SS Suevia Hamburg - NY July 13, 1883
SS Suevia

Hamburg - NY
July 13, 1883
Capt. A. C. Flanzan

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Henri Bönke              24   m    saddler      Prussia
Mathias Uttenweiler      37   m    dyer         Württenburg
Joachim Regier           26   m    workman      Prussia
Enids(Minds) Wodnick     18   f    single       Russia
Teresa Wodnick            9   f    sister       Russia
Bornh. Miller            50   m    miller       Russia
Andr. Lukas              27   m    workman      Hungary
Abe Nathan               16   m    watschmaker  Hungary
Anton Radonsky           21   m    workman      Russia
Josef Horpinsks(e)       25   m    workman      Russia
Auge. Barzdaitep?        22   m    workman      Russia
Adolf Jarosck            24   m    workman      Austria
Elisabeth Jarosck        21   f    wife         Austria
Anne Pogos               44   f    wife         Hungary
Egine ? Pogos             7   f    child        Hungary
Boren Pogos               5   f    child        Hungary
Eza Sykorn               20   f    ?            Hungary
Maria Sykorn             6mo  f    baby         Hungary
Josef Andrijkos          31   m    workman      Hungary
Henry Siedenburg         22   m    mason        USA
Anna Schnoor             46   f    wife         USA
Wilhe. Schnoor           21   f    child        Prussia
Caroline Schnoor         18   f    child        Prussia
Johs. Schnoor             9   m    child        Prussia
Valentin Bolek           32   m    workman      Austria
Cath'a Bolek             23   f    wife         Austria
Josef Kundla(Knudla)     28   m    workman      Austria
Anna Kundla(Knudla)      27   f    wife         Austria
Marein Bolek             28   m    workman      Austria
Josef Koma               23   m    workman      Austria
Peter Boja               25   m    workman      Austria
Zura Wensck              42   m    workman      Austria
Chasche Tobolauzji?      15   f    single       Russia
Asriel Rosck             19   m    taylor       Russia
Aron Weber               50   m    dealer       Hungary
Asriel Meyers            50   m    wife?        Russia
Moses Meyers              9   m    son          Russia
Freide. Friedmann         9   f    child        Hungary
Zude(Jude) Friedmann      8   f    child        Hungary
Isaac Abramaites         46   m    dealer       Russia    
Kusiel Dohutzki(Dokutzki)30   m    dealer       Russia
Zudel(Judel) Mintz       60   f    wife         Russia
Riwke Beck               30   f    wife         Austria
Charie Beck               9   f    child        Austria
Elke Beck                 8   f    child        Austria
Moses Beck               11mo m    child        Austria
Channe Beck               1mo f    baby         Austria
Henriette Fellbrandt     24   f    single       Prussia
Mawe(Marie) Brenner      15   m    workman      Russia
Ferd. Gumball            64   m    workman      US
Vincent Urbanowitz       23   m    workman      US
Magd'e Ambr?ewiczkown    30   f    single       Russia
Ant. Heinrick            40   m    workman      Russia
David Schlesinger        29   m    workman      Hungary
Marie Kuknowsky          17   f    daughter     Hungary
Cath'a Topereser         33   f    wife         Hungary
Marie Topereser           7   f    daughter     Hungary
Jan Diezbal              27   m    workman      Russia
Malis Auze               22   m    workman      Russia
Anton Kasaca             24   m    workman      Russia
Mich. Zagarwisky         21   m    workman      Russia
Minna Wuef(Wucf)         20   f    single       Prussia
Eduard Kühlke            32   m    cegarmaker   Hamburg
Herrad Meister           29   m    cartwright   Prussia
Alwine Meister           32   f    wife         Prussia
Bertha Meister           11mo f    child        Prussia
Hulda Meister             1mo f    child        Prussia
Friedr. Schmidt          29   m    farmer       Prussia
Hans Ulich               24   m    merchant     Prussia
Anders P. Nielsen        32   m    carpenter    Denmark
Fanny Kelner(Kelnex)     18   f    single       Austria
Marie Kelner(Kelnex)     16   f    single       Austria
Janas Ondyk              17   m    workman      Hungary
Janas Ribon              25   m    workman      Hungary
Janas Ribon              17   m    workman      Hungary
Therese Namm             17   f    single       Prussia
Frdke. Aaron             64   f    wife         Prussia
Röschen Aaron            19   f    single       Prussia
Bernh'd Werthum          16   m    workman      Prussia
Louise Beyer             20   f    single       Prussia
Marie Brzyk              22   f    single       Prussia
Mathilde Fismer          23   f    single       Prussia
Auguste Haase            21   f    single       Prussia
Ernestine Haase          25   f    single       Prussia
