                 11½   f   child         germany
Oscar Wiesel                 21    m   weaver        germany
Elisab. Wiesel               21    f   none          germany
Minna Sternkopf              25    f   none          germany
Wrike Tauscher               27    f   none          germany
Johann Kehrig                55    m   stonecutter   germany
Andreas Naget                28    m   shoemaker     germany
Elise Straalmeyer            32    f   none          germany
? Ernst ?                    22        innkeeper     usa
Edward Kohler                45    m   joiner        usa
Rosalie Zeitter              35    f   none          usa
Sophie Brinkmann             22    f   none          germany
August Brinkmann             16½   m   labourer      germany
Alwine Ortlep                20    f   none          germany
Janus Remitzki               39    m   labourer      hungary
Wolfgang Schreiner           47    m   labourer      bohemia
Theodora Schreiner           45    f   wife          bohemia
Franziska Schreiner          17    f   none          bohemia
Andreas Schreiner            15    m   none          bohemia
Theresia Schreiner            9    f   child         bohemia
Selma Siebert                29    f   wife          germany
Anna Siebert                  3    f   child         germany
Ludwig Pfannkuch             29    m   labourer      germany
Anna Pfannkuch               24    f   wife          germany
Wilhelm Rohde                21    m   weaver        germany
Carl Pfannkuch               30    m   saddler       germany
Anna Pfannkuch               19    f   wife          germany
Heinrich Pfannkuch          11mos  m   child         germany
Josef Geretochläger          35    m   laborer       austria
Johann Pippers               33    m   labourer      germany
Anna Pippers                 30    f   wife          germany
Heinrich Pippers              9    m   child         germany
August Pippers                7    m   child         germany
Georg Malkos                 22    m   carpenter     germany
Elise Malkos                 19    f   none          germany
Elise Scheir                 17    f   none          germany
Carol'e Dieling              19    f   none          germany
Carl Rejochle                36    m   weaver        austria
Heinr Scharnhorst            26    m   cooper        austria
Louis(e) Wildhager           24    f   none          austria
Friedr Scverin               19    m   cooper        germany
Friedr Vollmer               19    m   joiner        germany
Wilhelm Vollmer              32    m   landlord      germany
Louise Vollmer               30    f   wife          germany
Wilhelm Vollmer               3    m   child         germany
Carl Vollmer                10mos  m   child         germany
Christ'n Syring              22    m   shoemaker     germany
Carol'e Schmale              17    f   none          germany
Anna Schubert                28    f   wife          germany
Frieda Schubert               2    f   child         germany
Agnes John                   19    f   none          germany
Hulila Schenk                20    f   none          germany
Heinr Ebert                  22    m   labourer      germany
Heinr Schumann               29    m   farmer        germany
Heinr Bohler                 24    m   farmer        germany
Philipp Weber                24    m   farmer        germany
Gerhard Böhne                30    m   farmer        germany
Herm Kühn                    20    m   taylor        germany
Israel Katz                  16    m   none          germany
Albrecht Schmidt             28    m   waiter        germany
Lina Wagner                  32    f   wife          germany
Ernst Wagner                 18    m   waiter        germany
August Wagner               10mos  m   child         germany
Ernst Hähnel                 16½   m   labourer      germany
Simon Hampe                  24    m   baker         germany
Amalie Holstein              20    f   none          germany
Amalie Strapburg             30    f   wife          germany
Gertrud Strapburg             2    f   child         germany
Jacob Teige                  15    m   none          germany
Carol'e Maurer               20    f   none          germany
Johann Lay                   32    m   barber        germany
Heinr Scholthamer            22    m   labourer      germany
Barbara Gahn                 24    f   none          germany
Josef Gahn                   17    m   labourer      germany
Leonh'd Theurer              17    m   labourer      germany
Michal Arneth                18    m   labourer      germany
Carl Jung                    40    m   upolsterer    germany
Caroline Jung                31    f   wife          germany
Fried'ke Jung                 6    f   child         germany
