SS Wyoming

Liverpool & Queenstown to NY

July 10,1883

Capt John Douglas

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Thomas Welch             21     m   laborer      Ireland
Mary A Avory             20     f   spinster     Ireland
Kate Sullivan            20     f   spinster     Ireland
Ellen or Susan Murphy    10     f   child        Ireland
Maggie Murphy             8     f   child        Ireland
Palsy(?) Murphy           6     m   child        Ireland
Kate Connolly            21     f   spnister     Ireland
Mary McHugh              15     f   spinster     Ireland
Hannah Daly              17     f   spinster     Ireland
Anderson Daly             9     m   child        Ireland
Pat Burke                19     m   laborer      Ireland
Margaret Hanigen         25     f   spinster     Ireland
Maria Williams           21     f   spinter      Ireland
Maggie KElly             14     f   spinster     Ireland
O? Lawless               18     f   spinster     Ireland
John Connors             20     m   laborer      Ireland
Maria Neil               18     f   spinster     Ireland
Mary Butler              20     f   spinster     Ireland
Michael Shannen          17     m   laborer      Ireland
Lizzy Shannen            19     f   spinster     Ireland
Ann Galliger             50     f   wife         Ireland
Annie Galliger           14     f   spinster     Ireland
Park(?) Galliger         13     m   laborer      Ireland
Patrick Galliger         19     m   laborer      Ireland
Bridget Doherty          15     f   spinster     Ireland
Bridget Sullivan         17     f   spinster     Ireland
Kate Sullivan            17     f   child        Ireland
John Creedon             23     m   laborer      Ireland
Mary Baker               19     f   spinster     Ireland
Kerry Mahoney            24     m   laborer      Ireland
Patrick Garry            21     m   laborer      Ireland
Bridget Crotty           48     f   wife         Ireland
Bridget Crotty           18     f   spinster     Ireland
Patrick Crotty           16     m   laborer      Ireland
? Crotty                 13     m   laborer      Ireland
Catherine Crotty         11     f   child        Ireland
James Crotty              9     m   child        Ireland
Mary J Crotty             7     f   child        Ireland
Anne Crotty               5     f   child        Ireland
Margaret Madigan         20     f   spinster     Ireland
Johanna Naugh            20     f   spinster     Ireland
Eugene Cummins           21     m   laborer      Ireland
Edward Dowd              25     m   laborer
Michael Kealing          25     m   laborer      Ireland
Thomas Stack             30     m   laborer      Ireland
Joseph Stack             26     m   laborer      Ireland
James Sullivan           30     m   laborer      Ireland
John McCarthy            23     m   laborer      Ireland
Lawrence Forest          18     m   laborer      Ireland
William Cronin           25     m   laborer      Ireland
Eliza Sullivan           20     f   spinster     Ireland
Elizabeth Dillon         28     f   spinster     Ireland
Michael Cannisky         29     m   farmer       England
Bridget Cannisky         ?7     f   wife         England
Bridget Cannisky          7     f   child        England
Kate Cannisky            11     f   child        England
James Cannisky           8mos   m   infant       England
Joseph Kearney           27     m   laborer      Ireland
Henry Burke              21     m   clerk        England
Richard Dillon           21         laborer      England
John McEwan              25     m   stonemason   England
Mary Joyer               22     f   wife         England
John Joyer               10mos  m   infant       England
Kate McCabe              26     f   wife         England
James McCabe              7     m   child        England
Agnes McCabe              6     f   child        England
Rupal McCabe              4     m   child        England
Kate McCabe               2     f   child        England
Agnes Goodman            55     f   wife         England
Agnes J Douglas           8     f   child        England
Bridget Bratt            12     f   child        Ireland
Jon Breadhead            15     m   clerk        England
Bridget Lohan            22     f   child?       England
Ann                       3     f   infant       England
Mary Lohan               9mos   f   infant       England
Thomas Lewis             59     m   laborer      England
Ellen Smith              22     f   wife         England
Fred Smith               6mos   m   infant       England