Louis Neumann            34   m    carpenter    Prussia
Auguste Neumann          30   f    wife         Prussia
Marie Neumann             7   f    daughter     Prussia
Josef Faneck             27   m    workman      Bohemia
Magdalene Faneck         17   f    wife         Bohemia
Auguste Ruff             38   f    wife         Prussia
Louise Ruff               8   f    child        Prussia
Cemi Ruff                 7   m    child        Prussia
Bernh'd Ruff              6   m    child        Prussia
Caroline Laskowski       13   f    single       Prussia
Jgieatz Krumphanzl       24   m    workman      Bohemia
Josephas Krumphanzl      22   f    wife         Bohemia
Annas Krumphanzl         63   f    wife         Bohemia
Ferd'e Krumphanzl         2mo f    baby         Bohemia
Josepha Krumphanzl       12mo f    baby         Bohemia
Pauline Selter           25   f    single       Saxonia
Diedr Dammann            43   m    farmer       Prussia
Anna Lebe                27   f    single       Bohemia
Daria Falajowicz         18   m    barber       Prussia
Grete Gudzan             22   f    single       Prussia
August Herzag            25   m    workman      Prussia
Rachel Friedmann         39   f    wife         Hungary
Leopold Friedmann        11mo m    baby         Hungary
Mary Merten              38   f    wife         US
Abrah. Mirois            16   m    workman      Russia
Jos. Krivohlavek         14   m    workman      Bohemia
Marg'a Lorenzen          21   f    single       Austria
Janos Matas              28   m    workman      Hungary
Andras Balleziez         20   m    workman      Russia
P??? Sawitzky            18   m    workman      Russia
Czarne Sawitzky           9   m    child        Russia
Gertel Frugel            15   f    single       Russia
Kathi Friedmann          40   f    wife         Hungary
Jose Friedmann            9   m    child        Hungary
David Friedmann           6   m    child        Hungary
Heinr. Friedmann          1mo m    baby         Hungary
Isidon Friedmann          1mo m    baby         Hungary
Flora Gold               22   f    single       Prussia
Martin Butkowsky         24   m    workman      Russia
Gustav Dienn             27   m    workman      Russia
Josef Maner(Mauer)       26   m    workman      Russia
Michal Gaidas            36   m    workman      Hungary
Joh. Oszuk               45   m    workman      Hungary
Janas Palfi              16   m    workman      Hungary
Ludwig Grimwald          23   m    workman      Hungary
Marie Wiertfeuer         30   f    single       Hungary
Janas Milogo             33   m    workman      Hungary
Hanne Herbet             24   f    single       Hungary
Marie Andresen           34   f    wife         Hungary
Bernh'd Andresen          9   m    child        Hungary
Oscar Andresen            7   m    child        Hungary
Anna Andresen             5   f    child        Hungary
Martha Andresen           4   f    child        Hungary
Max Andresen              2   m    child        Hungary
Friedr. Kemnitz          25   m    workman      Prussia
Ludwig Frohmeyer         35   m    shoemaker    Saxony
Anna Frohmeyer           19   f    wife         Saxony
Abrah. Mosche Binder     22   m    taylor       Hungary
Sali Gutmann             38   f    wife         Hungary
Resi Gutmann             15   f    child        Hungary
Samuel Gutmann            9   m    child        Hungary
Toni(Torri) Gutmann       8   f    child        Hungary
Doris Roth               13   f    single       Hungary
Leib. Neumark            21   m    brewer       Russia
Moritz Haskel            18   m    merchant     Russia
Ester Epstein            19   f    single       Russia
Friedr. Harder           31   m    cartwright   Prussia
Wilh. Maschmann          22   m    smith        Prussia
Wilh'e Schweim           23   f    single       Prussia
Henr. Damm               32   m    shoemaker    Prussia
Marie Schumann           38   f    wife         Prussia
Marie Schumann            9   f    child        Prussia
Wilh. Schumann            8   m    child        Prussia
Otto Schumann             4   m    child        Prussia
Anna Schumann             3   f    child        Prussia
August Hübeuer           24   m    miller       Prussia
Joh. Edw. John           17   m    gardener     Saxonia
Ottilie Bienert          48   f    wife         Prussia
Alexander Bornicke       31   m    joiner       Prussia
Anna Bornicke            31   f    wife         Prussia
Henriette Ebenstein      35   f    single       Prussia
Franz Schulz             17   m    baker        Prussia
Alex. Schulz             24   m    baker        Prussia
Friedr. Pfistpner        39   m    stealer      Saxony
Wilh'e Pfistpner         43   f    wife         Saxony
Friedr. Pfistpner         9   m    child        Saxony