Wilhelm Jung                  2    m   child         germany
Heinr Jung                  11mos  m   child         germany
Xaver Winkler                24    m   sadller       germany
Cath'a Stuber                34    f   wife          germany
Fried'ke Stuber               3    f   child         germany
Anna Stuber                 11mo   f   child         germany
Georg Nichel                 28    m   joiner        germany
Justus Baumbach              25    m   joiner        germany
Georg Math. Malgus           18    m   labourer      germany
Dorothea Müller              21    f   none          germany
August Schneider             31    m   labourer      germany
Carl Dorl                    34    m   labourer      germany
Heinr Fransel                30    m   ?             usa
Carl Mar. Lange              23    m   carpenter     germany
Anton Mühalski               31    m   farmer        germany
Mathilde Mühalski            22    f   wife          germany
Franz Mühalski                2    m   child         germany
Anton Mühalski              10mos  m   child         germany
Emilie Krause                29    f   none          germany
John Schumacher              40    m   farmer        usa
Theodor Schumacher           19    m   farmer        germany
Minna Schumacher             17    f   none          germany
Tina Schumacher              10    f   child         usa
Jacob Schumacher              6    m   child         usa
Minna Merhof                 19    f   none          germany
Adam Reinhardt               15    m   none          germany
Friederike Schuck            20    f   none          germany
Friedr Flachsbarth           35    m   farmer        germany
Wilhelm Bokenkröger          19    m   farmer        germany
Babette Speop                61    f   wife          germany
Isaac Goldmann               17    m   merchant      germany
Charles Heyn                 47    m   wheeler       usa
Emilie Heyn                  45    f   wife          usa
August Burghardi(Burghart)   26    m   farmer        germany
Heinr Lunderweyer            26    m   farmer        germany
Heinr Kracht                 18    m   farmer        germany
Hilda Eglach                 28    f   none          usa
Rich'd Delauie               33    m   painter       usa
Magd'e Delauie               28    f   wife          usa
Justine Delauie               7    f   child         usa
Paulina Delauie               9    f   child         usa
Simon Feaergrün              30    m   farmer        hungary
Alter Weipenberg             29    m   farmer        hungary
Jacob Veik                   26    m   labourer      hungary
Isaac Rottermann             28    m   dealer        hungary
Anna Gesine Müller           29    f   none          germany 
Rosalie Eoke                 28    f   wife          germany
Arthur Eoke                   4    m   child         germany
Wanda Eoke                   7mos  f   child         germany
Georg Priebe                 26    m   farmer        germany
Dina Löbia                   20    f   wife          germany
Wilhelm Löbig                6mos      child         germany
Bruno Baum                   18    m   labourer      germany
Elisab. Haber                22    f   none          germany
Emma Harkenberg              28    f   none          germany
Aug'e Wandohawsky            20    f   none          germany
Anna Schwicka                16    f   none          germany
Friedr Widenmeyer            19    m   labourer      germany
Friedr Th Hatzel             40    m   labourer      germany
Anna Abt                     37    f   wife          germany
Cath'a Spielmann             19    f   none          germany
Frida Degenhardt             22    f   none          germany
Anna Pirsch                  25    f   none          germany
August Kaysfer               22    m   merchant      germany
Rosa Greiner                 21    f   none          germany
Ludwig Rohrbach              31    m   cooper        germany
Richard Vogt                 24    m   cooper        germany
Eva Winter                   58    f   wife          germany
Casper Winter                31    m   cooper        germany
Rosa Wüst                    28    f   wife          germany
Willy Wüst                    5    m   child         germany
Siegmund Geisman             16    m   labourer      germany
Lisette Greiner              26    f   none          germany
Christ'e Birkhenner          25    f   none          germany
Marg'e Nicolai               24        none          germany
Julius Nullen                30    m   labourer      germany
Robert Böcker                17    m   labourer      germany
Elisab. Böcker               23    f   wife          germany
Anna Böcker                 11mos  f   child         germany
Albert Kerber                27    m   tanner        germany