William Ricketts         21     m   clerk        England
? Taylor                 28     m   laborer      England
Fanny Taylor             25     f   wife         England
Patrick Kealey           35     m   laborer      US
John McGettrick          19     m   laborer      Ireland
Peter McGoldrich         25     m   laborer      Ireland
Francis Mec              24     m   farmer       England
Mary Mec                 22     f   wife         England
Austin Mec               8mos   m   infant       England
John Haren               24     m   laborer      England
Bessie Moss              15     f   spinster     England
George Wells             25     m   laborer      USA
John Candle              28     m   laborer      England
Louise Jones             27     f   wife         England
Margaret Jones            7     f   child        England
Maria Jones               5     f   child        England
David Jones               2     m   child        England
Agnes Jones              7mos       infant       England
John Dillion             30     m   engineer     England
James Norton             24     m   laborer      England
Anne Hurndsen            59     f   wife         Finland
Thonwald Hurndsen        18     f?  spinster     Finland
Jorgen Lounzen(Lonntzen) 20     m   laborer      Finland
Olaus Gedusen            47     m   laborer      Finland
Johannes Rendahl         32     m   laborer      Finland
Elisa Larson             29     f   spinster     Norway
Jacob Johanson           24     m   laborer      Norway
Arthur W Gragg           59     m   laborer      Norway
Slva Gragg               18     f   spinster     Norway
Inger C Johnson          23     f   wife         Norway
Andrew Johnson           11     m   child        Norway
Maledon Johnson           9     m   child        Norway
Aug. J Hagerson          26     m   clerk        Germany
Anna L Wesklund          50     f   wife         Germany
Gustav A Wesklund        10     m   child        Germany
Anna N Wesklund           7     f   child        Germany
Mary E Wesklund           4     f   child        Germany
John Trimble             18     m   farmer       England
James Smith              39         laborer      England
Thomey Smith             14     m   laborer      England
Owen Smith                7     m   child        England
Ann Smith                 5     f                England
Siek Bystrom             59     m   farmer       Sweden
Martha Bystrom           59     f   wife         Sweden
Johan Backlund           36     m   engineer     Sweden
Anna Backlund            34     f   wife         Sweden
Olof Johanson            25     m   clerk        Sweden
Thomas Sadr(Sadt)        39     m   joiner       Sweden
Mathilda Sadr(Sadt)      22     f   wife         Sweden
Maltz Ojakangnes         23     m   clerk        Sweden
Thomas Sowaro            21     m   wheelright   Sweden
Johan Aug. Arava         21     m   laborer      Sweden
Ger. A. Jonsson          18     m   laborer      Sweden
Oskar Gustafson          40     m   laborer      Sweden
Sven F Haglni            32     m   laborer      Sweden
Johan S Svensson         23     m   laborer      Sweden
Niklas O Berglund        18     m   laborer      Sweden
Chrestina Berglund       59     m   weaver       Sweden
Matilda Janson           20     f   wife         Sweden
Karolina Petterson       30     f   wife         Sweden
Aug. Petterson           10mos  m   infant       Sweden
Bengt Svensson           59     m   farmer       Sweden
Maria K Svensson         40     f   wife         Sweden
Bernard ? Svensson       12     m   child        Sweden
Konstance Smalander      36     f   wife/laborer Sweden
Per S Laron              23     m   laborer      Sweden
Richard Boden            22     m   laborer      Sweden
Johan Brickenbrach       25     m   laborer      Sweden
Agnes Rooney             17     f   spinster     England
Minnie Doyle             19     f   spinster     England
Michael Jennings         26     m   laborer      England
John Bauden (Banden)     21     m   laborer      England
Mary Riley               19     f   spinster     Ireland
Reuben Harrovitz         35     m   laborer      England
Ellan Sowe(Lowe)         25     f   spinster     England
John Conlay              18     m   laborer      Ireland
David Brown              50     m   laborer      England
Dinah Brown              45     f   wife         England
Mary Brown               17     f   spinster     England
John Brown               17     m   laborer      England
James Brown              15     m   laborer      England