Auguste Pfistpner         8   f    child        Saxony
Hulda Pfistpner           6   f    child        Saxony
Selma Pfistpner           4   f    child        Saxony
Friedr. Pfistpner         3   m    child        Saxony
Minna Pfistpner           6mo f    baby         Saxony 
Gustav Harder            24   m    farmer       Prussia
Heinr. Glofey            24   m    student      Saxony
Adolf Tröger             36   m    joiner       Saxony
Robert Heutschel         24   m    farmer       Saxony
Gustav Hackbarth         16   m    farmer       Prussia
Josef Zuhanowski         28   m    workman      Russia
Georg Wittmann           16   m    workman      Bavary(Bavaria)
Anna Lukleder            22   f    single       Bavary
Georg Diles (Dëles)      28   m    musician     Bavary
Theresa Diles (Dëles)    25   f    wife         Bavary
Anton Adelsen(Abelsen)   22   m    workman      Bavary
Bertha Adelsen(Abelsen)  20   f    single       Norway
Jacob Groden             16   m    workman      Norway
Louise Rathje            32   f    wife         Norway
Elise Rathje             11mo f    baby         Norway
Susann Kolle             19   f    single       Bavary
Georg Render             17   m    farmer       Bavary
Arpt? Marten             30   m    farmer       US
Fritz Ahrens             29   m    workman      Mecklenburg
Caroline Ahrens          27   f    wife         Mecklenburg
Emma Ahrens               5   f    child        Mecklenburg
Friedr. Ahrens           11mo m    baby         Mecklenburg
Joseph Haase             24   m    farmer       Hannover
Peter Greve              24   m    farmer       Prussia
Friedr. Vooth            22   m    painter      Mecklenburg
Otto Hartwig             25   m    workman      Hamburg
Karl Hahn(s)             24   m    butcher      Wurthenburg
Joh. Fleck               25   m    baker        Wurthenburg
Wilh. Octrichs           27   m    workman      Prussia
Carl Koss                22   m    workman      Mecklenburg
Elise Brumneer           46   f    woman        Hungary
Hirsch Freyd             13   m    boy          Russia
Carsten Witho?h          27   m    workman      Hamburg
Bernh'd Wendtmann        63   m    workman      Prussia
Ludwig Buntzel           41   m    workman      Prussia
Louise Buntzel           41   f    wife         Prussia
Wilh. Buntzel            15   m    child        Prussia
Wilh'e Buntzel           14   f    child        Prussia
Gottl'b Potratz          64   m    workman      Prussia
Ferd. Potratz            28   m    workman      Prussia
Marie Stelt(z)           20   f    single       Mecklenburg
Wm. Adam             49?/29?  m    farmer       Mecklenburg
Frak'e Adam          44?/47?  f    wife         Mecklenburg
Johann Suppert           24   m    farmer       Mecklenburg
Auguste Suppert          20   f    wife         Mecklenburg
Wilh. Suppert            10mo m    baby         Mecklenburg
Joachim Kater            66   m    workman      Mecklenburg
Bettie Polaczek           9   f    child        Hungary
Herrm. Schomock          35   m    farmer       Prussia
Aug'e Schomock           26   f    wife         Prussia
Marie Neeser             19   f    wife         Bavary
Max Neeser                6mo m    baby         Bavary
Conrad Adam              27   m    workman      Mecklenburg
Elizabeth Möller         19   f    single       US
Maren Holdt              20   f    single       Prussia
Anna Krämer              25   f    single       Prussia
Johanne Schulz           37   f    wife         Mecklenburg
Robert Schulz             4   m    son          Mecklenburg
Maritz Schulz            11mo m    baby         Mecklenburg
Christian Schulz          1mo m    baby         Mecklenburg
Carl H. Andresen         26   m    mariner      Prussia
Joh. Mussehl(Musschl)    29   m    workman      Mecklenburg
Wilh'e Mussehl(Musschl)  25   f    wife         Mecklenburg
Ida Mussehl(Musschl)     11mo f    baby         Mecklenburg
Herrm Jack               30   m    farmer       Mecklenburg
Joachim Hackbusch        61   m    workman      Mecklenburg
Regine Hackbusch         58   f    workman      Mecklenburg
Ernst Hackbusch          17   m    son          Mecklenburg
Joh Hackbusch            49   m    worker       Mecklenburg
Anna Hackbusch           44   f    wife         Mecklenburg
Gustav Hackbusch         17   m    child        Mecklneburg
Louis Hackbusch          14   m    child        Mecklenburg
Alwine Hackbusch          9   f    child        Mecklenburg
Otto Hackbusch            2   m    child        Mecklenburg
Carl Hackbusch           35   m    worker       Mecklenburg
Marie Hackbusch          33   f    wife         Mecklenburg
Gustav Hackbusch          1   m    child        Mecklenburg
Ernst Hackbusch           4   m    child        Mecklenburg
Friedk'e Hackbusch        6   f    child        Mecklenburg