Dietrich Bender              34        musician      germany
Carol'e Bender               36    f   wife          germany
Elise Bender                  8    f   child         germany
Regine Bender                 4    f   child         germany
Helene                        2    f   child         germany
Anna Stechar                 18    f   none          germany
Max Brückner                 21    m   merchant      germany
Mich'l Ehrnsberger           24    m   farmer        germany
John Gg Kleinöder            23    m   farmer        germany
Klaus Janson Seeman          51    m   farmer        usa
Conrad Teufel                27    m   farmer        germany
Adolph Grey                  42    m   weaver        germany
Auguste Grey                 34    f   wife          germany
Helene Grey                  11    f   child         germany
Maria Grey                    9    f   child         germany
Albert Grey                   6    m   child         germany
Gertrud Geipler              31    f   wife          usa
Maria Meyer                  33    f   wife          usa
Carl Hirschfeld              45    m   farmer        usa
Paul Homann                  17    m   merchant      germany
Gust. Epmeyer                53    m   searcher      germany
Aug't Lierzau                27    f   wife          germany
Hildegard Lierzau            9mo   f   child         germany
Seman Kempinsky              36    m   labourer      russia
Vega Kempinsky               37        wife          russia
Sormalke Kempinsky            7    f   child         russia
Edka Kempinsky               64    f   widow         russia
Vernon Blahut                20    m   labourer      hungary
Josef Högler                 22    m   labourer      germany
Maria Husser(Hutter)         36    f   wife          hungary
Alois Husser(Hutter)          8    m   child         hungary
Franz Husser(Hutter)          6    m   child         hungary
Georg Husser(Hutter)          4    m   child         hungary
Josef Husser(Hutter)          2    m   child         hungary
Herman Meissel               26    m   labourer      hungary
Josef Hefter                 19    m   labourer      hungary
Anton Nessler                26    m   joiner        usa
Anna Tuschek                 19    f   none          hungary
Franz Tuschek                6mos  m   child         hungary
Josef Krause                 37    m   labourer      hungary
Emil Krause                   4    m   child         hungary
Friedr Koster                46    m   parker        germany
Carl Joh Lundgren            43    m   labourer      norway
Emma Lundgren                41    f   wife          norway
Augusta Lundgren             10    f   child         norway
Gada Lundgren                 7    f   child         norway
Maria Lundgren                     f   child         norway
Alma Lundgren                 3    f   child         norway
Joh E Peteman                30    m   labourer      sweden
Charlotte Holmberg           25    f   wife          sweden
Lisa Karlsfon                40    f   wife          sweden
Nanni Karlsfon                9    f   child         sweden
Tina Karlsfon                14    f   none          sweden
Joh Erik Thunberg            41    m   farmer        sweden
Anna Thunberg                40    f   wife          sweden
Elsa Thunberg                 6    f   child         sweden
Thelka Thunberg               4    f   child         sweden
Franz Thunberg              11mos  m   child         sweden
Erik J Norberg               40    m   farmer        sweden
Maria Elis. Norberg          35    f   wife          sweden
Beda Elis. Norberg           11    f   child         sweden
Joh Twal. Norberg             6    m   child         sweden
Ed. Em. Linderholme          28    m   merchant      sweden
Emanuel Carlson              40    m   labourer      sweden
Gustav Wallenstrom           29    m   labourer      sweden
Emma Johannson               28    f   wife          sweden
Carl Johannson               11    m   child         sweden
Frida Johannson               9    f   child         sweden
Alma Aug. Johannson          18    f   none          sweden
Adolfine Djupstrom           28    f   none          sweden
Augusta Janson               28    f   none          sweden
Carl J Edstrom               15    m   none          sweden
Franz Hlawarek               17    m   none          bohemia
Franz Junek                  16    m   none          bohemia
Magda Vienholz               54    f   widow         swtizerland
Melchoir Vienholz            19    m   labourer      switzerland
Magda Vienholz               11    f   child         switzerland
Wilhelm Lebrecht             29    m   smith         usa
Emil Reinert                 17    m   barber        germany




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