William Rees             13     m   laborer      England
Joseph Cullen(s)         38     m   laborer      England
John Grundy              21     m   laborer      USA
William Murphy           26     m   laborer      Ireland 
Peter Murphy             25     m   laborer      USA
Teresa Jordan            29     f   spinster     England
Pat Riley                28     m   laborer      Ireland
Orlando Cliff            30     m   laborer      England
John Carthy              27     m   laborer      Ireland
Joseph McCaffrey         31     m   laborer      Ireland
John Davies              30     m   laborer      England
Edward Blovre(?)         20     m   laborer      England
Joseph Livingston        24     m   laborer      England
Thomey Hauton(?)         19     m   laborer      England
William Lorenéy(?)       20     m   laborer      England
John Smith               40     m   laborer      England
Benj Schofield           42     m   laborer      USA
James Gray               31     m   laborer      England
Robert Stewart           30     m   laborer      England
Mary Farrell             17     f   spinster     England
Mary Keogh               26     f   wife         England
Andrew Keogh              4     m   child        England
Mary Keogh                2     f   child        England
Eliza Keogh              7mos   f   infant       England
Charles McDougel         19     m   laborer      England
Samuel Butsen            21     m   laborer      England
David Roberts            20     m   laborer      England
William Carroll          16     m   laborer      Ireland
Matthew Loughlin         20     m   laborer      Ireland
Joseph Nelson            20     m   laborer      England
Patrick Quinn            20     m   laborer      Ireland
John Mackey              28         laborer      Ireland
John P Hayes             24     m   farmer       Ireland
William Hanley           65     m   farmer       Ireland
Ellen Higham             25     f   spinster     England
James McKenna            25     m   laborer      USA
Thomas Thompson          59         farmer       England
David J Heist            31     m   farmer       England
James Douglas            36     m   clerk        USA
Thomas Jones             23     m   laborer      England
John Stansfield          21     m   laborer      England
MISSING (unreadable)
Jenkin Rees              59     m   laborer      England
Harriett Hopkins         17     f   spinster     England
Fred Oates               17     m   laborer      England
William W Walters        27     m   laborer      England
John H Coles             39     m   laborer      England
Anastasia Coles          30     f   wife         England
Francis Coles             5     m   child        England
Olive Coles               2     f   child        England
Caroline Coles           6mos   f   infant       England
Martha Davies            52     f   spinster     England
Louisa Barnett           18     f   spinster     England
Margaret Butler          29     f   wife         England
Isabella Butler          21     f   spinster     England
Frank Bright             21     m   laborer      England
Richard A Bakery(Pakery) 26     m   laborer      England
Harry J Cratchett        22     m   laborer      England
Jens J Owens             37     m   gentleman    USA
Carlos J Imeus           39     m   gentleman    USA
(above could possibly also be Owens but not readable)
John H Tibbetts          26     m   gentleman    England
Maria Novington          19     f   lady         England
John McGowen             49     m   gentleman    USA
John McGowen Junior      16     m   gentleman    USA
William Well             36     m   gentleman    USA
Arthur Tannehill         40     m   gentleman    USA
Louisa Evans             26     f   spinster     USA
Amy Devese               21     f   spinster     USA
Daniel D? Bedele         31     m   gentleman    USA
William Batty            31     m   gentleman    England
Alice Batty              29     f   wife         England
Arthur F Woodley         36     m   gentleman    USA
Martha Woodley           33     f   wife         USA
Amelia Crosse            26     f   wife         USA
Edward Watson            39     m   gentleman    USA
Richard Sithead          37     m   gentleman    USA
Campbell Haywood         29     m   gentleman    England
Ann Burbank              40     f   wife         USA
Elizabeth Burbank        20     f   spinster     USA
Harry Thompson           25     m   gentleman    USA
Arthur Elliott           30     m   gentleman    England