Friedr. Hackbusch         8   m    child        Mecklenburg
Carl Goldschmidt         25   m    worker       Mecklenburg
Wilh'e Goldschmidt       26   f    wife         Mecklenburg
Marie Hackbusch          19   f    single       Mecklenburg
Hennriette Hackbusch     21   f    single       Mecklenburg
Minna Wentzel            28   f    wife         Mecklenburg
Marie Wentzel            11mo f    baby         Mecklenburg
Barb'a Dosek             20   f    single       Bohemia
Minna Brandt             28   f    single       Prussia
Ludwig Pretzer           21   m    farmer       Prussia
Ferd. Brandt             25   m    worker       Prussia
Caroline Brandt          26   f    wife         Prussia
August Brandt             5   m    son          Prussia
Emilie Brandt             9mo f    baby         Prussia
August Goers             47   m    worker       Prussia
Ernestine Goers          36   f    wife         Prussia
Gustav Goers              7   m    child        Prussia
Friedr. Goers             6   m    child        Prussia
Carl Grahl               36   m    worker       Prussia
Bernhardine Grahl        29   f    wife         Prussia
Malke Grahl               4   f    child        Prussia
Minna Grahl               3   f    child        Prussia
Otto Grahl                9mo m    baby         Prussia
Joh. Bchuke(Bchnke)      42   m    farmer       Prussia
Wilh'e Bchuke(Bchnke)    35   f    wife         Prussia
August Bchuke(Bchnke)    14   m    child        Prussia
Wilh'e Bchuke(Bchnke)     9   f    child        Prussia
Wilh. Bchuke(Bchnke)      8   m    child        Prussia
Ida Bchuke(Bchnke)        3   f    child        Prussia
Emma Bchuke(Bchnke)       9mo f    baby         Prussia
Ludwig Rosenberg         29   m    carpenter    Prussia
Pauline Rosenberg        24   f    wife         Prussia
Malte Meissfling         26   m    carpenter    Prussia
Frdk'e Meissfling        23   f    wife         Prussia
Anna Meissfling           3mo f    baby         Prussia
Gottfr. Albrecht         39   m    worker       Prussia
Adolphine Albrecht       41   f    wife         Prussia
Marie Albrecht            9   f    child        Prussia
Anna Albrecht             6   f    child        Prussia
Wilh. Albrecht            2   m    child        Prussia
Rosalie Alexander        20   f    single       Prussia
Gg. Jos. Jacger          29   m    butcher      Hamburg
Gg. Noll                 25   m    butcher      Hamburg
Eugenie Lachenmayer      20   f    single       Würthenburg
Lina Möhrle              20   f    single       Würthenburg
August Schmidt           53   m    worker       Prussia
Auguste Schmidt          49   f    wife         Prussia
Alwine Schmidt           20   f    child        Prussia
Albert Schmidt           16   m    child        Prussia
Auguste Schmidt          13   f    child        Prussia
Otto Schmidt              7   m    child        Prussia
Carl Ziem                33   m    farmer       Prussia
Elise Ziem               28   f    wife         Prussia
Bertha Ziem               7   f    child        Prussia
Anna Ziem                 4   f    child        Prussia
Fritz Ziem                9mo m    baby         Prussia
Christoph Hartfiel       36   m    farmer       Prussia
Caroline Hartfiel        42   f    wife         Prussia
Hulda Hartfiel            8   f    child        Prussia
Herrm Hartfiel            6   m    child        Prussia
Paul Hartfiel             4   m    child        Prussia
Wilh'e Hartfiel           2   f    child        Prussia
Carl Hartfiel             6mo m    child        Prussia
Christian Banerfeld      28   m    worker       Schwarzb???
Charlotte Banerfeld      23   f    wife         Sondersb???
Clara Banerfeld           4   f    child        Sondersb???
Friedr. Banerfeld         2   m    child        Sondersb???
Auguste Banerfeld         4mo f    baby         Sondersb???
Friedk'e Nillins         35   f    wife         Würthenberg
Heinr. Nillins            9   m    child        Würthenberg
Joh. Bausch              29   m    brewer       Würthenberg
Mathilde Holm(s)         23   f    single       Würthenberg
Marie Harenburg          22   f    single       Prussia
Ad. Gauch(Gouch, Ganch)  23   m    baker        Hessian Nassau
Wilh. Eichner            24   m    saddler      Hessian Nassau     
Henr. Kleber             29   m    brewer       Bavary
Anna Ginsburg            20   f    single       Bohemia
Bertha Voight            17   f    single       Saxony
Henriette Schulz         22   f    single       Prussia
Joh'e Luders             23   f    single       Prussia
Emilie Krüger            27   f    single       Prussia
Jerael(Israel) Birubaum  22   m    worker       Russia
Maren Madsen             40   f    wife         Daner??????(Daer????)
Marie Madsen              9   f    child        Daner??????(Dauer???)
Kirsten Madesn            8   m    child        Daner??????(Dauer???)
Niels Madsen              7   m    child        Daner??????(Dauer???)
Martin Madsen             4   m    child        Daner??????(Dauer???)
Casper Liewen            23   m    farmer       Prussia
Carl Bchuke              36   m    carpenter    US
Auguste Andersen         20   f    single       Daner??????(Dauer???)
Henr. Brügge             22   m    merchant     Prussia
Ph. Baerwald             39   m    fellmonger   US
Herrm Numann             15   m    worker       Prussia
Franz'a Woitschochowska  27   f    wife         Prussia
Anna Woitschochowska      9   f    child        Prussia
Joh Woitschochowska       4   m    child        Prussia
Josefa Woitschochowska    6mo f    baby         Prussia
Josef Becker             28   m    farmer       Prussia
Christ'e Fensen          21   f    wife         Dan????
Hanne Fensen              8mo f    baby         Dan????
Herm Rostel              22   m    worker       Prussia
Emilie Pomrenke          23   f    single       Prussia
Adelind Schoeneck        19   f    single       Prussia
Marie Dencko             28   f    wife         Hamburg
Janos Dencko              4   m    son          Hamburg
Andr. Dencko              3mo      baby         Hamburg
John Polinajeck          21   m    worker       Austria
Leiser Schiff            14   m    worker       Russia
Solne Solve Schiff        9   m    brother      Russia
Peter Petersen           24   m    farmer       Prussia
Grosman Fwjenski         34   m    dealer       Russia
Mandel Dulski             9   m    child        Russia
Augustin Kelli           23   m    worker       Hamburg
Andr. Szuring            22   m    worker       Hamburg
Lajos Haag               22   m    worker       Hamburg
Andr. Kowalak            27   m    worker       Hamburg
Mihal Miskos             40   m    worker       Hamburg
Alois Schwabek           30   m    worker       Hamburg
Josef Schwabek            9   m    son          Hamburg
Janos Kwasnak            37   m    worker       Hamburg
Julie Kwasnak            30   f    wife         Hamburg
Flonka Kwasnak            7   f    child        Hamburg
Jostos Kwasnak            4   m    child        Hamburg
Ezra Kwasnak             11mo f    baby         Hamburg
Marie Kwasnak             1mo f    baby         Hamburg
Josef Schwabek           33   m    worker       Hamburg
Stefan Kojo              22   m    worker       Hamburg
Josef Hoffmann           23   m    worker       Hamburg
Joh. Schwabek            22   m    worker       Hamburg
Joh. Metes               21   m    worker       Hamburg
Pal Kulüs(Kuleis)        18   m    worker       Hamburg
Leo Schwarz              26   m    worker       Hamburg
Ferd. Grunhagen          44   m    worker       Prussia
Frdk'e Furstenhauph      52   f    wife         Saxony
Wilh'e Furstenhauph      16   f    child        Saxony
Marie Furstenhauph        9   f    child        Saxony
Pauline Furstenhauph      7   f    child        Saxony
Friedr. Hauer            17   m    carpenter    Saxony
Carl Hess                15   m    worker       Saxony
Peter Jensen             33   m    instr/maker  Dan?????(Dau?????)
Wilh. Reürs(Reins)       30   m    instr/maker  Prussia
? Ebel                   22   m    tinmaker     Prussia
Joh's Meyers             52   m    farmer       Würthenburg
Georg Unvrezagt          28   m    baker        US
Joh Peters               28   m    farmer       US
Max Siebken              24   m    farmer       Prussia
Elisab. Riegler          28   f    single       Bavary
Andr. Groner             41   m    mason        Bavary
Carl Bockmeyer           21   m    painter      Mecklenburg
Friedr. Nischke          22   m    worker       Saxony
Casper Hertman           38   m    miller       Hamburg
Ludw. Elias              17   m    farmer       Prussia
Friedr. Gernnath(Germath)31   m    taylor       ?
Joach. Hamer             44   m    worker       ?
Anna Hamer               42   f    wife         ?
Conrad Buttmann          16   m    butcher      ?
Fr. Nonnemmacher         24   m    tinmaker     Bavaria
Emma Kerrl               20   f    single       Prussia
Amalie Vogel             28   f    single       Saxony
Joh'a Walther            56   f    wife         Saxony
Martha Seifert           21   f    wife         Saxony
Emil Seifert             11mo m    baby         Saxony
Paul Seifert              1mo m    baby         Saxony
Cath'a Howe              18   f    single       Prussia
Otto Ehlers              24   m    writer       Prussia
Marie Hass               24   f    worker       Prussia
Louis Eckhoff            23   m    gardener     Prussia
Henr. Sohr               17   m    farmer       Prussia
Henr. Schumacher         19   m    worker       Prussia
Friedr. Carls            24   m    worker       Han??(Hannover?)
Elise Preuss             20   f    single       Han??(Hannover?)
Oswald Pestle            23   m    barber       Saxony
Charles Mierzwisky       29   m    merchant     US
Wilh'e Rühlmann          43   f    single       Saxony
Sigm'd Philipometz       27   m    worker       Russia
Stanisl'a Philipometz    22   f    wife         Russia
Leon Kanücoski           39   m    fireman      Prussia
Anton Fritz              48   m    worker       Saxony
Judas Slowalsky          17   m    merchant     Russia
Moses Kolwensky          23   m    worker       ?
Mendel Gindsburg         19   m    worker       ?
Moses Holzmann           23   m    worker       ?
Moses Ketzer             23   m    worker       ?
Salomon Kukuk            16   m    worker       Austria
Samsch? Holland          25   m    musician     Russia
Zlak Rubinowitz          40   f    wife         Russia
Leie Rubinowitz           8   f    child        Russia
Sara Rubinowitz           6   f    child        Russia
Chaim Rubinowitz         11mo m    baby         Russia
Minna Bork               25   f    ?            Austria
Pepi Bork                11mo f    baby         Austria
Sara Rinelhanpt          20   f    single       Russia
Hersch Rinelhanpt         9   m    brother      Russia
Dorothea Heimann         35   f    single       US
Franz Golka              29   m    tinmaker     Prussia
Christian Schwarz        47   m    worker       Prussia
Joh. Scholltisch         23   m    worker       Prussia
Simon Ellgoth            25   m    shoemaker    Prussia
Christ. Hohmann          54   m    worker       Prussia
Wilh'e Hohmann           44   f    wife         Prussia
Ida Hohmann              15   f    child        Prussia
Gustav Hohmann            7   m    child        Prussia
Lure Hohmann              7   f    child        Prussia
Albert Hohmann           16   m    mariner      Prussia
Ernestine Ziege          48   f    wife         Prussia
Fritz Ziege               9   m    son          Prussia
Gustav Bornstern         39   m    worker       Prussia 
Herrn Grupner            28   m    storem       Prussia 
George Wilezewski        58   m    worker       Prussia 
Caroline Wilezewski      53   f    wife         Prussia 
Mathilde Wilezewski      20   f    child        Prussia 
Eduard Wilezewski         9   m    child        Prussia 
Emma Wilezewski           8   f    child        Prussia 
Rosalie Wilezewski        6   f    child        Prussia
Joh Wilezewski           27   m    child        Prussia 
Gustav Wilezewski        25   m    child        Prussia 
Clara Preiss             32   f    wife         Saxony
Oscar Preiss              3   m    child        Saxony 
Alf Preiss                2   m    child        Saxony
Fr. Aug. Mühler          51   m    cartwright   Saxony
Friedr Mühler            26   m    single       Saxony
Clara Otto               18   f    single       Saxony
Johanne Wegner?          60   f    wife         Saxony
Christ'e Fischer         33   f    wife         Württenburg
August Fischer            6   m    child        Würrtenburg
Carl Fischer              5   m    child        Würrtenburg
Wilh Fischer              3   m    child        Würrtenburg
Sophie Jager             43   f    wife         Würrtenburg
Adolf Brenner             9   m    son          Würrtenburg
Franz Lohmiller          33   m    carpenter    Würrtenburg
Joh'e Lohmiller          30   f    wife         Würrtenburg
Amalie Lohmiller          2   f    daughter     Würrtenburg
Louis Oretenond          25   m    farmer       Bavary
Louise Oretenond         22   f    wife         Bavary
Marie Reinicke           23   f    single       Bavary
Wilh. Jachalkes          39   m    worker       Prussia
Charlotte Jachalkes      40   f    wife         Prussia
Horras Jachalkes         16   m    child        Prussia
Gustav Jachalkes          9   m    child        Prussia
Bertha Jachalkes          5   f    child        Prussia
Martin Borofski          34   m    worker       Prussia
Max Mouritz              25   m    mason        Prussia
Otto Hiersckora?         23   m    painter      Prussia
Joh. Dudeck              59   m    worker       Prussia
Bertha Dudeck            23   f    wife         Prussia
Emma Dudeck              20   f                 Prussia
Martha Dudeck             9mo f    baby         Prussia
Otto Winkler              9   m    child        Prussia
Gottfr. Belan            31   m    workman      Prussia
Pauline Belan            34   f    wife         Prussia
Isaac Bialoswski         21   m    danger?      Russia
Elise Weichel            53   f    wife         Hessian Nassau
Elizbeth Weichel         23   f    child        Hessian Nassau
Karl Weichel             19   m    child        Hessian Nassau
Cath'a Weichel            9   f    child        Hessian Nassau
Jacob Müller             38   m    carpenter    Hessian Nassau
Cath'a Köberer           25   f    single       Hessian Nassau
Susanne Köberer          17   f    single       Hessian Nassau
Eva Geck                 22   f    single       Hessian Nassau
Carl Geote               31   m    farmer       Hessian Nassau
Elise Geote              24   f    wife         Hessian Nassau
Franz Geote               3   m    child        Hessian Nassau
Ella Geote                9mo f    baby         Hessian Nassau
Eugene Tremer            26   m    brewer       Bavary
Carl Jensen              24   m    worker       Dan?????
Hansine Jensen           23   f    wife         Dan?????
Auguste Andersen         18   f    single       Dan?????
Jacob Viese              20   m    miller       Dan?????
Ole Rasimuss             28   m    mason        Dan?????
Vimenj Pientma           37   m    locksmith    Russia
Albertine Pientma        37   f    wife         Russia
Christian Nielsen        21   m    farmer       Dan?????
Niels Sorensen           23   m    shoemaker    Dan?????
Mads Madsen              18   m    clerk        Dan?????
Joh'e Holsh              22   f    single       Dan?????
Jesdr. Poaskensen        25   m    farmer       Dan?????
Peter dj. Petersen       25   m    gardener     Dan?????
Jan Pitrus               25   m    worker       Austria
Michael Rodavsky         24   m    worker       Austria
Michal Peter             28   m    worker       Austria
Jan Wolesemaries         25   m    worker       Austria
Jan Wolesemaries         25   m    worker       Austria
Jan Muller               21   m    locksmith    Austria
Janos Mejorosky          39   m    worker       Hungary
Flaryim Kostyczak        18   m    worker       Austria
David Birn               33   m    weaver       Austria
Johann Rothmann          39   m    farmer       Prussia
Mari Palki               23   f    single       Finland
Doris Schoel             19   f    single       Prussia
Anna Barendt             39   f    wife         Russia
Louis Levin              17   m    dealer       Russia
Abrah. David             23   m    dealer       Russia
Anna Dickmann            32   f    wife         Russia
Emil Dickmann             9   m    child        Russia
Sofie Dickmann           11mo f    baby         Russia
Christian Dilchert       42   m    burner       Hessian Nassau
Adam Müller              25   m    farmer       Württenburg
Marianne Mielezarck      27   f    woman        Prussia
Jans Mielezarck          11mo m    baby         Prussia
Luika Kohn               21   f    woman        Hungary
Rosa Kohn                11mo f    baby         Hungary
Caroline Bey             40   f    woman        Prussia
Friedrick Bey             9   m    child        Prussia
Anna Bey                  5   f    child        Prussia
Ernestine Bey             2   f    child        Prussia
August Bey                2   m    child        Prussia
Rosa Schlow              27   f    single       Russia
Fram Artabazan           22   m    workman      Prussia
Selig Presser             9   m    boy          Austria
Gittel Epath(Efrath)     23   f    single       Russia
Alexander Posker         35   m    worker       Russia
Litti Posker             40   f    wife         Russia
Sara Posker               8   f    child        Russia
Rosa Posker               7   f    child        Russia
Channe Posker             4   f    child        Russia
Feige Posker              3   f    child        Russia
Konrad Frehner           38   m    worker       Austria
Max Kohn                 14   m    worker       Hungary
Fran Lümcky(Limcky)      32   m    worker       Russia
Jacob Pustila            28   m    worker       Russia
Anton Nevecky(Novecky)   35   m    worker       Hungary
Josef Filipeck           26   m    worker       Hungary
Janos Tom??              23   m    worker       Hungary
Janos Ioma?(?)           17   m    worker       Hungary
Jan Pasterna?            41   m    worker       Hungary
Anna Hudac               30   f    single       Hungary
Mihal Molnar             26   m    worker       Hungary
Johan Ach(s)             45   m    worker       Bohemia
Elisabeth Ach(s)         40   f    wife         Bohemia
Rosina Ach(s)            15   f    child        Bohemia
Elisabeth Ach(s)          9   f    child        Bohemia
Susanne Ach(s)            8   f    child        Bohemia
David Manheim            30   m    worker       Russia
Hirsch Mischkewe         23   m    worker       Russia
Mordche Bubel(s)         29   m    worker       Russia
Lea Sziprwsky(?)         45   f    woman        Russia
Scholem Sziprwsky(?)     19   m    child        Russia
Samuel Sziprwsky(?)       9   m    child        Russia
Jtte. Kaplan             35   f    wife         Russia
Cheré Kaplan              9   f    child        Russia
Hanne Kaplan              7   f    child        Russia
Nochim Kaplan             5   m    child        Russia
Jacob Kaplan             11mo m    baby         Russia
Ruoke Kalech             40   m    worker       Austria
Geschen Kalech           40   f    wife         Austria
Mendel Kalech            20   m    child        Austria
Moses Kalech              7   m    child        Austria
Cheré Rawner             18   f    single       Austria
Pumus Oliner             17   m    ?            Austria
Sara Oliner              14   f    single       Austria
Samuel Schwinger         40   m    sailor       Austria
Pumus Pisder             21   m    tanner       Austria
Israel Blumenfeld        25   m    brushmaker   Austria
Isaac Weinfeld           31   m    merchant     Austria
Wolf Oück                42   m    merchant     Austria
Hersch Jassy             28   m    bookbinder   Austria
Mathilde Jassy           20   f    wife         Austria
Abraham Jassy             7   m    child        Austria
Willi Jassy              11mo m    baby         Austria
Bais Jassy                1mo m    baby         Austria
Isaac Hendels            20   m    teacher      Austria
Isaac Reger              26   m    taylor       Russia
Ruben Kowadia            21   m    taylor       Russia
Casimir Lankides         20   m    taylor       Russia
Pumus Resler             22   m    taylor       Austria
Emanuel Tromer           28   m    manufacturer Austria
Moses Menszuiski         28   m    merchant     Russia
Salomon Friedmann         9   m    child        Russia
Anna Lewin               18   f    single       Russia
Meite Abramowitz         19   m    single       Russia
Israel Menkulski         21   m    shoemaker    Russia
Moses Rudwitzki          21   m    butcher      Russia
Jossel Schilanski        21   m    brushmaker   Russia
Isaac Libermann          17   m    brushmaker   Russia
Sara Fitefski            29   f    woman        Russia
Mordche Fitefski         11mo f    baby         Russia
Ester Kaczakowitz        29   f    woman        Russia
Hene Kaczakowitz          8   f    child        Russia
Blume Tub??              21   f    woman        Russia
Malke Tub??              11mo f    baby         Russia
Sara Tub??                8   f    child        Russia
Chamie(Channe) Tub??      4   f    child        Russia
Zipi Tub??                4   f    child        Russia
Josef Tub??              11mo m    baby         Russia
Abraham Beites           26   m    worker       Austria
Sara Jermanowski         21   f    single       Austria
Rebecca Jermanowski      22   f    single       Austria
Hirsch Altsduel?         28   m    teacher      Austria
Dora Simon               24   f    woman        Austria
Bertha Simon             11mo f    baby         Austria
Ide Simon                 1mo f    baby         Austria
August Koebener          41   m    merchant     Prussia
Friedrick Siebert        31   m    cartwright   Prussia
David Meniker            19   m    worker       Russia
Franz Zoboc              35   m    smith        Austria
Anna Zoboc               27   f    wife         Austria
Anna Zoboc                8   f    child        Austria
Franz Zoboc               4   m    child        Austria
Emilie Zoboc             11mo f    child        Austria
Martin Kubar             28   m    worker       Austria
Jedrzy Brostawitz        33   m    worker       ?
Marianne Brostawitz      18   f    wife         ?
Mihal Tomasowisky        28   m    worker       ?
Woitech Tomasowisky      25   m    worker       ?
Jacob Manoly             22   m    upholsterer  Hungary
Marie Grandaumm(?)       23   f    woman        ?
Marie Grandaumm(?)        1mo f    baby         ?
Foh. Thomassen           18   m    smith        Norway
Tallak Sörensen          20   m    tinsmith     Norway
Lawis G. Larsen          22   m    worker       Norway
Wilh. T. Rasmunsen       22   m    fireman      Norway
Ph. Belzer               20   m    taylor       Hessian Nassau
Annie Davies             18   f    single       England
Amalie Schme(g/y)        18   f    single       Württenburg
Hean Schüter             38   m    saloonkeeper US
Joh. Schüter             17   m    farmer       Württenburg

Otto Schemmann           42   m    merchant     US
Fritz Traub              29   m    merchant     US
Henry Traub               9   m    son          US
Ludwig Mon??             29   m    musician     US
Felix Scwarzsch(u?)      26   m    merchant     Hessian Nassau
Julie Plundcke           40   f    wife         US
Julie Grosser            17   f    single       US
Rob't Plundcke            8   m    child        US
Caesar Plundcke           4   m    child        US
Joh'e Behrens            28   f    wife         US
Josef Pfriem             22   m    butcher      Bavary
Herrm Janssen            23   m    merchant     Prussia
Michael Bittmer          68   m    merchant     US
Salomon Myers            43   m    merchant     US
Wilh. Enide              23   m    farmer       Prussia
August Vollmer           34   m    brewer       US
Cath's Krug              18   f    single       Bavary
Friedrich Hardegg        25   m    artist       France
Joseph Masson            50   m    private      US
Alphons Weili            25   m    merchant     US
Rose Jaqueman            26   f    single       US
Ph. Himmelmann           45   m    liquor d?    US

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